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15 Delicious Mochi Muffin Recipes

In recent years, the internet has become obsessed with mochi. We totally understand why. Asian cuisine has always been popular and the sweet treats were no exception.

Mochi has become so popular that other desserts are being branded with the name. There are now mochi brownies, mochi doughnuts, mochi cookies, and our favorite; mochi muffins.

Mochi muffins are a fantastic treat to bake. They can be savory or sweet. Mochi muffins are also surprisingly easy to make depending on the recipe.

If you are looking for something new to bake to surprise friends and family, we have selected 15 delicious mochi muffin recipes for you to follow.

1. Black Sesame Mochi Muffins

This recipe for black sesame mochi muffins makes a delicious crispy muffin on the outside with a gooey center. It takes fifteen minutes to do all the preparation for this recipe and then 45 minutes to cook them. With this recipe, you end up with 12 muffins.

Instead of a buttery flavor that is common with mochi muffins, this recipe has a nutty flavor. They are sweet but have an intense sesame flavor. The ingredients are something your local grocery store would have in stock.

2. Lemon Blueberry Mochi Muffins

Lemon and blueberry are flavors that work so well together. That is why when we saw this recipe that incorporates traditional muffin flavors we knew it had to be on this list.

The recipe is gluten-free as it has rice flour as an ingredient. These muffins have that chewy texture of mochi muffins that we all love. This recipe takes a total time of 1 hour and 10 minutes to make them. You get 14 cupcakes when following this recipe.

3. Chewy Matcha Mochi Muffins

Matcha and mochi is a pairing that those who are familiar with Asian cuisine love to see.

There has been an explosion of interest in both matcha and mochi, so these matcha mochi muffins are the perfect way to satisfy that craving, and these matcha mochi muffins are so incredibly chewy.

The recipe is easy to follow and takes a total time of 1 hour to make them.

4. Chocolate Mochi Muffins

This one is for all the chocolate lovers out there. There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a gooey chocolate muffin and that is exactly what this recipe provides.

When you make this recipe you will end up with a rich and fudgy mochi muffin that has an intense chocolate flavor. It takes a total time of 45 minutes to make these mochi muffins, so you can enjoy them within the hour.

5. Butter Mochi Muffins

If you want to have buttery mochi muffins that you might have seen all over the internet then this is the recipe for you. This recipe recreates that intense buttery flavor you hear so much about in mochi muffins.

If you decide to follow this recipe it will take you a total time of 1 hour before you can enjoy these rich and chewy mochi muffins. These muffins are topped with sesame seeds for a subtly sesame taste.

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6. Pumpkin Spice Mochi Muffins

When the weather gets cooler there is one flavor that most people are drawn to; pumpkin spice (it is everywhere)! So, why not surprise your friends and family with this chewy pumpkin spice flavored treat this fall?

These mochi muffins are crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside. There are notes of caramel, coconut milk, brown butter, and pumpkin spice in these muffins. With this recipe, you will be able to make one dozen mochi muffins.

8. Hawaiian Butter Mochi Muffins

This Hawaiian butter mochi muffin recipe will leave you with a fantastically chewy mochi muffin. The flavor of this mochi muffin recipe is buttery and fudgy. This recipe is the perfect treat to bring as a dessert to a party.

To make these mochi muffins it will take you 10 minutes to prepare them. Then it takes 45 minutes to cook. You are able to reheat these muffins in the microwave to make them gooey on the inside again.

8. Cheddar and Rosemary Mochi Muffins

The great thing about mochi muffins is that you can make them for a savory snack. This recipe is for all of you who don’t have a strong sweet tooth, and is the perfect snack when you want a quick bite to eat.

With this recipe, you get a cheesy chewy center with a crispy outside. This recipe takes one hour to make in total.

9. Ube and Strawberry Mochi Muffin

Swirl cakes have been such a popular trend. That is why when we found this recipe, as we knew it would be the best of both worlds. This mochi muffin recipe has a chewy center with a buttery crispy outside.

The mixture of strawberry puree batter and ube puree batter creates a deliciously sweet mochi muffin perfect for any time of day. With this recipe, you will be able to make 24 mochi muffins.

10. Thai Tea Mochi Muffin

If you have ever tried Thai tea you can imagine how good these mochi muffins are. Thai tea is a strong tea that is spiced with different spices. It is a lovely warm and soothing taste that makes these mochi muffins extra special.

This recipe makes mochi muffins that are soft and chewy on the inside but crispy and crunchy on the outside. They are also topped with sesame seeds for that added flavor.

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11. Vegan Butter Mochi Muffin

If you are anything like us, then you might be obsessed with tiny, delicate foods. So, why not tiny mochi muffins?

This mochi muffin recipe makes mini mochi muffins that are completely vegan. These vegan mochi muffins still have that buttery flavor that mochi muffins are known for.

The ingredients are simple and easy to find at your local grocery store. These mini mochi muffins still have that chewy inside that we all crave.

13. Banana Coconut Mochi Muffins

Banana-flavored foods are an acquired taste – a taste that we think needs more appreciation. When we saw this recipe we were so excited as it has one of the best duos: banana, and coconut.

The ingredients for this recipe are simple and the steps are easy to follow. These mochi muffins are light and airy but have a chewy texture at the same time, plus, they take only 25 minutes to bake as well!

13. Ube Mochi Muffins

We’ve already had one recipe with Ube mixed in it, but we thought that for those that want to try ube by itself this would be the recipe for them.

Ube is essentially purple yam puree. There is nothing quite as satisfying and cutting into one of these mochi muffins to see a vibrant purple center. With this recipe, it will take you a total time of 1 hour and 15 minutes to make these mochi muffins.

14. Mango Mochi Muffins

Mango is one of our favorite flavors. It is sweet and goes well with so many other dishes. This recipe makes lovely moist, chewy, and dense mochi muffins.

These mango mochi muffins would be perfect for any time of the day, plus, they take a total time of 50 minutes to make, so you could have these ready within the hour.

To make this recipe even better we suggest using fresh mangos in or on top of the mochi muffins.

15. French Roast Coffee Mochi Muffins

If you are someone who has a passion for coffee, we have got you covered with this recipe. To finish this list, we thought we would end it strong, which is exactly how we like our coffee!

Following this recipe, you will end up with 8 coffee mochi muffins. This recipe takes a total time of 40 minutes, and would be the perfect treat to have at breakfast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mochi Muffins Gluten-Free?

Mochi muffins can be gluten-free if they are made with the right ingredients. If they are made from mochiko rice flour then they are gluten-free. They have to be made with glutinous rice flour in order for them to be gluten-free, not just rice flour.

Can You Reheat Mochi Muffins?

You can reheat mochi muffins! There are a number of ways to reheat them. The easiest way is in the microwave. Although to keep that crispy outside some like to reheat them in a toaster. This, of course, depends on how thick your mochi muffins are.

You can also try reheating them in an air fryer. For the best results, we recommend reheating them in a toaster oven.

How Long Do Mochi Muffins Keep For?

How long mochi muffins keep depends on the recipe you’ve followed and how you store them. In an airtight container, mochi muffins should last for around 3-5 days. If you store them sealed away in the refrigerator they might last up to a week.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this list looking at 15 delicious mochi muffin recipes. Hopefully, you aren’t as hungry as we are after looking at all this food! Have fun baking these tasty mochi muffins.

15 Delicious Mochi Muffin Recipes

Mochi muffins are a delicious Japanese dessert that is made with mochiko flour. These 15 recipes will help you make the most of this delicious flour.


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