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How Long Does Whipped Cream Last In The Fridge? (Can You Make It Last Longer?)

Who doesn’t love delicious whipped cream? Whether that is homemade, out of an aerosol can, or cool whip, cream has many uses.

However, it is never a surprise when you have some whipped cream left over. Often when we open a can of whipped topping we do not tend to use all of it. 

It is the same with homemade whipped cream too – how often have you made a batch and realized there is too much?

How Long Does Whipped Cream Last In The Fridge

While your first thought might just be to throw it away – it is cream after all and it doesn’t last long – you can still safely consume it a few days after making or opening it. 

In this article we shall look at three different varieties of whipped cream and how long it can last in the fridge. 

How Long Does Aerosol Whipped Cream Last?

Aerosol cream, otherwise known as whipped topping, is an easy and simple way to use cream. 

All you do is shake the can and push the trigger and the cream flows out. Plus, it is delicious and sweet too!

The great thing about an aerosol cream is that it lasts longer than other forms of cream, especially the homemade kind. 

In fact, the expiration date printed on the label – which is often a best-by – is there to inform you that once this date has passed, the quality of the cream will start to decline. 

What it does not mean is that you should throw it away. It is still perfectly safe to consume, just it may show signs that it is not at its best. 

Generally, aerosol whipped cream should last for at least 3 weeks after the best-by date. Once 3 weeks have passed, it will likely have lost most of its quality. 

Can You Freeze Aerosol Whipped Cream?

You should not freeze a can of aerosol whipped cream. Instead, place some into a freezable bag, and put that into the freezer.

It also means you can freeze separate batches to control how much you will need. However, use these within a couple of months for the best quality. 

Always make sure it is thawed before using!

How Can You Tell Aerosol Whipped Cream Has Gone Bad?

It can be difficult to check if aerosol cream has gone bad just by looking at the can. You will need to push some of the product out to get a feel for how it looks.

As soon as the quality of the cream starts to change, the water will separate from the cream itself. This will then make the cream go dry and harden. 

Also, if it tastes sour or has a strange smell, then throw it away. 

How Long Does Homemade Whipped Cream Last?

How Long Does Homemade Whipped Cream Last

Homemade whipped cream doesn’t last very long. Once you make it, it will only last about a day, even when put in the fridge. To make it last for around 4 days more, you will need to add a stabilizer.

Something like cornstarch, non-fat powdered milk, or gelatine should do the trick. Even Whip It will work, as it is a commercially available stabilizer for cream.

However, you can’t just add a stabilizer at the end, it needs to be put in at the whipping stage. 

If you didn’t use a stabilizer, then there is an option: freezing. We shall move onto that next.

Can You Freeze Homemade Whipped Cream?

Yes you can freeze homemade whipped cream. It is an option if you want it to last more than a day and you have not used a stabilizer. 

To do, place the whipped cream into an airtight container and place it in the freezer. This way it can last for at least a month, though you will want to check on its quality when you thaw it. 

How Should You Store Leftover Homemade Whipped Cream?

If your homemade whipped cream included a stabilizer, then you should place it in an airtight container and leave it in a cold part of the fridge.

It may only last for around 4 days, so use it as quickly as you can before it goes bad. 

How Can You Tell Homemade Whipped Cream Has Gone Bad?

You will always want to check homemade whipped cream before using it, as it can go bad quite quickly.

If there is a big loss of water, and you can see that it has separated from the cream, then it should be thrown out. A tiny bit of water is okay, though it does mean it’s losing its quality. 

Also, if the cream has lost a lot of volume, then it means it probably will not taste very nice.

Speaking of taste, if it has a sour flavor, and smells like it too, then the whipped cream has gone bad. 

How Long Does Cool Whip Last?

Cool Whip can last for a long time. The reason for this is because it is a product that should always be kept in the freezer. However, once you defrost the Cool Whip in the refrigerator, then it will only last for around 2 weeks.

If you want the Cool Whip to last longer, put it back in the freezer once you have defrosted what you needed to use. This will make it last for a few extra months. 

However, do keep in mind that once you refreeze the Cool Whip, or other products just like it, the overall quality will begin to decrease. Even so, if you only do it a few times, the loss of quality probably won’t be that noticeable.

This is because Kraft states that their product can be thawed and refrozen around 5 times without losing its quality. 

How Can You Tell Cool Whip Has Gone Bad?

It can be difficult to notice if Cool Whip has gone bad because it is a frozen product, however, if it has been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks, you will need to check if it is okay to use.

As we stated above, once Cool Whip is out in the refrigerator to thaw, it will only last at most around 2 weeks. So once that time has passed, it might just be safer to throw it out.

A few things to look for if the 2 weeks haven’t passed is how it looks, what it smells like, and whether it has an off taste. Only try the latter if there are no other clues as to whether the cream has gone bad or not.

If the Cool Whip has any colors or mold, then throw it away. The texture might be different too. This means that it has gone bad.

If the Cool Whip has an odd smell, or it is quite sour, then it is time to get rid of it.

Lastly, if it smells fine and looks  fine, then have a taste. If it tastes sour or strange, then it has gone bad. 

Final Thoughts

Whipped cream is delicious and versatile, and comes in many different forms. However, it can be difficult to know how long it lasts for, and when to know the best time to throw it out.

Fortunately, there are many clues when it comes to whipped cream going bad. From the smell to how it looks, if it isn’t how it should be, then throw it out.

Freezing whipped cream is a great idea if you want it to last longer, otherwise, it is always best to use it as quickly as possible for optimum quality. 

Jess Smith