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17 Easy Crown Royal Cocktails

Crown Royal is also known as Seagram’s Crown Royal, it’s actually a blend of Canadian-born whiskey that was created by Seagram and has been owned by Diageo since 2000. The production of this whiskey actually takes place at Gimli, Manitoba.

However, the blending and bottling process is done at a facility in Amherstburg, Ontario. It’s the top-selling brand of Canadian whiskey in the United States alone. 

It’s actually widely known for the royal velvet purple bag and gold lettering that represent the brand, this sets it apart from other whiskey brands as well as signifies to the public who the brand is and what they sell.

17 Easy Crown Royal Cocktails

It’s called Crown Royal for a reason! Crown Royal uses 10,000 bushels of rye, corn, and barley daily to make their whiskey, which is sourced directly from the production site in Manitoba, or surrounding areas. 

This whiskey is so well known due to the dedication to the distillation process and how its great taste ! We’ve got 17 easy Crown Royal cocktails to show you because of how rich and flavor some this whiskey is. It’s especially fantastic in cocktails for this reason! So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

A Number Of Delicious Cocktail Flavors Include:

1. Crown And Coke

If you’ve got a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey hanging around that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, now is the time to crack it open and make your very own Crown and coke cocktail.

It’s essentially a variation on a rum and coke and it may sound rather simple, however, it tastes fantastic. Coke has a sweet caramel flavor to it and there’s nothing that goes better with this flavor than whiskey.

They are both the same color after all. Crown Royal has vanilla, brown sugar, and okay notes that you guessed it, go perfectly with the sweetens of coke. So why wouldn’t you want to try this cocktail blend?

Also many don’t like the taste of whiskey by itself because of the alcohol content, so this might be the perfect way to sample a nation’s favorite whiskey!

2. Crown Royal Old Fashioned

An old fashioned is the most staple drink in American bar culture and you must try it with Crown Royal whiskey to really get the best of this drink! And wouldn’t it be amazing to say you’ve made a classic old-fashioned using only the minimum ingredients?

If it’s easy, there’s no reason to not at least try it and if you’re not a fan, then no harm done! You could offer it to your partner or friends instead.

It has a strong taste, is slightly bitter, and has these delightful earthy tones that really keep you grounded if you catch my drift.

These notes when paired together also let you know that you’re drinking a true neat drink that makes you not be able to resist saying “Damn, that’s smooth” after every sip you take. 

3. Peach Crown Royal Mixed Drink

The great thing about whiskey like Crown Royal is that it’s the type of drink that can be drunk in any weather or time of year.

For those late summer evenings, there’s nothing better than kicking back with a glass, the hues are even more prominent in the sun and you can appreciate them more for it.

Through the harsh winter months, whiskey can really warm you to your very soul while you stare out the window by the fire, contemplating life itself. Well, to brighten up your summer, try a peach Crown Royal mixed drink for a change and see if it’s to your liking or not!

It’s so easy to make and only requires three ingredients, can you guess what they are? Peach Crown, champagne, and fruity peach mango juice of course! Or pineapple juice if you’d prefer. It’s a refreshing whiskey cocktail

4. Peaches And Cream

There’s something about a sparkling cream soda that is just delightful any day of the year, no matter what the occasion. It’s tasty, fun, and livens up your tastebuds!

Get your hands on sparkling cream soda, peach schnapps, and Crown Royal peach whiskey to make yourself a splendid summer beach cocktail. It’s also great for cooling down on those stubborn days where the humidity makes you feel like Monica from Friends.

Even if your hair resembles a poodle, you should be able to enjoy a refreshing drink to cool you down. It also just looks great with an extra cherry popped into the drink to garnish the top. 

5. Crown Royal Caramel Apple Drink

When you look at whiskey, it just looks like a fall drink, doesn’t it? The reddish and honey-like hues in whiskey resemble the fall leaves that fall outside in your garden and there’s nothing better than enjoying a fall-themed drink during, well, you guessed it, fall!

Whiskey cocktails are fall favorite drinks and this recipe kicks it up a notch with a creamy caramel sauce to thicken the taste!

And for obvious reasons, the Crown apple whiskey really glues to the caramel sauce at the hip to provide you with a tangy, delicious evening drink.

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6. Whiskey Cherry Coke Smash

There’s a reason that cherry coke is so popular across the globe and adding whiskey to that mix? It’s just like heaven in a glass!

This cocktail has a tremendous flavor profile that just needs to be tasted to be believed and the cherry gives that sweetness to the earthy tones of the whiskey that we all love and treasure.

Both these drinks on their own are marvelous, so naturally combining them just made perfect sense and we’re surprised it hadn’t been done before!

7. Blackberry Whisky Sour

This isn’t the type of fruit that you’d think would pair well with whiskey, but it’s the dark horse of the cocktail world. And we have fallen for it hard!

All you’ll need is 2 ounces of Crown Royal Fine De Luxe, 1 ounce of blackberry brandy, 1 ounce of fresh lemon juice, blackberries, and a lemon wedge to garnish.

The blackberries add a sour sweetness to the drink that somehow manages to maintain its richness whilst being sour, sweet, and tangy all at the same time. We love it! Check out this recipe if you want to make the cocktail for yourself.

8. Gold Rush

This is more of a subtle whiskey drink that really knocks your socks off your feet in no time at all! It will get you buzzed in no time and chase away those lingering troubles eating away at you throughout the day.

You can make this so easily using Crown Royal, honey syrup, lemon juice, bitters, and a lemon twist to finish and you won’t regret a single thing when you catch sight of how wonderful it looks on your dining table. It looks like an advertisement of dreams.

9. Royal Flush

You can bring a touch of Las Vegas to any household with this amazing Crown Royal cocktail drink. It’s so easy to make and you can serve it up to your friends at any party, event, or occasion of your choice.

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “This get-together would be a lot more fun with drinks.” Well, why not try out a fun cocktail?

10. Whiskey Highball

This two-ingredient cocktail whiskey originated around the turn of the 20th century and it happens to be still popular to this day, coincidence? We think not. It’s so refreshing and is clearly a crowd pleaser!

It’s also so easy to make as there are no cocktail shakers or fancy ingredients required to make this. It’s bubbly, fizzy, and so much fun to make. It does taste mostly like Crown Royal, however, the soda water helps to tone down the bite a little. 

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11. Crown Royal Peach And Sprite

This may be the easiest Crown Royal cocktail you can make and it has a light peach twist to tickle your taste buds. The lemon and lime soda and peach whiskey are smooth, refreshing, and ideal for a simple cocktail night at home with the family.

If you’re the type of person that likes to enjoy a peach sprite anyway, why not up the game a little with a Crown Royal peach and sprite cocktail mix that is delightful in taste and aromas. The whiskey is rich and the sprite is fresh!

12. Crown Apple And Cranberry

Apples and cranberries in general are refreshing, sweet, and tangy enough to satisfy any tastebuds, even the stubborn and hard-to-please ones! So, add whiskey to this mix, and you get a drink made from the gods above!

Crown Apple And Cranberry is a mix of two flavorsome drinks, it’s also one of the best and most popular Apple Crown drinks. Change the recipe up by mixing it with cranberry juice and other fall fruit flavors to experiment with something new.

13. Salted Caramel White Russian

You always hear about a drink called a White Russian in films, Tv shows, and books, right? But do you actually know what one is?

I’ve been curious to try it for years and let’s just say it was 100% worth the wait. It’s actually a drink made with vodka, (obviously), coffee liqueur, and cream that is served with ice in an old-fashioned glass.

Because what else would you use to serve a drink with a name like that? To make this cocktail you’ll need 1 ounce of Crown Royal salted caramel, 1 ounce of coffee liqueur, and 4 ounces of milk or cream, whichever you’d prefer. 

14. 3 Ingredient Apple Crown

This drink is almost identical to the Crown apple and cranberry cocktail above, except you’re going to have to add a few ounces of Sprite or another lemon and lime soda to give it that extra tangy flavor!

It doesn’t actually change the flavor all that much, but it gives it an extra added sweetness, unlike any other cocktails drink. And it masks that whiskey taste well for those who find it a tad bit too strong.

15. Whiskey Sour

All you’ll need to make this drink is your favorite bottle of Crown Royal, freshly squeezed lemon juice, ice, and pure maple syrup to thicken it up! If blackberry whiskey sour isn’t something that tickles your fancy, this might be a great substitute for you to try out and experiment with!

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16. Crown Royal Mimosa

This might be the easiest cocktail we’ve ever informed you of and all it takes is orange juice and champagne, do you think you can handle making that?

If so, follow along with the recipe to make it extra special and add any extra ingredients to really make it your own Crown Royal cocktail mix!

17. Crown Cold Brew

We’re not going to lie, when it comes down to it, you just can’t beat alcohol and coffee and this one will knock you clean out!

This one combines Crown Royal vanilla, coffee liqueur, amaretto, and 2 ounces of cold brew coffee. If you find you’re more of a black coffee drinker, feel free to use regular Crown Royal and leave out the addition of the amaretto this time, you can always try it out another time.

Final Thoughts

There really are countless possibilities when it comes to easy Crown Royal cocktails and we hope there is a recipe here that you want to take on and adapt into your own cocktail recipe books!

If so, which was your ultimate favorite? And if you can’t choose, why not take them all and use them on different occasions to impress every single member of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Crown Royal Good For Mixed Drinks?

Crown Royal is a Canadian-born whiskey, and for obvious reasons, it’s best served as it is, neat as the day it was made.

However, it’s amazing for mixing your own cocktail drinks and we’ve got the recipes above to prove that to you! The vanilla, brown sugar, and oaky notes in this whiskey work perfectly for cocktails.

What Is A Crown Royal Whiskey?

Crown Royal is actually a whiskey that was introduced in 1939 as a tribute to the royal tour of Canada of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

It was only available in Canada until 1964, then it was introduced to America in the 60s. To this date, it’s the most popular and well-known Canadian brand of whiskey in America.

What Is A Crown Royal Highball Cocktail?

This cocktail is actually the most classic and perfect way to use Crown Royal whiskey because of the earthy notes to the drink. It’s refreshing and pleasing to sip on and requires only two overall ingredients to pull off.

It originated around the turn of the 20th century but is still just as popular today because of how delicious it is.

17 Easy Crown Royal Cocktails

Crown Royal is a popular drink for its signature purple and gold velvet bag, but have you tried 17 of the easiest crown royal cocktails yet?


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