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Are Hot Pockets Bad For You? (Healthy or Not)

Hot Pockets is the easy to serve savory food known by all. Filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables, the ‘irresistibly hot’ Hot Pocket is what you should turn to if you are looking for a quick and easy microwavable snack. However, how much is too much? And are Hot Pockets healthy at all?

Hot Pockets

What are Hot Pockets?

A Hot Pocket is a microwavable turnover which contains a variety of fillings, commonly including cheese, meat, and vegetables. In America today, the most popular form of Hot Pocket is their pizza choice, particularly the pepperoni and five cheese flavor.

It is safe to say that the Hot Pocket is an easy choice of meal; simply place it in the microwave then serve up. However, sometimes having things too easy can have a negative effect.

Although Hot Pockets can be consumed by anyone, they are mainly aimed at children. This is not only exciting for children to have a fun little treat, but it is great for parents too.

Imagine having a long and hard day at work just to make your way over to the kitchen to prepare an entire meal – it can be tiring. For many parents out there, Hot Pockets are a great way to feed your child and not have to worry about extra mess or hard work.

Despite all this, that does not mean it is a good idea to feed your children this every day.

Are Hot Pockets Bad For You?

The simple answer is yes. Hot Pockets are bad for you, and the leading reason for this is because they are made artificially and contain harmful preservatives and additives.

Although the choice of eating a Hot Pocket is beyond convenience, what you are truly consuming is empty calories which generate no health to the body. This is an important thing to note with the Hot Pocket, especially if you are feeding this to your children. 

In order for a child to grow up strong and healthy, this is not only about making sure that they are fed. It is about making sure that they are given healthy and sufficient foods which allow them to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet.

Should I Quit Hot Pockets Altogether?

Just because Hot Pockets are nothing more than processed food, that does not mean you can never eat them. Look at them like junk food – treating yourself to a greasy pizza or a large ice cream sundae is not the end of the world so long as they are eaten in moderation.

Therefore, eating Hot Pockets so long as they are eaten responsibly is not the end of the world either. It is just important to watch your intake and to also know what you are consuming.

There are many reasons as to why we love Hot Pockets so much. They are convenient, practical, tasty, and handy for those who are not great in the kitchen.

You may be reading this article and feeling lost now you know the harsh reality, however no one can force you to quit eating Hot Pockets. What you can do, however, is look into some healthier alternatives.

Healthy Hot Pockets

It can be difficult to completely lose something you love, but luckily there is a way for you to enjoy Hot Pockets and stay healthy whilst doing so.

Instead of purchasing Hot Pockets from your local Walmart or online, try making your own Hot Pockets from scratch from the comfort of your home. This is a great way to still have the Hot Pockets in your life whilst taking control of the ingredients.

The major downside to Hot Pockets is how their ingredients are either unrecognizable or harmful. By making your own Hot Pockets, you are able to incorporate healthy ingredients and flavors and know for sure that you are consuming something which will benefit you in the long run.

Hot Pockets have acknowledged the unhealthiness of their product by producing the alternative Lean Pockets. This option allowed customers to have that healthier option. Unfortunately, this is not on the market anymore; however making something homemade is still a better option.

Are Hot Pockets Bad For You

Is the US to Blame for Bad Eating Habits?

The US is notorious for their food consumption. Americans love their hot dogs, hamburgers, chili cheese fries, and have founded many fast food establishments such as Wendy’s, McDonalds, and Burger King.

These fast foods are easy to get addicted to and the flavors contained in those meals will often be found in something like the Hot Pocket. So, is the US to blame?

With so much on offer it can be hard to choose the healthy option. What is great about the US is how things are easy to come by – order a takeout, go to a drive thru, grab some street food – yet this can also be bad.

When things are easy, this can only enhance bad food habits and those processed ingredients can become addictive.

Hot Pockets are a great example of something processed and addictive and it is up to us to learn how to stop the constant indulgence.

In order to grow and manage what we eat, it is important to know the difference between processed and wholesome food, know how much is too much, think about what you are consuming and what you are allowing your child to eat. It is also important to recognize that less is more.

Final Thoughts

Are Hot Pockets bad for you? Yes. Does this mean you can never have them? No. Hot Pockets is a food which has been around for years and will more than likely continue growing.

If they taste good and they are easy, why not reward yourself after a long hard day with one of them? What is important about Hot Pockets is having knowledge of what you are consuming and having knowledge that it is bad for you.

Sometimes it is okay to eat unhealthy foods, however when you have alternatives (such as making Hot Pockets from scratch) take those opportunities and make Hot Pockets healthy for you.

Jess Smith