14 Beef Sausage Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Sausages are one of the world’s favorite foods and are loved not only for their versatility, but also for their value, warmth, and meaty flavor.

While sausages may have a reputation for being cheaper meat, there are tons of ways to elevate your dish using sausage, particularly swapping out pork sausage for a more flavorful and leaner beef sausage.

Beef sausage brings the unique flavor and texture of beef which can really make any dish that uses sausage shine, and while they still provide excellent value, they are a little more refined and elevated than traditional pork sausage.

But what should you use beef sausage in exactly?

A lot of people may be confused about this, as beef is quite different from pork in terms of its flavor, and this may mean that it doesn’t complement some traditional sausage dishes as well as others.

To help allay these fears and show just how versatile and delicious beef sausages are, we’re going to look at 15 of the best beef sausage recipes for you to try, helping you to get the best use out of your sausage and find a perfect recipe for any occasion.

The beauty of sausage is in its versatility, and while beef sausage is certainly different from pork sausage, it still works well with many different types of foods and recipes, from baking to braising.

But let’s take a look at the recipes themselves and see just how good beef sausage can be.

1. Sausage And Chorizo Goulash

Goulash is one of the most warming and delicious dishes, and is a great meal to prepare for large gatherings or to eat over consecutive days during a busy period of time.

For those who don’t know goulash is a sort of soup or stew made with meat and vegetables, seasoned with various spices and paprika. The dish is popular in central Europe and is believed to have originated in Hungary, and is extremely popular there.

It is a great way to experiment with flavors and create a warming, comforting stew that benefits from the smoky hints of paprika and spice that give the stew its signature flavor and color.

Using beef sausage and spicy chorizo in this dish only develops the flavor of the spices more intensely, with the beef flavors complementing these wonderfully as well as taking on the flavor of the sauce well.

Overall this is one of the best dishes to consider when using beef sausage, and it’s definitely something you should consider experimenting with yourself!

2. Sausage Casserole

Classic sausage casserole is a traditional favorite dinner for families and is another hearty and comforting dish.

Casserole is actually a French dish that takes its name from the large deep baking pan or bowl used for baking the dish in the oven.

As such various ingredients are used to make a casserole, and while sausage is among the most popular, various other meats can be used, including beef sausage which adds a more satisfying flavor and texture to the dish, as well as slightly less grease which can make the dish a little healthier and more palatable.

3. Aligot and Red Wine Braised Beef Sausages

A running theme with sausages is that they are a favorite winter warmer and used heavily in dishes that provide a reprieve from the oppressive cold of the winter months.

Another dish that proves this trend is the pairing of Aligot with wine-braised beef sausage.

Aligot makes a wonderful accompaniment and for those who don’t know, it’s essentially mashed potato with cheese blended into it to create a deliciously creamy and flavorful mash that is smooth and stretchy.

The addition of wine-braised beef sausage adds a hit of tart richness and meaty warmth which makes this dish some of the best comfort food you can get.

4. Beef Sausage Toad In The Hole

Toad is the hole is a British dish, which consists of meat, very often sausage served in a large Yorkshire pudding and topped with onion gravy and vegetables to create an incredibly delicious blend of textures and flavors that is incredibly fulfilling.

The crunch of the Yorkshire pudding adds an immensely satisfying amount of texture while the onion gravy and vegetables are the perfect garnish to any sausage.

While pork sausage is the most common meat used in this dish, adding beef sausage is a great way to make the dish less greasy and slightly more healthy, as well as adding a slightly different flavor and texture.

5. Beef And Horseradish Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are another British favorite that is eaten commonly as a snack food at lunch or as part of a larger buffet.

There are few foods as convenient and filling, and combining a beef sausage with horseradish is a great way to elevate the traditional sausage roll bringing a more intense flavor as well as a slightly more satisfying texture that pairs beautifully with the crispy pastry the sausage is encased within.

6. Sausage Meatballs With Chickpeas

Beef sausage meatballs and chickpeas may not sound like a very obvious choice, but they are actually a really great blend of ingredients as the texture and flavor of chickpea works well with the richness of a beef sausage in particular.

This dish can also be made so that it’s totally gluten-free, making it a delicious choice for celiacs who want to eat heartily and well without needing to worry about gluten and the issues this can cause.

Being a low-carb dish this is a really healthy choice with a ton of protein, making it very filling also.

7. Sausage With Lentils And Feta Cheese

Another relatively healthy choice would be to pair beef sausage with lentils and feta, as the textures and flavors of these ingredients work wonderfully together to create a light lunch or appetiser.

The crumbliness of the feta cheese with the firmness of beef sausage pair surprisingly well and while the dish is a healthy choice, it somehow manages to feel comforting and satisfying making it a great choice for people who may be dieting but still want to enjoy their food to the fullest.

8. Sausage And Thyme Ragu

One thing that works very well with sausage is ragu, the tart flavor of the tomato sauce cutting through the richness of the sausage or mince to allow you to fully enjoy all the flavors that come from this classic blend of ingredients.

When paired with some al-dente pasta for some crunch and firmness, as well as a little thyme for garnish, this dish can really elevate your ragu and allow you to test the boundaries of what is possible with such a simple dish.

9. Spicy Stuff Sausage Croissants

Many people think of croissants as a light breakfast snack or even a possible dessert choice, but the wonderfully chewy and flaky pastry of this classic bake pairs amazingly well with beef sausage, particularly when well seasoned and spiced to create an immensely convenient and satisfying snack that can be enjoyed on the go.

If you’re looking to spice up your snack options or get creative, this is the perfect recipe to try.

10. Rigatoni And Spicy Sausage

Another simple pasta dish that can be elevated with beef sausage is rigatoni.

As with most pasta, accompanying meat can make the dish even more enjoyable, but beef sausage works amazingly well with the larger pasta such as rigatoni, and you can add a little mustard to give the dish a kick of flavor to cut through the richness of the sausage and the starchiness of the pasta, allowing everything to balance out beautifully well.

11. Turkish Sausage Rolls

While traditional Turkish rolls will use lamb meat, you can give beef sausage a try to achieve a slightly different blend of textures and flavors that will likely give your sausage roll a little more integrity.

If you do this, don’t forget to rebalance the spices and seasonings you use to ensure that you bring the best out of your beef, as lamb is a very different meat that is much sweeter than beef.

12. Sausage Pasta And Broccoli

As we’ve already mentioned, beef sausage meatballs work wonderfully well with pasta, but you can take this even further by adding broccoli to your dish along with a creamy mustard sauce, to create a comforting and flavorful dish that will go a long way during a busy week due to being easy to prepare in large quantities.

13. Sausage Tray Bake

Sausage traybake is one of the most popular and widespread dishes, due to being easy to prepare, convenient, and extremely delicious.

While pork sausage is most commonly used, you can swap in beef sausage quite easily to add a less greasy, healthier meat option (especially if you choose lean sausage mince), and you will also benefit from the unique texture of beef sausage making your traybake even more palatable.

14. Beef Bangers And Mash

No sausage recipe list could be complete without classic bangers and mash.

Swapping out pork sausage for beef sausage is another way to reinvent this dish, and you can get creative with your ingredients adding horseradish or mustard to your mash, as well as traditional beef gravy to create a really hearty family favorite.

Final Thoughts

Sausages are one of the world’s most popular foods, and as we’ve demonstrated, it’s also one of the most versatile foods, capable of being used in snacks and hearty stews, as well as light pasta dishes and starters.

Beef sausage is a really healthy substitute for cheaper pork sausage if you want a meat with a little more flavor and texture, while still getting the delicious and comforting meat flavors you would get out of pork or other types of meat.

All of these recipes are easy to make and are favorites all over the world, so don’t hesitate to experiment with them, or consider swapping beef sausage into other sausage-based recipes to take advantage of its amazing flavors and textures!

14 Beef Sausage Recipes You Can Try Tonight

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Beef sausages are a great way to add flavour to your meals. Try one of these 14 beef sausage recipes tonight.


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