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Does Aunt Jemima Syrup Expire Or Go Bad? (How To Check)

Quick Answer

Aunt Jemima syrup is unlikely to expire or go bad due to the amount of sugar the product has. Due to this high sugar content, bacteria will find it difficult to grow within the syrup. This means that it will stay unspoiled for a long time – if not forever. The only time it will spoil is if it is not stored properly.

There is no doubt that Aunt Jemima syrup reminds you of eating pancakes as a child. It is a retro classic that people still enjoy today.

Does Aunt Jemima Syrup Expire Or Go Bad?

It tastes delicious alongside waffles, bacon and the fluffiness of pancakes. And while the recipe has changed ever so slightly over the vast amount of years it has been available, it still tastes the same.

While Aunt Jemima syrup compliments breakfast, it is not something you will be eating every single day, no matter if the thought of eating pancakes every morning will surely get you out of bed. 

For this reason, you might be wondering if Aunt Jemima syrup can expire or go bad? Because it includes a lot of sugar, it is very unlikely that it will go bad. 

The high sugar content keeps any bacteria at bay due to germs finding it difficult to grow in such an environment. While it is very likely that you will be able to keep Aunt Jemima syrup for years and years, it all actually depends on how you store it.

In this article we shall take a look at Aunt Jemima syrup and the best way to store it to make sure it does not spoil. 

Do take note that Aunt Jemima syrup is considered a pancake condiment, therefore it is not the same as something like maple syrup. While they are similar, the way they are treated is different.

Will Aunt Jemima Syrup Go Bad?

Because Aunt Jemima syrup has a high content of sugar, it is very unlikely to go bad if stored correctly. The sugar creates an environment unsuitable for bacteria to grow in. 

To put it simply, sugar acts as a kind of preservative. This is the reason why Aunt Jemima syrup can last a long time. 

You may also relate this to other food items, because people often refer to highly sugared food as something that will never go bad(!) Now you know why.

However, if you do not store Aunt Jemima syrup correctly, then it is more likely to go bad and will not last a long time. This is the same with any type of food, even the kind with a lot of sugar. 

Will Aunt Jemima Syrup Expire?

You may notice that there is no expiration date on Aunt Jemima syrup, and instead either a use-by or best before date. Most of the time it is the latter, as Aunt Jemima syrup does not need to be consumed by a certain date.

While it does have a best before date printed on its bottle, this is because it is a date that states when it may start to lose its optimal freshness.

Once the date has passed, the product may decline and not be at its best. This does not mean that you cannot consume it however. It is just a date for the consumer so you can make informed choices. 

It is also just an estimate made by the manufacturer. It could still have optimal freshness a whole year or two after this date. 

You will be able to tell once it loses its freshness. The color may change, and the texture too. While not dangerous to your health, you may be put off using expired Aunt Jemima syrup on your pancakes.

If you don’t want to buy a new bottle, then it is perfectly fine to use an expired Aunt Jemima syrup. 

Can Aunt Jemima Syrup Go Moldy?

While the high sugar content within the bottle creates the perfect atmosphere to avoid bacterial growth, once the syrup is exposed to air and moisture, then there is a possibility.

This means that yes, Aunt Jemima syrup can indeed go moldy. However, this is very unlikely, though that does not mean it is impossible. 

The syrup should be stored in a cool and dark place with the lid shut to keep the contents in good condition. If you are particularly worried about mold growth, then placing the bottle within an airtight container is a great idea – though not necessary.

However, some people choose to scrape the mold off the syrup due to it not being the same type you would find on fruit, for example. This is because the mold will only attack the syrup which has been exposed to either moisture or air.

It will not penetrate within the whole of the syrup itself. This should make the rest of the Aunt Jemima syrup safe to eat. If you are worried however, throw it out.

What Is The Best Way To Store Aunt Jemima Syrup?

What Is The Best Way To Store Aunt Jemima Syrup?

If you want your Aunt Jemima syrup to last longer, which could be a few years to forever, then you must look after it properly. Leaving it stored away in a cool, dry place like a pantry should be enough.

Letting it live in its own bottle is fine too. If you do happen to decant it, though why would you, just make sure it is put into an airtight container. 

However, once the syrup becomes exposed to either moisture or air, then there is a good chance you will encounter some issues. One of those is mold which we spoke about above. 

So long as you store it in a pantry or cupboard away from sources of light and heat, then you can use it whenever you need to. There are no other special requirements to store it properly. 

Even once the syrup is opened, it should last a very long time so long as you make sure to store it properly. 

You will also want to avoid any cross contamination. This includes other food, as well as using utensils that are dirty. So, no using a knife covered in peanut butter to unclog the top of the bottle.

You will also want to make sure any crystallization of the syrup on the lid is removed. This ensures the lid can be sealed tightly shut to avoid air and moisture from entering the bottle. 

Is Aunt Jemima Syrup Different From Maple Syrup?

You might think that Aunt Jemima syrup and maple syrup are similar. Well, they kind of are, however, the way they are produced is different. 

Maple syrup is the sap found within maple trees. Because it contains so much water, it needs to be boiled off to leave a thick, sticky texture that we know of as maple syrup. 

Aunt Jemima syrup, and other commercial syrups, are often made using an artificial kind of sugar which allows the product to last for a very long time. Maple syrup on the other hand has much less sugar. 

Due to how they are produced, while Aunt Jemima syrup can be left in a dark cupboard or pantry, you must store maple syrup in the fridge. The latter is also prone to both mold and discoloration.

Aunt Jemima syrup can be stored for years, so it is often a better choice for things like pancakes and waffles which you will not eat every day. 

So, while Aunt Jemima syrup might not seem as authentic as maple syrup, it can be the more practical option. It is affordable, and your children will have no idea it is pancake syrup!

Final Thoughts

So long as you store Aunt Jemima syrup properly, you will be able to hold onto the good stuff until the bottle is completely empty. 

It is not difficult to make sure that the syrup is being stored properly either. So long as it is put into a dark and cool corner of a cupboard or pantry, and shut properly, it will last for years without going bad.

It must also be kept away from other foods to avoid cross contamination. 

You may notice that it changes color or the texture feels different. While you may think it is spoiled, it is just the natural process of the syrup over time. This means it will still be safe to consume it on the top of your pancakes. 

If you are put off by the changes, feel free to throw the Aunt Jemima syrup out, though eating it will cause you absolutely no harm. It may also taste the same, though do not be surprised if the taste is different.

There is no doubt that Aunt Jemima syrup is a classic – and for good reason too. Not only is it delicious, but it has been around for over a hundred years. 

Because it lasts so long, there really is nothing wrong with buying a few bottles. It will last you for a number of years, and you will never be without syrup for your waffles or pancakes.

Jess Smith