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Does Gatorade Go Bad? How Long Does It Take?

Gatorade has long been the drink of choice for people looking for effective fuel for their workouts, and to keep them energized for longer.

The drink is packed full of electrolytes, and carbs that burn away quickly, allowing consumers to refill their tanks quicker than ever.

But with many people choosing to bulk-buy their Gatorade, to always have it at hand, many have come to wonder whether Gatorade can ever go bad.

But can Gatorade actually go bad? How long does it take? And what happens when it does?

Does Gatorade Go Bad? How Long Does It Take?

Quick Answer: Does Gatorade Go Bad? To get right to the point, yes, Gatorade can go bad, just like nearly all other food and drink products. This applies both to the liquid and powder forms of Gatorade. Gatorade itself can last a long time in an unopened bottle, whereas powdered Gatorade can last even longer in an unopened container.

But there is so much more left to find out about Gatorade, such as how to care for it, and how to check if it has gone bad. Want to know more about this popular sports drink? Make sure to read on down below!

How Long Does Gatorade Last For?

The answer to this question will depend on the state of the Gatorade itself. Gatorade in its liquid form will last for around five days in the refrigerator.

However, this goes without taking the bottle into account. When Gatorade is kept in a refrigerator in an unopened bottle, then it can last over nine months before it needs to be consumed!

This is seriously impressive, and means that you do not need to worry too much about rushing to finish all of your stocked-up bottles!

Once a bottle of Gatorade is opened and the outside air is allowed in, it generally lasts only for around five days.

Gatorade in its powder form can last much longer than liquid Gatorade, thanks to being completely devoid of moisture.

An unopened container of Gatorade powder, stored in a cool and dry place, will last for well over two years! Once it is opened, this cuts down significantly, however, even then, the Gatorade will still last for around six months! 

When the Gatorade powder is mixed with water, you should then make sure to place it into a container, and keep it in the refrigerator, as in its liquid form, Gatorade will only last for around five days,

How Do You Identify If Gatorade Has Gone Bad?

Identifying Gatorade that has gone bad is luckily not too challenging. When Gatorade goes bad, you will notice that it has a very strong and off-putting odor.

Gatorade that has gone bad will begin to smell very sour, and sometimes even rancid. This also applies to taste. So whether it tastes or smells funny, you should make sure to throw it out.

You will also know if Gatorade has gone bad if it has been kept within the refrigerator, or even out on the kitchen counter, opened, for a long period of time.

If you know that the drink has been opened for some time without being consumed, then you should avoid the risk of consuming it, and instead pour it away.

How Do You Identify If Gatorade Has Gone Bad?

You should also look for visible signs that the drink has gone bad, such as mold deposits within the container, or the drink has begun to separate or has developed any strange lumps or unidentifiable shapes.

This also applies to powdered Gatorade, which will begin clumping together when it has been kept contained for too long.

Minor clumping is fine, but if the entire container of powder is clumped, it is likely past its best.

When powdered Gatorade is kept for too long, it will clump together because it begins to develop moisture, which of course will invite bacteria!

What Happens If You Consume Gatorade That Has Gone Bad?

Even past its expiration date, it can still be quite safe to consume Gatorade.

Bad Gatorade would only really begin to pose a health risk once it begins developing mold or begins to change in texture, as at that point it is likely that it will have become susceptible to bacteria. 

If you were to drink Gatorade that had gone significantly bad, and had spoiled visibly, it is most likely that you will just suffer a light stomach ache, within 24 hours of consumption.

Once that stomach ache has passed, it is very unlikely that you will ever suffer any more symptoms. 

However, you should still avoid drinking bad Gatorade anyway, as different people can often respond very differently to certain bacteria.

Thus, you can never be 100% certain that you will not have a more complicated reaction. 

How Should You Store Gatorade?

Generally, it is best to try and store all Gatorade in the original packaging that it was received in.

Try to keep all bottles of Gatorade unopened until you are ready to consume them, as unopened bottles of Gatorade will last a very long time, up to around nine months!

You should also aim to place liquid Gatorade into your refrigerator, as the cold temperatures will protect the Gatorade from bacteria that can develop on the sides of the bottles.

If there is no room in your refrigerator to store all of your bottles of Gatorade, you could always instead place them into a pantry, where they can be kept cool and dry.

Powdered Gatorade, similarly, should be kept in its original packaging, even after opening, as it will help to keep the powder dry and cool, and will help to prevent excessive clumping.

Make sure to place the container somewhere dark, cool, and free of moisture. 

If you have opened a bottle of liquid Gatorade, or you have freshly made some from the powder solution, you should aim to keep the Gatorade in a very tight container placed within the refrigerator.

This will help to significantly increase its lifespan, and keep it from spoiling. Make sure to consume this Gatorade within 5 days of placing it into the refrigerator, in order to enjoy it at its best.

Jess Smith