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26 Best Substitutes For Cremini Mushrooms You Need To Know

Quick Answer: What Can Be Substituted With Cremini Mushrooms?

There are multiple different mushrooms out there that can help to replicate the taste of cremini mushrooms, and depending on whether or not the cremini mushroom was the main ingredient of the dish, there are different mushrooms that can help to replicate the taste. You can substitute Portbello mushrooms, eggplant, white button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms in place of Cremini mushrooms.

If you’re looking for delicious and healthy substitutes for cremini mushrooms, then you’ve come to the right place.

Also known as baby bella mushrooms, cremini mushrooms are a form of delicious fungi that are often used in a whole bunch of different recipes.

They help to make what might seem like the most basic of recipes, which can actually make a dish taste incredible. 

In terms of size, cremini mushrooms are actually quite small, but you wouldn’t know it with just how amazing they taste, and their flavor is incredibly strong and distinct too!

However, if you can’t find anywhere near you that sells these delicious mushrooms to use in your recipes, then the chances are you will be searching for an adequate replacement to fill the void.

8 Substitutes For Cremini Mushrooms Will Make You Satisfied

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the 12 substitutes for cremini mushrooms that we’re sure will leave you satisfied, so if you’re struggling to find an adequate replacement for the cremini mushrooms that are meant to be in a recipe, then you should definitely try to use one of these replacements!

For recipes that call for cremini mushrooms as the main ingredient, the best replacements include White button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and if you’re not actually a fan of mushrooms, then you could even use eggplant!

All of these replacements will make for a suitable substitution for cremini mushrooms.

As a sub-ingredient in recipes, there are also a wide variety of other ingredients that will help to replicate the cremini mushrooms that can be found in these recipes.

These include: Cauliflowers, ground chickpeas, marinated tofu, and zucchini.

All of which aren’t mushrooms, so if you’re not a fan of mushrooms, whether it’s the smell, taste, or texture, these are a great way of replacing the cremini mushrooms without sacrificing the overall taste of the dish!

Our Favorite Cremini Mushroom Replacements

Looking for the best cremini mushroom replacements?

Quick Table: Cremini Mushroom Substitutes

SubstitutesCalories (Per 100 Grams)
White Button Mushrooms22
Portobello Mushrooms22
Shiitake Mushrooms34
King Oyster Mushrooms35
Porcini Mushrooms307
Morel Mushrooms31
Maitake Mushrooms31
Enoki Mushrooms37
Shimeji Mushrooms31
Ground Chickpeas180
Marinated Tofu176
Onion 40
Artichokes Heart119
Yellow Squash16
Sun Dried Tomatoes213
Brown Rice111
Heart Of Palm115
Beef Broth3
Umami Seasoning200

Here’s our list of the food items that we would recommend to replace the delicious cremini mushrooms with, whether it’s because you don’t have access to them, or because you don’t like mushrooms, then these are the best replacements to go with!

For Recipes That Have Cremini Mushrooms As The Main Ingredient

1. White Button Mushrooms

substitutes for cremini mushrooms

There are a whole load of different names out there for this mushroom, whether it’s button, table, cultivated, supermarket, common, or even champignon mushroom, these mushrooms are much more common in grocery stores than cremini mushrooms are, which is why so many people fall back on them should they need to find a replacement!

What’s great about them is that they’re also very similar to cremini mushrooms too, however, the only difference is that they do have a slightly weaker taste than cremini mushrooms, so you should bear this in mind when it comes to replacing cremini mushrooms in your food.

How To Substitute

Button mushrooms are a variety of mushrooms that can be used in place of cremini mushrooms. They are a great alternative for those who do not care for the flavor of cremini mushrooms, or for those who are concerned about the cremini mushrooms’ more potent flavor. They are a perfect substitute for sauteing, roasting, grilling, or sauteing in a cream sauce.

2. Portobello Mushrooms

substitutes for cremini mushrooms

Another mushroom with a lot of names, these mushrooms are also known as field mushrooms, open cap mushrooms, portabella, portabellini, portobello, and most importantly, giant cremini mushrooms.

That’s right, this mushroom is known as being the larger version of the traditional cremini mushroom, which is why so many people use it as a replacement!

You should have absolutely no problem finding these mushrooms at your local grocery store, all year round, so if you can’t find any cremini mushrooms for whatever reason, then just use these instead.

How To Substitute

This versatile mushroom is a good substitute for the cremini variety and can be used in sauces, soups, and stews, where it adds a deep, earthy flavor. Portobello mushrooms also have a good texture, which makes them ideal for dishes that are meant to be served in slices, like pizzas.

3. Shiitake Mushrooms

substitutes for cremini mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are another popular replacement option for cremini mushrooms, especially thanks to their shape and size, but they also have similar textures too, so you can definitely use them as a substitute should you need to.

These mushrooms are much more common in Asian countries than they are in the US, but they should still be relatively easy to find, and if you’re stuck for a replacement for cremini mushrooms, these will do just fine!

How To Substitute

When it comes to using cremini mushrooms in a recipe, there are few substitutions that work as well as shiitake mushrooms. This is because shiitakes are meatier and have a more intense flavor. The mushrooms are also able to retain their shape during cooking and can also be substituted for other varieties like button mushrooms.

4. Eggplant

substitutes for cremini mushrooms

For a lot of people, there is nothing worse than the smell and taste of a mushroom, and whilst we think mushrooms are delicious, we understand that there is nothing worse than wanting to make a delicious recipe and finding out that a food item you dislike is the main ingredient.

Fear not however, as when it comes to finding a non-cremini mushroom alternative for a recipe, eggplant saves the day as the perfect fungi replacement ingredient.

Eggplant is known for its super meaty flavor, which can really help elevate a lot of vegan dishes too.

So, if there’s no mushrooms in sight and you’re beginning to panic, just find some eggplant instead!

How To Substitute

Eggplant can be substituted for cremini mushrooms in any recipe that calls for mushrooms. It has a similar flavor and texture to the mushroom, but a different taste. Eggplant has a higher water content than mushrooms and contains less protein, so it is typically sautéed or boiled before being added to dishes.

5. King Oyster Mushrooms

King oyster

If you are running short of Cremini mushrooms, King oyster can be your go-to option.

It contains watermelon and cucumber tones with a mild and nutty flavor. It is considered a healthy substitute for the intact nutritional content in it.

They have the texture of meat, so they work exceptionally well to substitute meat.

How To Substitute

King oyster mushrooms will do great as a substitute for Cremini mushrooms. So if you are cooking soups, stews, or lasagna, you can count on it so that you will have a good flavor.

6. Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are the best mushrooms to cook with and work exceptionally well to substitute Porcini Mushrooms. 

They are very delicate and flavorful. Porcini mushrooms are small and brown. They are the best mushrooms to use in a dish because they have a strong flavor.

How To Substitute

Porcini mushrooms are great to saute, stewed, and boil to bring out the maximum flavors. You may easily use them to substitute the cremini mushrooms. It is considered to provide you best flavors after roasting.

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7. Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms

Morel mushrooms come with a delicate aromatic tone, velvety texture, and nutty flavor. In addition, it brings out the umami flavor.

These Morel mushrooms will do great in various recipes. However, when using them as a substitute, avoid overpowering the aroma of these mushrooms, or your dish might get ruined.

How To Substitute

Morel mushrooms are widely acclaimed for their umami and aromatic flavor. It is one of the great choices to use in potatoes, fish, risottos, pies, etc., to swap out Cremini mushrooms.

8. Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms are a type of edible mushroom that has a long history of use in Asian cultures. This type of mushroom is not only rich in nutrients but also helps promote the growth of other types of beneficial fungi.

Maitake mushrooms are a kind of mushroom that grows in Japan. They are hard to find in the United States. They taste good and are suitable for you. 

Maitake mushrooms are low in fat, but they have a lot of vitamins and minerals that help you get energy.

How To Substitute

Maitake mushrooms have a strong earthy, mushroom-like flavor and a unique texture. If you are cooking with cremini mushrooms and would like to substitute Maitake mushrooms, use 1/2 cup of Maitake mushrooms in place of 1 cup of cremini mushrooms.

9. Enoki Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms

A quick and easy substitute for the more common cremini mushrooms, these enoki mushrooms have a slightly sweeter flavor and a firmer texture than their more common cousins. 

The Enoki mushroom is a unique, delicate and flavorful mushroom with a crisp, refreshing flavor that is slightly sweet and mild. 

They have a slightly firm texture and an earthy flavor. They can be substituted for cremini mushrooms in most recipes.

Enoki mushrooms have a much higher water content than cremini mushrooms, which is what gives them their unique shape.

How To Substitute

Enoki mushrooms are more expensive than cremini mushrooms. When cooking with cremini mushrooms, you can substitute 1/4 cup of enoki mushrooms for every 3/4 cup of cremini mushrooms.

10. Shimeji Mushrooms

Shimeji Mushrooms

This is a simple recipe that swaps out cremini mushrooms for shimeji mushrooms in the most delicious way possible. 

The creamy sauce makes this an amazing meal, and you can make it vegetarian or vegan with soy milk.

There are many varieties of mushrooms, and many of them are interchangeable. In the recipe below, substituting shimeji mushrooms for cremini mushrooms will give a slightly different flavor, but the meal will still be delicious.

How To Substitute

The idea of substituting shimeji mushrooms for cremini mushrooms is to add a little more flavor to a dish. For instance, in a creamy mushroom soup, shimeji mushrooms would add a nutty flavor that would complement the dish.

For Recipes Where Cremini Mushrooms Are A Side Ingredient

11. Cauliflower


This delicious vegetable makes for an adequate replacement if you’re looking for a food item that has a fleshy texture to help soak up flavors and seasonings in a similar way that cremini mushrooms would.

So if you’re not a fan of mushrooms or just want to try and make your meal even healthier, you can always rely on cauliflower!

How To Substitute

Cauliflower can be used as a substitute for cremini mushrooms in many dishes, such as Alfredo sauce, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and mashed potatoes. Cauliflower is a vegetable that has a mild flavor, so it is a good option for recipes where other vegetables might be too strong.

12. Ground Chickpeas

Ground Chickpeas

When it comes to replacing cremini mushrooms in your cooking, one thing that can be difficult to replace is the size, as a lot of the replacements we’ve recommended so far are much larger in size than cremini mushrooms are.

Chickpeas can be grounded up and minced, and then mixed in with some spices and fried in order to create a delicious flavor and texture that isn’t too dissimilar to that of cremini mushrooms!

A lot of people swear by adding a few eggs in too to help bind the chickpeas and help further the flavor even more.

How To Substitute

Ground chickpeas are an easy, delicious and nutritious way to add protein to your favorite dishes. The texture and flavor of the chickpeas makes them an excellent replacement for mushrooms in any dish. They are perfect for adding to a salad or a sauce to replace a traditional meat or cheese.

13. Marinated Tofu

Marinated Tofu

A vegan staple, tofu is great when cubed up and marinated in a delicious vegetable broth, and a lot of people swear by it as a great alternative to cremini mushrooms!

If you need them to be even chewier, you can fry them to help achieve that texture too.

How To Substitute

Marinated tofu is a healthy vegetarian alternative to the more traditional and traditional mushroom, it can be used in place of the mushroom in any recipe that calls for mushrooms.

14. Zucchini


If the recipe calls for cremini mushrooms based on their texture, then zucchinis make for a great replacement should you need one.

They’re nutritious too, so you don’t lose out on the healthy side of things either!

How To Substitute

You can replace the cremini mushrooms in your favorite recipe with zucchini. Zucchini is a low calorie, low-fat, cholesterol-free vegetable that is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. It is also a good source of folate, fiber, and carotenoids.

14. Onion


You can make a mushroom risotto with the onion, which makes the dish even more delicious. This is an easy recipe for those looking for a meal that is easy to make and still full of flavor.

If you love onion soup and cremini mushrooms, this is the recipe for you! This flavorful soup can be made with either onion or cremini mushrooms and is a great way to use up the last of the summer’s harvest.

How To Substitute

Cremini mushrooms are an easy way to add an extra punch of flavor to your dish. If you’re looking for an easy substitution, onion will work in a pinch.

15. Lentils


Substituting lentils for mushrooms in a dish is a great way to ensure that you’re still enjoying the dish with all of the flavor, without adding any extra calories or fat. 

In this recipe, you’ll use red lentils to create a filling for mushroom caps that’s both healthy and flavorful.

Lentils for cremini mushrooms is a healthier, vegan alternative to a traditional recipe. The lentils have a rich and earthy flavor that is great in pasta sauces, soups, and stews. 

They are also high in fiber and protein. Lentils for cremini mushrooms are a healthier, vegan alternative to a traditional recipe.

How To Substitute

In order to make a vegan dish, substituting cremini mushrooms with lentils can help. This can be done by adding some lentils into the dish in place of the mushrooms. This will not only make the dish vegetarian, but will also reduce the cost.

16. Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke Hearts

This Italian classic is traditionally made with artichokes, but substituting cremini mushrooms gives the dish a much more meaty and savory taste.

Artichoke hearts give this quiche a savory and hearty flavor, while leeks add a delicate onion flavor. This recipe has all the flavors of a classic quiche with the addition of artichoke hearts.

This is a very healthy dish with a lot of flavor. It is not as filling as a traditional casserole, but is much more healthy. 

The dish is delicious, but also very simple to make. It takes just minutes to put together and cook. It can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

How To Substitute

You can substitute cremini mushrooms with artichoke hearts to get a different flavor profile in your dish. Artichoke hearts are an excellent source of fiber and protein and a good source of potassium.

17. Yellow Squash

Yellow Sqaush

The Yellow Squash is a vegan dish with a touch of the exotic. The flavor of the dish is derived from yellow squash and the complex flavors of the fresh mushrooms. 

This dish is a delicious way to bring a new flavor to your dinner table.

It is a great substitute for cremini mushrooms in recipes, as it provides a slightly sweeter flavor and can be easily found in most grocery stores.

A delicious and nutritious recipe for vegetarian butternut squash and mushroom soup that will make you feel warm and cozy. 

How To Substitute

The recipe calls for cremini mushrooms, but the recipe says that yellow squash will work in its place. Substitute one cup of sliced yellow squash for the cremini mushrooms in the recipe.

18. Tempeh


You can make a vegan version of a traditional lasagna by substituting Tempeh for cremini mushrooms. 

Tempeh is a soy product that is available in many varieties, so there is a flavor and texture to suit everyone’s taste.

There are many benefits of using tempeh over regular mushrooms. It is made from fermented soybeans, which creates a slightly different texture than that of mushrooms.

Tempeh is also a good source of protein and iron, and has a slightly nutty flavor.

How To Substitute

Tempeh is a type of soybean cake. It has a nutty flavor and chewy texture. It can be sliced, crumbled, or crumbled into a stir-fry. Substitute Cremini Mushrooms with Tempeh for a mushroom-tempeh sauce that is both savory and comforting.

19. Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

The sun dried tomatoes are the perfect substitute for cremini mushrooms in a variety of recipes. They are highly nutritious and packed with antioxidants, and a great source of dietary fiber. 

In this recipe, the tomatoes add a unique, bold flavor that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

This is a great dish to make when you have the ingredients on hand. The quick and easy pasta dish that is filling and comforting.

How To Substitute

For an even richer, more flavorful dish, you can substitute the sun dried tomatoes for cremini mushrooms. Cremini mushrooms have a similar flavor profile as sun dried tomatoes. They are more dense than the more common white mushrooms, and have a rich, earthy flavor.

20. Russet Potatoes

Russet Potatoes

Many people enjoy the hearty texture and flavor of Cremini mushrooms, but they are more expensive than Russet potatoes. 

Substituting a few cups of cremini mushrooms for a pound of Russet potatoes in a recipe can save you a lot of money. 

Cremini mushrooms have a rich, earthy flavor and their deep brown color gives dishes a rich, satisfying color.

How To Substitute

The key to this recipe is using russet potatoes instead of cremini mushrooms. They have a more neutral flavor, which lets the dish stand on its own without being overwhelmed by the flavor of the mushrooms. They also cook up nice and fluffy, which is key to getting a good texture.

21. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a nutritious, low-fat, gluten-free, low-sodium, and high-fiber whole grain that is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals. 

The versatile ingredient can be substituted for a variety of vegetables and meat in recipes. 

How To Substitute: You can use brown rice to substitute the mushrooms in your favorite recipe. Brown rice is a healthy alternative to the high levels of sodium and saturated fat found in canned cream of mushroom soup.

22. Heart Of Palm

Heart Of Palm

The main ingredient in a Mediterranean-style dish is cremini mushrooms. These are also called baby bellas. They have a sweeter flavor than other varieties. 

For a vegetarian option, substituting heart of palm for cremini mushrooms would make a great dish. Heart of the palm is also known as dende or palm cabbage.

Cremini mushrooms are a classic Italian variety, but this quick and easy recipe swaps them out for the heart of palm, and it’s a flavorful and filling dinner.

How To Substitute

With the heart of palm, the delicate flavors of the dish will still be recognizable. The heart of the palm is similar in size to the Cremini, so it should be able to substitute in its entirety.

For Recipes That Have Cremini Mushrooms As Herbs In Meals

23. Beef Broth

beef broth

The beef broth is replaced with a flavorful mix of cremini mushrooms, celery, onion, carrots, garlic, and thyme. This soup tastes great with a loaf of crusty bread and some fresh fruit.

The hearty and savory flavors of mushroom soup made with a rich, dark mushroom broth is the perfect complement to a warm, comforting winter meal.

How To Substitute

For many recipes, substituting Cremini Mushrooms with beef broth is a great way to make a dish taste better without adding any extra work.

24. Fennel

Fennel Bulb

Substituting fennel for Cremini mushrooms can add a light, anise-y taste to your dishes. It’s best to use a fresh fennel bulb, or to cut one up and put it in a food processor or blender with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Fennel is great in recipes like salads, soups, and stews.

How To Substitute

While the Cremini mushrooms provide a meaty texture and earthy flavor. By replacing them with fennel, you can enjoy a smooth, creamy risotto that is just as tasty.

25. Umami Seasoning

Umami Seasoning

Umami is a savory, savory flavor that is found in many cuisines, including Asian and Italian. 

The seasonings are made with a blend of ingredients such as seaweed, soy sauce, black pepper, garlic, and sesame oil. It has been used in Asian dishes since ancient times. 

The particular blend of ingredients is meant to bring out the meaty and salty flavors of the mushrooms.

How To Substitute

Cremini Mushrooms are traditionally used in soups, sauces, and stews. When substituting the mushrooms, you will need to use roughly 1/2 cup of umami seasoning.

26. Cilantro


Cilantro is an herb that is used in many different types of dishes. It is also used as a garnish. It is used in many different cuisines around the world.

It is often used in Mexican dishes, but it can be found in many other dishes. It is a member of the parsley family and has a distinctive, lemony-tasting flavor.

The plant is related to parsley, coriander, and mint. It is a perennial that grows up to a foot tall, with delicate, feathery leaves.

How To Substitute

Cilantro can be substituted for cremini mushrooms in most recipes, so it is an easy substitution to make.


We know that it can be difficult to find a good replacement when you are trying to change ingredients in a recipe. We hope that this blog post has given you the knowledge you need to successfully find a good replacement for cremini mushrooms in your recipes. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cremini Mushrooms The Same As White Mushrooms?

The cremini mushroom is the second most common type of mushroom, after the white button mushroom. This mushroom is a bit more earthy than the button mushroom and it has a slightly meatier texture. 

The cremini mushroom has a nutty flavor and a slightly sweet taste. The cremini mushroom is a bit larger than the button mushroom and it is commonly used in soups and stews.

Are Cremini And Portobello Mushrooms The Same?

Crimini and portobello mushrooms are both mushrooms, but they are different in many ways. The crimini mushroom is slightly larger and has a darker top, and the portobello is larger, has a lighter top, and is marbled. 

Both types of mushrooms are delicious, but they are best cooked in different ways. For example, the crimini is better cooked in soups, stews, and sauces, while the portobello is best cooked in a marinade or grilled.

Do Cremini Mushrooms Taste Different?

A cremini mushroom has a firm texture, while a white mushroom is soft. Cremini mushrooms are also less salty than white mushrooms, so they are usually paired with cheese or pasta dishes.

26 Substitutes For Cremini Mushrooms Will Make You Satisfied

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Cooking time


Total time



It’s not always easy to find the right substitute for mushrooms in recipes. Here are 8 substitutes for cremini mushrooms that you can use instead.


  • White Button Mushrooms

  • Portobello Mushrooms

  • Shiitake Mushrooms

  • Eggplant

  • King Oyster Mushrooms

  • Porcini Mushrooms

  • Morel Mushrooms

  • Maitake Mushrooms

  • Enoki Mushrooms

  • Shimeji Mushrooms

  • Cauliflower

  • Ground Chickpeas

  • Marinated Tofu

  • Zucchini

  • Onion

  • Artichokes Heart

  • Yellow Squash

  • Tempeh

  • Sun Dried Tomatoes

  • Brown Rice

  • Heart Of Palm

  • Beef Broth

  • Fennel

  • Unami Seasoning


  • Choose your favorite substitute from the list given above
  • Follow the directions given in the recipe after having substituted the ingredient in the correct ratio

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