Are Crackers Considered Bread? (Or Just a Delicious Snack)

There are some who question the cracker. Is it considered bread? Or is it just a delicious snack?

To put the answer simply, crackers are not considered bread and this is down to a number of reasons.

Are Crackers Considered Bread

However, to explain it is first important to recognize what makes bread, bread.

Crackers Are Not Bread

They should be no comparison between bread and crackers for crackers are their own delicacy.

But why is this the case? And why are people quick to compare the two?

Crackers are made from three basic ingredients: water, flour, oil. With these simple ingredients, you will achieve your cracker.

What is not included in these ingredients, however, is yeast. Most people know that yeast is a core ingredient to bread so as crackers are not made with this, they are not considered a part of the bread family.

One of the main reasons people question crackers’ relation to bread is usually due to dietary links.

Many people, whilst on a diet, cut out carbohydrates and this means no bread.

This leads to the question of whether crackers are considered the same as bread.

A Matter Of Opinion

Although it is the yeast what makes bread what it is, that it not to say that the opinions of others who disagree is incorrect.

There are many people who truly believe that crackers can be categorized in the bread family, and this is a reasonable opinion to have.

Crackers and bread both share a variety of similar ingredients, the only main difference being yeast.

It is a matter of opinion whether you want to make yeast the core reason to rule out crackers as bread.

Does This Mean You Can Include Crackers In A Breadless Diet?

Even though crackers are not considered bread, that does not mean it is wise to replace bread with crackers during a diet.

They both share similar ingredients and are both carbohydrates.

This will not do well for your diet. If you do end up using crackers, you will just be initiating a loophole in your diet.

On the other hand, crackers are a good healthy alternative. If you are wanting to go on a diet that is not breadless but you are in need of a healthier option, crackers is the way to go.

By eating crackers, you are choosing a lighter option which will help to reduce your calorie intake.

How To Eat Crackers

We all know how to eat bread. You can use two slices to form a sandwich, toast it, or perhaps use that bread for a grilled cheese.

How To Eat Crackers

However, crackers can be foreign to some people. So, what is the best way to eat crackers?

Common toppings served with crackers:

  • Hummus
  • Pate
  • Pesto
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
  • Tuna

The list of options is endless and there is no wrong you can do. You can choose to top your cracker with something sweet or something savory.

You may not want to include any toppings at all and eat your cracker dry. Whatever you do choose to top it with, just know that you are consuming something which will bring you good health.

Crackers are not only to be consumed traditionally, for they can be used as part of your everyday meals.

If you notice you have a pack of crackers sitting in the back of your cupboard or have some going spare that you don’t feel like eating, go ahead and use those crackers an alternative way.


Whether you are looking to make a mushroom or a chicken casserole, this dish is a great excuse to use up those unwanted crackers.

Simply crumble those crackers to use as a gorgeous crunchy topping.

This adds an amazing texture and truly makes a significant difference to the end result of your dish.

Fried Chicken

Make homemade fried chicken with a twist, using those unwanted crackers. Crackers are a great substitute for breadcrumbs and will add a perfect crunch when making fried chicken.

Simply crush the crackers into tiny pieces and use this to create a breadcrumb-like layer over the chicken before cooking.

You can use this alternate breadcrumb method for other foods too such as potato croquettes and breaded pork chops.


You can also use crackers to compliment a sweet dessert such as trifle.

what to eat crackers with

Crush the crackers and use them to add texture and crunch, scattering the crackers within the trifle in layers.

This is the perfect way to use up your uneaten crackers and reduce waste.

Final Thoughts

Are crackers considered bread? Technically, to be considered bread it has to contain yeast so therefore crackers are not considered bread.

However, they can be considered a substitute for bread as they both carry similar ingredients and have much in common.

If you are looking to cut down on your bread intake, crackers are the best solution for you.

Although they are not the same as bread, they are very similar so are a great substitute. Crackers are light, multipurpose, and better for the body.

As well as this, there is plenty you can do with crackers from eating it with cheese to incorporating it into big meals.

Aside from the ingredients, there is one way to tell the difference between bread and crackers, and that is the appearance.

Bread and crackers are clearly different based on the way they look. Whilst bread is that doughy, soft carbohydrate, crackers are known for their thin, crispy appearance.

Furthermore, you cannot toast crackers nor fry it like you can do with bread.

Overall, bread and crackers are very different both in the way they are made and the way they look.

It is understandable why someone would consider cracker a bread, especially as it makes a great alternative, however due to the yeast factor crackers are not bread.

But this is not to say crackers are not a great food to have. They are perfect for any occasion, whether you are laying out a festive spread or are in need of something to settle your hunger.

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