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Can You Cook Frozen Ground Turkey? (How To Do It)

When it comes to frozen food it can become confusing.

You need to know what is appropriate to freeze, how to freeze it to get the best results and how to thaw when defrosting.

Ground turkey is an ingredient which can create a variety of delicious dishes and in order to make that last people choose to freeze it.

But the real question is, can you cook frozen ground turkey? This article will be giving you all the answers.

Freezing Ground Turkey

Freezing ground turkey is one of the best things you can do as it creates no harm to the quality of the meat and can last as long as four months.

You will find many people buying ground turkey in bulk (especially during the Holidays) to save on money, so freezing your meat just goes hand in hand.

An unopened packet of ground meat can last in the refrigerator for a maximum of five days (only do this if you are sure it will be used within that time).

If your ground meat is cooked or has been previously opened, it can last in the refrigerator for up to two days.

It is important to note these times as waiting too long to freeze can ruin the quality of your turkey meat.

How To Freeze

There are several ways a person can freeze their ground turkey, however it is important for all to learn the correct ways of storing.

This is because improper storage can lead to your ground turkey being exposed to freezer burn.


A common misconception is that ground turkey does not have to be wrapped in a bag since it is already packaged up.

This is something you should avoid. Not all packages are completely airtight and before putting it in the freezer you have to be certain that the meat is secure. If not, this can lead to freezer burn.

The ideal way to store your unopened ground turkey is to wrap the packet in aluminum foil in order to provide that added airtight protection.


If your ground turkey is cooked, you want to make sure that it will taste just as good after being frozen.

In order to preserve its quality and its flavor, place the contents into a sealable container and secure shut.

How To Freeze Ground Turkey

You can choose to place this straight into the freezer or for extra security you can wrap the container in aluminum foil.

Another option is to place the ground meat into a Ziplock bag, making sure to remove any air, then seal and place in the freezer. This is an ideal option as it allows more space.

Is Cooking Frozen Ground Turkey Possible?

Have you ever made plans to prepare a meal but the next day realize you have forgotten to take the core ingredient out of the freezer?

Your first reaction is defeat, but with ground turkey your luck hasn’t completely ran out.

Yes, you are able to cook frozen ground meat, and here’s how!

You first need to take your ground turkey out of the freezer and place in a skillet. Pour a little water in the skillet with just enough to fill the bottom.

Whilst covering the skillet with a lid, bring this to a simmer. By doing this you are allowing your frozen ground turkey to steam and defrost.

Eventually you will notice the outside of your meat turning brown. Use a utensil to scrape away the brown parts and reveal the red meat, allowing this to cook.

Continue this until the ground turkey is not frozen anymore.

How To Defrost Ground Turkey

If you do remember to take your meat out of the freezer then you should know the correct way to defrost.

There are two ways of defrosting ground turkey: in the fridge; in the microwave.


The first way (and most common way) is to use the fridge. Simply take your ground turkey out of the freezer and place it into the fridge as it is.

This will thaw your frozen meat, taking at least 24 hours. Once out of the freezer, you should keep this in the fridge to use for no longer than two days to guarantee its freshness.


The second option is the microwave. This is not done by too many but is an option for those who are in a rush or are in need of their ground turkey today.

How To Defrost Ground Turkey

The process is as simple as it sounds. Simply remove the ground turkey from the freezer and place in the microwave, maximizing the heat or changing to ‘defrost’ mode.

Make sure to keep an eye on this as to not cook the turkey in the microwave. Once completely thawed, cook immediately.

Ground Turkey Inspiration

Looking for some inspiration? Below we will be listing some of our favorite ground turkey recipes to give you food lovers some ideas.

Turkey Tacos

Replace the traditional beef with turkey with these delicious turkey tacos. Fill your taco shells with ground turkey alongside your favorite Mexican- inspired fillings.

Ground Turkey Pasta Bake

Combine cooked pasta with ground turkey, tomato pasta sauce and cheese before placing in the oven to cook.

In the end, you will come out with a beautiful dish ready to share.

Turkey Meatballs

Try something different and make your own meatballs using ground turkey.

Simply squash your turkey into balls using your hands and bake to create your meatballs. You can serve this with spaghetti or just eat them as a light snack.

Final Thoughts

Ground turkey is a great food to have and there is so much to make with it. As well as this, it is efficient due to its ability to be cooked whilst frozen.

Make sure you are storing your meat correctly and store enough to make it last. Freezing your meat can varying depending on whether it has been opened, unopened or cooked.

Make sure that you are following the correct methods of storing to ensure a beautifully cooked turkey meal.

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