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10 Delicious Nutella Scones Recipes

Scones make a really delicious breakfast or late evening treat, but you know what would make them even better – Nutella!

After all, adding Nutella pretty much improves anything. But how do you add Nutella to scones?

There are a bunch of ways you can serve up your homemade scones with Nutella, and we have pulled together our favorite recipes for you to try out! Have a look down below and find a delicious Nutella scone recipe that really piques your interest.

1. Nutella Swirl Scones

If you are thinking of bringing some Nutella scones instead of cupcakes to a party, then you will want them to look interesting as well as taste good.

This recipe for some Nutella swirl scones uses an interesting and unique technique that creates a swirl like pattern through the middle of your scones out of Nutella. This means that you get that delicious Nutella taste all the way through your scones, plus they look really unique and amazing.

The technique is not that difficult to do as long as you follow the very clear and simple steps of this recipe. Give it a try, and see just how awesome your Nutella swirl scones turn out!

2. Hazelnut Nutella Scones

If you really enjoy the nutty taste of Nutella, then here is a way to really enrichen your scones. This recipe adds additional hazelnuts to help enhance the earthy notes of your Nutella scones.

By doing this, you get a scone that is very nutty and down to earth, making this a wholesome treat. Once the Nutella is drizzled over the top, you will have a delicious scone that is rich in hazelnut flavor coupled with a touch of chocolate richness. It’s a great version of the Nutella scone for those who prefer a more savory, earthy taste to their desserts.

3. Nutella Filled Scones

Traditional English scones are typically cut through the middle and filled with cream and jelly – so why not try the same process but with Nutella?

This recipe is the perfect walkthrough to making some buttery original scones to sandwich a healthy dose of rich, chocolatey Nutella. With a flaky texture that produces plenty of delicious crumbs, these scones are the perfect choice when it comes to an indulgent tea time snack.

You also have a lot of choice and power over personalizing your Nutella filled scones as you can choose exactly how much Nutella you want to slather onto your scones. You can go light with just a thin spread or treat yourself to a large dollop of Nutella – the choice is completely yours.

4. Nutella Chocolate Chip Scones

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, so what about chocolate chip scones?

To make your very own chocolate chip scones, this recipe takes you step by step to make the perfect ones. They are very light yet rich, especially when you pour over your homemade Nutella glaze to further enhance the flavor.

This recipe will help you make a perfect chocolate-filled treat that brings just a touch of nuttiness thanks to the Nutella glaze. It’s easy and simple so you can make your own dessert with little stress or fuss. So try this recipe out and enjoy!

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5. Cherry Nutella Scones

If you haven’t tried out cherries and Nutella before – then you are missing out. Everyone automatically goes for strawberries, but cherries are still sweet and dark, making them ideal to eat with Nutella.

To make this indulgent and dark dessert, just follow this easy recipe to help you achieve the perfect cherry Nutella scones. The light and fluffiness of the scones is brought back down to earth thanks to the rich Nutella glaze and fruity cherries, topped with a sprinkle of spicy cinnamon to really seal the deal.

This makes this a delicious dessert to serve up to your guests that is completely unique.

6. Banana Nutella Scones

Another great recipe for a delicious breakfast treat, why not try making some banana Nutella scones?

Bananas are a great source of potassium so adding them to your scones will help them give a little goodness to carry you through the day. For those days when you deserve a little chocolate, mix up this recipe for some delicious banana Nutella scones so you can have the treat you deserve.

They are rich and buttery, yet crumbly and very sweet. The banana helps these scones taste very moist and it is all wrapped up with some warm Nutella drizzle to make the perfect scone!

7. Sweet Potato Nutella Scones

Although it sounds like it totally should not work, you can make some amazing sweet and savory Nutella scones using sweet potato!

By using sweet potatoes and hazelnut flour, this recipe makes some very tender and nutty scones. They are very light and fluffy in texture yet are full of flavor that is further enhanced by a rich Nutella drizzle. Although the sweet potatoes are added to help sweeten the scones, the type of sweetness they bring is far more delicate and earthy than just by using sugar.

It’s a great choice for a Nutella scone that is not so overpoweringly sweet that it is sickly, making it ideal for those who enjoy just a touch of sweetness without overdoing it.

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8. Coconut and Nutella Scones

For a traditional taste of sweetness, try this recipe to make your very own coconut and Nutella scones.

Your Nutella scones will be filled with the usual chocolatey goodness of Nutella while complemented by the tropical taste of coconut. The coconut flakes used in this recipe also helps change the texture of your scones, making them more flakey and crumbly. They are still very moist and buttery, however, and make for the perfect light snack.

The slight nutty taste of hazelnut is also very apparent in this scone, despite how much lighter and more delicate it is compared to the previous recipes.

It is a perfectly balanced scone that is just a few easy steps away.

9. Pumpkin Nutella Scones

Fall is the best season for a lot of people, so why not try bringing some classic Fall flavors to your Nutella scones?

This recipe is a very creative and fun one to try as it combines the rich and indulgent flavors of Nutella scones to the sweetness of pumpkins! As pumpkins are a typically earthy yet sweet flavor, it complements the earthiness of the Nutella perfectly.

Together, they make the perfect Fall version of the traditional Nutella scone so this would be an ideal snack to serve around Thanksgiving or Halloween. It’s an especially great recipe to use if you have pumpkins to use up, so why not give it a try?

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10. Nutella and Honeycomb Scones

And finally, we have the sweetest Nutella scone recipe of them all. This recipe will give you nostalgic feelings of honeycomb candies as it combines Nutella and honeycombs together in the form of scones!

This easy to follow recipe will guide you through making the perfect scone that is filled with chocolatey goodness and the sweet syrupy texture of honey. It even helps you make your own honeycomb, or you can just buy some from your local store.

The honeycomb not only helps bring a sweetness to your Nutella scones but also diversifies its texture by bringing a little extra crunch and crumble. The honeycomb pieces will soon melt on your tongue, leaving you with a naturally sweet taste in your mouth. If you are a big fan of honeycomb candies, then this recipe is definitely one you need to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nutella Vegan?

No, Nutella is not a vegan product. This is because it is made using skim milk powder, which comes from cow’s milk. This means that Nutella contains an animal product, making it a non-vegan product. However, there are vegan alternatives available in stores that can easily be swapped in for Nutella in the above recipes.

Can I Swap Out Bicarbonate of Soda for Baking Soda Instead?

You can, but remember – baking soda is three times more powerful than bicarbonate of soda. If a recipe calls for one teaspoon of bicarbonate, you will need only ⅓ of baking soda.

How Long Will Nutella Scones Last After Baking?

Homemade scones will keep for 1-2 days after baking, as long as they are kept in an airtight container. You can make them longer by keeping them in a fridge instead of a room temperature cabinet. Any longer and they will start to go stale and dry.

Final Thoughts

So there are our favorite Nutella scone recipes!

As you can see, there are lots of ways to add Nutella to your scones – whether it’s drizzling over the top, folding into the mixture, or cutting the scone in half and spreading it on thick! You can also add a bunch of added ingredients like hazelnuts or fruit for an enhanced taste.

Whichever recipe you choose to try out, you are sure to enjoy your homemade Nutella scones! So grab the Nutella and give one of these recipes a try.

10 Delicious Nutella Scones Recipes

If you love Nutella and love scones, have you ever thought about bringing the two together? Here are some delicious Nutella scone recipes for you to try!


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