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15 Delicious And Quick Beef And Broccoli Recipes For A Lazy Evening

Beef with broccoli is an incredibly popular dish. In particular, we tend to associate it with those lazy take-out evenings, wherein we order far too much Chinese food for our own good!

However, what if we told you that you can make beef and broccoli dishes of a similar standard (if not better) for a fraction of the price? We know, it sounds a bit crazy, but we promise you it’s true!

15 Delicious Beef and Broccoli Recipes

Don’t believe us? Check out our 15 favorite beef and broccoli recipes below. Whether you’re looking to recreate your favorite takeaway or put a healthier spin on it, there is something for you. Take a look!

Quick Table: 15 Delicious Beef And Broccoli Recipes

RecipeCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Quick 15 Minute Beef And Broccoli Stir Fry33515 Minutes
Restaurant Style Beef And Broccoli26720 Minutes
20 Minute Garlic Beef And Broccoli Lo Mein49820 Minutes
Slow Cooker Beef And Broccoli3003 Hour 50 Minutes
Beef And Broccoli Ramen Soup57225 Minutes
Thai Beef And Broccoli Salad19115 Minutes
Flash Fried Beef And Broccoli37025 Minutes  
Mongolian Beef And Broccoli60055 Minutes
Gingered Beef And Broccoli Salad Bowl23720 Minutes
Vegan Beef And Broccoli17025 Minutes
Honey-Sriracha Beef And Broccoli41925 Minutes
Sheet-Pan Sesame Beef And Broccoli28020 Minutes
Five-Spice Orange Beef And Broccoli43920 Minutes
Lightened Up Beef And Broccoli23225 Minutes
Creamy Beef, Broccoli, And Portobello Pasta39545 Minutes

1. Quick 15 Minute Beef And Broccoli Stir Fry

This list simply had to start with a stir-fried dish. This beef and broccoli stir fry will be 100 times better than any takeaway version you’ve ever had. It’s also super easy to make! What more could you want?

If you’re a fan of tender beef, noodles, sticky and sweet Chinese-style sauces, and packing your dinners full of veggies, you will absolutely love this recipe!

As a bonus, all of the ingredients are likely things you have in your cupboard. You might just need to source some reduced-sodium soy source (you can purchase it from amazon here if this is the case).

Calories Per Serving: 335

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

2. Restaurant Style Beef And Broccoli

If you’re looking to impress guests but tend to get overwhelmed with overly-complicated recipes, you should definitely give this one a try. It is quick to cook, requires simple ingredients, but is always a crowd pleaser!

There are only really three elements to this dish: beef, broccoli, and rice. As such, the focus is on cooking each element to perfection.

The combination of simple East-Asian flavors is also divine. Make sure that you have oyster sauce, Asian toasted sesame oil, sherry, and soy sauce.

Calories Per Serving: 267

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

3. 20 Minute Garlic Beef And Broccoli Lo Mein

This recipe is quick and easy, but completely delicious! If you’re a fan of sticky and sweet sauces, you should definitely give this one a try. It has a good portion of beef, noodles, and vegetables, making it an ideal evening family dinner or one to share between housemates!

The ingredients list might seem a little intimidating, but do not worry! It’s likely that you have most of them in your cupboard somewhere, and if you don’t, they are easily accessible.

Make sure you have Lo Mein noodles, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, ground ginger, and all of the veggies you want!

Calories Per Serving: 498

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

4. Slow Cooker Beef And Broccoli

Who doesn’t love a recipe that is both incredibly low maintenance and full of flavor? This slow cooker recipe is one of our all-time favorites. The beef is very tender, the broccoli adds a nice texture, and the broth is just to die for.

In addition to this recipe being very low maintenance, it also requires few ingredients! You will need some kind of beef consomme or beef broth, and it’s worth splashing out on a good one, as this is the basis for the whole meal.

It can be eaten alone, with sticky rice, with noodles… essentially, it can be eaten with anything you like!

Calories Per Serving: 300

Preparation Time: 3 Hour 50 Minutes

5. Beef And Broccoli Ramen Soup

If you’re anything like us, you cannot resist a good noodle soup. If this is the case, you just have to try this beef and broccoli ramen soup. It has a great sesame flavor that is enhanced by the addition of Sriracha (if you can handle the heat, pick some up here).

People often assume that homemade ramen dishes are quite tricky, but this one is very simple. You simply need heaps of garlic, onion, ginger, sesame oil, sriracha to taste, and top-quality beef stock. Just make sure you don’t cook the broccoli for too long, as it’s all about that crunch!

Calories Per Serving: 572

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

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6. Thai Beef And Broccoli Salad

So, beef and broccoli might not be the first things that come to mind when you think of a salad. However, this Thai beef and broccoli salad is just to die for. It is also very well-seasoned, with mint, basil, coriander, and lime.

In fact, this recipe is ideal for a light lunch or dinner. It is full of fresh ingredients that complement the beef perfectly, and believe it or not, broccoli is the perfect addition to a green salad! As a bonus, it should only take 30 minutes to make in total!

Calories Per Serving: 191

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

7. Flash Fried Beef And Broccoli

This recipe is wonderfully warming. From the gorgeously marinated tender beef strips to the rich tamarind and chicken sauce, this recipe will really knock your socks off. The combination of tender stem broccoli, spring onions, and shallots is also a dream!

Fortunately, despite how delicious this dish looks, it requires few ingredients. Make sure to purchase a good quality rib-eye steak to ensure this dish is as good as it can be.

Further, you’ll need tamarind concentrate, hoisin sauce, and kecap manis – these are non-negotiable, so make sure you’re prepared!

Calories Per Serving: 370

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes  

8. Mongolian Beef And Broccoli

The thick and glossy sauce in this dish is practically unbeatable. This recipe might take a little bit of extra time, considering you need to thoroughly marinade the beef, but we can assure you that it is definitely worth it!

This recipe requires you to marinate the beef using a process called ‘velveting’. This technique creates the tender texture we all love so much, and it’s actually not that hard!

However, you will need Shaoxing wine. If you don’t have any in the cupboard, you can buy some here.

Calories Per Serving: 600

Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

9. Gingered Beef And Broccoli Salad Bowl

This Asian-inspired salad dish is perfect for you if you’ve been looking for a lighter way to enjoy your favorite takeaway meals. Put simply, it will taste like a stir-fried beef and broccoli dish but with a lighter, sharper twist.

The thing that really brings this dish to life is the light vinaigrette salad dressing. You can choose to make such a dressing from scratch, or skip that step and buy a bottled version!

If you do the latter, all you technically need for this meal is 5 simple ingredients and 20 minutes of your time.

Calories Per Serving: 237

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

10. Vegan Beef And Broccoli

Ok, so for all of you meat lovers out there, this recipe is likely not the one for you. However, we have to admit, it is incredibly delicious!

Soy curls replace the beef, and although you can obviously taste the difference, the texture and flavor are just as wonderful.

In fact, this dish is heavy on flavor. It contains loads of garlic, ginger, chili flakes, brown sugar, and soy sauce. It can be eaten with brown or white rice, though we recommend also adding chopped green onions, sesame seeds, and hot sauce as garnish!

Calories Per Serving: 170

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

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11. Honey-Sriracha Beef And Broccoli

The best thing about this recipe is that you can 100% control exactly what does in. You can dictate how much sriracha is incorporated, what vegetables you include, and how well you cook your beef. Sounds so much better than take-away, right?

As a bonus, there are only three steps in this recipe. Yes, you read that right! Also, in addition to the fresh meat and vegetables, all you need is honey, sriracha, ramen noodles, and Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup.

Despite its simplicity, we assure you that this recipe is completely delicious and full of sticky and sweet goodness.

Calories Per Serving: 419

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

12. Sheet-Pan Sesame Beef And Broccoli

If you’re a bit tired of constantly frying food, this sheet-pan recipe might be a lovely breath of fresh air. It is also so easy that, when you fancy a beef and broccoli takeaway dish from now on, it will be impossible to justify it!

In addition to rice and fresh meat and veg, the most important ingredient is Annie’s organic Asian sesame dressing. Honestly, this dressing is so delicious and it really brings the whole meal together!

If you don’t already own it, you can purchase it here. Also, we recommend adding extra spring onions for a little more freshness.

Calories Per Serving: 280

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

13. Five-Spice Orange Beef And Broccoli

Although you likely associate chicken with east Asian orange flavors, it works incredibly well with beef and broccoli too!

The combination of orange rind and five-spice really makes this dish something special. If you’re a lover of heat, make sure to add a little more pepper!

In terms of ingredients, the list does feel slightly large. However, we can assure you that it’s not quite as intimidating as it looks.

Also, when cooking for guests, the complexity makes you seem all the more impressive! Make sure you have peanut oil, five-spice powder, hoisin sauce, and sesame seeds.

Calories Per Serving: 439

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

14. Lightened Up Beef And Broccoli

This is a lighter version of the classic dish of sautéed beef with broccoli. If you’re trying to keep a healthy diet, this recipe is a great one to try. It is full of broccoli and uses just two teaspoons of oil to cook the beef!

There are very few ingredients needed to make this dish. Although, to make the beef tender and delicious, it is 100% necessary to use cornstarch. If you don’t have any in the cupboard, don’t worry, you can get some here.

We also recommend adding some extra chili flakes or even fresh chili if you’re a fan of spice!

Calories Per Serving: 232

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

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15. Creamy Beef, Broccoli, And Portobello Pasta

Finally, if you prefer cooking Italian food, you should definitely try this creamy beef, broccoli, and portobello pasta. It is one of the most luxurious and divine dishes we’ve ever made! It includes pasta, dairy, beef, mushrooms, and broccoli… what is not to like?

This creamy pasta is a huge crowd-pleaser and isn’t too difficult to produce. It’s the perfect meal for fun dinner parties or get-togethers.

Make sure to add a lot of extra parmesan cheese if you’re feeling particularly decadent! We also recommend a heavy sprinkle of black pepper.

Calories Per Serving: 395

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes

Final Thoughts

Although they are very simple ingredients, the combination of broccoli and beef is something particularly special. We hope that you found the inspiration you were looking for in this article!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ‘Beef And Broccoli’ Unhealthy?

This really depends on the style of the dish, the other ingredients, and how it is cooked. However, generally speaking, beef with broccoli makes for quite a healthy meal.

It is high in protein, low in carbs, and tends to include a lot of dark green vegetables. However, it is often made with quite a fatty cut of beef and is also generally fried.

As such, if you want to make it a healthier meal, make sure to use a lean piece of beef. Additionally, consider roasting the ingredients in the oven instead of frying them.

Is ‘Beef And Broccoli’ Chinese?

Beef with broccoli does originate from China. In fact, it began as a Chinese dish called Gai Lan Chao Niu Rou (Chinese Broccoli Fried Beef). However, as there was a lack of Gai Lan in the U.S.A., American broccoli began to be substituted instead.

Is ‘Beef And Broccoli’ Keto?

It can be.

However, when you purchase beef with broccoli from restaurants, it’s important to note that the beef has likely been ‘velveted’.

This process makes the beef deliciously tender, but it does include marinating the meat in a cornstarch slurry. As such, it might not be keto-friendly when eating out, though it can easily be made keto-friendly if you’re cooking the dish yourself.

15 Delicious Beef And Broccoli Recipes

Beef and broccoli is a classic and delicious Chinese dish that is easy to make at home. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our 15 favorite beef and broccoli recipes.


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