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12 Best Substitutes For Andouille Sausage For A Spicy Flavor

Andouille sausage is a smoked sausage with its origins in France. The main ingredients of the sausage are pork, garlic, onions, pork chitterlings, tripe, and wine.

If you like sausages with a little bit of texture and generally a different texture from the traditional texture, then Andouille is the way to go.

There are many recipes for Andouille, but the sausage-linked recipes are hard to recreate at first and may need a little bit of practice.

Still, the one thing you are looking for in any andouille sausage is that smoky, sharp, spicy blend with a bit of garlicky and herbal taste. 

Although Andouille sausage is perfect in every sense, you might be craving something new yet similar to Andouille. That’s where substitutes come in. In this list, you will find something that works for you. 

Quick Table: Substitutes For Andouille Sausage

German Bratwurst280
Smoked Sausage216
Tofu Sausage – Vegan/Vegetarian Option170
Venison Sausage223
Italian Sausages344
Sai Ua212
Longganisa (Longaniza)304
Butifarra Pork Sausages294

1. Chorizo


Chorizo sausages are one of the closest substitutes for Andouille sausages available. The pork sausage originates in Mexico and is a bit spicy compared to the Andouille sausage. However, it is similar in taste when it comes to its smokey and sharp flavor.

When seeking to make dishes that call for a spicy flavor, the Chorizo flavor works best as it pulls the dish together with its spicy flavor. When looking for Chorizo sausages in the market, the sausages look nothing like Andouille sausages.

They have a distinct dark red instead of the lighter-colored Andouille before cooking.

The texture is similar as they both have their signature chunky nature as opposed to other sausages. There is another version of the Chorizo sausages that originates in the Iberian peninsula.

The European version is fermented, cured, often in sausage links, and works as a great substitute. Sausages like Andouille can be eaten in slices or can be enjoyed as a full link.

How To Substitute

The Chorizo sausages can be substituted in a ratio of 1:1. Although it calls for the same amount of Andouille sausages, it’s necessary to lay off the spices as Chorizo already has significant sharp spiciness to it.

2. Kielbasa


Kielbasa is another excellent substitute for Andouille sausages. Kielbasa is a soaked sausage traced from Poland and a Polish cuisine staple. Kielbasa sausages are coarsely textured and get their unique name after their texture.

The differences between Andouille and kielbasa start from their appearance, as the kielbasa is served in a U-shape as opposed to the shorter straight andouille sausages.

The similarities are also plenty. Both sausages have that smoky signature taste and flavor.  

Depending on the recipe, the smoky taste used in Kielbasa can be drowned out with the cardamom flavor incorporated in the recipe. The more cardamom is used, the less the smoky flavor is detected.

However, the tastes vary as the ingredients used to make Kielbasa vary significantly, as each can have pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, or veal.

The cooking times also vary, but a good estimate in the oven, regardless of meat type, is when the skin starts cracking and runs beautifully golden brown.

Since the sausages are chunky, it’s essential to actively turn the sausages every few minutes to ensure that all sides cook evenly and thoroughly

How To Substitute

Substituting Andouille with kielbasa is done in equal amounts.

3. German Bratwurst

German Bratwurst

The German bratwurst is a type of German sausage that is perfect as an andouille sausage. It is primarily made from pork, and very few contain any beef or veal in it, although it is possible.

German bratwurst has a strong garlic flavor with a smoky taste to it. 

It is often paired with the legendary sauerkraut dish, which is usually seared, grilled, or smoked. The strong meaty flavor is significantly stronger than andouille sausages, making it the perfect companion for grilled vegetables. 

The sausage is thicker than Andouille and needs to be sliced to enjoy. Surprisingly, the texture is compact and can hold itself well without crumbling. It also makes for attractive presentations. 

How To Substitute

Substituting the Andouille for German bratwurst is best done in a ratio of 1:1. However, it may be necessary to add some cayenne pepper to the dish to get that pepper kick, especially if pork is used to make the dish.

4. Smoked Sausage

Smoked Sausage

Andouille and kielbasa are smoked sausages. However, there are several types of smoked sausages in the market that make it possible to have smoked sausages as a whole new type of sausages. 

The sausages are typically made from pork and have considerably lower spiciness as compared to traditional andouille sausages.

The smoky process of having them cook slowly in copious amounts of smoke makes their flavor particularly strong and a perfect substitute for andouille sausages. 

Depending on the type of method used to make the sausages, overall smoked sausages are often thick but consider one that matches andouille sausages closely.

Please note that you should consider the ingredients added to the ground pork or beef to ensure it is the taste that you desire most. Most textures mimic Andouille, so you don’t have to worry about it that much. 

How To Substitute

Smoked sausages are a wider variety of andouille sausages and can be substituted in a ratio of 1:1. One thing for sure is that the spiciness of the smoked sausages can be increased using cayenne and cajun seasoning to make it reach greater spiciness levels.

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5. Tofu Sausage – Vegan/Vegetarian Option

Tofu Sausage – Vegan/Vegetarian Option

If you are a vegetarian and are looking for a great andouille sausage alternative to incorporate into your recipe, then tofu sausages have come to save the day or dish.

Tofu sausages are simple and 100% vegetarian since they are made from primarily soy. 

Tofu in itself can be rather bland but extremely salty, and in this case, ingredients and spices are added to make it a perfect flavorful sausage. All ingredients added are plant-based to ensure it remains purely vegetarian.

Tofu sausages, just like tofu, vary in type of softness; they can be firm, soft, or even extra hard.

The sausage has a smooth, but textured appearance due to the other ingredients added.  Tofu sausages have a very dominant flavor that is sharp and smoky, making it the right pick. 

The difference between tofu sausages and andouille sausages is significant since the main ingredients of tofu and pork are very different. However, it is the best alternative, all things considered. 

How To Substitute

Substituting Andouille for tofu is perfect when looking for a plant-based sausage version. The substitute is done in a ratio of 1:1 and will have considerably lower saturated fat content than its meat counterpart.

6. Venison Sausage

Venison Sausage

The venison sausage is a specialty sausage that is made from very lean deer meat. The meat must be lean as any other meat cysts make the sausage too tough or the taste too sharp to be enjoyed comfortably.

The sausage contains a considerable amount of herbs, fats, and all spices.

Still, with the meat rare, some other venison sausages are available in the market that are made from pork, lamb, and beef.  The venison sausage is a perfect substitute for Andouille as it has a smokey, spicy flavor to it. 

However, since it is made from very lean meats, the sausage has a distinct flavor compared to other types of red meats used in making sausages.

When describing the venison sausage taste, it can only be compared to a rich, earthy, and robust flavor.  

The flavor is further heightened as it is imbued with an assortment of herbs, sage, and acorns that the deer ate within its lifetime.

Compared to andouille sausage it is less succulent but is significantly smoother and needs a bit more liquid to make it juicy when biting into.

How To Substitute

Substituting Andouille with venison sausages is often in a 1:1 ratio. However, you may want to add some more oils and fats to make it more succulent.

7. Linguica


Linguica is a classical Portuguese sausage and is closely similar to chorizo Mexican sausages. Made from ground pork, Linguica is spicy, having been heavily seasoned with garlic, chilies, and paprika.

Depending on the recipe, it can also have a significant amount of red wine used in its recipe.

Linguica is best served with onion and is a staple food for many cape Verdean households who love to enjoy it all through the day but particularly more so during breakfast. It’s a perfect side dish for rice and eggs.

There are many ways to cook Linguica before eating, such as broiling, frying, or grilling. The most preferred method to cook the sausage is by smoking it as it will mimic the andouille sausage more with the smokey flavor taking root.

How To Substitute

The best way to substitute the andouille sausage for Linguica sausage is by measuring it 1:1. When seeking to sweeten the taste, it’s important to use sweet paprika in the recipe or honey glaze it after cooking to add some sugary sweetness to it.

8. Rohesser 

Rohesser is a traditional sausage with its origins in Germany. It is a staple raw pork sausage that is eaten cold when combined with other dishes and is ordinarily perfect for dinner.

The texture of the sausage is smooth and silky as the pork used is very finely ground.

The sausage is also ready to eat erosion which is a perfectly sweet spread, particularly due to the sweet paprika used in the ingredients which also includes other spices. 

When looking at rohesser sausage, be ready to come into contact with one of the ugliest types of sausage available, as it looks nothing but wrinkly and old.

However, it makes for its sour looks as it is all things tasty, making it perfect as a snack. The smoking process gives it its distinct smoky flavor. Above all, it has a long shelf life – it can last up to four weeks without refrigeration. 

How To Substitute

A ratio of 1:1 is perfect when substituting Andouille with rohesser sausages. However, due to its sweet taste, it’s best to add a few chilies or lemon zest to the original recipe for some spiciness and tanginess to the dish.

9. Italian Sausages

Italian sausages have a similar taste profile as andouille sausage, which makes it one of the best options to fulfill the shortening of andouille sausage. Italian sausage is prepared with pork and with the seasoning of garlic and fennel.

It would be best to adjust the other ingredients while using Italian sausage since it provides a depth of taste in your recipe.

How To Substitute

You may use it in a similar quantity in your recipe for andouille sausage.

10. Sai Ua

Sai Ua is a good option for people who want to check their calorie intake and are looking for a lower-fat alternative. Sai Ua is prepared with chicken and other ingredients such as cilantro, fish sauce, lemongrass, chile, etc.

It is a popular condiment in Thai cuisine and is often used in soups and curries. Unlike andouille sausage, it has more different flavors intact.

How To Substitute

You may use it in an equal ratio to substitute andouille sausage.

11. Longganisa (Longaniza)

Longganisa is prepared from pork with a coarse, grainy texture and slightly sweet taste. It can be found in the international aisle of most Asian grocery stores and is typically available in a sausage or sliced, fried, or grilled.

Longganisa is a famous Filipino sausage that is often used in recipes for bibingka, lumpia, and pancit. It has a milder flavor than andouille sausage and can be eaten raw in the form of a spread.

How To Substitute

Use Longganisa in a 1:1 ratio to substitute andouille sausage.

12. Butifarra Pork Sausage

When cooking a spicy, sausage-based dish like jambalaya, andouille sausage is a perfect choice. But if you don’t have any on hand, there’s no need to worry. Instead, you use a few Spanish sausages to substitute andouille sausage in jambalaya.

One such sausage is the Butifarra pork sausage. The Butifarra is made from pork and paprika, so it has a strong flavor and is slightly spicy. You can use it in different recipes in place of andouille sausage.

How To Substitute

Replace andouille sausage with Butifarra pork sausage in an equal ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Andouille Sausage And Regular Sausage?

Regular sausages are primarily made from minced meat. That differs from andouille sausages which have a chunky texture.

Andouille sausages also have a distinct flavor that comes with the stuffing added to them, making them more than just a simple sausage. 

The flavors end up being smokey and sharper than many other simple sausage varieties. 

Does Andouille Sausage Need To Be Cooked?

Andouille is indeed the perfect sausage when time-constrained, as the sausages are already pre-cooked before being stored in a refrigerator. 

However, the taste varies when served cold or hot, and you might want to experiment with both types to know which you prefer best. 

Which Is Hotter; Cajun Or Andouille Sausages?

Andouille sausages are spicy sausages. However, cajun seasoning is a bit spicier than andouille sausages as extra spices are added to cajun seasoning to make it hot. 

Still, some people consider it more hot than spicy, and it’s best to try andouille sausages to determine if they are as advertised. Take note that the smokiness of the sausage cancels out, balancing the spiciness of the andouille seasoning.

What Is Different About Andouille Sausage?

Compared to regular sausages, andouille sausages have considerably more stuffing and need to be chopped or sliced to be eaten comfortably due to their chunkier texture. 

The flavor is also sharper and spicier and a tad bit smokier. Normal sausages only offer the original flavor of the minced meat stuffing. 

How Do You Eat Andouille? 

Indulging in Andouille is a fun experience as there is a technique to it. There are two ways to eat Andouille. First, by eating it together with the links whole. The links, in this case, will be crispy and crunchy with softer insiders.

The other way is by slicing it and eating it one piece at a time. In this method, it’s necessary to eat it by adding a lot of toppings such as cream sauce or dipping. It can also make for perfect pieces for sandwiches and buns.

12 Best Substitutes For Andouille Sausage

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Cooking time


Total time



Andouille sausage is delicious and has a great texture, unlike many vegan sausages which are either too crumbly or too tough.


  • Chorizo

  • Kielbasa

  • German Bratwurst

  • Smoked Sausage

  • Tofu Sausage – Vegan/Vegetarian Option

  • Venison Sausage

  • Linguica

  • Rohesser

  • Italian Sausages

  • Sai Ua

  • Longganisa (Longaniza)

  • Butifarra Pork Sausage


  • Choose your favorite substitute from the list given above
  • Follow the directions given in the recipe after having substituted the ingredient in the correct ratio

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