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Our Review Of Costco King Crab Legs

Quick Answer: Review Of Costco King Crab Legs

Luckily, we can say right away that Costco’s range of king crab legs is most definitely worth their hefty and significant price tag. Though they may not be affordable, they make for a totally incredible treat at a dinner party or social function that your guests will totally adore. In general, an average pack of Costco king crab legs tends to contain around 6 to 9 legs, which makes it perfect for serving large groups of people. In terms of value for money, the number of crab legs makes this package totally worth its slightly large price tag.

Costco is one of the best places to head for your groceries, thanks to how huge their stores are, and the vast and seemingly endless supply of things that they stock on their shelves.

But of all of the many exciting foods that they stock, easily one of the most exciting is the king crab legs!

But are the king crab legs actually worth their admittedly sizable price tag? They cost quite a hefty sum, so you will want to make sure that they are worth it, and that you cannot get the same elsewhere for a better price. 

Been pondering the prospect of purchasing some king crab legs of your own? Then you have come to the right place because we are going to find out once and for all whether they are worth the money!

Costco King Crab Legs - Worth The Money? - Shopping With Dave

How Do You Find King Crab Legs In Costco?

Now that you know just how amazing Costco’s range of king crab legs is, you’re likely feeling ready to grab a pack of your own to enjoy at home, right?

Great! But how are you possibly supposed to find such a specific product in a store as large and vast as Costco?

In order to find king crab legs at your local Costco, you will want to start by locating the fresh meat section of the store. Once you are there, all you need to then do is head to the smaller seafood section located within that section of the store. 

You will most likely find king crab legs stored directly alongside products such as scallops, lobster tails, and salmon. 

The availability of king crab legs can vary depending on the time of year, which affects how in-demand such foods are.

In periods of high demand for king crab legs, you can usually find them stored in the frozen seafood section, where they are stored in large ten-pound boxes which cost a very hefty sum.

What Do King Crab Legs Taste Like?

What Do King Crab Legs Taste Like?

One of the major things that may keep you from trying out Costco’s range of king crab legs, aside from its price, is the question of what they taste like!

You don’t want to spend countless dollars on king crab legs if you are not sure you would like them!

King crab legs have a rather sweet flavor that is complemented by some of its deeper and more meaty flavors that slowly spread across your palette as you bite into it. 

The meat of the crab legs is quite tender, and it quickly melts away in your mouth, making it very decadent. When paired alongside some butter sauce to dip into, king crab legs can make for a very exciting and rich treat for countless guests.

Costco’s own range of king crab legs definitely shows off the inherent flavor of the meat well, making it worth the money whether you are experiencing them for the first time, or for your hundredth time! 

How Should You Cook King Crab Legs?

Once you have purchased your king crab legs, you likely won’t be able to wait to experience the taste for yourself. Considering how positively we have spoken of its flavor, you’ll likely want to cook them just right to ensure they taste perfect. 

Luckily, Costco’s range of king crab legs is actually already cooked when you purchase them!

This is because king crab legs do not last long at all without being cooked, so it is beneficial for them to be cooked and then frozen for sale at stores like Costco. 

Before biting into your Costco king crab legs, you will want to make sure that they have thawed adequately. Leave the king crab legs in your refrigerator for around 8 hours before setting out to taste them.

This allows them to regain their perfect texture, while the refrigeration helps to keep the meat from spoiling, as it protects them from bacteria.

Once you have thawed your king crab legs, you can then choose how you want to consume the meat. Many people often choose to eat the meat cold, straight from the shell.

This can be done by cutting the shell open, which allows direct access to the meat. 

If you want to enjoy your king crab legs while they are hot, then you can cook them either with the meat removed from the shells or left where it is. 

There are actually numerous ways to cook king crab legs, but some of the most popular are boiling and grilling. 

To boil king crab legs, you will want to ensure that the meat is still in the shell, to keep it in place, and then allow the legs to boil in water for around 6 to 10 minutes. 

If you wish to grill your king crab legs, you can either remove the meat from the shell and then begin grilling, or leave the meat in the shell. From there, simply allow the leg meat to grill for around ten minutes.

This helps to give the meat a slightly smoky taste that pairs so amazingly well with the sweet taste of the crab meat!

To Wrap Up

Costco’s range of king crab legs comes at a very hefty price, which can leave many wondering whether they are worth the cost! Luckily, we can say with certainty that they are worth the cost.

The crab legs are of high quality, you receive a high number of them within the package, and they take well to being cooked in a number of ways!

Jess Smith