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15 Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You Can Try Tonight

We all love a good cookie, especially a chocolate chip one. Mint and chocolate makes an amazing combination, which is why they are so often combined.

Since mint has a distinct green color, mint chocolate chip cookies are a great treat to make for St Patrick’s Day or Christmas.

This article will cover a few different recipes for making these sweet and refreshing treats.

We’ll be including lots of classic cookie recipes as well as options for those who are gluten-free or vegan so that nobody gets left out of enjoying some homemade minty delicacies.

1. Double Mint And Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies double up on the mint and chocolate, with both mint and chocolate chips combined with Andes mint candies. The result is a soft cookie that has plenty of Chocolatey crunch in every bite.

The dough uses both brown and white sugar along with melted butter to achieve a crispy exterior with a soft center. You can make these in just 30 minutes, which makes them a great impromptu desert that you can whip up in no time at all.

2. Fresh Mint and Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can buy mint extract from the supermarket, but you can also make delicious cookies using fresh mint from your garden. That’s exactly what this recipe does with a soft, chewy dough that is infused with fresh mint leaves.

In order to do this, you will need to add your leaves to the butter and melt it down, so it absorbs the flavor. This recipe makes 12 cookies, which will cook in 11 minutes once you are done preparing the dough.

3. Green Minty Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Using green food coloring is a great way to decorate your cookies for St Patrick’s Day or Christmas. This recipe uses peppermint extract along with 10 drops of food coloring to make minty cookies that look amazing.

There is also an extra egg yolk added to the batter for making the end result extra chewy. These cookies take no time at all to cook, and you can be enjoying them in 18 minutes including prep.

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4. Vegan Thin Mint Cookies

This next one is for all our vegan readers, and therefore the recipes use soy milk and vegan butter in the dough.

There aren’t any chocolate chips, although you could easily add some to the batter, but instead these cookies are smothered in a thin layer of melted dark chocolate.

Both the melted chocolate drizzle and the cookie dough itself contains a healthy drop of peppermint oil for a minty zing that tastes absolutely wonderful. They take a bit longer in terms of prep, but are worth every minute for sumptuous vegan chocolate cookies.

5. St Patrick’s Day Chocolate Chip Cookies

These bright green cookies make the perfect treat for St Patrick’s Day, and they are incredibly easy to make. The color is achieved with food coloring, while the flavor is provided by a small teaspoon of mint extract added to the dough.

To get the perfect texture, it is a good idea to let your butter soften by placing it at the back of your oven for a few minutes before baking.

You can sandwich a blob of mint, chocolate ice cream between two of these cookies for a sweet treat that is perfect for any occasion.

6. Extra Chewy Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe uses corn starch and two types of sugar for an extra chewy center that is packed with peppermint flavoring.

The chips are made from smashed up chocolate bars, and you can use a mixture of white and dark chocolate to make every bite even more delicious.

You can make 18 to 20 cookies in just 30 minutes by following this recipe. Don’t worry if you can’t eat all of them, as they will keep for up to a week in an airtight container.

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7. Peppermint Slice

While this recipe is for a tray bake instead of cookies, it can be easily cut up into small squares for serving. Every mouthful is packed with chocolaty, minty goodness thanks to the crushed up chocolate bars that make up the topping.

This tray bake requires Aero bars, which are normally only sold in the UK. Don’t worry, though, you can easily replace this ingredient with normal mint chips or melted chocolate that has been infused with peppermint extract to get the same result.

8. Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies

These cookies have a unique swirling pattern that is achieved by rolling two slightly different dough together. One of the dough is infused with chocolate, which makes a dark brown spiral around the rim of the cookie.

The mixture is garnished with chips of smashed Andes candies, which add a lovely minty edge to each pinwheel. Sadly, you need to chill these cookies for two hours in the fridge before you can eat them, but once you taste them, you’ll be very happy you waited.

9. Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peppermint extract is much better for cookie baking than regular mint extract, since it has a much stronger flavor. The dough for these cookies is infused with peppermint and uses two different types of sugar to get the right consistency and flavor.

It is also peppered with both semi sweet and mint chocolate chips. This recipe makes 18 cookies in just 30 minutes, and you can store any left-overs in an airtight container for up to a week.

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10. Chocolate Mint Cookies

This is a recipe for extra chocolaty cookies uses chips and lots of cocoa to make a brilliant treat for enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee. They are covered in a minty glaze that adds a satisfying crunch.

The inside is beautifully soft and has a similar texture to fudge. It takes just half an hour to make 26 sumptuous cookies for you and your family.

11. Gluten-free Mint Chocolate Cookies

As well as being gluten-free, these cookies can also easily be made vegan by substituting a few of the ingredients. They have a soft, chewy center with a generous topping of mint chocolate chips.

You can even make some green toppings by melting down white chocolate with a few drops of food coloring and drizzling it over the top.

The one drawback is that you have to chill the cookie dough in the freezer for an hour before cooking, but once this is done, your cookies will be ready in just 12 minutes.

12. Minty Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are making treats for a small party or for everybody in your office, then this recipe yields 35 delicious minty chocolate cookies. With both peppermint extract and mint chocolate chips, these cookies are very refreshing and extra minty.

They have a deep brown coloring thanks to the use of both brown and white sugar. You will need to wait about 20 minutes for the cookies to cool once they are cooked, if you can resist them for that long.

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13. No Bake Mint Aero Traybake

This is another tray bake and while it isn’t a proper cookie, you won’t care once you taste it. If you live in the states, then you may have trouble getting hold of Aero bars, but you can replace them with Andes candies instead to get the same effect.

Crumbled digestive biscuits are used for the base, which adds plenty of crunch in every bite. Prep for this desert only takes ten minutes, but you will have to wait for it to set in the fridge for a minimum of two hours before you can tuck in.

14. Mint Slice

Again, they aren’t exactly cookies per se, but these mint slices truly are the next best thing.

They have a soft buttery biscuit base with a filling made from mint flavored icing and a topping of melted chocolate to tie everything together.

You will have to wait for them to set for up to two hours in the fridge, just like the other tray bakes we have covered in this list. However, once you bite into them, you will find every mouthful well worth the wait.

15. Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies

These cookies have a deliciously soft center thanks to the addition of two eggs and softened butter. You will need to buy mint chocolate chips for this recipe, which are light green and look great against the dark brown dough.

Following this recipe, you can make 32 cookies in 25 minutes, which makes this a great dessert for a party. Don’t worry if you can’t eat them all, as these cookies will keep for up to a week sealed in an airtight container.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Soften Butter?

Many of the recipes on this list call for softened butter, which is very easy to make by gently heating your butter before mixing it into the dough.

You can do this by placing the butter in a bowl and putting it at the back of your oven while it heats up. Watch out not to leave it for too long, or it may melt.

Can I Use Fresh Mint In Cookies?

If you want to use fresh mint leaves from your garden instead of peppermint extract, then you can do so very easily. All you have to do is melt your butter down on a low heat and add your mint leaves in to simmer.

Afterward, you will need to strain the butter to remove the leaves. Make sure to squeeze the leaves while doing this to get as much of the butter off as possible.

What Is The Difference Between Peppermint And Regular Mint Extract?

You can buy peppermint or normal mint extracts from most grocery stores. The main difference between the two is that peppermint extract has a much stronger flavor.

This makes it much better for use in recipes as only a few teaspoons are needed to give your whole recipe a refreshing minty taste.

Final Thoughts

Mint chocolate chip cookies make a great dessert for St Patrick’s Day or Christmas. Even if there isn’t a special occasion to celebrate, there is nothing better than a refreshingly minty treat now and again.

So why not give any of these recipes a try, some of them are so fast you could even make them tonight. Trust me, you won’t regret it if you do.

15 Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Tuck into these delicious mint chocolate chip cookies, with 15 tantalizing recipes you could make tonight with just a few ingredients and a little time.


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