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Storage Tips: How Long Salmon Lasts In The Fridge?

Quick Answer: How Long Salmon Lasts In The Fridge?

If the raw salmon has been handled well and stored correctly, it should last for around 4 to 5 days in the fridge. However, if bought from the grocery store this is only up to 2 days. If frozen, the salmon can last for up to a year without becoming spoiled.

Fish is never quite the exact size that you need. You get what you are given, and you have to cook it all at once. Whether that is needing a lot of salmon for a big family gathering, or just a filet on a weekday evening. 

Or, you buy the salmon, and you decide to get takeout instead – it happens!

When this is the case, it helps to know how long salmon can last, after all, it is a fish. When it is raw, you might be worried that it will go bad before you can eat it, and if it’s cooked – well, how long does it last?

Storage Tips How Long Salmon Lasts in the Fridge

How Long Does Raw Salmon Last In The Fridge?

While the likelihood is that the raw salmon will last up to 5 days, it actually depends on the freshness and quality of the salmon, and how well it has been stored.

If you buy direct from a fish dealer, then there is a good chance that the fish will last for a good 5 days if taken care of. However, the salmon you bought from your local grocery store is likely to only last 2 days at most.

This is because it can take up to 30 whole days for the fish to actually reach the store. So once you get it, it is likely to be right at the end of its quality. Most fish sold commercially are often caught overseas.

A fish dealer however, may work with fishermen locally. They can freeze the fish quicker, and sell it right away. 

How Long Does Cooked Salmon Last In The Fridge?

If you have cooked salmon leftovers and are too full to eat them, then you will be happy to know that you can store them safely. 

In fact, cooked salmon should be fine for up to 4 days if left in the fridge. However, if the salmon looks or smells off, then it is always best to throw it out. 

What Is The Best Way To Store Raw Salmon In The Fridge?

Storing raw salmon in the fridge the correct way will make sure that the fish can last for up to 5 days without spoiling. 

If you have just bought the fish, it should already be in a vacuumed sealed bag and will last for a few days without any issues. Do keep in mind the expiration date, as you will not want to go past this when it comes to fresh raw fish.

If you aren’t going to eat it by this time, then you should consider freezing it.

If you have frozen the fish, then you will need to thaw it in the refrigerator. All you need to do is place the fish in the fridge for 24 hours to thaw out. 

However, if the raw fish has an open bag, you will want to reseal it in a vacuum like package. To do this, fill a bowl with water, put the salmon into the bowl sealed side down.

Push down the creases as you go, and the water will remove all of the air. Once the seal reaches below the water, reseal the packaging. Now you can store it in the fridge. 

Can You Freeze Raw Salmon?

You can freeze raw salmon. This is a great option if you have bought some fresh salmon, but are not going to eat it any time soon. 

While refrigerated salmon can last either 2 days if bought from the grocery store, or up to 5 days from a fish dealer, if you store it in the freezer, it can last for up to 12 months without losing its quality. 

However, while you can still eat the salmon after 12 months, it will lose some of its quality and might not be as flavorful. 

You will also want to store it as 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below, and make sure that it has been rinsed, then dried, and put in a bag that has a vacuum seal to it. 

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Can You Freeze Cooked Salmon?

You are safe to put cooked salmon into the freezer, but you must make sure that it has been in the fridge prior to transferring it into the freezer.

It also must not have been out of the refrigerator for more than an hour, either. If it has been left at room temperature, whether uncooked or raw, for more than an hour, then it will not be safe to freeze it. 

When that is the case, it will be better to discard it. 

Is It Okay To Refreeze Thawed Salmon?

Once you have already thawed salmon, you might think that you have to go ahead with cooking it.

However, you can actually refreeze it again so long as you take some steps to make sure that it is suitable for going back into the freezer.

You will need to make sure that the moisture is removed as much as possible from the salmon. This will keep the quality, flavor and texture of the fish. 

You will also need to make sure that the salmon is still vacuum sealed. An airtight container may do the job if you cannot vacuum seal the packaging back up. 

How Can You Tell Salmon Has Gone Bad?

When it comes to keeping your salmon in the fridge or freezer for a few days (or even months for the latter), you will always need to check to make sure that the salmon has not gone bad.

If there are any signs of spoilage, it is always much safer to discard the salmon. Otherwise, you may end up becoming sick.

Raw salmon surprisingly does not have a strong fishy smell. If it does have a strong fishy smell, then it is likely to have gone bad. It also should not feel slimy to touch, or soft.

If you find that the fish feels soft instead of firm, then it should not be eaten. Also, if there are any discolorations or the color seems off, again, discard it. 

When it comes to cooked salmon, it can be difficult to know whether it has gone bad or not. So, just to be safe, if it has been sitting in the fridge for longer than 4 days, throw it away. 

It is not worth becoming sick over old cooked salmon. 

However, cooked salmon still may smell strange or look a little slimy. When that is the case, discard it altogether. 

If you ever find mold on the salmon, and any fish or food for that matter, always throw it out. Once bacteria takes a hold of food, there is a good chance it will give you food poisoning. 

Final Thoughts

Raw and cooked salmon makes a delicious dish. However, while we might prepare it for our dinner, or have it in the fridge ready to be eaten later, life sometimes gets in the way.

Because it is fish, you might be wondering how long it can last. Fortunately, more often than not, you can have fish at least a day or two after it has been sitting in the fridge.

If you are not going to be eating the salmon for quite a while, always freeze it. It can last up to a whole year!

Jess Smith