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31 Amazing Green Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

Quick Answer: What Is The Best Green Cocktail?

A cocktail is a mixed drink containing liquor and various flavors, colors, and other ingredients. The word is usually used in reference to drinks made with fruit juices, herbs, spices, and ice. The green cocktail is a mixture of ingredients that contains gin, cucumber, and mint. Some of the best green cocktails include drinks like the hammered hulk, mojitos, green juice margarita, shamrock sour, green bloody mary.

Green cocktail recipes are fun and alluring drinks with an eye-catching color that always seems to add a festive vibe to occasions and events when served.

With different shades of green ranging from light to dark and many different blends of flavors, these colorful drink mixes can be made in many ways to suit all your themed cocktail needs.

In this article, we’ve put together some of the best green cocktail recipes you can serve at your next green-themed event.

So, whether you’re looking for something to serve on St Patrick’s day or need a spooky green drink for your next Halloween party, this list has all the green cocktail recipes you need.

Quick Table: Green Cocktail Recipes

RecipesCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Baby Yoda Cocktail2402 Minutes
Caribbean Water24.63 2 Minutes
Green Prosecco1705 Minutes
Emerald Sunrise293 5 Minutes
Fuzzy Leprechaun224 5 Minutes
Irish Margarita418 5 Minutes
Midori Raspberry Bliss360 5 Minutes
Island Time Cocktail204 5 Minutes
Witche’s Brew218 5 Minutes
Midori Sour221 3 Minutes
Green Haloween Sangria 153 15 Minutes
Matcha Gin Fizz275 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Green Juice Margarita143 15 Minutes
Mojitos 167 20 Minutes
Grandpa’s Stinger Drink2262 Minutes
Green Screwdriver Cocktail227 5 Minutes
Pot Of Gold Mimosa1203 Minutes
Hammered Hulk211 2 Minutes
Hammered Hulk Cocktail752 Minutes
Scooby Snack Shot983 Minutes
Pot Of Gold Mimosa3703 Minutes
Grand Pa’s Stinger Drink2242 Minutes
Shamrock Shimmy Martini2505 Minutes
Cool Gin And Cucumber Cocktail2625 Minutes
Shamrock Sour Cocktail2015 Minutes
Japanese Slipper1915 Minutes
Matcha Green Russian3005 Minutes
Green Halloween Sangria21015 Minutes
Halloween Bat Guts Green Cocktail18010 Minutes
Green Goddess Kiwi Cocktail955 Minutes
Witches Brew1405 Minutes

1. Hammered Hulk Cocktail

A sweet and equally refreshing cocktail with a bright shade of green, this Hammered hulk is the perfect drink to serve at your next superhero-themed party.

It consists of a mix of club soda, blue curacao, vodka, Midori, coconut rum, and lime juice for a zesty kick to balance the sweetness.

You can use Mountain dew in place of club soda for a more robust flavor with a higher kick of caffeine.

Calories Per Serving: 75

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes 

2. Scooby Snack Shot

With a combination of fruity liqueurs and a creamy garnish, this Scooby snack shot is the perfect green cocktail to satisfy your taste buds if you’re a fan of something with a fruity punch.

It features a mixture of melon liquor, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and creme de banana, all topped with some whipped cream.

It is a bright green cocktail with a light shade of green that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Calories Per Serving: 98

Preparation Time: 3 Minutes

3. Pot Of Gold Mimosa

Want a green cocktail that stands out from the crowd? Then this pot of gold mimosa with a rich shade of green and golden yellow.

You’ll need a combination of orange juice, vodka, blue curacao, and champagne. It is the perfect cocktail for those who love mimosa so much they’d have it on any occasion.

If you have kids around, you can also easily turn this into a mocktail by substituting the blue curacao and champagne with blue curacao syrup and sparkling white grape juice.

Calories Per Serving: 370

Preparation Time: 3 Minutes 

4. Green Screwdriver Cocktail

A  fun cocktail with citrus flavor, this green screwdriver cocktail is a variation of the classic screwdriver cocktail.

It is made from a combination of vodka, orange juice, blue curacao, and club soda with a slightly sweet taste.

It is a pretty cocktail you can serve at a pool party during the summer.

Calories Per Serving: 227

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

5. Grand Pa’s Stinger Drink

A classic cocktail dating back to the 1800s, this stinger drink is a green cocktail that packs a punch with each sip.

It is made from a mix of brandy, and green creme de menthe generously poured over some ice.

This stinger cocktail can also be made with white creme de menthe, making it a versatile drink you can serve at a festive party or enjoy after dinner.

Calories Per Serving: 224

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes 

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6. Mojitos

A tasty cocktail with an herby mint and zesty flavor, Mojitos are a great green cocktail with a light shade of green that’s eye-catching enough without being too overpowering.

It is made from a combo of mint leaves, sugar, club soda, light rum, and lime juice.

To add to the intensity of the color, you may need to increase the number of mint leaves used when mixing the drink in the pitcher.

Calories Per Serving: 167

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes 

7. Shamrock Shimmy Martini

Need a sparkling cocktail to up the ante at your next celebration? Try a Shamrock Shimmy Martini.

This minty green cocktail features a combination of Irish cream, Godiva white chocolate liquor, heavy cream, and mint syrup.

It is the perfect festive cocktail to delight guests at your next St Patrick’s festivities.

Calories Per Serving: 250

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

8. Green Juice Margarita

A cocktail with healthy ingredients, this green juice margarita is the perfect cocktail for those days when you can’t decide between being healthy and getting hammered.

You’ll need to make a green juice from cucumbers, swiss chard, celery, and green apples, and then combine the juice with tequila and lime.

To save yourself some time, you can also use store-bought green juice to make this drink.

Calories Per Serving: 143

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

9. Matcha Gin Fizz

This matcha gin fizz has a sweet and citrus combination that is both delicious and pretty to look at.

Made from matcha powder, lemon juice, gin, and club soda, it is sweetened with a homemade Medjool date syrup with a natural sweetness.

It is a lovely green cocktail with an ombre color effect that is sure to attract attention.

Calories Per Serving: 275

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes 

10. Cool Gin And Cucumber Cocktail

With its crisp and refreshing cucumber slices and bright green shade, this gin and cucumber cocktail will leave you feeling cool as a cucumber.

It has a perfect balance of gin, cucumber juice, lime, mint leaves, tonic water, sugar, and sliced cucumbers.

You’ll need a mandolin to cut the cucumbers into the perfect shape for this cocktail to make them a lovely garnish that will tempt all who see it.

Calories Per Serving: 262

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

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11. Shamrock Sour Cocktail

A twist on the classic whiskey sour, this Shamrock Sour cocktail is the perfect drink to serve on St Patrick’s day.

It features a blend of Irish whiskey, lime juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup for a sour drink with a slightly sweet taste for a nice balance.

You’ll need to add a few drops of food coloring to increase the intensity of the green color, but make sure not to add too much.

Calories Per Serving: 201

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

12. Japanese Slipper

With its intense sweet and sour taste, this Japanese Slipper has an eclectic shade of green that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

You’ll need to properly shake and combine a mixture of Cointreau, lemon juice, and Midori.

If you don’t have Cointreau on hand, you can use orange curacao or triple sec to add that hint of citrus sweetness.

Calories Per Serving: 191

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

13. Matcha Green Russian

Another cocktail with a tea-infused taste and look, this matcha green Russian will surely delight your guests.

It is made from a lightly cooked green tea base of citrus matcha powder, milk, and vanilla that is combined with vodka.

When serving, don’t hesitate to top the matcha liqueur with fresh cream for an added creaminess.

Calories Per Serving: 300

Preparation Time: 5 Min

14. Green Halloween Sangria

A fun, colorful punch you can serve during Halloween, this green sangria is a refreshing drink that’s easy to make and incredibly tasty.

It consists of a combo of white wine, limoncello, vodka, sugar, lemon, apple, and green juice.

You may want to make this cocktail a day ahead to let the flavors properly combine before serving.

Calories Per Serving: 210

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

15. Green Bloody Mary

A filling green cocktail with a spicy kick, this green bloody mary is packed full of vegetables and spice to take your beverage game to the next level.

It is a fairly easy-to-assemble drink made from a pureed mixture of tomatillos, vodka, serrano pepper, cilantro, lime juice, cucumber, sugar, syrup, and a dash of chili powder.

 Be sure to tweak the number of chili and pepper used to your preference to adjust the heat level.

Calories Per Serving: 197

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

16. Halloween Bat Guts Green Cocktail

If you’re looking for a spooky drink to serve at your Halloween parties, this bat guts green cocktail is perfect.

With a mix of melon liquor, kinky apple liquor, and sparkling lime water, it is an easy-to-make beverage you can easily whip up.

You’ll need to add a generous amount of black dye to make the sugar used to garnish the serving glasses for a full spooky aesthetic.

Calories Per Serving: 180

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

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17. Midori Sour

A tangy cocktail with a fruity punch, this Midori sour is a great green cocktail to serve if you’re not a fan of the usual overly sweet cocktails.

You’ll need a combination of Midori, sweet and sour mix, sprite, and lime juice.

If you’re looking for a green cocktail that won’t require much additional coloring, Midori sour is the perfect drink to try.

Calories Per Serving: 221

Preparation Time: 3 Minutes 

18. Green Goddess Kiwi Cocktail

A green cocktail with a tropical look and taste, this Goddess kiwi cocktail is seriously going to transform your drink game.

With a lovely mixture of kiwi, gin, elderflower liquor, lime juice, and simple syrup. 

If you don’t mind having the kiwi pulp in your drink, you can serve the drink unstrained to save some time.

Calories Per Serving: 90

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

19. Witches Brew

A green cocktail that will surely thrill and spook your guests, this Witches brew is the perfect drink to serve at Halloween or scary themed parties.

It is a simple drink that only requires a combination of matcha powder, cream soda, and vodka.

You will need to add a few drops of green food coloring to get the desired shade of green to make this spooky enough.

Calories Per Serving: 140

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

20. Island Time Cocktail

This is an easy cocktail that only requires a few key ingredients.

It is fun and has a fruity flavor that will pair nicely with any meal. All you’ll need is a mixture of pineapple juice and blue curacao.

Calories Per Serving: 204

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

21. Midori Raspberry Bliss

Need a Midori sour cocktail with a raspberry taste to counter the sour taste of a traditional Midori sour?  Then this Midori raspberry bliss is the perfect drink for you.

You’ll need a blend of raspberry vodka, melon liquor, vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, and club soda.

You may reduce the quantity of club soda if you don’t want your drink to be too sweet.

Calories Per Serving: 360

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

22. Irish Margarita

With its emerald color and sweet tropical flavor, this Irish margarita is the perfect drink to usher in St Patrick’s day.

You’ll need a mix of reposado tequila, Irish whiskey, blue curacao, peach schnapps, lime juice, pineapple juice, and Aperol.

To add to the festive aesthetic of this drink, be sure to garnish the serving glass with a rim of gold sugar crystals.

Calories Per Serving: 418

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

23. Green Peach Princess

This delicious green cocktail is sweet enough to double as a dessert and a beverage.

Served in a  green sugar rimmed glass, it contains a blend of green apple vodka, strawberry cool-aid, and sour apple pucker.

It is an easy cocktail that is quick to make and will delight those with a sweet tooth.

Calories Per Serving: 104

Preparation Time: 5 Min

24. Fuzzy Leprechaun Cocktail

Another cocktail with a peach flavor that delights the senses. This Fuzzy Leprechaun cocktail has a fun name and look that would be perfect for a themed party.

It contains a rich blend of peach schnapps, blue curacao, vodka, orange juice, and pineapple juice. It is also so easy to make you can have it ready in less than 5 Minutes.

Calories Per Serving: 254

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

25. Green Apple Martini

A green cocktail that’s bursting with the sweet and tart flavor of apples, this Green Apple Martini is a colorful variation of the sour appletini.

It features a combination of sour apple liqueur, apple juice, lemon juice, vodka, and green apple slices for garnish.

Be sure to shake the drink mixture well to combine all the ingredients before fully straining.

Calories Per Serving: 195

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

26. Emerald Sunrise

A green cocktail with rainbow-like layers of colors, this cocktail is slightly different from your typical green cocktail but tastes just as incredible.

All you’ll need is a mixture of orange juice, blue curacao, and tequila.

Calories Per Serving: 200

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

27. Green Hawaiian Cocktail

A lovely and refreshing blend of coconut rum, lemon soda, lime juice, pineapple juice, and blue curacao, this green cocktail has all the fun and lightness to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

To up the ante of this drink, be sure to garnish with pineapple and maraschino cherry slices.

Calories Per Serving: 171

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

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28. Green Prosecco

A green cocktail with a bubbly texture that’s perfect for festivities, this Green Prosecco is an alluring drink that most people will love.

It is made from a mix of Midori, lemon, and prosecco. It is a light cocktail that will pair well with most meals.

Calories Per Serving: 171

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

29. Toxic Spawn Cocktail

If you’re the type who likes a cocktail with a  slightly thick consistency, then this spooky Toxic Spawn Cocktail will soon become your favorite drink to serve on Halloween.

It is really easy to whip up and only requires a combination of green liqueur, vodka, and chia seeds.

Calories Per Serving: 88

Preparation Time: 22 Minutes

30. Caribbean Water

A drink with the perfect island look and taste, this Caribbean water is a green cocktail you’ll find yourself reaching for constantly.

 It is so easy to make and only requires a blend of coconut rum, lemon soda, and Midori lemon liqueur.

Calories Per Serving: 49

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes 

31. Baby Yoda Cocktail

This Baby Yoda Cocktail is a cute drink that will get a lot of love. It features a combination of green kiwi, simple syrup, and vodka.

You’ll need extra kiwi slices and olives to garnish the cocktail so make sure to have some on hand because the decor is a key aspect of this fun cocktail.

Calories Per Serving: 84

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Alcohol Is Green In Color?

Most alcohols don’t have a natural green color and often require a mix of a few different shades of alcohol to create a green hue.

However, some of the most common alcohols that are green in color include absinthe, green chartreuse, Midori, sour apple schnapps, green vodka, and creme de menthe. 

Can You Put Green Food Coloring In Drinks?

You can put food coloring in your drink to turn them in any shade you’d like. To make your cocktails turn any shade of green you want, you can add a few drops of green food coloring to the drink.

It will add a hue of green to the drink without affecting the taste. However, when doing this, it is critical to ensure you don’t go overboard and put too much food coloring as it could stain your teeth and take a long time to come off after drinking.

What Do You Drink On St Patrick’s Day?

On St Patrick’s day, some of the most common drinks you can have include green beer, Irish coffee, or green cocktails made with creme de menthe or midori to keep with the green theme of the holiday.

You can also drink pints of Guinness beer or Bailey’s for a more traditional Irish drink.

31 Amazing Green Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

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