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Can You Freeze Jello? (And Why It Won’t Go Hard)

Quick Answer

You can freeze Jello, however, this will not make it last any longer. It also will not harden due to the gelatine that is present. Once thawed, you may find that the gelatin which binds it all together has separated, so freezing Jello is not recommended.

Who doesn’t love Jello? It is often brightly colored, wobbly, and ever so satisfying to eat, no matter your age.

While children love to eat it due to its texture and sweetness – and the fact you can mold it into different shapes – as we get older, we might add in alcohol too.

Can You Freeze Jello?

Unfortunately, Jello does not have a very long shelf life. Once it has been made into a jelly-like texture, it is only likely to last a week. It does not matter how it has been stored either, airtight container or not.

For this reason, you might be wondering if you can freeze Jello to make it last longer. If you have a party coming up, nobody wants to be making Jello on the day. So, can you make it the day before and freeze it?

To make it last longer, freezing it will not make a difference. In this article we tell you what happens when you freeze Jello, and if you are going to, the best way to do it.

What Are The Different Types Of Jello?

Jello, or Jell-O, is a trademark of the company Kraft Heinz. The products in the Jell-O range refer to a collective of different gelatin based desserts.

However, because nobody refers to the food products as ‘Jell-O’, they have become known as ‘Jello’.  

Jello can often be bought as a premixed packet which includes a fruity flavored sugar and granulated gelatin mixture. All you have to do is add some boiling water to fully dissolve all of the mixture, and then let it cool and set.

What appears after it cools is wobbly and fruity Jello. It can also be used alongside real fruit, whipped cream, and yogurt – among other things – to create a delicious dessert.

Also, for a grown-up ‘drink’, you can add the mixture into cups along with alcohol to create ‘Jello shots’. 

Is It Okay To Freeze Jello?

Is It Okay To Freeze Jello?

While you can freeze Jello, you should not have high expectations. This is because even though it will do no harm to your health by freezing Jello, you might ruin the texture and how the Jello looks once it thaws.

Freezing Jello has no benefits. It will not make the Jello last any longer, so it will be best just to put it into an airtight container and leave it in the fridge. 

However, the good news is that Jello will not freeze into a solid once put into the freezer due to the gelatin. However, the freezer will damage the particles of gelatin which bind all of the Jello together.

Once thawed, the Jello will be slushy and gooey. When this happens, it is best just to throw it away. It is likely not to be suitable for consumption, as the texture will not be pleasurable. 

One way to freeze Jello is by doing it right at the beginning before it sets completely. We shall tell you how to do that below in a step-by-step guide.

Does Jello Last Longer When Frozen?

Freezing Jello does not make it last longer. The best way to keep it fresh for at least a week is to place it into an airtight container in the fridge. You can also use plastic wrap. 

Once you thaw frozen Jello it loses its texture and becomes a gooey mess. This will not happen in the fridge.

Obviously, if the Jello has cream or fruit added, its shelf life will be considerably shortened to a matter of days – if not hours. 

If the Jello is unopened, then take a look at the expiry date on the side of the packaging to see how long it will last for. 

One thing to note is to never leave Jello (unless it is a dry packet) out at room temperature. Always place it in the fridge, otherwise it will go bad quickly. 

What Is The Best Way To Freeze Jello?

If you really want to freeze Jello, there is a way, however, you will need to be creative. One of these ways is by making popsicles made out of Jello. Following the steps below will allow you to have frozen Jello. 

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Prepare The Water

Boil around one cup of water.

Step 2: Mix The Ingredients

In a bowl filled with a packet of Jello and a quarter cup of sugar, add in the boiling water. Stir the mixture until every single granule has been dissolved.

Step 3: Add Some Cold Water

Once you are happy with the clear mixture, add a cup of water to the mixture. It must be cold. Stir it all together. 

Step 4: Pour The Jello Into Popsicle Molds

Now is the time to pour the Jello mixture into popsicle molds or a silicone tray. If you are using the latter, keep an eye on the Jello mixture. Once it is beginning to set in the freezer, add a popsicle stick into the center.

Once the mixture has been put into the molds, put it into the freezer until frozen. 

Step 5: Thawing

It is easy to thaw Jello inside a popsicle mold. All you will need to do is place the mold under running water and allow the frozen Jello to loosen slightly. Once it has, you can enjoy the Jello popsicle.

However, if you have frozen ready made Jello, then there is no way of thawing it in a way to save it. It will become a gooey mess of different textures. So, for that reason, it is best to get rid of it. 

Final Thoughts

Jello is a wonderful thing to enjoy due to its wobbly consistency and fruity flavor. However, just like with a lot of food, sometimes we need to freeze or refrigerate leftovers – or we make food in advance.

When it comes to Jello, it is worth noting that while you can freeze Jello, there is absolutely no worth in doing so. Not only will thawing it cause the Jello to fall apart into a gloop-like mess, but freezing it will not make it last longer.

You can freeze Jello before it sets to create popsicles, but otherwise, just store Jello in an airtight container in the fridge. It will only last a week, so be quick!

Jess Smith