Can You Freeze Pizza (And For How Long)

Mmm, Pizza! Everyone loves a good slice of pizza. Whether freshly handmade yourself, ordered at an Italian restaurant or ordered from a Dominos takeout, it tastes delicious, is incredibly filling, and is easy to share between friends. 

The trouble with pizza is getting your hands on some truly fresh tasting and delicious pizza every time.

Some nights you just won’t have the energy to go through the arduous steps to make your own pizza or some nights you may find yourself with massive piles of leftover pizza from Papa Johns.

Can You Freeze Pizza (And For How Long)

Many people, in an effort to curb such problems, have asked whether it is a good idea to freeze a pizza.

Can you freeze pizza? Does it affect the flavor and the texture? How long can you put some pizza in the freezer?

These are all common questions that we often find being asked by many an avid pizza lover, and we think you guys deserve some concrete answers. So let’s find out, together, whether you can freeze a pizza, and how long you can expect to be able to do it for! 

Can You Freeze Pizza?

It is perfectly safe, and valid, to freeze a pizza! Whether it is freshly made, leftover from another night, or bought right from your local grocery store, your pizza can easily be placed in the freezer.

However, obviously, pizzas can vary quite widely in size, and they are very often very large. This could pose a problem for some, especially those with small freezers.

However, if your freezer is too small, what you can instead do is divide your leftover or fresh pizza into individual slices, and then place a number of those slices into individual bags, for easier and more convenient storage. 

If you are freezing pizza, you should ensure that it is wrapped tightly in some kind of protective material, such as aluminum foil or plastic wrap, so that it is able to retain its structural integrity and stay as fresh as possible.

How Long Can You Freeze a Pizza For?

You can freeze a pizza for as long as you see fit, which makes it very convenient to plan ahead for events or pizza nights. However, if you want your pizza to taste as fresh as possible right out of the freezer, then you should aim to eat it within a month of freezing. 

The freezing process involves tightening the bonds of the cells in food items, which is how they are able to become solid and rigid.

This tightening of bonds slightly alters the consistency and texture of certain foods, which can lead to certain foods feeling and tasting worse after thawing. If you want your pizza to avoid the effects of the freezing process, then ensure you consume it within a month of freezing.

Can You Freeze Pizza Dough?

Yes. You can freeze pizza dough. It is best to do it once it has been freshly made so that it can retain its freshness throughout the freezing process. Pizza dough can keep much more effectively in the freezer than a full pizza.

However, even though pizza dough can keep well in the freezer, it will still degrade slightly if placed in the freezer for too long. Freezing pizza dough causes the bonds in the cellular structure of the dough to shift around, which changes the texture slightly.

The longer the dough is left in the freezer, the lower its textural quality will be. Pizza chefs recommend that you don’t store pizza dough in a freezer for more than four months. 

Can You Refreeze a Pizza That Has Been Thawed?

Yes. You can refreeze pizza that has been thawed. However, you should be wary that refreezing a food item that has already been fully thawed can significantly impact the quality of that product.

Whenever food freezes and thaws, the bonds in the cells of the food are made to shift about. If you were to continually freeze, thaw, and refreeze a pizza, then you would notice that its texture changes massively. It will likely become chewy and unappetizing.

You should aim to only ever refreeze something one time once it has been thawed. This will impact the flavor, but not quite as much as it would if you were to refreeze a pizza once more.

Can You Freeze Pizza

Can You Refreeze Pizza Dough That Has Been Thawed?

Again, yes, you can refreeze pizza dough that has been thawed, but its texture and taste will be significantly impacted. You may even find that the pizza dough does not rise properly when cooked. Thus it is generally best to use pizza dough either fresh or thawed once.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you have no choice but to refreeze some pizza dough, you should instead seek to bake it into a full pizza first, before freezing it again, to give it a new lease of life.

To Conclude

Pizza tastes great no matter when or how you have it. But if it has been frozen and thawed multiple times, then you might likely find its taste or texture has been impacted for the worst.

Generally, it is perfectly fine to place a pizza into the freezer, for later usage, but you should try to only do it once and to consume it within 1 month of freezing so that it tastes as close to fresh as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Reheat Leftover Pizza?

Taken some leftover pizza out from the freezer or the refrigerator? Want to heat it up? Luckily, this is very easy. You can simply place the slices you want into a microwave, on a plate, and set them to warm up for about 2 minutes. This should get your slices to a comfortable temperature. 

What’s The Best Temperature To Reheat Pizza In The Oven?

If you want to use your oven to reheat some leftover pizza, you should set your oven to operate at around 350 degrees fahrenheit. This is the perfect temperature to make the pizza enjoyable to eat, while also causing the crust to crisp up again.

How Long Does Pizza Last In Fridge?

Leftover pizza that is placed into your refrigerator can last up to four days after being placed inside. This is ample time to consume it and make the most of it while it has still retained its taste.

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