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18 Friendsgiving Food Ideas

Friendsgiving is all about the love you have for your pals and friends from another family and friendsgiving food ideas are worth to try.

We all know the tradition of thanksgiving, when it’s all about family time, so Friendsgiving is a playful take on a classic tradition with the extent of spending the day with your closest friends.

18 Friendsgiving Food Ideas

Some people don’t have relatives that live close by or are not family orientated in that way for a multitude of reasons.

Sometimes friends are our family, and there is nothing to be ashamed of within that, so why not celebrate a holiday dedicated to just you and your closest pals?

This spin on a classic holiday tradition began in the 2010s among millennials, and because of this, we have a holiday that encourages the love and support around friendship groups today.

Especially in your 20s, friends are all you have during a difficult and life-changing period of time, as much as a family is vital to our own growing and changing experiences, friends shape us into who we are at this age. 

There’s no end to the number of recipes you can take part in with your friends this Friendsgiving, whether you’re all vegetarians, gluten-free, vegans, or just downright like the simple stuff, we’ve got recipes that cover all bases. 

Food Recipes And Ideas For Friendsgiving:

1. Chicken Pot Pie IX Recipe

Chicken Pot Pies are a classic dish to help celebrate the Friendsgiving dinner, it’s diverse enough that a wide range of individuals can enjoy it and the chicken can be easily traded out for something more animal friendly for the vegan and vegetarian friends that you have in your group!

This dish takes 20 minutes to prepare and 50 minutes to cook, so if you have any other recipes in this article you want to try for the day, bake this one and prepare another while you’re waiting!

It serves 8 people and tastes divine, the crust is so fluffy and light you won’t be able to resist a second piece, so you may want to bake two!

2. Crockpot Turkey Breast

Depending on the size of your friend group, sometimes an entire turkey just isn’t needed, right? They’re a lot of work and require so much maintenance to cooking correctly on the day.

So, why not opt-out of the full turkey for something smaller and more practical to make the best use out of your time together? Like a crockpot turkey breast roast

This crockpot turkey breast is cooked to perfection when you follow the instructions by heart and can be used for any get-togethers you have planned, not just the Friendsgiving day, although it is best served on the best day of the year!

You’ll have a zero percent chance of a dried-out turkey with this recipe because of the way it’s cooked so don’t fret anymore over the turkey and choose this recipe.

3. Pumpkin Mac And Cheese

There’s no mistake that Americans love their mac and cheese and it’s understandable when you look into the delicious recipes that you can make for thanksgiving, let alone Friendsgiving!

It doesn’t get any more traditional than making pumpkin-inspired mac and cheese, so try out this recipe for yourself and put your friends to the test to see who can bake the best version!

It’s the ultimate comfort food that you just cannot miss out on and for any Italian out there, this mac and cheese will take them back to their childhoods eating grandma’s homemade comfort recipe.

If you’re the type of person who has always chosen pasta over everything, this recipe will top any other pasta dish you’ve ever tried and is so simple to make. What more could you want?

4. The Best Stuffing Recipe

Now, I’m not a lover of stuffing myself, never have enjoyed it on a roast dinner, and never will.

However, I make this recipe in secret because it’s the only stuffing recipe that I’ve been forced to try by friends and actually enjoyed!

This recipe has been made with bread, onions, celery, butter, and fresh herbs and it is just delightful.

I still stand by my vendetta against every other stuffing recipe out there and will never admit to liking this one for my own personal petty nature!

There are some people that call this a side dish to the Friendsgiving dinner, and others that call it a dressing, which will you go by?

I remember rifling through the dishes at every thanksgiving dinner and coming across the stuffing, to which I’d turn my nose up at it and say “meh, I’d rather skip this and save room for something actually worth my time”.

When this recipe is brought out every Friendsgiving with my pals. I immediately gravitate towards it and I am made fun of for my usual hatred towards stuffing. You win some, you lose some!

5. Sweet Potato Casserole Dessert Recipe

The clues in the name, sweet potato casserole dessert. It may sound chaotic, but for a Friendsgiving dinner, it’s perfect!

Fluffy sweet potatoes have been mixed with butter, sugar, and vanilla, and then baked with a crunchy pecan streusel topping.

The sweetness of the potato balances so well with the other sweet elements in this dish making it an interesting, yet delightful dessert for the table.

This dish takes 20 minutes to prepare and a further 25 minutes to bake and serves a whopping 16 people in total, making it the perfect dish to spread around the dining table plates every year.

The method for making this dish is also so simple to follow so while you prepare another dish, a friend could be making this one to save you more time in the kitchen.

6. Buttery Mashed Potatoes

This mashed potato recipe is smooth, silky, and buttery in both taste and texture and makes for the perfect side dish to the main Friendsgiving roast.

It’s a fancy take on a classic mashed potato recipe so your dinner can be extra special, yet it’s simple enough to be made at any party, or weekday evening meal to accompany meat, vegetables, or vegan-friendly alternatives. 

We found that if you top the dish with a small amount of melted butter and herbs, it tastes even more fantastic and jazzes up the overall appearance of the potatoes.

Friendsgiving dinner just isn’t complete without the addition of potatoes and you shouldn’t miss out on the best potato recipe out there either. 

7. The Best Turkey Gravy

This recipe would go great with the previous recipe and that’s what we’re all about here in this article.

Finding you recipes for your Friendsgiving dinner that pair well together so you can rest easy knowing the best food ideas are all in one place.

Turkey gravy should be smooth and rich in flavor and this recipe entails the best methods to achieve this.

Now, this isn’t just any old gravy recipe, this is the easiest and most delicious gravy recipe that uses the pan drippings from your turkey roast and less than 20 minutes of your precious time.

Recipes that utilize other ingredients from separate dishes are the best to use. Because you’re making use of things you can’t use for anything else, therefore, less waste!

And any opportunity to be more environmentally and food waste-conscious should be taken, especially around a food-orientated time of year.

8. The BEST Deviled Eggs!

Friendsgiving should all be about trying something new, right? Of course, you’ll have the classic dishes o the table for everyone to tuck into, but will you have unique recipes that set your dinner apart from any other dinner on the planet?

We didn’t think so, so try the best-deviled eggs recipe in the world!

You can make yours with either mayo or greek yogurt, so get creative and try both!

We love the suggestion of adding a small amount of paprika or chili flakes to the deviled eggs themselves as this really spices up the recipe overall. And your taste buds!

Eggs should be enjoyed with as many herbs and spices as possible to experiment with what works.

9. Cranberry Sauce Recipe

No Thanksgiving dinner would be incomplete without cranberry sauce, so why should your Friendsgiving dinner be?

This homemade take on a classic side sauce dish is made with either frozen or fresh cranberries and can be ready in under 20 minutes if you’re fast or competitive enough to take on the challenge! 

My dad always loved cranberry sauce on his roast dinners, and as I’ve grown older, I completely understand why.

We think he always looks forward to the dinner the most because he can put as much cranberry sauce on his turkey slices without being judged by mom.

There’s nothing she can do about it, it’s cranberry sauce! And with plenty of turkey slices always leftover for sandwiches, cranberry sauce is the ideal sauce to make on the day and use for the week ahead.

10. Soft Dinner Rolls Recipe

No Friendsgiving dinner should be served without the precious fluffy rolls now, should it?

So, why not make your own with this easy 7 ingredient bread roll recipe for the best dinner rolls known to man.

These rolls have a tendency to outshine every other main dish on the table and when you try them you’ll understand why.

Make these rolls whenever you get the chance to, and improve your bread-making skills and enjoy a delicious homemade treat.

Bread can be complicated to make correctly, however, with this recipe, there are only 7 ingredients to include and if you make them ahead of time, you won’t regret it when they’re served amongst the rest of your delicious Friendsgiving dinner!

RELATED: 30 Best Thanksgiving Breakfast Recipes

11. Honey Glazed Carrots

For the full proof vegetarian Friendsgiving dinner parties out there, we understand that as much as vegetables and alternative foods can be fantastic for the evening, sometimes having a recipe that singles out a classic vegetable in a delicious way, is the way to go.

These honey-glazed carrots are divine and who would’ve thought honey could be so diverse when baking?

The honey gives them a sweetness like no other and when you bake them to perfection, that glaze comes through like a dream.

They take 5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to bake, depending on your party size, they’ll usually serve up to 4 people so there’s no reason you can’t double this recipe and bake for more!

12. Creamy Corn Pudding Recipe

Fancy making a creamy corn pudding exactly like your grandmother used to make? Well, with this recipe we can make your dreams come true, It’s a creamy and easy side dish that adds just the right amount of sweetness to your meal.

Even the pickiest of eaters out there will not be able to resist this recipe!

With just a few ingredients you’ll have a sweet recipe that pairs fantastically with every other dish on the table. It’s always great to have a dish that complements the rest, right?

13. Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Friendsgiving dinner is all about baking and cooking the wildest recipes to go along with the main dish. Why not introduce your guests to a sweet and spicy pumpkin roasted soup recipe?

Soup may not be the most commonly used dish for a roast dinner, but it is delicious and warm and every spicy and Friendsgiving is in this dish!

You simply cannot miss out on the chance to try it, and it’s so easy to make while other dishes are being prepared.

No Friendsgiving dinner should be endured without a dessert from the gods above, so try out this snickerdoodle cookie recipe to change up your dessert placements.

They’re not like other cookies, and the cinnamon-sugar soft texture is a recipe that has been in the family for over 30 years. Fancy giving it a try for yourself?

You can with this recipe and you can further the lifetime of its legacy with your own future children too!

15. Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe

You can never have too many pumpkin-inspired recipes on the table at Friendsgiving, so why not add another this year?

Pumpkin pie is just wonderful to bake, let alone eat, and this recipe takes 15 minutes to prepare.

While this pie is in the oven for 55 minutes, you can focus on getting another recipe out of the way to complete your Friendsgiving dinner line-up fastener than ever!

16. Granny Kat’s Pumpkin Roll Recipe

This is the type of recipe that requires extra sugar sprinkled on top because, well, why not?

You can have this one made and served in under 1 hour which makes it the most stupendous pumpkin roll recipe yet. And any excuse to include another pumpkin recipe on the dinner table around Friendsgiving should be utilized.

There can never be too much pumpkin!

17. Apple Pie

An apple pie recipe that looks like it has been made by Jesus himself? We’ve got it right here for you!

It takes a total of one and a half hours to prepare and bake which may seem like a stretch, but is 100% worth the time and effort to see on your dinner table.

And your guests will be over the moon with it. There’s nothing like a classic apple pie to finish off the Friendsgiving meal with your loved ones, so why not make one this year for everyone to enjoy.

18. Patti Labelle’s Peach Cobbler Recipe

Fresh peaches and warm apples should be the end of every meal, let alone one as fantastic as the Friendsgiving meal!

This peach cobbler has a flaky crust topped off with a delightful scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It deserves to be in the hall of fame of desserts and you’ll understand why when you taste it for yourself this year.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find each and every one of these recipes as delightful as the next for your Friendsgiving dinner parties this year.

Each recipe has been selected to be diverse in flavors, tastes, aromas, and satisfaction levels for all of your guests to enjoy.

Why not pair up with your best group of friends and all bake together to get the best out of not only these recipes, but the holiday itself!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Friendsgiving And How Do You Celebrate It?

To put it simply, the term ‘Friendsgiving’ is a mashup of friends and thanksgiving and the basic idea is to spend the evening surrounded by your best buds, and a plethora of holiday classic dishes.

It was a holiday made popular in the early 2010s by millennials specifically and we are thankful they did because now we have a holiday entirely dedicated to friend groups. 

Do You Celebrate Friendsgiving Before Or After Thanksgiving?

There’s no set time or date for celebrating Friendsgiving, however, some like to combine the two holidays, and some like to keep them separate at different times of the year.

Typically, Friendsgiving is celebrated in November, the week before Thanksgiving.

Some like to gather their friends and relatives together in one sitting to celebrate one big dinner instead of having two separate ones, so it depends on your own preferences. 

What’s The Difference Between Friendsgiving And Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally celebrated on the last week of November, on the 24th. This can often be confused with Christmas for non-Americans because of how close the dates are.

Friendsgiving is celebrated the week before Thanksgiving to separate the holidays up. 

18 Friendsgiving Food Ideas

Friendsgiving is all about the family outside of your family, and you can enjoy the day with these 18 Friendsgiving food ideas to tie over the holiday!


  • Pick a recipe from the list above
  • Click the recipe name and visit the website
  • Collect the ingredients and cook the food
  • Enjoy – don’t forget to leave a review

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