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20 Traditional Korean Breakfast Recipes

If you’ve never had a Korean breakfast, then you are in for such a treat with this list of delicious recipes!

You’ll find there are so many amazing foods (and drinks!) here that will have your mouth watering before you’ve even woken up!

20 Traditional Korean Breakfast Recipes

There’s something for everyone here too – with 20 of the best recipes for Korean breakfasts, how could there not be?

Of course, with so many tasty dishes on offer here, you’re bound to want to make and eat a lot more than just one of them!



If a rice bowl seems like a good idea to start your day, then you might as well do it properly – the Korean way!

Bibimbap is one of the absolute best recipes for the humble rice bowl – although there’s certainly nothing about bibimbap.

It’s absolutely full of amazing ingredients – rice, of course, but also deliciously seasoned beef, a whole host of fresh vegetables, and a fantastic homemade sauce.

The recipe can take a bit of time to prepare, but this is a meal that’s guaranteed to give you all of the energy you need to start your day off well!

Kimchi Stew

This recipe is a perfect use for some old, sour kimchi you might have – and, of course, it’s a fantastically rich way to have breakfast!

It’s extremely flavorful – of course thanks to the kimchi you’ll be using, but also because of the fantastic tasting gochugaru – an authentic Korean spice!

With both pork belly and tofu, you can tell that this is going to be filling and full of protein too. This recipe will make two delicious servings, and the whole thing will take you only around half an hour to complete!

Korean Fried Rice

This recipe for a delicious Korean-style fried rice dish will make a fantastic breakfast food!

For a start, it only takes 10 minutes to make, which is fantastic if you’re in a rush but still want to start your day off right. This is helped by the use of microwave rice!

Even though it only takes a short amount of time to make, don’t be fooled into thinking that this recipe isn;t full of flavor. It so is – and it’s absolutely packed full of carbohydrates and protein too!

Enoki Pancake

If you like enoki mushrooms, ten you should definitely give this great recipe a try! It’ll show you how to make a fantastic Korean-style mushroom and egg pancake, made from delicious enoki mushrooms.

You don’t need many other ingredients either, making this so easy – and you can have the entire thing made, including your own homemade dipping sauce, in around half an hour!

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Korean Sweet Potato Latte

Now, this is likely to be quite a different treat for you! This Korean sweet potato latte is absolutely sumptuous – especially if you already love the taste of sweet potato!

It’s easy to make too – you just steam your sweet potatoes, and blend with some milk and sugar.

Top with frothed milk, cinnamon, and walnuts – a perfect breakfast drink! Especially in the winter months – you’ll find it’s a great way to warm you up in the morning!

Korean Strawberry Milk

This recipe will show you how to make a fantastically refreshing drink that’s a great and fruity way to accompany your breakfast! It’s a really simple recipe, of course – strawberries, milk, and some sugar!

So, it’s of course deliciously sweet, and full of real fruits! You can add your own toppings too, such as whipped cream, chocolate syrup, ice cream, or matcha syrup.

With or without toppings, this drink is absolutely delicious.

Korean Egg Roll

This recipe for Korean egg roll is an absolute classic. Egg rolls are extremely popular in Korea, and this recipe will show you how to make them perfectly every time.

You’ll need 5 eggs, rice wine, salt, a chopped green onion, and some mozzarella. So, not many ingredients – and a few you likely already have!

You’ll be in and out of the kitchen in just 15 minutes too, meaning these are great for those busy mornings.

Kimchi Toast

This is one of those recipes that’s so unbelievably simple, it’s almost a surprise that it tastes so good!

You’ll simply need to mix some cream cheese and kimchi, add some scallions, cilantro, salt and lime juice for seasoning – and spread it on some toast!

This recipe is so amazingly quick you’ll be eating before you realize you’ve finished preparing it. It makes 4 servings too, meaning it’s a really quick way to get food for 4 done!

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Korean Breakfast Egg Dumplings

As the author of this recipe states, these aren’t so much dumplings as they are mini omelets. However you choose to describe them, one thing is for sure – they’re absolutely delicious!

You’ll need Dangmyeon to get this recipe absolutely right – they’re a key ingredient, and it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

You’ll also need 3 eggs, some carrod, onion, and an optional chili pepper – if you want to add a little bit of spice to the dish.


If you’ve never heard the name tteokguk before, then don’t worry – this dish is a fantastic rice cake soup!

It’s traditionally eaten on Korean New Year’s Day. Whenever you decide to make it, you’re going to absolutely adore how it tastes.

It’s full of delicious flavors, thanks to the beef, garlic, onion, soy sauce, and fish sauce.

You’ll need some rice cakes for this recipe – either store bought tteok rice cakes, or ones you make at home yourself will do just fine.

Bacon, Egg & Kimchi Tacos

Bacon and eggs have long been a traditional breakfast food – they’re a hearty way to start your day off! Why not add a little bit of kimchi into the mix for an even richer breakfast food?

And, to finish it off – lets turn it into a delicious taco! It just keeps getting better and better, as you are absolutely going to adore the amazing fresh flavors you also get from the sliced avocado and cilantro.


EVery culture has its own way of making amazing dumplings, it seems! With this recipe, you can learn a really great and traditional way of making them for yourself!

You can save yourself time by using premade mandu skins — find them at a Korean market or store. Or, if you prefer, you can always make the skins yourself!

These dumplings are absolutely packed with amazing flavor, thanks to all of the delicious ingredients. And you can make a large batch and freeze them – they cook perfectly well from frozen too!

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Dalgona Coffee

For a quick, simple, and delicious way to have your coffee, you should really check out this amazing recipe for dalgona coffee!

You can make it completely by hand too, as long as you have a whisk – but it’ll of course be a lot quicker and easier to use an electric whisk.

You only need a few ingredients – sugar, instant coffee, and cold water! Serve with ice and milk for a fantastically refreshing yet invigorating drink!

Soybean Paste Stew

This fantastic Korean breakfast dish is going to absolutely amaze you. Of course, it’s not just a breakfast dish – you can eat it any time – but it’s absolutely fantastic first thing in the morning, as it’ll only take you half an hour to make enough for four servings!

It’s full of useful protein (if you choose to add tofu) and carbs, as well as delicious flavor thanks to the soya bean paste and gochujang.

Korean Street Toast

If you think there can’t be anything special about toast, then just click this link and feast your eyes on the pictures. You’ll soon realize just why Gilgeori toast (Korean street toast) is so popular!

This recipe is so great tasting, and so filling. What’s more, as it’s full of vegetables, it’s going to be good for you too!

Delicious shredded cabbage, onions, and carrots all combine to make a fantastic filling for this quick and easy recipe.

Kimchi Scrambled Eggs

Some recipes seem to write themselves. After all, some foods just seem to match each other so well!

That’s definitely the case here – if you’ve never tasted the combination of kimchi and scrambled eggs, then you’re in for a real treta with this simple yet tasty idea.

Simply cook some kimchi in oil until it softens, then add eggs. Cook them together. So simple, you’ll be amazed you didn’t think of it yourself!

Just a few minutes of cooking, and you’ll have made an absolutely delicious sand filling breakfast, Korean style.

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Yachaejeon is a really tasty Korean style vegetable pancake. As you might guess, it’s absolutely packed with vegetables.

You’ll find onion, green onions, zucchini, and sweet potatoes in this fantastic recipe. There’s mushrooms too – you can use either white, baby portabello, or shiitake here.

The pancake is really easy to make – it’s not really much more complicated than frying some vegetables!

Of course, it’s all held together by a bit of simple kitchen magic – flour and water. This makes it into a real pancake – but one that’s full of vegetables!

Dubu Jorim

Dubu jorim is a classic Korean way of making spicy tofu. It’s really popular in Korea, and you’ll find that it’s a fantastic dish for meal prep days, as you can keep it in the fridge for three to four days after making it!

You’ll make a delicious and simple sauce too – using soy sauce, kosher salt, sugar, gochugaru (Korean hot pepper flakes), and water. This adds such a great flavor to the tofu, as do the onions and garlic!

All in all, this is a really simple yet tasty dish that’ll be ready quickly, and is a great way to have breakfast!


This recipe will show you how to make a tantalizing and hearty porridge, filled with chicken and rice! It’s really popular as a breakfast food, as it’s easy to eat and gives you plenty of energy for the start of the day!

It’s delicious and very filling, and can be made completely from scratch in under an hour.

This recipe will make four servings of this delicious porridge, making it perfect if you have a lot of mouths to feed!

Kimchi Pancakes

Pancakes are another one of those universal breakfast foods – wherever you go, you’ll always find a local way to make pancakes. These ones, as you’ve doubtless already guessed,are made with kimchi!

They’re completely vegan friendly, which is going to be great news for people who won’t use animal products.

Again, with these, you’re going to want to use kimchi that’s had plenty of time to ferment, for the best and strongest flavor!

What’s more – this recipe also has a link to a recipe for homemade vegan kimchi!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Kimchi?

It’s possibly the most important part of Korean cuisine! It’s a dish made from fermented vegetables – cabbage and radish for instance.

How Do I Get The Best Flavor Out Of My Kimchi?

Give it time to ferment properly. The longer the fermentation process goes on for, the stronger you can usually expect the flavor to be.

If you find that your kimchi isn’t as ready as you’d like it to be when you come to cook with it, then you can add some vinegar in a pinch to improve the sour quality.

However, time is your best friend when it comes to the flavor of kimchi!

What If I Don’t Like Kimchi?

You can consider trying sauerkraut as a replacement – as it’s another dish made from fermented cabbage, you might well find that it suits these dishes well!

Of course, if the sourness of fermented vegetables isn’t your thing, then you can of course omit it entirely.


You have to agree that there are some seriously amazing recipes here – so tasty, so filling, and so perfect for the start of the day.

Whichever of these you make, you’ll find yourself starting off the day with a massive smile on your face!

20 Traditional Korean Breakfast Recipes

If you’ve never had a Korean breakfast, then it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing! We’ve got 20 of the best Korean breakfast recipes for you!


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  • Collect the ingredients and cook the food
  • Enjoy – don’t forget to leave a review

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