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What’s The Difference Between Pink Lemonade Vs. Regular Lemonade?

When it comes to the summer season, nothing beats drinking a cold glass of lemonade, whether that is regular lemonade, or the more Instagram friendly pink lemonade.

Both of these types of beverages are created using lemons, so they have a very familiar taste. However, there are differences between each of the drinks, with the most obvious being the color.

Yes, the color is the biggest factor when it comes to picking either regular or pink lemonade, but even so, there are other reasons these two drinks are not the same.

What's The Difference Between Pink Lemonade Vs. Regular Lemonade?

Different lemon amounts may be used to create a stronger or weaker flavor, as well as ingredients to change the overall color.

So, with all this in mind, let’s take a look at the difference between both pink lemonade and regular lemonade. At the end of the article, which side will you be on?

What Are The Main Differences Between Regular And Pink Lemonade?

Here are some of the differences when it comes to regular and pink lemonade:

Color Has An Affect More Than Its Look

There is one obvious difference when it comes to both pink lemonade and regular lemonade, and that is the color.

Regular lemonade uses the yellow lemons that we are used to, whilst pink lemonade uses a mutated form of a lemon which appears pink.

Whilst that might sound a little crazy, let us explain. A random and rare occurrence of a mutated lemon was discovered on what is known as the Eureka lemon tree in the decade of the 1930s in California.

The lemons were known as the Variegated Eureka Lemon, or the Pink Lemonade Lemon. The flesh of the lemon is pink rather than yellow, and the skin is either white or green striped.

It sounds like a zebra, right? In fact, this lemon variety has a link to the Zebra Lemon. This lemon is both white and green striped with the inner flesh either being a lighter pink or a darker yellow. 

Over time as the fruit ripens, the lemon flavor becomes even sweeter.

Compared to other lemons which turn extra sour as they mature, this just isn’t the case for pink lemons. For this reason, a ripe and ready pink lemon is best to be used for pink lemonade which has a sweet flavor. It also means less sugar needs to be used.

Lycopene Is Where The Pink Comes From

Lycopene is responsible for the color of a pink lemon. The amount of lycopene within the lemon is the nutrient which provides the lemon with the pink color that you see. 

So whilst it is pretty obvious that the lemons are different, now you know why the lemons have a different color compared to each other.

Extra Fruit Juices

When it comes to actually creating the lemonade, it isn’t surprising that in order to make pink lemonade, other fruit juices can be used.

This is because pink lemons aren’t the easiest to get hold of all the time, especially when they are not available in that season.

So for this reason the likes of raspberries and strawberries are used alongside lemons to create a delicious and refreshing beverage.  

Is The Flavor Of Pink Lemonade Similar To Regular Lemonade?

Unsurprisingly, and maybe disappointingly, both pink and regular lemonade taste very similar when it comes to the flavor. This is because they both use lemons, and despite the different lemons used, they both have a lemon-y flavor.

The main differences are the fact pink lemonade is much sweeter, whilst regular lemonade has a tarter refreshing taste. However, both will have sugar added to it (the latter more so) to give the beverage a sweet flavor overall.

However, there may be a difference if the pink lemonade has been created with a different fruit juice, or additives have been added to create either an artificial color or flavor. This might happen if a person cannot get hold of pink lemons. 

What Does Pink Lemonade Even Taste Like?

When it comes to pink lemonade, the overall taste depends on the ingredients that are used. Because this can vary, pink lemonade may taste a little different if you buy it from one store to another. 

However, you will know that you are drinking the real stuff when it tastes just like regular lemonade. So if you do decide to use pink lemons and you can find them, then doing so is the best way to go. 

However, anything else you add like sweeteners or extra fruit and syrups can change that flavor, and maybe even the color. 

Is Pink Lemonade An Alcoholic Drink?

Pink lemonade generally isn’t an alcoholic drink, though it can certainly be available as one. It is the same with regular lemonade too.

Both can be drunk with alcohol included into the ingredients list without any problem, and is something that is quite common.

However, both beverages can be enjoyed without any alcohol at all. It all just comes down to preference and what the setting is for drinking refreshing lemonade. 

When it comes to choosing what alcohol to add, commonly people go for tequila, vodka, gin, and rum. 

Is Strawberry Lemonade Also Pink Lemonade?

Yes, strawberry lemonade is just the same as pink lemonade if the strawberry has been used as the main ingredient within the beverage. Unlike yellow or regular lemonade, pink lemonade can be made by using a number of different fruit juices.

However, if the pink lemonade has been created by using artificial ingredients like coloring and sweeteners, then it cannot be considered a real version of the strawberry lemonade. 

Can You Make Regular Lemonade Pink?

AThe best way to make lemonade pink is by using pink lemons, however they aren’t always easy to get hold of, especially if they are out of season. When this happens, there are other options too.

For example, you can use other fruit juices such as cranberries, raspberries, or strawberries, Another couple of options is to use Grenadine syrup or pink food coloring.

However, the latter may cause an artificial taste if too much is used, so make sure you do not add very much!

How Can You Sweeten Lemonade?

How Can You Sweeten Lemonade

Lemonade made from scratch can be sour and tart, so it is highly likely that you will need to sweeten the mixture. Some of the ways to do this are by adding thicker liquid like maple syrup, honey or corn syrup, or by adding sweeteners.

These could be stevia, agave, or even the cupboard staple caster sugar.

Experiment when it comes to sweetening lemonade before you serve it because each one might provide a different amount of sweetness, and they can also change the color slightly. 

Also, you can find out what the right amount to put in the lemonade is depending on which option that you go for. This means that you won’t end up overdoing it, or not putting enough in.

However, always start low as you can put sweeteners in, but not take them out. 

How Do You Make Homemade Lemonade?

aIf you are looking to make your own lemonade, whether a refreshing mid-summer beverage, or to sell to the neighborhood, here is an easy way to do it:

Step 1: Juice The Lemons

Before you can begin, you will need to juice lemons. Don’t worry, this is the most work you will have to do!

Start by juicing every 1 lemon to one cup of water. You can add or reduce lemons depending on the taste you would like to achieve.

Step 2: Get The Sweetener Ready

Choose the sweetener you would like to use, and measure out around a three quarter cup. You can give or take as much  as you like depending on the overall sweetness or tartness desired. 

Step 3: Add The Sweetener

Now that you have measured out the sweetener, you will need to add it to the lemon juice. To do so, put the water and juice into a pan on a low heat and add in the sweetener. 

Remember to stir slowly to help the sweetener to dissolve.

Step 4: (Optional) Turn It Into Pink Lemonade

If you want to make pink lemonade, either begin by using pink lemons right at the beginning, or add in raspberry or strawberry juice.

If you don’t have either, you can also mix in grenadine syrup to sweeten and color. If you choose the latter, then be mindful of missing the sweetening step above.

Step 5: Let It Chill

Once it is mixed, remove from the heat and allow to chill.

Step 6: Add The Finishing Touches

Now that you have finished, place it into a jug and add ice cubes.

Last Things To Consider

Whilst the color is the main difference when it comes to both pink and regular lemonade, there can be other differences too. The most common is how the lemonades are made.

Whilst traditionally both are made using lemons, pink lemons may not be in season.

When this happens, pink lemonade can be created using other fruit juices or via artificial flavoring. 

So, the next time you order a pink lemonade, have a think about whether you are actually drinking lemon juice or not!

Jess Smith