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14 Savory Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak

Tuna steaks are a fantastic option to serve for dinner. They’re healthier than a beef steak, and are full of flavor, especially when cooked medium rare.

Tuna steaks are surprisingly easy to prepare and cook too!

14 Savory Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak

When serving tuna steaks, you will want to ensure that you have chosen the best sides to serve with it.

Selecting the right sides can seem like a difficult task, especially if you don’t cook and serve fish often. However, it doesn’t have to be.

You will be relieved to know that there are many savory sides that complement tuna steaks perfectly.

You really are spoiled for choice. In this article, we have included and discussed 14 of our favorite savory sides to serve with tuna steak. 

Potatoes Au Gratin (Dauphinoise) 

If you’re looking for an impressive and delicious side dish to serve at a dinner party or to your family, potatoes au gratin are the perfect option to consider. This side dish is super indulgent, and full of flavor. 

It contains potatoes that are cooked in cream, and topped with cheese before baking. It’s fantastic and works well with tuna steak.

As this is quite a rich side, you don’t need to serve overly large portions, and the flavor works well with steamed vegetables. 

Garlic Fries

When it comes to staple side dishes to serve with a tuna steak, fries are the perfect option to consider. The vast majority of people enjoy fries, and they’re easy to prepare and serve.

They’re a filling side dish, and taste incredible when you add your own seasoning to them.

While the majority of seasonings taste great on the fries, garlic is our personal favorite.

Garlic and tuna are two flavors that complement each other well. Garlic fries are super easy to recreate, and help to take your tuna steak meal to the next level. 

Steamed Vegetables

If you’re looking for a healthier side to serve with tuna steak, you can’t go wrong with steamed vegetables. They are a simple, but effective side dish to serve.

We enjoy pairing steamed vegetables with one of the carb side dishes included in the article, to create the ultimate tuna steak meal.

When it comes to selecting the steamed vegetables, the vast majority work well with tuna steak.

As a result, you can choose the option you enjoy the most. Broccoli, peas, and cauliflower are three options that work particularly well with tuna steak. 


Salad is the perfect lighter choice to serve with a tuna steak. For a lunchtime meal, or to serve on a warm day, they are the perfect combination.

The great thing about salad is that it is full of flavor, and low in calories. This means you can eat a lot of it without having to worry about the calories if you’re on a diet!

While some people assume that salad is a boring choice to consider, this is not the case.

There’s so much you can do with a salad, from adding tasty dressings, to including fruit and nuts to add some texture. 

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Fried Green Beans

If you want to incorporate vegetables as a side dish for your tuna steak, but you find steamed vegetables boring, we would recommend cooking fried green beans instead.

These vegetables are not only full of flavor, but the crispy fried coating is delicious. 

When cooking fried green beans, you don’t have to add a lot of coating to the vegetables, just enough to add a small amount of crunch and crisp to them.

You can also try this with other vegetables if you’re not as keen on green beans. 

Vegetable Skewers

Vegetable skewers are a brilliant option to consider if you’re looking for something different and fun to serve.

They’re a useful side dish for barbecues as they can be placed on the grill alongside the tuna steak as it’s cooking. 

The best vegetables to include on the skewer are peppers, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. You can include any vegetables you enjoy, however. 

Potato Or Pasta Salad

While we have included regular salad in this article, potato salad and pasta salad are also worth noting.

While salad can be great, it can be made even better when you include potato and pasta.

These both contain tasty sauces, which can help to elevate the taste of your tuna steak meal.

The vast majority of people enjoy potato or pasta salad, which is what makes it a handy option to serve, especially at a dinner party or barbecue. 


If you prefer carbs other than potatoes to go with your tuna steak, rice is always a staple option to consider.

Not only is rice easy to cook and prepare, but it’s healthy too. You can choose to serve plain boiled rice, or you can add some flavoring to the rice.

Vegetable stock is a great option to cook with the rice to give it flavor, you can also fry the rice with some vegetables for a more substantial side dish. 

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are one of our personal favorite options to serve with tuna steak.

Not only are they easy to prepare and cook, but they work well with the flavors too, especially when paired with a side of steamed vegetables or fried green beans. 

You can choose to use regular cooking potatoes, or you can cook sweet potatoes. They both taste different, but are equally good.

The sweet potato does add more flavor to the meal as a whole. 

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Fried Vegetables

Fried vegetables taste particularly good when served alongside a tuna steak. Fried vegetables typically have more flavor in comparison to steamed vegetables because they can be cooked in oil and seasoning. 

You can also choose to add a sauce such as teriyaki or soy to the vegetables before serving. These sauces work particularly well with tuna steak, and helps to bring out the flavor of the fish. 

Garlic Bread

Given how well garlic works with tuna steaks, it’s not surprising to see garlic bread featured in our article. However, we couldn’t ignore it given how easy it is to prepare and cook. 

While you can purchase store bought garlic bread, it’s easy enough to make your own.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can top the garlic bread with some cheddar cheese or mozzarella too, for extra flavor!

Creamed Spinach

Spinach is a great side to consider as it compliments the tuna steak well. However, by serving creamed spinach, you can take your tuna steak meal to the next level, and impress your dinner guests.

Creamed spinach is created by boiling the spinach in salted water, draining it once cooked, and adding heavy cream, nutmeg salt, and pepper to it.

The combination of the heavy cream and nutmeg is gloriously good!

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a useful side dish to serve because they are so versatile.

You can choose to include whatever fillings you enjoy, from rice to couscous, and other vegetables. Stuffed peppers are easy to prepare, and they’re a filling side to include. 

When serving stuffed peppers with tuna steak, we like to include a creamier filling of cream cheese, rice, and vegetables. It created the perfect combination


Last but not least, we have chips. If you’re looking for a lighter side option to serve with tuna steak, they’re a great snack to consider.

We personally prefer to serve salted chips so that the flavor doesn’t take away from the taste of the tuna steak.

However, you can choose any type of crisp, depending on your personal preferences.

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As you can see, there are so many delicious savory sides you can serve with tuna steak. While these are our personal favorite options, you can serve any type of side you enjoy with your steak. 

Given that tuna steak is similar in many ways to beef steak, the sides you would typically associate with a beef steak will also work well with tuna.

The most important thing to remember is that you want the sides to complement the tuna steaks, which the 14 savory options included in this article do well. 

Which side dish will you try first?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Wine Goes With Tuna Steaks?

When it comes to the type of wine to serve with tuna steaks, technically speaking, you can choose to serve any type of wine you want.

However, there are some options that work better than others.

If you’re looking for a wine that compliments the tuna steak the best, you will want to pick a dry rose. This is our personal preference, especially one that is from France or Spain.

If you’re not as fussed on rosé wine, you can select a lighter red wine that isn’t too heavy as an alternative. 

What Does A Tuna Steak Taste Like?

Tuna is a great fish to consume if you’re not typically a fan of overly strong fish. This is because it’s fairly mild in its taste.

It’s quite a meaty fish, and in many ways, it resembles beef steak. It has a softer texture, and is easier to break into chunks.

While it does have the taste of fish, it’s not overpowering. 

How Do You Know If A Tuna Steak Is Done?

Unlike a regular beef steak, more care needs to be taken when you are cooking a tuna steak. This is to ensure that it’s safe to consume.

You will know when a tuna steak is cooked because the majority of it will be firm.

However, the middle of the tuna steak can be served pink. This is better than an overcooked, and dry tuna steak. 

14 Savory Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak

Are you looking to cook a tuna steak but are unsure of what sides to serve with it? Here are 14 tasty savory sides you can serve with tuna steak.


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