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27 Cajun Recipes To Spice Up Your Dinner Table With Healthy Choices

When you read about these great classics, you will want to try them all. Cajun recipes are a combination of French and Southern cuisines that comes come with ‘Holy Trinity’-onions, bell peppers, and celery,

You may not find Cajun dishes outside Louisiana, but when you read about them, they can place a bit of Cajun spice in your life and urge you to try them. It’s difficult not to love Cajun recipes that go beyond expectations.

Satisfy your craving for Cajun recipes with these 24 delicious and unforgettable recipes, and keep spreading the message about their unique savory delights.

Cajun Recipes Quick Table 

Recipe Calories Per ServingPreparation Time
Cajun Jambalaya4761 Hour 10 Minutes
Cajun Dirty Rice36930 Minutes
Cajun Shrimp Dip44535 Minutes
Hoppin’ John1151 Hour 5 Minutes
Boudin Balls3091 Hour 19 Minutes
Authentic New Orleans Gumbo4641 Hour 20 Minutes
Cajun Chicken Pasta78630 Minutes
Cajun Crab Dip15328 Minutes
Smothered Cabbage And Potatoes25645 Minutes
Cajun Red Beans Rice5961 Hour 50 Minutes
Cajun Black-Eyed Peas1501 Hour 10 Minutes
Cajun Sweet Potato Wedges13930 Minutes
Cajun Cauliflower Bites5045 Minutes
Smothered Chicken4952 Hours
Cajun Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts14920 Minutes
Cajun Shrimp And Grits47030 Minutes
Seafood Cajun Gumbo452130 Minutes
Cajun Roasted Cauliflower15350 Minutes
Louisiana Deviled Crab Cakes44740 Minutes
Cajun Onions11510 Minutes
Muffaletta Sandwiches5801 Hour
Cajun Potato Salad38430 Minutes
Cajun Garlic Aioli2655 Minutes
Cajun Fried Chicken171635 Minutes
Cajun-Style Fried Deviled Eggs10315 Minutes
Cajun Shrimp And Rice Casserole39350 Minutes
Crawfish Cajun Etouffee 17535 Minutes

1. Cajun Jambalaya

Jambalaya is the ultimate comfort food and the quintessential recipe of Louisiana cuisine.

What is more encouraging for food lovers is that it combines simple ingredients, including andouille sausage, chicken thighs, and shrimp, with rice. A lot of seasoning helps to add to the taste, and the flavor is incredible.

Jambalaya originated in New Orleans and was inspired by flavors worldwide. It’s spicy and hearty, and you can also add all types of ingredients, like crawfish, okra, or carrots, but cooked long grain rice and sausage with andouille is crucial.

Calories Per Serving: 476

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

2. Cajun Dirty Rice

“Dirty” rice is a Cajun classic that will transport you down to Louisiana with one bite. This flavor explosion is the true representative of Louisiana style and heritage and seasonings are the key ingredients of this recipe.

It combines the tempting flavors of the “Cajun Holy Trinity‘ with ground pork, beef, and minced chicken livers. Green bell pepper, garlic, onion, jalapeno, bay leaves, and plenty of Cajun spices make it nutritious and healthy.

You can experiment with this recipe, as cooking is about adapting a recipe to your personal preferences.

Calories Per Serving: 369

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

3. Cajun Shrimp Dip

This zesty appetizer is a tasty combination of veggies and shrimp in a cheesy and creamy base. It is a Louisiana specialty that is quick to throw together as a decadent party appetizer.

To bubbly perfection, it blends peppers, seasonings, shrimp, and three kinds of cheese. 

Each bite of creamy shrimp dip is packed with nutty cheese, and the Cajun spices, herbs, sweet bell pepper, and chunks give an incredible flavor. Serve it with sliced baguettes or crackers. It is a dream recipe for cheese and seafood lovers.

Calories Per Serving: 445

Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

4. Hoppin’ John

Hoppin’ John is one of the most loved Southern dishes, combining stewed beans, salt-cured meat, and the added Cajun flair from the ‘holy trinity’ of onion, bell pepper, and celery.

People enjoy this quintessential Christmas dish with cornbread and collard greens on New Year’s Day, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.

You can also use shortcuts to prepare this recipe, like canned black-eyed peas, canned chicken broth, frozen chopped onion, bell pepper, and celery, for easy and fast prep! 

Calories Per Serving: 115

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

5. Boudin Balls

The Boudin balls are a fantastic appetizer with a crispy outside and moist, savory inside. These are intensely flavorful and satisfying, and the taste is just as impressive.

Boudin Balls can win any game on the food table and are great for parties, snacking, or game day. Serve them with remoulade sauce for a tasty meal.

These are fried Cajun appetizers combining spicy pork and rice sausage. Add vegetables and Cajun seasoning for a mouth-watering flavor.

Calories Per Serving: 309

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 19 Minutes

6. Authentic New Orleans Gumbo

This homemade gumbo recipe has lots of fresh seafood and intense Cajun flavors. It is made with holy trinity veggies, dark stew from roux base, and proteins from andouille sausage, chicken, and seafood. 

The warm spices give it a deliciously bold taste of Louisiana cuisine. It takes a bit of time for preparation, but the wait is worth it as it comes out bursting with incredible flavors.

A weekend cooking is excellent to savor with rice. The rich goodness of New Orleans Gumbo is perfect and worth the time and effort.

Calories Per Serving: 464

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

7. Cajun Chicken Pasta

Cajun Chicken Pasta is a perfect dinner for those who prefer nutritious homemade pasta. This recipe is a sure dinner winner due to its delicious creamy Cajun sauce and delectable bites of tender pasta and chicken.

In addition, Cajun chicken pasta is the easiest dinner recipe you can customize with your choicest veggies and pasta to make it healthier. 

You can toss juicy chicken breasts in tender pasta and creamy Cajun garlic sauce for a quick dinner. Then, enjoy it with homemade breadsticks, salad, or rolls.

Calories Per Serving: 786

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

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8. Cajun Crab Dip

This quick and easy Cajun recipe pairs well with any dipper. Lump crab meat, Cajun seasoning, and a blend of cheeses harmonize for a perfect party dip. You can spice up any party with this ultimate dip, ready in less than 30 minutes.

Then, sprinkle the extra cheese on top to get a nice and bubbly flavor. Serve it with crackers, celery, crusty bread, or tortilla chips for crispy bites.

Crab dip is so delicious that you would love to spoon it hot into your mouth. Enjoy this crabby appetizer delight with your family for a perfect start to the party.

Calories Per Serving: 153

Preparation Time: 28 Minutes

9. Smothered Cabbage And Potatoes

Smothered Cabbage and Potatoes is a simple side dish with two winter staple vegetables- cabbage and potatoes. It is full of flavor and goes great with chicken or pork. You can also serve it with cornbread as a main dish.

Simmer the chopped green cabbage and diced potatoes with onion, butter, and chicken broth until the potatoes are soft.

When most of the liquid has evaporated, the remaining liquid full of juices and flavor is one of the best-tasting things ever. Cajun seasoning and bacon give incredible flavor to the recipe.

Serve this epitome of comfort with cornbread.

Calories Per Serving: 256

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes

10. Cajun Red Beans Rice

The thick and creamy red bean rice meal is the perfect comfort food that needs no cuts. You don’t use canned beans, a crock-pot, or a pressure cooker. Instead, the tender beans cooked just right are served with rice and smoky andouille sausage.

Simmer the spiced beans in a pot. Add smoked andouille sausage, celery, onions, and bell peppers. Serve red beans with rice for a sumptuous meal.

It is an infinitely satisfying recipe that works as a simple weeknight meal or a hearty weekend side dish. It is the perfect meal to fill up the bellies of your hungriest partygoers.

Calories Per Serving: 596

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

11. Cajun Black-Eyed Peas

Try this recipe out for loads of luck on New Year’s Day. Then, add a splash of hot pepper sauce for a little more kick. 

You need six ingredients to prepare a super easy but delicious recipe for loads of luck on New Year’s Day. Then, spice it up with a splash of hot pepper for a little more kick.

You only use bacon, black-eyed peas, chicken broth, hot sauce, Cajun seasoning, and a bay leaf to create the magic in under 30 minutes. It is also the preferred recipe for Mardi Gras or an easy weeknight dinner. 

Serve it with Swiss chard sauté and basmati rice.

Calories Per Serving: 150

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

12. Cajun Sweet Potato Wedges

Are you tired of the same old baked sweet potato? Try easy and flavorful sweet potato wedges for your weekly dinner rotation.

You can toss the creamy sweet potatoes in a spicy seasoning blend and roast them to crispy perfection. Scallion-Lime sauce for dipping makes these even better.

You can also coat the potatoes with spicy Cajon seasoning, which can stay in over for just five minutes. Sweet potatoes are a nutritious snack filled with fiber and potassium.

These are great snacks to make your picnic memorable. Season them with a homemade herb and spice mix and serve with burgers, brats, meatloaf, or baked chicken.

Calories Per Serving: 139

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

13. Cajun Cauliflower Bites

Cauliflower is a versatile option for preparing a gluten-free appetizer and a nutritious low-carb meal. From pizza crusts to crackers, the versatile cauliflower is everywhere.

These Cajun Cauliflower Bites are perfect game-day eats for a fun afternoon with friends. First, dip fresh cauliflower in fresh eggs, crispy bread crumbs, and Romano cheese. Then, add Cajun seasoning and herbs to kick the cauliflower bites to the next level. 

It is easy to prepare with less than ten ingredients for the perfect plant-based anytime appetizer.

Calories Per Serving: 50

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes

14. Smothered Chicken

Smothered Chicken is Southern food, a classic Soul Food dish- ethnic cuisine. Smother the juicy pan-fried chicken thighs in gravy and cook slowly until the Chicken falls off the bone.

It is a rich dish that is perfectly seasoned. It is the most delicious comfort food and family favorite that has been around for centuries. You would like to make this every single night!

This authentic recipe makes the best-Smothered Chicken you might have ever tried. It is made with a unique technique that makes the smothered food the party favorite. Serve with mashed potatoes or cooked rice.

The ideal dinner, best served over a bed of mashed potatoes or cooked rice!

Calories Per Serving: 495

Preparation Time: 2 Hours

15. Cajun Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts multi-dimensional and delicious and is an excellent way to spice up your menu. The pan-fried Brussels are addictive and perfect as a side dish for any holiday meal. 

Sprouts are charred from the outside and so tender from the inside, making them gourmet-quality keepers. Once you try them, you will never try any other version, and they will find a permanent place in your party menu. 

To balance the flavors, squeeze lemon juice at the end and serve alongside baked Chicken, pork chops, or grilled steak to complete a perfect meal.

Calories Per Serving: 149

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

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16. Cajun Shrimp And Grits

The creamy and soul-satisfying Cajun Shrimp and Grits is a decadent, rich meal full of flavor. Topped with juicy, bold, and spicy, Cajun-seasoned Shrimp, Shrimp, and grits make a whole savory meal, great for a holiday brunch or a weeknight dinner.

Ensure you prepare Shrimp and grits before serving them, as they can harden quickly. The recipe has crispy bacon and the Cajun shrimps to satisfy hunger and grits to pull the meal together.

To make the grits cheesy, add shredded white cheddar and use andouille sausage for Cajun flavor.

Calories Per Serving: 470

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

17. Seafood Cajun Gumbo

The intensely rich yet delicate, delightful seafood Gumbo is perfect for a chilly day. The classic Cajun seafood is full of Shrimp and crab with a good spicy kick, and nothing can beat a warm bowl of gumbo.

Seafood gumbo also combines Shrimp, oysters, red snapper, and Louisiana blue crab, making it a classic South Louisiana dish. 

Gumbo makes Louisiana cuisine popular. Famous as seafood, but you can also use Chicken, duck, or sausage.

The recipe also features the holy trinity with okra, Shrimp, and spicy seasoning. The leftovers will be as tasty the next day- so relax and enjoy the classic Louisiana cuisine.

Calories Per Serving: 452

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

18. Cajun Roasted Cauliflower

If you want to relish the delicious flavors of cauliflower, roast it at high heat. The roasted cauliflower recipe needs only a handful of staple ingredients and just minutes to prepare a perfect, healthier option to the traditional Cajun recipe

Remember that roasting the cauliflower is crucial because that gives the cauliflower the flavor you love.

Use your favorite Cajun seasoning blend for the seasoning. In addition, you can combine orange flavor and white florets to add a little sweetness to the recipe.

Use hummus, salsa, or guacamole for dipping Cajun roasted cauliflower, but it can also go with anything like garlic dressing.

Calories Per Serving: 153

Preparation Time: 50 Minutes

19. Louisiana Deviled Crab Cakes

The excellent savory little cakes appetizer is flavored with the ‘holy trinity’ of Cajun cooking-onion, green bell pepper, and celery, making it a light course or a tempting appetizer. Serve them with coleslaw, a green salad, or French bread.

This recipe is excellent for lovers of crab cakes who don’t like the high cost of crab meat. Instead, they’re made with baked imitation crab meat for a great healthy, and nutritious flavor.

Serve with fresh lemon wedges, tartar sauce, or Thousand Island dressing for a delicious start to the party.

Calories Per Serving: 447

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

20. Cajun Onions

Soft and caramelized from the bottom up, the crispy Cajun onion strings with spicy dipping sauce are just delicious and addictive to eat.

Sprinkle the thickly sliced onions with salt, cayenne, and black pepper, top with herb and infused olive oil, and bake. 

When these onion strings pile on a juicy burger or you use them as a crunchy topping for your favorite casserole recipe, they are hard to resist.

The spicy dipping sauce pairs perfectly with onion strings and makes a condiment for your burger or sandwich, and the soothing soft, rich sound dish will melt in your mouth.

Cajun onions make an excellent snack, appetizer, or topper for a burger. Serve with pork chops.

Calories Per Serving: 115

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

21. Muffaletta Sandwiches

Olive salad is the star of the New Orleans Muffaletta. The bread in Muffaletta holds the olive salad, cheese, meats, and other ingredients to give you a delicious bite.

For Muffaletta, you must prepare a perfect olive salad by dicing the green and olives and the gardineria, chopping the parsley, and mincing garlic and clove. Then, combine this salad with mortadella, salami, capicola, and Swiss cheese. 

Bread is the other key factor for preparing a fantastic Muffaletta sandwich, so make sure you have an excellent dense bread to soak the olive from the homemade salad.

Then, arrange the layers of olive salad, meats, and cheeses, and cut and serve this Cajun classic.

Calories Per Serving: 580

Preparation Time: 1 Hour

22. Cajun Potato Salad

Creamy, crunchy, spicy Cajun Potato Salad is packed with boiled eggs, the holy trinity of Cajun cuisine, creamy dressing, and simple homemade Cajun seasoning. This perfect picnic favorite is irresistible.

Potato salads are a great way to explore new ingredients and spices and use your potato salad tricks. To add a little kick to your potato salads, use some cayenne pepper or top with some fresh green onions.

Using vegan mayonnaise is another great trick for a luscious potato salad! You can enjoy Cajun potato salad warm or chilled for a delicious treat, and it gets better the longer it rests in the fridge.

Calories Per Serving: 384

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

23. Cajun Garlic Aioli

Zesty and spicy, Cajun garlic aioli sauce is slightly spicy, packed with abundant flavors, and is an excellent spread that goes great on ANYTHING! 

You will love it for sandwiches, fries, burgers, chicken sandwiches, burgers, Shrimp, onion rings, Shrimp, tacos, Brussels sprouts, crab cakes, poke bowls, roasted potatoes, chicken wings, or anything that needs a dip or a sauce. 

Cajun seasoned, the mayonnaise-based sauce comes together in a few minutes with essential ingredients from your fridge and spice cabinet.

Additionally, it’s simple and easy to put together in less than 15 minutes. It will make the onion rings, French fries, or shrimp skewers even more delicious.

Calories Per Serving: 265

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

24. Cajun Fried Chicken

The mouth-watering fried chicken is a classic Cajun recipe that is crusty and crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The flavorful fried chicken is infused with Cajun spices and seasonings.  

Soaking the chicken in buttermilk makes it tender and moist and elevates the flavor. Buttermilk also helps the coating stick to the chicken to make the fried chicken crispy.

Fried chicken is a famous warm-weather dinner that pairs nicely with onion rings, fries, and iced tea. If you are a first-time fryer, you will love to try on this delicious, satisfying, and easy recipe.

Calories Per Serving: 1716

Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

25. Cajun-Style Fried Deviled Eggs

This delightful finger food includes a spicy filling of Cajun seasoning, the hot sauce of your choice, and dill pickle relish. Then, with a sprinkle of smooth-soaked paprika, they combine for a zesty kick.

Finally, toss a crisp breading with a gumbo file, pepper, and salt to coat the crispy deviled eggs. 

The cheese and panko breadcrumbs mixture forms a fried crispy coating of these deviled eggs for a crunchy bite.

The softness of egg whites and the creaminess of the dill-spiked filling make a Cajun-flavored tempting appetizer that you can try anytime and are perfect for serving at parties or holidays.

Calories Per Serving: 103

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

26. Cajun Shrimp And Rice Casserole

This simple blend of shrimp, rice, peppers, onions, Cajun seasoning, and roasted diced tomatoes will bring a bit of spice to your dinner rotation.

The smoky roasted tomatoes from the fire roasting process add an excellent flavor to the recipe, and sea salt further helps bring the tomatoes taste.

This hearty seafood casserole gets its Cajun flair from adding okra, bell peppers, and cayenne pepper. Shrimp and rice casserole are an excellent choice for a special occasion meal.

The delicious one-pan family favorite meal is easy and ready to serve in about 50 minutes.

Calories Per Serving: 393

Preparation Time: 50 Minutes

27. Crawfish Cajun Etouffee

This classic and easy Cajun crawfish Etouffee recipe is loaded with meaty crawfish tails smothered in rich gravy with spices and fresh herbs.

Crawfish are a staple in Southern cuisine, making this dish the perfect way to help your friends and family enjoy it without getting the boiling equipment out.

Spend time preparing this classic Cajun culture dish to let it cook properly; this easy dish is sure to impress. Serve it over rice; it is even better when served with hot garlic French bread.

Crawfish Etouffee is huge in flavor and easy to make.

Calories Per Serving: 175

Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Cajun Food Special?

Onions, celery, and bell peppers are Cajun cuisine’s ‘holy trinity.’ They are called the holy trinity as they form the foundation of many dishes, including gumbo, rice dressing, and Boudin.

These dishes are the most iconic treats of Louisiana. Pork, fish, and shellfish are the backbone of Cajun cuisine.

What Makes Cajun Taste?

Cajun seasonings are the main ingredients to make the Cajun recipe taste so good. The seasoning consists of a blend of salt with a variety of spices.

The most common Cajun spices are cayenne pepper and garlic. Cayenne pepper lends spicy heat to Cajun recipes, while other flavors come from bell pepper, paprika, green onions, parsley, and more.

How Would You Describe Cajun Food?

Cajun food is a rustic and robust food that is a combination of French and Southern cuisines. It is found along the bayous of Louisiana.

People who migrated from Nova Scotia about 250 years ago brought this cuisine to Louisiana from the French.

27 Cajun Recipes To Spice Up Your Dinner Table With Healthy Choices

Spice up your dinner table with classic Cajun and Creole recipes with certain flavors and dishes.


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