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What To Serve With Quiche? (Side Dishes You Have To Try)

Quiche is an enormously versatile dish that can be served with a wide range of different side dishes. However, a lot of people fall into the trap of always doing the same thing.

Whilst a beautiful cheese, vegetable, and meat quiche might taste wonderful, serving it with the likes of potatoes over and over again can become pretty tiresome, especially for your guests.

Today, we want to help you get out of the rut. We’re going to do that by showing you 11 awesome side dishes that go perfectly with this stunning french tart.

What To Serve With Quiche? (Side Dishes You Have To Try)

Whether you make your quiche from scratch or buy it from the local store, we have the perfect side on our list for you. 

We’ll tell you what you can expect from each side dish and open your eyes to new flavors.

If you want to impress the family with something new and exciting the next time you get together, make sure you keep reading!

1. Garlic Roasted Cabbage Steaks

First up, we have garlic-roasted cabbage steaks. If you’ve never had cabbage steaks before you’re seriously missing out.

These steaks are thick slices of fresh cabbage rubbed in a mixture of olive oil and garlic.

The cabbage is then roasted in the oven to unlock extra flavors and create caramelization.

For the best results, cut your cabbage steaks into 1-inch slices before placing them on a baking sheet. Roast them for approximately 30 minutes in the oven.

Perfect for all occasions, this is one you simply have to try. 

2. Garden Salad

A fantastic, versatile side dish for your quiche is a garden salad. Packed with tonnes of fresh, vibrant veggies, a garden salad is good for a number of different reasons. 

It’s super healthy, easy to make, can include any vegetable you want, and compliments the flavors of the quiche wonderfully. 

We recommend making a salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, red onions, feta cheese, garlic croutons, and a beautiful vinaigrette.

Suitable all year round, a fresh garden salad particularly goes well during the hot summer months.

3. Caprese Salad

A wonderfully simple, yet delightful side dish you can make to accompany your quiche is a Caprese salad.

A traditional Italian salad, Caprese salad is served with fresh tomato slices, sweet basil, salt and pepper, olive oil, and most importantly freshly sliced mozzarella cheese. 

To create a dish that not only tastes delicious but also looks incredible, the cheese and tomato should be layered in an alternating pattern on a dish. The basil leaves can then be sprinkled on top.

We personally love this option because it adds a burst of vibrancy to any meal. It is also very easy to prepare and can be kept ahead of time in a refrigerator.

4. Garlic Bread

This super simple fan favorite could be the perfect side to serve with your quiche.

Aside from tasting pretty awesome, garlic bread is a side dish that everyone enjoys. Therefore, making your own fresh garlic bread is bound to be a winner.

All you need to do to make rustic garlic bread is buy a loaf of French bread, cut it into slices, smother each slice in some homemade garlic butter, and place the bread in the oven for approximately 10 minutes.

Make sure you don’t burn the edges of your bread if you want to keep your guests on side.

5. Gazpacho

If you’re not a massive foodie you may not have heard of gazpacho before. Gazpacho is a blended vegetable soup that is typically served cold.

Made from cucumber, fresh tomatoes, red onion, and bell pepper, it makes a brilliant summer side dish as it is cool and refreshing. 

The ingredients are all blended together and pureed until the smooth soup is produced. 

Simple and very easy to make, this flavor-packed side can be topped with anything you like, so why not get creative with this Spanish classic.

6. Muffins Or Fresh Fruit

This one might surprise you quite a lot but muffins and fresh fruit go perfectly with any quiche if you’re putting a brunch menu together.

A fresh ham and egg quiche alongside a blueberry muffin and fresh fruit slices will go down a treat at your next get-together.

You could even make things more buffet-style by adding bread rolls, crackers, and cheese into the mix.

Aside from blueberry muffins, cranberry oatmeal, cinnamon sugar, and apple streusel also work well.

7. Tropical Fruit Salad

A delicious tropical fruit salad is a solid breakfast, dinner, or dessert choice.

Made with tropical mixed fruit and creamy yogurt, there are plenty of unique things you can do to enhance the flavors of the salad and impress your friends.

For example, you could add marshmallows, almonds, and shredded coconut if you really wanted to mix things up. A couple of slices of pineapple and grapes won’t go amiss either.

Assembled in just 10 to 15 minutes and storable for at least a few days, this is a good choice if you want something simple to eat alongside or after your quiche.

8. Strawberry Spinach Salad

The next side dish on our list is a great choice for kids.

Packed with healthy nutrients and color, a strawberry spinach salad combines sweet and savory flavors perfectly to create a fresh, summery dish that goes well with a ham and cheese quiche.

Combining strawberries, spinach, and almonds with a vinaigrette dressing, this delicious salad takes a matter of minutes to make. Simply cut everything up and throw it all together.

To make things even more interesting, combine more unique flavors. We like to add kiwi and bacon bits to our strawberry spinach salad. Feta cheese and sesame seeds also go well. 

9. Honey-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Why not put a unique spin on a traditional quiche side dish by serving up some tasty honey-glazed sweet potatoes. 

Sweet potatoes are a wonderful fall root vegetable that works well in most meals, not just with a quiche. 

Our favorite honey-glazed sweet potato recipe combines fresh sweet potato sticks with cinnamon and honey.

This gives us a beautifully sweet potato that melts in your mouth. 

You can make the dish in under 20 minutes. However, the potatoes can be tough to cut through so use a sharp knife.

Leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator for two or three days.

10. Roasted Vegetables

If you want something quick, easy, and super tasty to serve up alongside your homemade quiche, you can’t go wrong with a variety of roasted vegetables.

Perfect for any type of quiche or other main meal, roasted vegetables are great because you can use virtually any vegetable you want.

We tend to use broccoli, red onion, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, and squash.

Once mixed together and seasoned to perfection, you can expect your roasted vegetables to be ready in just 15 minutes. 

They can then be easily reused by reheating them in a microwave. 

11. Buttered Green Beans

The final quiche side dish in this guide is buttered green beans.

Consisting of green beans, butter, salt, and pepper, the buttered green beans recipe we like to use is super simple to put together and incredibly tasty. 

Taking just 15 minutes to make, all you have to do is clean, trim, season, and roast your green beans.

One portion of buttered green beans should be more than enough to feed 4 people.

Jess Smith