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14 Perfect Substitutes For Lillet Blanc To Know

Lillet Blanc is a classic white wine that has a beautifully light aroma of honey, orange and spring flowers.

It’s one of the most popular apéritifs, and you can also drink it as a white wine. This tasty liqueur can even be enjoyed in a tasty cocktail.

But what can you use instead of Lillet Blanc if you don’t have a bottle of this light wine at hand?

From white vermouth to other French wines, there are a few delicious Lillet Blanc substitutes.

In this article, we take a closer look at what you can use as an alternative to Lillet Blanc wine.

Top 7 Lillet Blanc Substitutes

Lillet Blanc Alternatives

As Lillet Blanc is quite a light aperitif, you just need to look for an alternative that has a similar flavor profile, such as white vermouth or Kina L’Avion d’Or.

Although Lillet Blanc replacements don’t taste exactly the same as this light white wine, most of us wouldn’t notice the difference.

This is especially true when you add your Lillet Blanc substitute to a cocktail or a mixed drink.

Nutritional Value Table

Lillet Blanc SubstituteAlcohol Content
Cocchi Americano16.5%
Sweet white vermouth16%-22%
Kina L’Avion d’Or18%
Amaro Angeleno23%
Swedish Punsch20%-30%
St Germain20%
Reserve Jean De Lillet17%
Creme De Violette30%
Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto20%
Salers Aperitif16%
Parfait Amour20%
Dry Sherry18%
Angostura Orange Bitters45%

1. Cocchi Americana

One of the best Lillet Blanc substitutes is Cocchi Americana. 

Produced with Moscato wine, this Italian apéritif contains some beautifully aromatic flavors, such as orange peel, gentian root and spices.

These delicious aromas make Cocchi slightly sweet which matches the light flavors of Lillet Blanc very well.

In addition, Cocchi also has some strong herbal notes with a great bitterness which is a little more overpowering than the bitter overtones in Lillet Blanc wine.

Saying this, if you love your cocktails, then Cocchi Americana is ideal for any citrus cocktails that require an extra shot of bitterness.

Cocchi Americana is available in most grocery stores and you will be able to buy it online which means that you can get this Lillet Blanc alternative quite easily.

How To Substitute

The cocchi Americano is a blend of 50% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Grigio, and 20% Sauvignon Blanc.Lillet blanc is often served as an aperitif or with seafood. If you are looking for a substitute for this, the Cocchi Americano would be a great option. This wine has the light flavor that is needed for the dish and it has a similar sweetness.

2. Sweet White Vermouth

Sweet white vermouth may be one of the most common liqueurs that you can use to substitute Lillet Blanc.

Thanks to its herbal ingredients, white vermouth is ideal as an apéritif or even to mix into cocktails.

Vermouth is essentially a fortified wine which has been infused with herbs and spices. It has a higher alcohol content than many other wines but vermouth is still beautifully sweet.

In addition to the floral tones, vermouth also has bittersweet and citrusy flavors as it contains grapefruit, licorice and sweet orange.

Mix your sweet vermouth into a refreshing cocktail or just drink it on its own. You can even add it into your gin and tonic to create an extra special drink.

If you want to use white vermouth as a replacement for Lillet Blanc, then mixologists recommend that you add a splash or orange bitters to your drink.

Sweet white vermouth is widely available, so you should be able to pick up a bottle in your local grocery store or liqueur store.

How To Substitute

Sweet white vermouth is an aromatic wine that is commonly found in a variety of cocktails and can be substituted for Lillet Blanc. The extremely versatile vermouth liquor added in a small amount with a splash of orange bitters help enhance the taste of liquor.

3. Kina L’Avion D’Or

Similar to Lillet Blanc, Kina L’Avion d’Or is also a French aperitif which is often categorized as Kina or Quinquina.

Originally, Kinda was created as a medicine to help ill soldiers but it has turned into a delicious drink over the last decades.

The name L’Avion d’Or translates to “Golden aeroplane” which refers to Louis Bleriot. He was the first Frenchman to cross the English Channel in a monoplane in the early 1900s.

Kina comes from a specific region in France where wineries create a range of different combinations with various ingredients.

One of the most popular Kina L’Avion d’Or uses white wine as the main ingredient and then there is cinchona bark, orange peel and wormwood added.

This creates a beautifully complex drink that combines a mild bitterness with sweet marmalade flavors.

Just like other popular Lillet Blanc substitutes, Kina can be enjoyed on its own but you can also mix it into your favorite cocktail.

Bear in mind that when you want to use L’Avion d’Or as an alternative to Lillet Blanc, then Kina has a much more bitter aroma.

This means that you might need to balance it with adding some sweet or citrus ingredients, such as orange peel.

How To Substitute

Kina L’Avion d’Or is a refreshing, light, citrusy, and sweet white wine from the Rhone Valley in France. It is an excellent alternative to the famous Lillet blanc. It can be used in cocktails or sparkling water to make a refreshing summertime drink.

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4. Amaro Angeleno

Amaro Angeleno is another tasty substitute for Lillet Blanc. This blend of unaged brandy and Pinot Grigio wine also contains herbs and citrus flavors.

Amaro Angeleno is made in the USA and there are a few different varieties available which have different floral or citrus notes.

What makes this liqueur ideal as a Lillet Blanc replacement is that it has a bitter aftertaste.

Bittersweet amaro can be served as a drink to sip on its own or you can add to a cocktail for more bitterness.

The bitter flavor and spices make this herbal liqueur ideal for any digestive upsets, and it aids your digestion after a heavy meal.

How To Substitute

Amaro Angeleno is a dry amaro liqueur used in place of Lillet Blanc in many cocktails. It has a rich, nutty flavor that pairs well with bitters, and it has a rich, nutty flavor that pairs well with bitters. It’s also great for use in amaro-based drinks.

5. Swedish Punsch

Punsch is a popular liqueur that you can find all around the world but particularly Finland and Sweden enjoy this tasty drink.

It’s worth mentioning that Swedish punsch is the same as the traditional punch that you can get at a party.

Swedish punsch is a combination of brandy or arrack as well as tea, sugar and water. While this doesn’t sound too delicious yet, it’s a surprisingly flavorful mix.

Different punsch manufacturers and brands create different punsch flavors but they are usually spicy and sweet.

The blend of clove, caramel, allspice, licorice and dried oranges is what makes this liqueur so unusual.

However, it is the mild bitterness that means Swedish punsch is suitable as a replacement for Lillet Blanc.

It’s worth noting that the flavor profile of punsch is a lot more complex than Lillet Blanc, so it won’t taste exactly the same as your usual light, white wine.

You can enjoy your Swedish punsch neat or just mix it in with a cocktail, such as Guldkant or Diki-Diki.

You might find that punsch isn’t available everywhere but there are a few punsch brands that sell their liquor online. Alternatively, you can also check with your local liqueur store.

How To Substitute

Swedish Punsch is a liqueur traditionally made in Sweden and enjoyed during the winter. It has a light, citrus flavor, and high proof. It can be used in place of Lillet Blanc.

6. St Germain

St Germain is one of the most commonly used spirit in bars and large restaurants. You should even be able to find a bottle of St Germain at a large liquor store.

As its name suggests, St Germain is a French liqueur from the St Germain region in France.

It is made with tropical fruits, such as grapefruit, elderflowers and other fruit, including pear. This fruity blend means that it is much sweeter than Lillet Blanc.

If you have a sweet tooth, then that’s ideal and you don’t have to worry too much about any bitter flavors.

Saying this, the alcohol content and the color are very similar for both Lillet Blanc and St Germain.

St Germain elderflower liqueur isn’t as high in alcohol as some other wines and liqueurs. It’s roughly 20%, although the exact alcohol by volume can vary depending on the brand.

You can sip St Germain liqueur on its own or add it as a key ingredient to your cocktail recipe.

A great advantage with liqueurs like St Germain is that you don’t need to refrigerate it. It is best enjoyed when you store it in your cupboard at room temperature.

How To Substitute

Lillet blanc is a favorite aperitif in many cocktails, but it cannot be easy to find outside France. St. Germain has a similar flavor profile and makes a perfect substitute.

7. Reserve Jean De Lillet

Reserve Jean De Lillet isn’t for everyone as it is a limited release product and you won’t be able to buy it everywhere.

The limited quantities of this apéritif wine mean that it’s more of a challenge to find a bottle but if you love a rare wine, then this could be a great opportunity to try something new.

Reserve Jean De Lillet is an apéritif which is aged in French oak barrels with orange peels and cinchona bark.

This light wine is a refreshing blend of orange liqueur, single-vintage Sauternes, bitter orange, sweet orange peels and quinine.

The large amount of citrus fruit in Reserve Jean De Lillet make a pleasant wine to drink on its own.

As this liqueur is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months, you also get a toasted flavor with some honey notes.

However, the citrus aroma is still strong in Reserve Jean De Lillet, so you can mix it in with your favorite citrus-based cocktail

Reserve Jean De Lillet also works very well as a Lillet Blanc substitutes, thanks to the sweet flavors.

However, it’s not as bitter as Lillet Blanc, so keep this in mind when you want to use it as a wine alternative.

But you don’t have to blend your Reserve Jean De Lillet into another drink. You can also easily sip it on its own.

Reserve Jean De Lillet goes very well with any recipes that ask for a light apéritif. You can even enjoy it as a white wine alternative with seafood dishes.

How To Substitute

Jean De Lillet is a fortified wine in production since the 12th century. It is typically made from a blend of black grapes and is fortified with brandy. It is used in place of Lillet blanc to add richness and complexity to white wine.

8. Creme De Violette

Creme de Violette is a type of liquor with a brandy or neutral alcohol base infused with violet flowers. It has a distinct floral flavor and slightly sweet taste, which makes it a great substitute for Lillet blanc. 

Creme de Violette works well when incorporated into all kinds of cocktails as its rich violet color imparts a fun color into any drink mixture.

The alcohol content of this liqueur varies based on the brand, but it typically ranges from 15- 40%. So, it is still within a good range if you want something with the same potency as Lillet blanc.

How To Substitute

Use a 1:1 ratio when substituting Lillet blanc with Creme de Violette.

Creme de Violette is best known for being a major component of the classic aviation cocktail. So if you’d like to use it for that purpose, here’s a video to show you how to make an aviation cocktail-

9. Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto

Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto is a fairly modern liqueur created by Italian bartender Guiseppe Gallo in 2015. 

Since its release in 2016, it has been a favorite among many people. It is made from a base of alcohol, water, and sugar flavored with bergamot, florals, and herbs. 

This liqueur has a bitter and sweet taste with subtle floral notes. Its balanced flavor profile makes it a great substitute for Lillet blanc as it mimics the flavor and taste really well.

How To Substitute

Use a 1:1 ratio when substituting Lillet blanc with Italicus Rosolio liqueur.

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10. Salers Aperitif

Salers aperitif is another french liquor that makes an excellent substitute for Lillet blanc. It is made from a blend of herbs, gentian root, and white wine.

This unique blend of ingredients gives this liquor a bittersweet taste with earthy and citrus undertones. 

How To Substitute

Use a 1:1 ratio when substituting Lillet blanc with salers aperitif.

Salers aperitif works well when incorporated into cocktails, and if you are curious about how to whip up a delicious salers aperitif cocktail, here is a video to give you some inspiration-

11. Dubonnet

Dubonnet is another french aromatized wine that makes a great replacement for Lillet blanc. It contains a mixture of fortified wine, herbs, and spices. It is famously known for being the favorite drink of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Dubonnet is currently produced in France and the United States by different companies, with the french version having an alcohol content of 14.8% alcohol by volume. In comparison, the U.S version is slightly higher at 19%.

Dubonnet has a sweet fruity flavor with subtle spicy notes, making it a great substitute for Lillet blanc. It can be enjoyed on its own (preferably on the rocks), but it also works well as a component of many different cocktails.

How To Substitute

Use a 1:1 ratio when replacing Lillet blanc with Dubonnet.

Dubonnet and gin combined was the queen’s favorite drink, and if you’d like to learn how to whip up the mixture, here’s a video to show you how it’s done-

12. Parfait Amour

Parfait amour is a liqueur with a base of curacao liqueur infused with vanilla and other flowers like rose petals.  It has a very fragrant flavor with a prominent taste of rose petals and notes of citrus, almonds, and sweet vanilla. Its floral and sweet flavor profile makes it a great substitute for Lillet blanc.

It is commonly used as a component for many cocktails because of its eye-catching purple color. So, if you’re looking for a replacement for Lillet blanc in a fun-colored cocktail, then parfait armor is a great choice.

How To Substitute

When replacing Lillet blanc with parfait amour, use a 1:1 ratio.

As we’ve mentioned, parfait armor is best known for being a component of many cocktails. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use it, here is  a video to give you some ideas-

13. Dry Sherry

Lillet Blanc is a sweet, fruity, sparkling wine often served as an aperitif. It is traditionally served chilled but can also be served at room temperature.

If you don’t want to drink the wine, but you want to enjoy its flavors, you can use dry sherry in place of Lillet Blanc. Lillet Blanc has a relatively high alcohol content, so dry sherry adds a little more flavor to the drink without too much alcohol.

How To Substitute

Use an equal amount of dry sherry in your recipe that calls for Lillet Blanc with some sweeteners to adjust the bitter taste.

14. Angostura Orange Bitters

Angostura Orange Bitters is a famous cocktail bitters made with the peel of the Angostura bark. It has a sweet, spicy, and intense flavor.

It is best to use Angostura Orange Bitters in cocktails. It enhances cocktails’ taste, giving them a tangy and lightly sweet flavor.

How To Substitute

Use the equal or slightly higher quantity of Angostura orange bitters in your recipe that it calls for Lillet Blanc.

Final Thoughts

White Lillet Blanc is a beautifully refreshing apéritif wine and it makes an ideal cocktail ingredient. 

However, if you don’t have a bottle of white Lillet to hand, then you can also use a shot of sweet white vermouth, Cocchi Americana or Kina L’Avion d’Or as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Serve Lillet?

You can serve Lillet Blanc on its own or with some ice. There are also some additional ingredients you can mix in with your Lillet, such as lime, lemon or orange peels.

What Can You Substitute For Lillet In A Vesper Martini?

One of the best substitutes for Lillet in a vesper martini is Cocchi Americano. Made with classic Moscato wine and a range of spices and herbs, it most closely resembles Lillet.

Cocchi Americano has a beautiful complexity which combines bitters, sweetness as well as herbal flavors.

Is Lillet Blanc Like Vermouth?

Lillet is similar to vermouth but they are not the same drink. Unlike Lillet Blanc, vermouth is a liqueur which contains wormwood that makes it quite bitter.

In comparison, Lillet Blanc is a light apéritif which only has mild bitter notes.

Saying this, they both are based on fortified wines with a similar alcohol content.

Should Lillet Blanc Be Refrigerated?

Although Lillet Blanc is fortified, you should still treat it similar to a wine. This means that Lillet Blanc should be refrigerated once the bottle has been opened.

Make sure that you close the bottle again with the cork or screw top to ensure that the flavor of your apéritif stay inside the bottle.

How Do The French Drink Lillet?

In France, Lillet is often enjoyed just on its on own or on the rocks. Lillet is a very popular light wine that is often drunk after work or for special occasions.

What Kind Of Wine Is Lillet Blanc

Lillet blanc is part of the Lillet family of liquors, a class of aromatized wine. They are often infused with florals, herbs, and other botanicals to give the beverage a crisp floral aroma.

Is Lillet Bitter Or Sweet?

Lillet blanc has a slightly sweet taste, but the sweetness isn’t too intense and is perfectly balanced by a dose of bitterness. So it is an equally sweet and bitter liqueur.

How Much Alcohol Is In Lillet Blanc?

Lillet blanc has 17% alcohol by volume.

Lillet Blanc Substitutes, Check Out The Best Options

Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Do you want to enjoy a glass of Lillet Blanc but you don’t have a bottle of this light wine at hand? Here are some great Lillet Blanc substitutes.


  • Cocchi Americana

  • Sweet White Vermouth

  • Kina L’Avion D’Or

  • Amaro Angeleno

  • Swedish Punsch

  • St Germain

  • Reserve Jean De Lillet

  • Creme De Violette

  • Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto

  • Salers Aperitif

  • Dubonnet

  • Parfait Amour

  • Dry Sherry

  • Angostura Orange Bitters


  • Choose your favorite substitute from the list given above
  • Follow the directions given in the recipe after having substituted the ingredient in the correct ratio

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