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Are Strawberries Acidic To Eat Or Avoid

Why Does Acidity Matter? Here Are 5 Reasons.


Like anything else, how we respond to food depends on a variety of factors. Some people don’t digest raw tomatoes or onions well, while others have no problem consuming them. Read on to see why acidity matters when deciding whether to eat strawberries or avoid them

  1. Like your body, foods and beverages also operate on a pH scale, but acidic foods can change your body’s pH level. Lower pH (7 or below) foods are more acidic, while higher pH (7.1 and up) foods are alkaline. Minimizing acidic foods can help protect your organs and also prevent acid reflux.
  2. Healthy acidic foods like fruits and veggies may produce acid reflux or heartburn. They also offer vitamins and nutrients, while acidic meats and dairy products don’t.
  3. Eating a diet high in acidic foods can cause urinary and kidney problems such as kidney stones. They can also cause gastrointestinal issues and a predisposition to some dangerous diseases.
  4. If you throw off your body’s pH, you can become at risk of acidosis or alkalosis. This causes your body to seek available minerals, such as calcium, to neutralize pH levels. This can lead to things like osteoporosis, oxidative stress, and nervous system issues.
  5. Many acidic foods boast an array of health benefits, such as vitamins and nutrients. With a pH of 3.5, strawberries are classified as acidic but also highly nutritious. This article will explain the ins and outs of the health benefits strawberries offer.

5 Health Benefits Of Strawberries


Abundant in a variety of antioxidants, strawberries are an ideal food choice. Still not convinced why strawberries are a nutritional marvel ? Check out the 5 main benefits below

  1. Strawberries are full of antioxidants. This means they can help reduce lethal inflammation that causes diabetes and cancer. They may also help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  2. They can help raise your high-density lipoprotein (aka the good kind) of cholesterol. This means a lower risk of fatal heart attacks and strokes.
  3. Rich in vitamins A and C, strawberries can safeguard your skin, eyes, and immune system from damage. This can help boost life expectancy and prevent everything from the cold to the flu.
  4. High in fiber, strawberries can help lower blood pressure and improve digestion. So you can say goodbye to constipation and hypertension.
  5. They’re low in calories. A single serving (one cup) of strawberries is less than 50 calories, making them a great snack. Strawberries are also a healthy dessert option and an excellent salad topping. Try them on your next salad with a balsamic vinaigrette!

2 Benefits In One Strawberry: Body & Brain Protection


As you’ve learned, strawberries provide several benefits to your body’s bones and organs. But did you know they can also protect your brain. Dr. Axe even calls them an “antioxidant powerhouse” on his blog and here’s why

  • Strawberries have been shown to decrease issues with brain activity. Dr. Axe cites a study that shows a higher intake of berries can slow down damage to the brain. This helps shields it from disorders like memory loss, brain fog, and even dementia.
  • Another study showed eating strawberries produced fewer negative impacts from a high-fat diet. This means they were less likely to develop a chronic disease.

Do They Help Those With Diabetes?

By now, you’ve learned how strawberries can help prevent chronic health issues. But what about those of us who already have a chronic disease? Check out some quick facts below.

  • According to a BBC article, strawberries can help manage blood sugar levels. This is critical for those with type II diabetes.
  • An American Heart Association article observed a reduced heart attack risk by women who ate three or servings of strawberries a week.

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How Do Strawberries Compare To Other Fruits?

Different doctors will make different suggestions for acidic foods. Use the table below to compare strawberries to other fruits. And remember, the lower the pH, the more acidic it is. And yes, tomatoes are technically a fruit!

Fruit     pH
Purple grape1.8
Green grape2.4

Surprisingly, strawberries were shown to be the least acidic in the table above. But why not continue the analytical fun? Keep reading to see how strawberries perform outside the fruit realm.

What About Other Acidic Foods?

Okay, so maybe strawberries are somewhat acidic but not as bad as some other fruit. How do they compare to other acidic, not fruity foods? Lots of foods form acids, including butter, cheese, milk, poultry, shellfish, and more. See the table below and note that in this case, items above strawberries (with a lower pH) are more acidic.

Food  pH
Cooked shiitake mushroom0.2
Cooked artichoke0.5
Cooked zucchini0.6
Raw arugula1.1
Potato chip3.0
Most ice cream6.3

*Please note that depending on the kind of beef and internal temperature, steak pH may vary. We used the lowest recorded pH for non-rancid steak found here.

As you can see from the table above, strawberries are still less acidic than many raw and cooked veggies. And although they’re more acidic than some red meat and processed dairy options, they deliver several vitamins that make up for it.

Okay, I’m Convinced. Now What?

If you’ve decided to incorporate strawberries into your daily diet while being mindful of other slightly acidic foods, that’s great! But to reap the most benefits, we recommend following these tips

  • Buy organic — To avoid chemical exposure, buy organic strawberries. This is important because strawberries often top the list of contaminated food.
  • Examine closely — Like anything else, buying organic food is an investment. Organic produce can be expensive, but worth it, so use your senses. Examine the strawberry’s skin, color, and shape and check for blemishes or softness. Avoid strawberries that look too dark or soft, which means they may spoil quickly.
  • Do a smell test — Strawberries should smell fresh and sweet, you’ll notice an “off” smell right away if they’re no good.
  • Avoid washing before storing — This can cause mold to develop, so hold off on washing your strawberries until you’re ready to eat them. For best results, wash them with warm tap water and leave soaps and detergents behind.

Sweet & Savory Strawberry Recipes

The only thing that is found sweet and juicy in summer is strawberries, and the recipes are cooked using strawberries. There are endless options for choosing your favorite strawberry dish!

You can have numerous options with strawberries, toss them into a fruit salad or pancake toppings or eat them. With refreshing and creative ideas, strawberries are a great place to start! 

Here are a few strawberry recipes to help you make the most of those fruity jewels! In addition, we have a variety of sweet and savory recipes to inspire you. For example, for a summer salad, you can top beautiful pavlova with strawberry jam or strawberries sliced with mint and feta.

Quick Table: 3 Strawberry Recipes 

RecipesCaloriesPreparation Time
Strawberry Cupcakes32645 minutes
Weet Bix Berry Smoothie56505 minutes
Fresh Strawberry Pie24702.05 Hours

1. Strawberry Cupcakes

If you are addicted to strawberry dishes, the different flavoring of strawberry cupcakes is perfect for every occasion. There is plenty of time to create some light and colorful summer recipes

By folding strawberries into the sponge, these dainty cupcakes stay beautifully moist. The tender and flavorful cupcakes made out of strawberries are addicting. With variations of strawberry cupcakes, it is delicious for kitchen creations. So easy to cook and perfect for summer break or evening tea. 

Calories: 326

Preparation time: 45 Minutes 

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2. Weet Bix Berry Smoothie

The Weet Bix Berry Smoothie gives filling and yummy flavor. Grab this healthy and satisfying strawberry drink if you love to drink smoothies. You can try this drink with fresh juice, sugar, or vanilla. 

When combined with the goodness of almond milk and whole grain fiber, the delicious and thick flavoring gives a sweetened taste. The homemade smoothie gives one of the best ideas combined with your ideas. 

Calories: 565

Preparation Time: 05 minutes

3. Fresh Strawberry Pie

The fresh strawberry pie recipe is one of the perfect berry pies for summer

Serve over a pie crust with fresh whipped cream; the fresh berries taste sweet and juicy! You’ll also remember your childhood summers when you enjoy this pie!

If you add a few ingredients, the strawberry pie calls off for fresh and delicious recipes. So store this pie in the refrigerator and serve it with your favorite strawberry fillings. 

Calories: 247

Preparation Time: 02.05 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Strawberries Good For You? 

Yes. They’re full of fiber and vitamins such as Vitamin A and C, potassium, folate, calcium, and magnesium. 

What Are The Benefits Of Strawberries? 

There are too many to list here! They protect your eyes, skin, organs, and bones, and can help slow down brain decline. 

Are Strawberries Acidic? 

Yes. With a pH or 3.5 strawberries are categorized as acidic, but not when compared to many other fruits and foods. The benefits they offer generally outweigh acidity concerns. If you’re prone to acid reflux or heartburn, eat them sparingly. 

How Much Is One Serving Of Strawberries? 

One cup, or roughly eight large strawberries. 

Are Organic Strawberries Better? 

We always recommend choosing organic strawberries. Strawberries tend to make the dirty dozen list, which indicates pesticide residue. 

Is There More Than One Kind Of Strawberry? 

Yes, there are three kinds: June-bearing, Everbearing, and Alpine. Each kind works at different times of the year. Each kind also has a different flavor that differentiates them from the other types. 

How Often And How Many Servings Of Strawberries Should I Eat? 

One or two servings a day delivers the vitamin C and health benefits you need. 

Can I Eat Too Many Strawberries? 

Because berries contain histamine, consuming too many strawberries could induce an allergic reaction. Be aware of symptoms such as oral itching, vomiting, and diarrhea, which may be signs of an allergy. 

What Gives Strawberries Their Rich Red Color? 

Flavonoids called anthocyanins contribute to the rich red color of strawberries. 

How Are Strawberries Grown And Harvested? 

The matted row system and the hill system are the two main methods of cultivation. There are complex pros and cons for each method. The matted style requires less labor, while the hill system tends to yield more crops.

3 Sweet & Savory Strawberry Recipes

Get the answer to the question, “Are strawberries acidic?” as well as a few recipes that use this popular fruit.


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