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The Best 33 Sweet And Savory Breakfast Spread For Tastier Toast

Who doesn’t love toast for breakfast? The problem comes with choosing what you want to spread on your toast. Luckily you have plenty of awesome options you can choose from. 

The breakfast spreads for tastier toast are Anko, ricotta and honey, sweet soy butter, sprat pate, molasses and tahini, Dulce de leche, plantain spread, etc. 

You should never underestimate the humble slice of toast. It has a golden brown and crispy top that is perfect for holding any toppings you want. This breakfast spread for tastier toast will be sure to brighten your day.

Breathtaking 33 Breakfast Spread For Tastier Toast: Quick Table

RecipeCalories per ServingTotal Preparation Time
Tahini and Molasses434 15 Minutes
Ricotta And Honey33 10 Minutes
Plantain Spread2152 Minutes
Anko222 10 Minutes
Gochujang30 4 Hours
Sprat Pate782 25 Minutes
Peanut Butter And Jelly1062 Minutes
Sweet Soy Butter190 15 Minutes
Condensed Milk1205 Minutes
Olive Paste685 Minutes
Dulce De Leche3151 Minute 
Amlou19015 Minutes
Kaya61 10 Minutes
Msabacha294 15 Minutes
Pan Con Tomate1105 Minutes
Salata De Vinete165 20 Minutes
Shito275 10 Minutes
Lardo2515 Minutes
Bombay Sandwich Chutney26710 Minutes
Liptauer20510 Minutes
Mashed Avocado And Poached Egg 59820 Minutes
Honey64 2 Minutes
Nutella152 15 Minutes
Nut Butter104 15 Minutes
Yogurt10315 Minutes
Hummus77 5 Minutes
Chocolates204 5 Minutes
Berries And Goat Cheese136 20 Minutes
Cheddar Cheese 402 5 Minutes
Honey, Banana, And Peanut Butter270 10 Minutes
Sliced Peaches, Ground Flaxseed, And Cinnamon With Cream Cheese23815 Minutes
Compound Butter43 10 Minutes
Aioli173 15 Minutes

1. Tahini And Molasses

It gets boring when you keep applying butter to your toast. You should get creative and try new spreads like molasses and tahini. 

In some countries, people mix nutty tahini with something sweet like honey; in others, they mix it with molasses-like syrup. For better results, mixing 30 grams of tahini and the same amount of molasses would be best. 

You will then slather it on your toast and add butter on top. However, you can substitute the butter with kaymak and drizzle your walnuts over the toast for a richer taste. 

Having this delicacy with hot coffee will guarantee you a delightful day. 

Calories Per Serving: 434

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

2. Honey And Ricotta

Who doesn’t love a sweet morning with a yummy breakfast? One way to make breakfast sweet is to spread your crunchy toast with ricotta and honey. 

In Italy, the most common ricotta is sheep ricotta. Once you taste it, you cannot resist having it again. Most people spread it on their toast and sprinkled sugar or coffee grounds

However, in the United Kingdom, cow ricotta is the most common. It would be best to use approximately 300 grams of ricotta if you want to make four slices of toast. 

The best combination for ricotta is honey. It adds sweetness to your toasts. You can also nut for a tastier breakfast.

Calories Per Serving: 33

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

3. Plantain Spread

When we were kids, we enjoyed eating ripe plantain. One day my mother decided to use it to spread our toasts. I still remember its sweet mouth-watering taste

The best thing about this spread is that it makes your breakfast healthy

The first step is choosing ripe plantains. Afterward, you will fold your plantains in foil and roast them at 200 C for a minimum of two hours. 

You will then mash it with cinnamon and put any sweetener. It would be best to use honey as it is natural. Spread this to your toast and have the breakfast you have never had. 

Calories Per Serving: 215

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes

4. Anko

Anko is a red bean jam that you can use for various uses. It is an East Asian cuisine that you would love to have on your toast. In Japan, they serve it on thick toast with toppings of butter. 

Is there any perfect combination for your toast other than that? 

The unique beany flavor that it has is what makes the match heavenly. The good thing about Anko is that preparing it does not need any special skills. However, you should make it ahead of time since it takes time to make it. 

You can make it overnight, store it in the fridge and apply it to your toast in the morning. In addition, it would be best to use plumper beans when making your Anko as it makes your Anko smoother. 

Calories Per Serving: 222

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

5. Gochujang

Gochujang is a good place to start if you have not tried the Korean cuisine. The name might make you think it is complex, but it is just fermented chili paste. The best part is that it is simple to prepare. 

You can fold your sweet, savory gochujang into butter and slather it on your toast. You can add the marmite to take the deliciousness to another level. 

The marmite’s soy-sauce-like flavor goes perfectly with gochujang spicy earth notes. Having your toast with this spread and accompanying them with hot cappuccino coffee will burst the umami flavors in your mouth.  

Calories Per Serving: 30

Preparation Time: 4 Hours

6. Sprat Pate

The best way to have a savory breakfast is by having crunchy toast with sprat pate spread. It is an easy-to-make spread that you will love to have on your toast. It combines sprat, butter, eggs, and cheese perfectly. 

You will first drain the sprats in vegetable oil when making this spread. However, you can substitute it with sardines if you do not have sprat. 

You will mix it with boiled eggs and mayonnaise and then mash them until they are smooth. You will put lime and any of your favorite seasonings for more taste. You can also include cheddar and dill in the mix. 

Calories Per Serving: 82

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

7. Jelly And Peanut Butter

When you think about having your toasts, what spread comes to your mind first? Once you try the peanut butter and jelly spread, you wouldn’t want to try any other. You can be sure that it will give you a delightful breakfast

No perfect combination will go to your crunchy toast than peanut butter and jelly. It is simple, fast to prepare, and drool-worthy on your toast. 

It would be best to start applying butter and followed by jelly afterward. It allows all fats in the peanut butter to start melting.

Calories Per Serving: 106

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes

8. Sweet Soy Butter

Having a sweet, delightful breakfast is all about creativity. You will never go wrong with this topping as your breakfast spreads for a tastier toast

This spread will send a sensational tickle to your taste bud that you want to have all the time. Sweet soy butter has a flavor like caramel and an aroma like nutty sesame. 

For one slice, mix one tablespoon of sugar and mirin with half a teaspoon of soy sauce and microwave until boiling. You will apply half of the soy mix to your buttered toast and grill the toast again until the soy starts to caramelize. 

Afterward, take your toast out from the grill and apply the remaining sweet soy mix. You can dress your toast with sesame seeds for more flavor. 

Calories Per Serving: 190

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

9. Condensed Milk

You may think, condensed milk on toast! It might seem odd, but you will be surprised at how good it is. 

Condensed milk dates back to colonial rule and the upheaval of the second world war that left the wider south-east Asia with a love of condensed milk

They would add it to their tea, use it as a dessert or spread it on their toast. It became a perfect spread for a crunchy toast that people use up to date. 

Calories Per Serving: 120

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

10. Olive Paste

Do you prefer salty or sugary recipes? The olive paste will become your favorite spread on your crunchy toast if you are a fan of salty, punchy flavors. 

The good thing about olive paste is that it is simple to prepare and fast. In addition, you will not need many ingredients. 

To make this spread, you will mix destoned brined olives with sun-dried tomatoes. You will then add red vine vinegar, garlic, and dried oregano for more flavor. 

Once you are done with the paste, spread it on your toast and enjoy it with hot coffee for a delightful breakfast. You can add toppings like cherry tomatoes or anchovy filet. 

Calories Per Serving: 68

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

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11. Dulce De Leche

One of the obsessions of South Americans is dulce de leche, nicknamed milk jam. This breathtaking caramelly amalgam of milk and sugar is a match from heaven that no one can resist.

It gets further flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, honey, or chocolate to take its deliciousness to a new level of obsession. 

The downside of this spread is that it takes time for you to make it and is tedious. However, it will be worth all your time and effort. 

Therefore, it would be better to make it overnight and tear it in the fridge if you want to have it in the morning for breakfast. Spread it on your toast and enjoy the awesome sweetness that comes with it. 

Calories Per Serving: 315

Preparation Time: 1 Minute

12. Amlou

Amlou is a Moroccan cuisine that is almond-based and has a nutty, earthy taste that is perfectly balanced with honey. It is a classic way to have your toast for breakfast. It will give your toast a sweet-savory taste that will tickle your taste buds. 

What you will love about this spread is its simplicity in making it. You will not even spend more than ten minutes preparing it.

You will combine almond butter, Moroccan argan oil, clear honey, and a pinch of salt into a food processor and mix everything. You can be sure that this spread will make your toast tastier. 

Calories Per Serving: 190

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

13. Kaya

Kaya is one of the most delicious and healthy spreads on your toast. Its simplicity is what separates it from the other spread. Making it is effortless, and will take a few minutes to finish preparing it.

This coconut jam is famous in south-east Asia, and people believe that it is the creation of Hainanese chefs’ creation who were British colonial bosses’ employees. 

Adding butter and yolk to make your kaya is the best way to add extra richness. You can enjoy your tasty toast with kaya spread by dipping it into runny, soft-boiled eggs with pepper and soy sauce seasonings.

Calories Per Serving: 61

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

14. Msabacha

If you want to try cuisines from the Middle East, msabacha is one you should try. You will not have to worry about its preparation since it is simple and fast to make. 

In addition, it requires a few ingredients, which you can get easily. Spreading msabacha to your toast will give it a drool-worthy taste that you will love. 

Originally, people ate it with pitta. However, they started spreading it on toast and sandwiches. You will prepare this mouth-watering spread by mixing chopped garlic clove and deseeded green chili into lemon juice. 

You can add cooking water to loosen the mixture. It is best taken when fresh and warm. 

Calories Per Serving: 294

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

15. Pan Con Tomate

Pan con Tomate is a Spanish cuisine that you can be sure to enjoy with your toast. It is an easy-to-make spread that requires few ingredients and less effort. 

Pan con Tomate combines garlic clove and ripe tomatoes drizzled with seas-salt and olive oil. 

An alternative to using very ripe tomatoes is grating the tomatoes you have and spreading your tomatoes on your bread. 

When you use low-quality tomatoes, it would be best not to deseed them but instead allow the tomatoes to sit in oil and salt. It will help develop the flavor.

Calories Per Serving: 110

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

16. Salata De Vinete

When you visit Romania, it is a tradition to serve a savory breakfast. Adding this Romanian spread to your crunchy toast will give you the best savory breakfast. 

You can be sure that your simple breakfast will turn into a mini feast. The good news is that it is simple to make.

You will cook aubergine in a pan while regulating the heat until it becomes soft. You will allow it to cool, place it in a bowl and stir in sunflower oil of about 25ml. 

You will also add red onion and keep stirring until everything incorporates smoothly. For more flavor, you can add seasonings like salt, pepper, or cider vinegar.

Calories Per Serving: 165

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

17. Shito

One time I visited my grandmother in Ghana, I had the best toast. She spread the crunchy, crispy toast with shito. The umami flavor melted in my mouth, giving my taste buds a savory ticklish feeling.

Shito is an umami chili sauce that you can easily make with smoked prawns and dried fish. The alluring sight of your toast with this spread will leave you drooling. Shito gives your toast a perfect combination of sweetness and hot bitter taste.

Calories Per Serving: 275

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

18. Lardo

One benefit of raising pigs is that it provides you with something called lardo. Lardo is a cured pork fat that is a perfect spread for your toast. This mouth-watering spread will melt on your toast taking its deliciousness to a new level. 

The best part of this spread is it will require minimal effort, time, and few ingredients. You will need rindless lardo, parsley, and white spring onions.

You will put all the ingredients in the food processor and blend them until the mixture is smooth. It would be best to serve your lardo on a warm toast. Despite its robustness, it will feel light on your mouth since it melts with every bite. 

Calories Per Serving: 25

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

19. Bombay Sandwich Chutney

Originally, people used Bombay sandwich chutney in their sandwiches. However, they started using it as a spread on their toasts, which did not disappoint. 

It even tasted better on a crunchy toast than on a sandwich. The fresh flavor with chili kick makes it the perfect match for your crispy toast. 

The bonus for this spread is that it is simple and fast to prepare. It combines coriander, mint leaves, ginger, spring onions, lime juice, hot green chili, and salt.

You will put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend them until they are in paste form. Having this savory toast with hot coffee will be the perfect way to start your day. 

Calories Per Serving: 267

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

20. Liptauer

Almost everyone in Central Europe serves different variations of this cheese bread. It has a sharp and spicy flavor that will make your toast tastier. 

Originally, people served it on black bread or schwarzbrot, but you will never go wrong spreading this mouth-watering Liptauer on your crispy toast. 

Once you spread it on your toast, you will not want anything else on your toast. When I started making my Liptauer, I was surprised at its simplicity. 

You will start by mixing fresh cheese with sour cream and unsalted butter until the mixture smoothens. 

You will then add chopped capers, smooth mustard, crushed cumin seeds, black pepper, sea salt, diced pickled gherkins, and sweet paprika for more flavor. It would be best to allow it settle for one hour before spreading it on your toast.

Calories Per Serving: 205

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

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21. Mashed Avocado And Poached Egg 

Do you want a healthy breakfast packed with proteins and healthy fats? 

Spreading mashed avocado and poached eggs on your crunchy toast will give you exactly that. In addition, it will be a breathtaking deliciousness that will make you want more of it. 

You will also love how easy and fast it is to prepare this yummy, savory spread. 

You will need avocado, lime juice, salt, and poached egg. You can top your toast with bagel seasoning, black pepper, or pepper flakes for more flavor. 

Calories Per Serving: 598

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

22. Honey

If you want a sweet and healthy breakfast, what better way than to spread honey on your toast? In most recipes, people use honey as a sweetener. However, you can also use it on its own by spreading it on your toast. 

Honey is the best sweet spread on your toast since it is natural without artificial sugar additives. 

Even though it is expensive, it has more nutritional value making it a worthy spread. The good news is you do not need any other ingredients to make it. 

Calories Per Serving: 64

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes

23. Nutella

Nutella is a common toast spread that first originated in Italy. Over time, it became popular worldwide. However, if you want a healthy breakfast, Nutella is not an option since it has high sugar content. 

Although, it does not harm to consider a sweet finger-licking breakfast over a healthy breakfast occasionally. 

In addition, it is the perfect alternative to honey since it provides almost the same sweetness but at a cheaper price. The main ingredients for Nutella are palm oil, milk powder, cocoa powder, and sugar. 

Calories Per Serving: 152

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

24. Nut Butter

If you are a vegetarian, nut butter provides an alternative to animal nut butter. Spreading this delicacy on your toast will guarantee the best breakfast ever. You can opt to purchase a store-bought butter or make it yourself. 

The good thing is that you do not need to be an expert in preparing nut butter. You can make butter from cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, or hazelnuts. 

If you want your breakfast to be more nutritional, it would be best to make mixed butter from different nuts. 

Calories Per Serving: 104

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

25. Yogurt

Where is the fun of eating yogurt on its own? If you want your breakfast to hit different, spread your yogurt on your crunchy toast, and you will love it. 

For a flavorful breakfast, you can add some seasonings to your yogurt. The seasoning you add depends on whether you want it savory or sweet. 

What better way to treat your kids to a weekend-out breakfast? You can also get creative and mix your yogurt with margarine to add more taste. 

The best thing is that preparing this spread is simple, fast, and requires few ingredients. 

Calories Per Serving: 103

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

26. Hummus

When you hear about hummus, what comes to mind? Most people may think it is the organic soil component ”humus.” hummus is an Arabic cuisine that people spread on their toasts. 

You can make hummus by combining tahini, lemon juice, mashed chickpeas, and garlic. For a healthy breakfast, avoid spreading your toast with margarine or Nutella. 

Hummus is the best healthy option since it contains protein, fiber, and nutrients. 

Calories Per Serving: 77

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

27. Chocolates

Who does not love the sweet taste that chocolate leaves in your mouth after eating it?

Most of the time, when I go shopping, I never fail to buy chocolate bars. Instead of buying chocolate bars to satisfy your chocolate craving, you can opt to use chocolate as a spread on your toast. 

However, you will use chocolate spread, a paste that does not solidify, instead of chocolate bars. It is easy and fast to make. 

You can make it in different flavors by adding milk, nuts, sugars, or artificial flavors. 

Calories Per Serving: 204

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

28. Berries And Goat Cheese

If you haven’t tried the combination of berries and goat cheese, you are missing out. It is a match from heaven and will be the perfect spread on your toast. 

It is simple to make and won’t take much of your time. In addition, the ingredients used are easily accessible. 

You will place fresh blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries on top of a slice of toast that has fresh goat cheese spread on it. For sweetness and texture, incorporate pistachios or a drizzle of honey.

Calories Per Serving: 136

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

29. Cheddar Cheese 

Who wouldn’t like a mouth-watering cheesy breakfast? If you are wondering what to spread your toast with, try spreading it with cheddar cheese, and you will not regret it. 

You will place a slice of bread on a sheet pan with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. 

You will allow the cheese to melt, which may take up to 2 minutes under the broiler. 

Once you remove the pan from the oven, carefully place sliced apples on the cheesy toast to add more flavor. In addition, you can also pour honey on top for even more sweetness.

Calories Per Serving: 402

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

30. Honey, Banana, And Peanut Butter

If you think that spreading your toast with peanut butter is delicious, wait until you add honey and banana to it. The spread is fun, simple, and fast to make. On your toast slice, spread a generous amount of peanut butter. 

Next, add some sliced bananas and a generous amount of honey.

Let the toast drop to room temperature first if you don’t want the peanut butter to run all over you. Use almond butter or Nutella if you don’t like peanut butter.

Calories Per Serving: 270

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

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31. Sliced Peaches, Ground Flaxseed, And Cinnamon With Cream Cheese

The good thing about cheese is you can use it for many things. If you want more flavor to your cheesy toast, try this fantastic combination of sliced peaches, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, and cheese. Sweet peaches and cinnamon go well with sour, rich cream cheese. 

You can substitute it with cottage cheese if you don’t have cream cheese. 

Use any sweet flavor of cream cheese you choose, then sprinkle on some flaxseed, cinnamon, and sliced peaches. Once you taste this delicious toast, you will not have enough of it. 

Calories Per Serving: 238

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

32. Compound Butter

Although it might sound unusual, this is regular butter with some additions. Although it is not sold in stores, you may make it at home by following these easy instructions. 

The first thing is to place the butter in a mixing basin and let it sit at room temperature. 

You will add the following ingredients: jam, vinegar, honey, spicy sauce, mustard, garlic, zest, herbs, and spices. 

To ensure even mixing, whisk them together. When it is ready, spread your compound butter on your toast and enjoy your delightful breakfast

Calories Per Serving: 43

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

33. Aioli

With this spread that combines garlic and olive oil, you will take your toast’s deliciousness to a new level. 

If you want thicker aioli, you can do so by adding eggs. Some people opt to combine mayonnaise and garlic to make the aioli. 

However, it is advisable not to use mayonnaise since its key component is eggs, and according to purists, aioli should not contain eggs. 

If you want to get more creative and add more flavor to your aioli, you can add seasonings, lemon juice, or mustard. 

Calories Per Serving: 173

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Toasted Bread Healthy?

Depending on the bread, you use White or whole-grain bread. White/processed bread has fewer health advantages than whole-grain bread.

For a healthy bread loaf, search for bread with only whole grains, enough fiber, and no added sugars. The topping you add to your toast also plays a role in determining how healthy your toasted bread is. 

What Type Of Bread Is Suitable To Use For Toast?

The good thing about toast is you can use any kind of bread. However, you should ensure that your bread is in slices before toasting. 

In addition, your slices should be thin enough for your toast to hold any toppings. You can use white bread, whole wheat bread, or sourdough bread.

What Is The Best Breakfast Spread For A Tastier Toast?

One has many options in choosing what spread to put on their toasts. What is best for you depends on what you want. 

You can use Nutella as your spread or even chocolate spread. If you are vegan and on a diet, ensure you go with healthier spreads like avocado or hummus. 

The Best 33 Sweet And Savory Breakfast Spread For Tastier Toast

This breakfast spread for tastier toast will be sure to brighten your day.


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