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25 Quick And Easy Filipino Breakfast Ideas

We all know that breakfast is one of, if not the most, important meal of the day, which is why it is important to get it right. We all have our favorite breakfast foods, but if we start everyday eating the same thing, then even the tastiest treats can get boring fast.

Easy Filipino Breakfast Ideas

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of diverse and interesting breakfast ideas from the Philippines. From crispy meat and fish dishes to succulent banana fritters, these Filipino morning meals are the perfect way to spice up your day.

So read on and discover some new and exciting options for your next breakfast. 


Fried rice is a staple part of breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Philippines, so it makes sense it would be the first item on our list. Many of the other recipes in this article will incorporate a side of sinangag as the substrate for tying the whole meal together.

If you leave out the fried egg garnish, then this rice is completely vegan and beautifully seasoned with garlic oil. It makes the perfect companion for any meat based dish, and honestly, you can’t have an authentic Filipino breakfast without it. 


Tapa has a similar texture to beef jerky, and it makes a great source of protein for your morning meal. It is made by boiling chunks of beef in a combination of water and oil until the water has evaporated.

The beef is then fried in the leftover oil to bring out the flavor of the delicious seasonings, which are added to the meat before you start cooking. These crispy pieces of beef are very tender and make a great alternative to bacon for breakfast. 


This is a full Filipino breakfast that uses the Tapa we covered above. The crispy beef chunks are coupled with fried eggs and garlic rice for a wholesome breakfast that is incredibly filling.

In order to get this dish perfect, you will need to seal your beef in a plastic bag with the marinade for all the flavors to fully permeate the meat.

Don’t worry though this is the only step you will have to do in advance and the rest of the meal will only take 40 minutes to prepare and cook.  

Tuyo With Rice And Tomato

As one would expect from any cuisine that come from an archipelago, fish is a very popular ingredient in the Philippines. This light seafood breakfast incorporates dried fish called tuyo, which are most commonly made from herring.

Whichever fish you choose, you will need to seal it in aluminum foil and bake it in the oven until it is fully dried out.  Serve with a ball of cooked white rice and tomato wedges for a healthy and satisfying Filipino breakfast. 

Daing na Bangus

Often the meat or fish used in Filipino cooking is marinated overnight to offer a stronger flavor. That’s what this recipe does to create this traditional fried milkfish that is bursting with delicious garlic and spices.

If you like your meals, then you can add red cayenne pepper to your marinade to give this meal an extra spicy kick. After leaving your fish to soak in the garlic vinegar overnight, all you need to do is remove it from the bag and fry until crispy for a quick and easy seafood breakfast. 


These traditional Filipino pork sausages have a strong garlic flavor as well as a slightly sweet edge. To make them, you will need to buy sausage casings from your local butcher, or you can use wax paper to make the skinless variety.

This dish takes a while to prepare, but it is worth it since you can keep them in the fridge to be used for multiple breakfasts, as well as other meals. Once you experience the succulent texture of these spicy, garlic flavored sausages, you’ll probably prefer them to the shop bought variety. 


After you have made your longganisa, here is an awesome full breakfast that you can include them in. The sausages are served alongside a fried egg and garlic rice for a wholesome meal with plenty of protein.

For the authentic Filipino experience you can garnish the rice with pickled green papaya which goes very well with all the garlic. The name for this dish is actually a combination of the Filipino name for all the separate components; sausages (Longganisa), Eggs (Itlog) and fried rice (Sinanga). 


This is another meat dish commonly served with an egg and fried rice for a simple Filipino breakfast. Pork tocino is typically very sweet since the meat is cured in sugar overnight  before being marinaded in garlic, pepper and canola oil.

Two drops of red food coloring is also included in this recipe to give the nuggets their sumptuous appearance. These fried pork chunks are perfectly crispy and tender, while still being sweet enough to make a great breakfast food. 

Corned Beef

If you have a spare can of corned beef in your pantry then you can whip up this Filipino breakfast dish in less than half an hour. The beef is combined with diced onions and potatoes before being fried in garlic.

This results in a simple yet satisfying breakfast that is packed with protein and very filling. Serve it with a cup of freshly cooked rice for a healthy morning meal that takes no time at all to prepare and cook. 


Omelettes are a great breakfast dish since they are simple to prepare and packed with nutritional goodness. These Filipino omelettes have a special, seafood twist thanks to the inclusion of silverfish in the batter.

Since they only take 17 minutes to make, these tortang dulong are an ideal choice for those mornings when you aren’t in the mood to cook. You can season them with salt and pepper for a fishy breakfast meal that may become your new favorite way to cook an omelette. 


These fish fillets are very crispy, and you can buy the necessary dried rabbitfish from most Asian food stores across the US. If the fish you buy is extremely dry, then you may need to soak it in water for a few minutes before cooking.

Make sure to pat them dry with a paper towel if you do have to do this. Afterwards, all you need to do for this recipe is fry the fish until they are crispy and succulent. 


Spam may not be the most appetizing ingredient, but you will love it as part of this delicious Filipino breakfast. The spam is flavored with garlic and dusted in both cornflour and regular all-purpose flour to give it an extra crispy exterior.

It makes a great alternative to bacon and is traditionally served with fried rice and scrambled eggs. This meal only takes 18 minutes to cook, so you won’t have to wait long for your morning meal.  


Oatmeal is one of the best breakfast meals, since it is easy to make and full of all the things you need to start your day right. This unique Filipino porridge is made from glutinous rice, which gives it a luxurious, creamy texture.

As if this dish wasn’t decadent enough, it is mixed with melted chocolate to make an incredible breakfast pudding that you will find incredibly addictive. Using soy milk in the recipe will make it completely vegan, but still just as appetizing. 

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are full of protein and offer a great way to start your day. These filipino style scrambled eggs are no different, and after you try them, you may never want to go back to your usual breakfast.

The butter in this recipe makes the final result extra creamy, and the addition of chopped tomatoes offers a natural sweetness that is completely irresistible. The best way to enjoy this dish is with a side of garlic fried rice. 


Even if you haven’t made bread before, these Filipino rolls are still very easy to make. The longest part of this recipe is the hour and a half required for the dough to rise.

Once this is done, the rest is as simple as rolling out the dough into balls and baking them in the oven until they are golden on top. These light and fluffy rolls go very well with fried meat or a range of other tantalizing fillings. 


Dilis is the Filipino word for anchovies that have been fried in brown sugar, paprika and red cayenne pepper. They are perfectly sweet and spicy, which makes them a great breakfast treat for waking up in the morning.

These anchovies also work as an appetizer for other meals as well. They are normally served with a side of garlic fried rice, but also taste amazing when coupled with an ice-cold beer. 

Tortang Talong

This is another omelette recipe with a fishy twist, that doesn’t include any dried fish. Instead, it is made from eggplants that are baked in the oven and then peeled and flattened with a fork to form the base.

These pieces of eggplant are dipped in a mixture of diced pork and egg to give them a delicious smokey flavor and crispy outer shell. Tortang Talong is best served seasoned with salt and pepper alongside a bowl of freshly cooked white rice. 

Arroz Caldo

The name of this recipe literally means warm rice in English and refers to a type of Filipino risotto that is often served for breakfast. In this recipe, it is mixed with chicken and boiled eggs for a nutritious and filling meal.

You will love the combination of sweet and spicy flavors in this dish, which is provided by seasonings such as ginger, lemon and safflower. Freshly chopped scallions, garlic and fish sauce all make excellent garnishes for enjoying alongside this meal. 

Poqui Poqui

This dish has a similar texture and appearance to scrambled eggs, but it is mainly made with roasted vegetables. Grilled eggplant, onions and tomatoes are fried together in a large skillet along with garlic.

Once everything is perfectly sautéed down, beaten eggs are poured over the top to give this breakfast dish a creamy texture that tastes amazing when combined with the tomatoes.

You will love this simple and easy to make Filipino alternative to scrambled eggs as an interesting way to switch up your morning routine. 


Lugaw is another rice porridge dish, or congee as it is commonly referred to, that makes a great way to start your morning. The whole dish is cooked in a single pot with chicken broth, which means the prep only takes 5 minutes.

You still have to wait an hour for it to cook, but once it is ready, you will love this light breakfast option that is packed with exciting flavors.

One of the best things about this meal is the range of tasty garnishes you can eat it with. Top your congee off with fried garlic, ginger and fish sauce for an authentic Filipino breakfast. 


If you like sweet breakfasts, then you will love this sumptuous breakfast pudding made with silken tofu. This recipe uses sago pearls, which you will need to boil with brown sugar until they turn translucent.

The pearls and diced tofu are covered in a rich syrup made from sugar vanilla and water. Since tofu is quite bland, it takes on the flavor of the syrup very well and makes a surprisingly creamy dessert that is just the thing you need to start your morning. 


This is another sweet breakfast option that can be easily made vegan with soy milk and a flax seed egg. Plantains make the best type of banana for this recipe, but you can use the regular variety as well if that is all you have.

All the ingredients are mashed together into a thick batter that is fried to produce succulent fritters. Don’t forget to roll your Maurya in sugar after they are done frying to get an extra crispy coating on the outside. 

Puto Maya And Sikwate

You won’t be able to resist the thick, creamy hot chocolate that is served alongside this delicious Filipino breakfast. The rest of the meal consists of white rice, which is served alongside freshly chopped mango slices for a light but fruity way to start your day.

Coconut milk, sugar and ginger are used to make the glutinous rice sweeter and a good companion for the fresh mango. Tablea cocoa is used for the sikwate hot chocolate, which gives it a very strong flavor and the ideal texture. 


These fried fruit rolls are a very popular Filipino snack that is commonly sold to tourists. It is made from lumpia wrappers, which are similar to the casing often used to make spring rolls.

Instead of fresh vegetables, these wrappers are filled with ripe banana and diced jack fruit for a sumptuous sweet and fruity breakfast treat. Turon are best served covered in caramel, alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 


Bibingka is a common Christmas dish in the Phillipines, but once you taste them, you might not be able to stop yourself making them all year round.

They are made from a mixture of rice and all-purpose flour which is combined with milk, vegetable oil and sugar to form a moist cake batter. Banana leaves are commonly used for lining the pans, but if you don’t have any, you can just as easily use ordinary cupcake liners.

The final product is covered in grated coconut and cheese, which creates an awesome garnish for taking these cupcakes to the next level. 


A good breakfast sets you up for the day with a little bit of all the things you need, from carbohydrates to protein. Whether you like your morning meal sweet or savory, this list contains plenty of options that are sure to give you an excellent start to your day.

Not only are these dishes nutritious and loaded with energy, but they are also a great way to switch up your morning and try something new. After all an exciting breakfast is sure to lead to an exciting day so why not give one of these recipes a try and start your morning the Filipino way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tablea? 

Some of the chocolate recipes in this list include tablea which is a solid block of ground cocoa beans. This product is pure cocoa and often melted with milk and sugar to produce a Filipino hot chocolate called sikwate. 

Do You Need To Cook Dried Fish Before You Eat It? 

Many of the recipes we have looked at use dried fish, which can be bought from most Asian food stores in the US. Some people say that since these fish have already been dried and partially cooked, you are perfectly safe to eat them straight out of the packet.

Since you don’t know the exact condition that these fish were cooked in, it is strongly recommended to cook them again before eating to avoid food poisoning. 

What Is Congee? 

Congee is an Asian word for porridge, or oatmeal, that is made from rice. It is a common breakfast item in many Asian countries, including China, Japan and the Philippines. 

25 Quick And Easy Filipino Breakfast Ideas

Switch up your morning routine with these unique and tasty Filipino breakfast recipes that are incredibly easy to make.


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