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Hardee’s: Working Hours, Lunch Time & Menu

Do you want to taste something new? Then, come and visit Hardee’s to taste something new and delicious. They offer your favorite food with their different choices for supper.

Get your best version of the Hardees Lunch Hours Menu. It’s an ideal place where every flavor tells a story. You are really going to love the taste of this place.

Hardees Lunch Hours Menu
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The dishes at this place are not so expensive. You can even find some quick eats that can help you feel the joy of mouthwatering food.

If you want to stop by Hardee’s for a quick meal but are unsure what hours they begin serving lunch, you have come to the correct place. We have all the information you want regarding Hardee’s lunchtime schedule and menu.

At What Time Does Hardee’s Open And Close?

Hardee’s is open from six in the morning until ten at night. Weekend hours are typically the same as weekdays.

It should be noted that all these timings may not relate to all locations in the United States, mainly mall shops and similar establishments that may also operate at various times.

Also, during vacations, operating hours can vary. If you are unclear about the Hardee’s outlet’s working hours, we advise getting in touch with them personally or visiting their website for shop information.

The majority of Hardee’s locations in the United States are open during the hours listed in the table below.

Opening & Closing Timings

Day’sWorking Hours
       Closing Timings
Monday6 A.M.10 P.M.
Tuesday6 A.M.10 P.M.
Wednesday6 A.M.10 P.M.
Thursday6 A.M.10 P.M.
Friday6 A.M.10 P.M.
Saturday6 A.M.10 P.M.
Sunday6 A.M.10 P.M.

Additionally, the operating hours for services like drive-thrus and pickup can vary throughout in-store times. The information page for the store has a list of these services’ operating hours.

What Time Does Hardee’s Stop Lunch Service?

Lunch service at most Hardee’s locations finishes at 5:00 p.m. The following table lists Hardee’s lunch hours for every day of the week. Depending on where you are, these hours can be different.

We advise getting in touch with them personally or visiting their shop information page if you want to learn more about the Lunch hours at the neighborhood outlet.

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Regular Lunch Hours

Day’sLunch HoursLunch Closes
MondayMorning 10:30 A.M.Evening 5:00 P.M.
TuesdayMorning 10:30 A.M.Evening 5:00 P.M.
WednesdayMorning 10:30 A.M.Evening 5:00 P.M.
ThursdayMorning 10:30 A.M.Evening 5:00 P.M.
FridayMorning 10:30 A.M.Evening 5:00 P.M.
SaturdayMorning 10:30 A.M.Evening 5:00 P.M.
SundayMorning 10:30 A.M.Evening 5:00 P.M.

Which Dishes Do Hardee’s Offer For Lunch?

Credit: hardees

The lunch menu at Hardee’s is varied and offers a wide range of choices. Additionally, they can offer unique items during various holidays, and the menu items can sometimes differ significantly according to the area and season. A few of Hardee’s most well-liked products are mentioned below.

Hardee’s Menu

Bacon Swiss Egg & Chicken Biscuit (2 pc )$8.58
Bacon Swiss Egg & Chicken Biscuit (3 pc )$11
Sunrise Croissant Sandwiches (3 Pc)$6.00
Package of Bacon Swiss Egg & Chicken Biscuit  $5.79
Hash Rounds ( Regular)$1.59
Hardee Breakfast Dish$3.89
Hash Rounds (Small)  $1.39
Egg Biscuits & Sausage  (3 Pc)$5.50
Hash Rounds (Large)  $1.99
Raisin ‘N’ Cinnamon Biscuit (1 Pc)$1.29
Raisin ‘N’ Cinnamon Biscuit (3 Pc)         $2.50
Cinnamon Swirl French – package        $5.49
Sausage Biscuit (1 Pc)$1.99
Raisin ‘N’ Cinnamon Biscuit (4 Pc)         $4.18
Sausage Biscuit (2 Pc)            $2.49
Package of Frisco Breakfast Sandwich$5.49
Sunrise Croissant – package     $4.99
Loaded Breakfast Burrito -package      $5.19
Cinnamon Swirl French $3.49
Sunrise Croissant         $2.99
Loaded Breakfast Burrito         $3.49
Frisco Breakfast Sandwich       $3.49
Sausage & Egg  $2.69
Package of Loaded Cheese Omelet Biscuit        $4.99
Chicken Fillet -package $5.59
Chicken Fillet $3.59
Loaded cheese Omelet Biscuit$2.99
Package of Cheese & Bacon Egg$4.79
Package of Country-Fried Steak Biscuit$4.49
Cheese & Bacon Egg   $2.79

These are a few of the most popular foods that Hardee’s serves.

Holiday Hours At Hardee’s

As you can see, Hardee’s is closed on Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving and operates for fewer hours on certain days. On other occasions, like New Year’s Eve, certain shops could have different hours, while some might even be closed.

Hardee’s does not operate every day of the year. The list below includes US federal holidays as well as days that Hardee’s is closed:

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Holiday Hours

HolidaysHolidays Timings
Day Of New YearUsual Timings
Martin Luther King Jr. DayUsual Timings
Valentine’s DayUsual Timings
St. Patrick’s DayUsual Timings
Good FridayUsual Timings
Easter SundayClosed For Full Day
Easter MondayUsual Timings
Memorial DayUsual Timings
Independence DayUsual Timings
Labor DayUsual Timings
Columbus DayUsual Timings
HalloweenUsual Timings
Veterans DayUsual Timings
Day Prior To ThanksgivingUsual Timings
Thanksgiving DayClosed For Full Day
Black FridayUsual Timings
Christmas EveningReduced Timings
Christmas DayClosed
Day next ChristmasUsual Timings
Evening Of New YearReduced Timings

It is advised to contact ahead and confirm the operating hours if you intend to visit Hardee’s on holiday.

Where Can I Find The Local Hardee’s?

The most straightforward approach to get in touch with your neighborhood Hardee’s or see their shop information page is via their official site.

You can obtain all the materials you need from your favorite retailer by simply following these easy steps.

Step 1: Visit Hardee’s official website at

Step 2: To access the store locator page, click on the “Discover My Hardee’s” symbol in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: To discover a list of stores nearby, enter your location. Additionally, some details like locations and the distance from the location will be included in this list.

Step 4: To access the shop information page, pick the store of your choosing. You can find their operating hours, contact details, distinctive features, and other information on this page.

We recommend that you examine the shop information page before contacting the store because it should include all of the fundamental information that most consumers are searching for.

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We trust that this article has served to clear up any enduring doubts you might have had about lunch at Hardee’s. The menu is made specifically to offer healthful and tasty meals.

The timetable and meals are created with the appropriate age range in mind. There are no additional costs.

There is a probability that you will notice minor discrepancies between Hardee’s prices and the real prices at the restaurant. This information should be regarded as an estimate of costs.

If you have some more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have some questions about an outlet, you can also get in touch with your nearby outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Different Lunchtimes In Florida For Hardee’s?

Lunch is served Monday through Friday at regular timings, i.e., from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. But on Saturday, lunch is served from 10:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., and on Sunday, lunch is again served from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Does Hardee’s Have A Coupon-Containing App?

Yes, You can download the Happy Star Rewards app for mobile devices from the Android Store or iTunes.

When you use the app to check in at a Hardee’s, you can spin the Wheel of Great and win awesome prizes like free meals, discounts, digital cameras, Blu-ray players, and more with each turn.

Which Sandwich At Hardee’s Is The Largest?

The Big Hardee is the largest sandwich of Hardee’s. It consists of two char grilled all-beef patties, our classic sauce, two pieces of molten American cheese, & lettuce on a toasted seeded bun.

What Hour Does Hardee’s Begin Serving Lunch?

After the breakfast hours have ended, Hardee’s begins to serve lunch. That means 10:30 a.m. for the majority of stores; however, certain places may have different hours.

Does Hardee’s Offer Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy a gift card and mail a physical gift card with a customized message.

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