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How Much Juice Can Be Produced In One Lemon? [Juice Conversion]

Quick Answer: How Much Juice Can Be Produced In One Lemon? From one lemon you can get around 3 tablespoons worth of lemon juice. However, size can impact this.

The smaller lemon might only produce around 2 tablespoons worth of lemon juice, whilst a bigger lemon will be 3. 

In this quick guide we take a look at how much juice can be produced within one lemon, and also how much juice you can get from other amounts of lemons.

So, with all that in mind, let’s get to it!

How Much Juice Can Be Produced In One Lemon? [Juice Conversion]

How Much Juice Can You Produce From One Lemon?

Lemon juice is highly versatile, from using it to coat fish, to mixing it in as a tangy undertone to sauces and and general salad dressings.

Having said that, whilst it is a delicious ingredient to add, you will need to know the correct ratio in order to get the bitterness just right. If you overdo it, you can make the sauce so sour that it becomes difficult to eat.

If you are planning to add fresh lemon juice to your recipe, then you will want to know how much juice you can get per lemon so as to not waste any of the fruit.

With one big lemon, you are likely to be able to get around 3 tablespoons worth of zingy juice.

If you have a smaller lemon, then there is a possibility of producing around two tablespoons worth of lemon juice.

So, before you begin squeezing out the juice of the lemon, remember that the size of it can impact how much juice is actually produced.

So if you need around 4 tablespoons worth, it will be better going for two smaller lemons, rather than two bigger lemons.

However, you can store fresh lemon juice. We tell you how further on in the article.

However, as much as it is fine to store half a lemon, it isn’t uncommon to find that lemon at the back of a fridge a few weeks later.

Juice Conversion – How To Get Juice From Different Amounts Of Lemons

Here is a rough and simple guide on how much juice may be gotten from

  • Juice created from two lemons – Depending on the size of the lemons, you can get roughly around five or six tablespoons worth of juice. 
  • Half a lemon – there is roughly around 1 tablespoon worth of lemon juice in half a lemon, plus an extra half which is often wasted.
  • If you need a cup of juice – if you are looking to have one cup of juice, then the best way to go is to use around 3 lemons. This should produce roughly a whole cup worth of lemon juice, plus another tablespoon worth. 
  • Using lemon juice from concentrate – if you plan on using lemon juice, then three tablespoons should be the amount one lemon will produce. 

How To Store Lemon Juice That Is Fresh

If you have unused lemon juice, then you will want to put it into the fridge immediately so that it can stay cool and okay to use for up to three days.

However, freezing is best where it will last for around four months before needing to be disposed of.

The problem with lemon juice is that it can become contaminated with bacteria from its own peel, so leaving it out at room temperature will only intensify the rate of which the bacteria will multiply. 

If you have nowhere to store the fresh juice, then throw it away.

Jess Smith