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Can You Pour Cereal Before The Milk For Perfect Breakfast Meal

Quick Answer: Why Do You Pour Cereal Before The Milk?

Cereal is one of the most important parts of breakfast. It is why we pour cereal before the milk. When you pour cereal, you get the perfect amount of milk. However, when you pour milk on the cereal, the cereal gets soaked up in the milk. It’s like you’re drowning your breakfast in milk.

We all like a bit of breakfast in the morning. There’s a reason it’s considered to be the most important meal of the day.

Pour The Cereal Before The Milk (Or The Milk Before The Cereal)

Not only does it help to satiate your rumbling stomach in the morning, but it also provides you with all of the energy you are going to need for the day ahead.

The breakfast of choice for many people across the world is cereal. These dried morsels of grain and sugary goodness help to awaken the mind and the body, and taste and feel good to munch on.

But how are you actually supposed to prepare a bowl of cereal? Does the cereal go in first, or does the milk go in first?

It might sound mad, but this is a very common question that plagues many people to this day, much like the quandary of whether cereal counts as a salad or a soup.

So is there a definitive order in which you should prepare your breakfast cereal? Let’s take a look, so that you can quickly become the master of breakfast cereals.

Does The Milk Go Before The Cereal Or After?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this. The reason for this is that it’s all down to personal taste.

There is no set criteria or official guideline from cereal companies that suggests it should be done one way or the other. 

This is probably quite disappointing to some of you. A few of you may have wanted to laud it over your friends that you do it in the ‘correct’ order. But the truth is that there is no ‘correct’ order.

So why did the debate come about?

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Why Do People Debate Whether Milk Goes Before Cereal Or After?

Luckily, there’s no grand conspiracy behind the order in which people make their cereal in the morning.

The only real reason that there is a debate between the two methods is that it’s just a bit of fun. 

Sure, some of your family members might take it a bit too far, and be a bit too insistent that it’s one way or the other, but ultimately it all comes down to a very trivial and jovial argument. 

Why Put The Milk Before The Cereal?

One of the main reasons that people choose to pour out their milk before the cereal is because it helps to keep the cereal crunchy for longer.

Cereal is dried when it is sold, so that it can keep longer in your pantry. When you add it to milk, it quickly absorbs the milk, and becomes soft.

To some people, this is very unappealing, and is a great reason to add the milk first.

However, pouring the milk first only keeps the milk dry for a few more minutes, so it isn’t 100% worthwhile. 

Some people also make use of powdered milk, which needs to be made with water first.

Why Put The Milk Before The Cereal

Thus, for these people, it is easiest to pour in the milk powder, then the water, to make milk, before then adding the cereal to the newly created milk. 

Apart from these two reasons, there is very little concrete reason that dictates why someone might pour the milk first.

The best factor we can point to is personal preference. To some people it just feels right, while to others, it feels totally wrong. Either way, it is a totally valid way of creating a bowl of cereal

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Why Put The Cereal Before The Milk?

Now why would you create cereal by pouring the cereal first? Well, the most common reason people tend to do this is because of the perceived hierarchy of the two elements.

When you have a bowl of cereal, the main event tends to be the cereal, right? That’s the reason for pouring a bowl out

Thus, it stands to reason that cereal is viewed as the most important element of a bowl of cereal, and would then be poured into the bowl first.

The milk is then poured over the cereal, as the second most important element.

This is rather similar to how some people make a salad, by tossing together the main ingredients first, and then pouring the salad dressing on second. 

Why Put The Cereal Before The Milk

Another, slightly more lighthearted reasoning that many hold true is that certain cereals specifically benefit from being poured in first.

If you have a bowl of Rice Krispies that you want to eat, you would likely benefit from pouring in the Rice Krispies first, as that way, once you pour in the milk, you will hear that iconic ‘Snap, Crackle, and Pop’ that makes it all worthwhile! 

Again, it’s important to mention that this all ultimately comes down to personal preference.

To some people, putting in the cereal first just feels right, and it is a difficult feeling to explain. So don’t try to claim superiority over someone else for doing it a different way!


Sadly, we can’t give you a definitive answer to this question, as it just would not be fair.

Ultimately, the reason to make your breakfast cereal one way or the other comes down entirely to personal taste.

You might find that it feels better to do it one way or the other, and that is totally valid. However, it is also equally valid to do it in the total opposite way! 

Either way, we can all agree that cereal is delicious no matter how we make it, and that there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular breakfast foods the world over! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Illegal To Pour Milk Before Cereal?

Though some may certainly think it should be, ultimately, no, it is definitely not illegal to pour milk before you pour out your cereal.

Though it does make us wonder what kind of sentence such a crime would incur!

Is Cereal Good Before Bed?

Having a light serving of cereal before bed can help to ease your stomach and promote good sleep.

Just make sure that the cereal is not high in sugar content.

Is It Bad To Eat Cereal Every Day?

No. It is not inherently bad to eat cereal every day.

Eating cereal would only be bad if it were too often, such as multiple times during one day, or if it wasn’t being enjoyed as part of a healthy diet alongside other foods!

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