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Is it Okay to Put Plastic Tupperware in the Microwave?

If you need to warm up any leftovers that you have at home, you might be wondering if it is okay to put plastic tupperware in the microwave. Most people have a microwave in their homes for the purpose of heating up food, but should you be putting plastic tupperware in there?

Lots of people put their plastic tupperware in the microwave to heat up their food without a second thought, and microwaves make it really quick, easy, and convenient to do so.

Is it Okay to Put Plastic Tupperware in the Microwave

Ironically, both tupperware and the microwave were both invented in the same year, but there is lots of debate when it comes to heating up plastic.

The last thing that you want to do is end up causing more harm than good, which is why it is important to be aware of your safety when you are using plastic tupperware in the microwave.

Interestingly, not all plastic tupperware is safe for microwave use, and we are going to explain more about that in this article.

Is it Safe to Put Plastic Tupperware in the Microwave?

Whether or not it is safe to put plastic tupperware in the microwave is a big topic of discussion, and we have done all of the research, so you don’t have to.

Generally, the majority of people believe that all tupperware containers can be used in the microwave, but this isn’t actually the case.

There are some tupperware containers that are suitable for use in the microwave, and there are others that are not suitable to be used in the microwave. Tupperware products are made with plastic, but this doesn’t automatically mean that they can be used in your microwave.

In fact, lots of testing will need to be completed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the tupperware is safe for use in the microwave. 

This testing process will determine whether or not the tupperware in question is able to be used in the microwave or not. The manufacturer of the product will then label the tupperware accordingly, depending on whether or not they are safe for you to use in the microwave.

This means that you should always read the packaging or look out for any stickers or instructions that indicate whether the product can be used in the microwave or not.

What is the Issue With Microwaving Tupperware?

There are two main concerns when it comes to microwaving plastic tupperware, and these involve the plastic melting in the microwave, and the plastic leaching chemicals into the food that you are trying to heat up.

Both of these things can be dangerous, which is why it is really important to be aware of the risks that are associated with microwaving tupperware that is not intended for this purpose.

In order to reduce the overall concern of microwaving plastic tupperware, there is now a universal way to find out if the tupperware can be used in the microwave. We will talk more about this below.

What is the Microwave Safe Symbol for Tupperware?

If the tupperware that you have has been tested as it should have been by the manufacturer, then there will be an indication on the packaging that it is safe or unsafe to use your tupperware in the microwave.

The only way for you to verify whether or not the tupperware is safe to use in the microwave would be to look out for the microwave safe symbol that can be found on the bottom of the container. This symbol is made up of 3 curvy lines.

If you see this symbol, then you can go ahead and use this tupperware to reheat your food in the microwave.

If there are no labels or symbols on the bottom of your tupperware, then our best advice would be to avoid using it altogether, even if you are only planning on storing food inside of it. Above all, you definitely should not be using it in the microwave, as it is very unsafe to do so. 

There are lots of tupperware products that are not designed for use in the microwave, but this should be indicated through either a statement or a crossed out microwave safe symbol.

If the tupperware is not safe for use in the microwave, you should at least ensure that it is BPA free and safe for storing food in general.

Can I Put Tupperware With a Lid in the Microwave?

Is it Okay to Put Plastic Tupperware in the Microwave1

We can understand why you might want to microwave food with the lid on it, as it will help to prevent unnecessary food splatter.

It will also trap the steam into the container while it is heating up, which means that it will be able to heat up much faster. It will also allow for even heating and will prevent your leftovers from drying out during the process.

More often than not, brands that produce tupperware that are safe for use in the microwave will also produce lids that are also safe for use in the microwave. However, you should still be careful when you are using lids in the microwave for other reasons.

The best lids to use for microwavable plastic containers are those that have steam vent features on them. You can then keep the vent open to allow for the hot steam to escape the tupperware, rather than getting trapped inside.

This massively reduces your risk of getting a steam burn when you open the lid of the container. The vent should always be open when you are putting sealed tupperware in the microwave.

Otherwise, the food should be covered, but not sealed so that it is airtight. If the lid is sealed tightly, then you are much more likely to create an explosive mess of food when you open the container, and you are also increasing the risks that are associated with intensely hot steam when you open the tupperware.

What You Need to Know About Microwaving Tupperware Containers

You should always be vigilant when it comes to putting things into the microwave, and always be sure that you are using microwave-safe products. Otherwise, accidents can happen, including fires, burns, and more. 

You should always read any instructions before use, and be sure to look at the bottom of the container for the microwave safe symbol with 3 lines. If you are ever unsure, then we would recommend that you buy new tupperware that is clearly marked as microwave safe, so you can ensure your own safety.

You should also always throw away any damaged or really old containers and swap them out for new ones when they get too old. 

You should also make yourself aware of any time limits that are present. If the manufacturer states that you shouldn’t put the tupperware in the microwave for more than 3 minutes, then you should follow the instructions.

If longer than this is required, then you should stop the microwave after 3 minutes, remove the lid and stir before resuming heating.


It is really important to understand how to properly and safely use any plastic tupperware that you have, whether it is simply for storing food, or for microwaving leftovers.

Always look out for the microwave safe symbols before putting any plastic tupperware in the microwave, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Jess Smith