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25 Juicy Ground Bison Recipes To Revamp Your Beef Dishes

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Ground Bison Recipes?

Burger recipes like hoisin buffalo burger and grilled bison cheeseburger with bacon are a thrill to cook and eat. Likewise, ground bison meatloaf and meatballs make for a rich, remarkable meal with family or guests. Lastly, you can also have bison versions of common comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, stuffed peppers, and bolognese.

You know it’s time for a change when you’re reaching for beef for the third time in the same week. Naturally, using the same protein repeatedly is tiresome, but what’s an ideal substitute? Well, ever heard of ground bison?

Bison or ground bison is as versatile as beef but tastes even better! Sadly, there aren’t as many bison recipes as beef but don’t worry, we’ve come to the rescue!

Here are 25 ground bison recipes you can easily recreate at home for a healthier, happier meal.

Quick Table: Best Ground Bison Recipes

RecipesCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Sweet Potato Bison Shepherd’s Pie310.4 1 Hour 5 Minutes
Bison Stuffed Peppers386 55 Minutes
Macaroni And Cheese With Ground Bison480 l25 Minutes
Healthy Weeknight Bison Tacos281 26 Minutes
Ground Bison Meatloaf3851 Hour 30 Minutes
Hoisin Buffalo Burger With Spicy Slaw278.221 Minutes
Bison One-Pot Dinner545 45 Minutes
Spicy Green Bean And Tofu Stir-Fry With Ground Bison254 30 Minutes
Ground Bison And Cauliflower Bowl25425 Minutes
Easy Meatball Recipe (With Ground Bison)54 25 Minutes
Ground Bison Chili20130 Minutes
Bison Tater Tot Casserole514 55 Minutes
Bison Meatballs In The Instant Pot106 22 Minutes
Bison Bolognese4863 Hours 15 Minutes
Instant Pot® Bison Pasta (Pasta Bisonte)459 41 Minutes
Southwest Bison PizzaNot Available1 Hour 30 Minutes
Autumn Harvest Bison Bowl806 47 Minutes
Bison Stroganoff461 25 Minutes
Enchiladas481 40 Minutes
Portobello Bison Burgers283 16 Minutes
Slow Cooker White Bean Bison Chili458 6 Hours 10 Minutes
Grilled Bison Cheeseburgers With Bacon74535 Minutes
Bison & Broccoli Skillet472 35 Minutes
Lean Bison & Barley Soup With Green Peas288.6 1 Hour 28 Minutes
Keto Burger Recipe With Bison, Lamb, and Bacon618Not Available

1. Sweet Potato Bison Shepherd’s Pie

First, we have a classic homemade treat with a delicious bison twist. This dish calls to mind the sweet scents of home, with its meaty tomato-and-bison filling slathered with creamy mashed potatoes.

This pie, baked to perfection, is food heaven, the orangey potato layer melting away in your mouth to reveal the tastefully seasoned bison.

Ground pepper, thyme, and rosemary provide an adventure for your tastebuds, while peas add a dashing pop of green.

Let your pie rest for ten minutes to make it firmer before serving.

Calories Per Serving: 310.4

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

2. Bison Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a total winner; they look good, taste good, and are fun to make. Ripe, robust bell peppers are hollowed and crammed with a palatable rice-bison-and-veggie filling.

The colorful veggies – zucchini and carrots, practically dissolve in the filling, perfect for tricking kids into eating them.

These veggies, lending their flavors and textures along with the host of fragrant spices, make bland stuffing the least of your worries.

Meanwhile, bison is a unique substitute for the more commonly used beef; it’s tender, juicy, and flawlessly lean. Melted cheese coating the stuffing is the beautiful last piece that transforms this meal into a feast.

Calories Per Serving: 386

Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

3. Macaroni And Cheese With Ground Bison 

A glance at the image will explain what I mean when I say this is no ordinary mac and cheese dish. Still, it tastes so much better than it looks!

Ground bison in place of beef makes for a healthier version, as always. So, say goodbye to draining a boatload of artery-blocking fat from your skillet.

Sauteed in flavorful melted butter with aromatic green pepper and onions, a whiff of this alone will start the hunger pangs.

While bison is enough to transform this ultimate comfort food, the real deal is the apple-smoked cheddar cheese. Imagine this cheese stretching and filling your nostrils with flavor as you dig in. Yum.

Calories Per Serving: 480

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

4. Healthy Weeknight Bison Tacos

No more scrambling for dinner after long workdays. These bison tacos are what your dinner table misses: sumptuous, attractive, and highly nutritious.

You may not like mushrooms, but when they’re as finely diced as these, you’ll fall in love with their earthiness without noticing them. Beans mean more fiber, of course, while bison gives the protein you need without fat. 

Use as many veggies as you like; remember, this is a healthy meal. Plus, more veggies means more color! Finally, load the filling onto tortillas, shred a generous amount of your preferred cheese over it, and stick it in the oven. Don’t overbake!

Calories Per Serving: 281

Preparation Time: 26 Minutes

5. Ground Bison Meatloaf

Here’s the most special meatloaf you’ve ever seen. Yes, beef meatloaf serves well; sometimes, tradition really is best. But wouldn’t you love to wow everyone once in a while? 

That’s what this stunning mix of ground bison, mushrooms, bell pepper, and walnuts will give you – a drool-worthy meatloaf. Strips of bacon along the meatloaf give you an A for presentation, and the spices used here? Perfection.

Serve with mashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad on the side. Family dinner just got a lot better (and healthier).

Calories Per Serving: 385

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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6. Hoisin Buffalo Burger With Spicy Slaw

Don’t you like burgers? It makes no difference to this one-of-a-kind buffalo burger recipe; you’re bound to love it.

First, the bison patties are thicker and juicier than any restaurant-bought burger, one of the many benefits of a homemade meal.

Next, drench the ground bison in a dash of heavy, salty hoisin sauce, ginger, and garlic before grilling. The intertwining of these flavors results in otherworldly bison patties.

Top the patties with a crunchy cabbage salad tossed in vinegar, olive oil, and chili sauce. Just one bite of this delicious burger, and you’ll vow never to touch a store-bought burger again.

Calories Per Serving: 278.2

Preparation Time: 21 Minutes

7. Bison One-Pot Dinner

A whole spread for dinner without a mass of washing up to do? Count me in! This bison one-pot dinner is the best casserole, jamming fiber-rich grains and leafy veggies in a single meal.

Cumin-seasoned tomato sauce brings in the aroma and flavor; bison heightens this while dripping less fat. Heap huge scoops of this filling meal into plates and enjoy with your family.

This dinner is the way to go on slow days when you need a pick-me-up, healthy, junk-free dinner.

Calories Per Serving: 545

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes

8. Spicy Green Bean And Tofu Stir-Fry With Ground Bison

This stir-fry is so rich you’ll be in awe of the assorted sauce on sight. Marinating the meat in seasoned soy sauce before frying makes a world of difference; the taste goes deep into every fiber of the flesh. 

The green beans, tofu, and sliced scallions present are delicious and nutritious, a combo that isn’t very widespread. Meanwhile, the hint of Chinese chile-garlic sauce will make this stir-fry the best you’ve ever had, no questions.

You’ll want to serve this while it’s steaming hot; the aroma wafting will get every stomach rumbling.

Calories Per Serving: 254

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

9. Ground Bison And Cauliflower

Still think eating healthy is boring? Then, wait till you taste this bundle of excitement in a bowl

Low-carb and keto-friendly but absolutely gorgeous, this is the meal you’ve been searching for. You can’t go wrong seasoning any meal with oregano, and turmeric turns a plain brown meat a lovely, vibrant color. 

Leafy green kale goes in the mix for freshness, sitting pretty amongst tiny grains of cauliflower rice and gamey, flavorful bison. Meanwhile, avoid overcooking the rice, and this meal will turn out flawless.

Calories Per Serving: 254

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

10. Easy Meatball Recipe (With Ground Bison And Fresh Herbs)

Don’t these meatballs scream, ‘come eat me?’ If you have a party, or maybe you just need an appetizer for a meal, you’ve found a goldmine.

Luckily, these meatballs are effortlessly pleasing to eat, easy, and fast. Top-notch herbs – a blend of oregano, thyme, and basil, with dry spices like cumin and garlic, make these meatballs irresistible.

Want your bison meatballs to be an attractive red? A generous helping of paprika will do that for you. Besides, no one ever says no to cheese, so melted mozzarella cheese makes an excellent crown for your meatballs.

Calories Per Serving: 53

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

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11. Ground Bison Chili

How do you get some protein, veggies, and belly-warming heat in one dish? Easy – this ground bison chili. Tomato, celery, chili beans, and chili powder marry bison beautifully to make this heartwarming sauce. 

From cooking the sweet-tasting bison to the final tomato and beans step, each layer of food absorbs just the right amount of seasoning.

The result? A delightful bowl of tantalizing redness. For more heat, you can add jalapeno or sriracha, but the chili is flawless as it is.

Calories Per Serving: 201

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

12. Bison Tater Tot Casserole

Potatoes are the true star of any kitchen; think about it, how many meals can you whip up with them? So here’s another tasty potato classic – tater tots, made into a bison casserole this time.

Potatoes and cheese have always worked well together, and this casserole is no exception. Top that with mixed veggies and a layer of cheddar cheese; this dish will be a total smash.

Want to know what makes this such a fantastic recipe? You don’t need any cooking expertise; any novice can recreate this recipe so well that it’ll be the talk of the town! 

Calories Per Serving: 514

Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

13. Bison Meatballs In The Instant Pot

You’re late to the party if you’ve not discovered this already. Did you know you can make everything in your instant pot, including these bison meatballs, but it’ll taste better and cook faster? 

Everyone loves the texture and the beautiful brown color of breadcrumbs on anything they coat.

Pair that with a dash of BBQ sauce; I don’t need to tell you that you’ll have a blast munching on these. Anything BBQ is a splendid little slice of heaven.

Instant pots are fantastic, but always add enough liquid at the bottom of the pot, or you’ll end up with burnt, disappointing meatballs.

Calories Per Serving: 106

Preparation Time: 22 Minutes

14. Bison Bolognese

Imagine bright red tomato sauce with chunks of sweet bison and bell peppers dripping around spaghetti on your fork. I’m sure you can almost taste the vivid image, but guess what? It doesn’t have to be just an image.

Spaghetti Bolognese is a no-fail recipe, whether you’re feeding adults or kids. A tinge of red wine and subtle hints of herbs like oregano and basil make this your favorite bolognese sauce overnight. 

Bonus point: it freezes surprisingly well, so feel free to make as much as you want to save yourself on busy days.

Calories Per Serving: 486

Preparation Time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes

15. Instant Pot® Bison Pasta (Pasta Bisonte)

More pasta recipes! You’d think Instant pots would turn out soggy, unpleasant pasta, but you’re wrong.

Before getting into the ingredients, the pasta’s shape probably first caught your eye, little twisted pieces of spirally flour. Cooked in a mix of tomato sauce and wine, this pasta will make you feel like you’re on the streets of Italy. 

Bison and mushroom make the typically not-so-healthy pasta dish more nutritious, while basil and parmesan cheese make for an eye-catching garnish.

Calories Per Serving: 459

Preparation Time: 41 Minutes

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16. Southwest Bison Pizza

Who doesn’t go crazy at the sight of pizza? The dough-cheese-and-tomato dish of Italian origin has us all in its grip, and I know you don’t want to leave. 

I’ll give you a secret as to why everyone adores pizza. It’s simple –  versatility, and this bison recipe further proves it. Rather than commonplace beef or chicken, swap the protein in your pizza with some lean bison. 

Brush the dough with garlic butter for enhanced flavor, much better than any pizza place would get you. Finally, top the pizza with black beans, corn, and sliced shallot for a never-seen-before variation. 

This video should guide you.

Calories Per Serving: Not Available

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

17. Harvest Bowl With Ground Bison

America’s finest in a bowl. This bison harvest bowl will have you feeling like Pocahontas with its native American grains and vegetables. 

Don’t let the many ingredients scare you; the flavors are a lot, but the result is compelling and vibrant.

To begin, roast the veggies, then drizzle this rare maple and mustard dressing. Layer it with some rice, fried ground bison, and a special Wojape berry sauce.

This recipe may take some getting used to for your kids, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out. 

Calories Per Serving: 807

Preparation Time: 47 Minutes

18. Ground Bison Stroganoff

Don’t stress if you find it hard to try new meals; this dish presents an easy way to sneak new bison into an old, friendly meal.

Featuring canned cream of mushroom, Worcestershire sauce, sour cream, and exciting spices, this is one easy way to introduce a healthier, modern take on a conventional dish. Serve over steaming egg noodles and enjoy.

Calories Per Serving: 461

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

19. Enchiladas

Don’t let the long ingredient list spook you; these enchiladas will have you smiling instantly. There’s no doubt they’re commonly made with beef, but think about the sweet succulence of bison wrapped in tortillas. 

Cinnamon, cocoa, and a one-of-a-kind spice mix make these more promising than ordinary enchiladas, so why not join the fun and start baking?

Sprinkle some cheese slices over the rolls at the end and sink your teeth into this indulgent Mexican masterpiece.

Calories Per Serving: 481

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

20.Portobello Bison Burgers

Another burger? Of course! There are lots of ways to make burgers with ground bison, and this recipe is just one more of those ways.

You’ve probably guessed from the name that these burgers contain portobello mushrooms, and you’re right.

While it may sound unusual to some, the truth is that chopped mushrooms are the secret to moist, juicy patties when using lean meats like bison. Enjoy them with some toasted wheat buns (or any hamburger buns you love).

Calories Per Serving: 283

Preparation Time: 16 Minutes

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21. Slow Cooker Bison Chili

Most sauces tend to skimp on the meat, but this white bean chili is delightfully different. Packed with lots of ground bison in a light tomato sauce base, you’ll be glad for this hearty meal anytime.

Meanwhile, white kidney beans provide a great source of protein and fiber, ideal for growing kids.

Thankfully, this is a slow cooker recipe, so throw all the ingredients into your slow cooker, and dance away till it’s ready! 

Calories Per Serving: 458

Preparation Time: 6 Hours 10 Minutes

22. Grilled Bison Cheeseburgers With Bacon

No explanation is necessary; this recipe is a bomb, especially if you’re a burger fan. It’s easy, too, grilled bison patties topped with cheddar cheese and nestled between Hawaiian-style hamburger buns.

The kick here is the bison patties, made with bison, bread crumbs, umami Worcestershire sauce, and egg to bind them together.

Calories Per Serving: 745

Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

23. Bison & Broccoli Skillet

Worried about gluten? No worries; this recipe’s your best friend. 

Regular oils are alright, but frying your bison and broccoli in avocado oil guarantees a next-level stir-fry.

Next, mix the other ingredients, including apple cider vinegar and coconut aminos, and stir this mixture into your skillet. And just like that, dinner’s ready.

Although your meal is ready to be gobbled up, you need a little garnish to ramp it up, and green onions do the job. 

Calories Per Serving: 472

Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

24. Lean Bison & Barley Soup With Green Peas

I know you’ve been waiting for one, so here’s a bison soup recipe to enjoy in place of simple beef soup. As with all soups, this recipe will warm your bones when you’ve caught a chill.

Plus, loads of veggies present give you the vitamin boost you need to be up and about in no time.

Besides bison, a secret ingredient makes this soup like none you’ve ever had – pearl barley. This soup has giant chunks of meat, but you can make yours more finely ground to make it easier to eat.

Add some frozen peas, and let this delicious bowl make your heart merry.

Calories Per Serving: 288.6

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

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25. Keto Burger Recipe | Bison, Lamb, Bacon

Last but not least, this triple meat combo is almost too wonderful to be labeled a plain burger. Anyone who says you can’t find a healthy burger has never seen this recipe.

Mash your bison and lamb till you can form a nice patty, then grill. Finish off with grilled portobello mushroom caps, then assemble it all with some spinach and tomato.

The amount of protein you’ll get from this super-healthy burger will have your body on fire for days.

Calories Per Serving: 618

Preparation Time: Not Available

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ground Bison?

Ground bison is a finely ground meat from the bison or American buffalo, an animal closely related to cows. Bison is quite similar to cows, making the meat from this animal a popular substitute or alternative for beef.

Unfortunately, bison is also more expensive for obvious reasons; cows are more commonly farmed. The result? Beef is much more accessible than bison, lowering its cost.

Does Bison Taste Like Beef?

Bison looks much like beef, and the tastes are not so far apart. However, bison is sweeter, more flavorful, and has a lesser fat content.

This property makes bison more tender and softer than beef, so in general, it’s a better choice of meat than beef.

Still, despite their slight differences, you can use ground bison instead in any recipe that calls for beef.

What Is The Best Seasoning For Ground Bison?

As previously emphasized, beef and bison are similar, so the same seasonings work for both. Fresh herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary will always be best, but you can use a mixed Italian seasoning if you don’t have these.

Also, dry spices like paprika and cumin work their magic, so don’t leave them out. If you use any ground peppers or spicy seasoning, carry out taste checks to avoid using more heat than you can handle or, worse, overseasoning.

25 Juicy Ground Bison Recipes To Revamp Your Beef Dishes

Looking For A Way To Switch Up Your Beef Dishes? Check Out These Ground Bison Recipes!


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