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The 30 Best Ground Turkey Recipes

When it comes to meat, ground turkey is arguably the healthiest one to put in your meals. It is an excellent source of protein, packs lots of vitamins, and has fewer calories than beef and chicken.

But with its pale color and dry-ish texture, some say that ground turkey is a bit of a bland ingredient. But it does not have to be this way. Ground turkey can be used in a wide variety of dishes, and prepared in so many ways, that in some dishes, it becomes the star ingredient.

The 30 Best Ground Turkey Recipes

So let’s jump into our list of the 30 best ground turkey recipes. There are sure to be at least a few here which get your creative-cooking juices flowing, and open your mind to new ground turkey possibilities.

30 Best Ground Turkey Recipes

Turkey Bolognese

We are out of the starting blocks with turkey bolognese! At some point this Italian inspired dish has been served up on every dinner table around the world, and is loved by all.

Load this one up with ground turkey and parmesan cheese, and you have yourself a classic family meal. Everyone is going to love it, especially the kids!

Ground Turkey Stir-Fry

Whip this one up in the evening, even after a long day at work. Ground turkey stir-fry is easy to prepare, and will take away the long-day blues.

Fresh veggies, a stir-fry sauce, and a dollop of ground turkey. Healthy dinner is the best.

Ground Turkey Stuffed Zucchini

Some people stuff squash, others stuff zucchini. These ground turkey stuffed zucchinis make tasty boats which will sail tastily all the way to your tummy, and fill you up.

Stuffed with ground turkey and tons of veggies, just scrape out the zucchini’s middle, and get filling. Pop them in the oven, and watch these babies cook.

Ground Turkey Taco Bowl

Drop the tacos and grab a bowl, because it is ground turkey taco bowl time. Sling this dish together in just 30 minutes, and enjoy its hearty goodness.

Turkey brings the protein, and a veggie assortment packs all the vitamins and fiber you need. A delicious and healthy meal, especially when on the go.

Turkey Meatball Soup

Let’s take things up a notch now and combine a few tasty ingredients to make a ground turkey meatball soup. As well as the meatballs, thro in some tortellini, and a handful of spinach.

This is no ordinary soup, it combines all kinds of flavors and textures, and makes the perfect lunch or dinner.

Ground Turkey Pasta Bake

We do not need to introduce pasta bake, everyone knows it and everyone loves it. But meat lovers can add some ground turkey for a protein upgrade.

Thick tubes of ziti pasta, a tasty marinara sauce, and a shed-load of cheese all baked in the oven.

Ground Turkey One Pot Pasta

Let’s get some penne out of the cupboard and make a one pot ground turkey penne pasta. You will also need some spinach for this recipe, and being so easy to prepare, it basically makes itself in 30 minutes.

Baked Ground Turkey Marinara Meatballs

It is meatballs galore with this stacked ground turkey meatball dish.

Round up your meatballs, and make sure to mix in plenty of seasoning. Whip up a classic marinara sauce which we all know too well. And then cover in shredded cheese. The oven does the rest, and then you get to enjoy it!

Shepherd’s Pie

A shepherd’s pie is traditionally enjoyed with ground beef, but round turkey gives it a bit more of a health kick.

Prepare your pie with a generous amount of veggies and ground turkey. Next is a delicious sauce to moisten things up. And then top it off with creamy mashed potato.

Ground Turkey Stroganoff

Stroganoff is a classy meal that is usually made with beef. But this ground turkey variant will make it a little healthier, but just as tasty.

Sliced mushrooms and a mouth watering sauce combine with the meat to make a heart mix, and it goes great with noodles or veggies, and a side of bread.

Turkey Sloppy Joes

No matter how long we leave it, sloppy joes always brings back good food memories. It is saucy and delicious, and it has helped all of us through and at least one hard time, right?

This ground turkey sloppy joes burger can be put together in no time at all, and is finger food to crave for!

Turkey Meatball Minestrone

Minestrone is a refreshing and light meal, but sometimes does not fill you up. But add in some ground turkey meatballs, and the problem is solved.

The meatballs fill the meal out with great taste and lots of protein, giving it that something else. Pack your minestrone broth with plenty of veggies, and boom!

Turkey Picadillo

Picadillo takes many shapes and forms depending on where you try it. This turkey recipe has all the goodies of a traditional picadillo, just with a healthier source of meat.

Make things interesting and serve it up with a side of rice, some nachos, or simply some crusty bread. Either way, it is warm, filling, and scrummy.

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Why does food always look so good when it is wrapped in lettuce? These ground turkey lettuce wraps look soo restaurant-like, yet soo simple, that we just want to crack on and make them!

Packed with salad veggies and ground turkey, this is a healthy snack, or meal if prepared in bulk, and packs well into lunch boxes.

Ground Turkey Enchiladas

Get ready for a taste of Mexico with these black bean and ground turkey enchiladas. They are stuffed with black beans and our favorite healthy poultry, and onion and chives add extra flavor.

Load them with melted cheese, and your enchiladas are ready for the oven. A sprinkle of lime, and it is chow time.

Thai Ground Turkey Curry

Meatballs are one of the best ways to prepare turkey, and this Thai coconut red curry capitalizes on it. Spice the meatballs up with all the goodies; garlic, ginger, and a chili red chili paste. Coconut milk sweetens things up a tad, and then it all comes down to a side of rice.

Ground Turkey Swedish Meatballs

We just cannot seem to get away from meatballs when it comes to turkey. We have just topped over to Scandinavia, and look, the Swedes even love them.

These ground turkey meatballs sit lovely on top of a base of noodles, and get their flavor and aroma from plenty of spices and seasoning.

Turkey Chili

It is getting hotter by the minute, but we are sure that you will be able to handle this slow cooker turkey chili. Prepare your ingredients early in the day, and then simmer it all in a slow cooker. Come dinner time you will have a tasty chili ready to be served up.

Ground Turkey Meatloaf

an absolute classic, meatloaf is a meaty favorite, and has been for generations. But with so much meat, a beef recipe might not be the healthiest. Ground turkey is the best alternative, and it brings just as much flavor to the game as ground beef.

Ground Turkey Burger

Sometimes you just need a thick juicy burger to fill you up and keep the hunger at bay.

The lean turkey means that you can stack this baby high, without having to worry about fat content. So whack another patty on top won’t you!

Throw in your greens, and put it all between a seedy bun, and it is ready.

Ground Turkey And Veggie Skillet

What a way to end the day. Get your family together and enjoy this ground turkey and veggie skillet.

Brimming with fresh veg, beans, and topped with cheese, it really does the job.

We want to say that it also makes good leftovers, but let’s be real, there probably will not be any.

Baked Turkey In Lemony Garlic Butter

Yes, more meatballs. But these ones are insanely flavourful, and you will most definitely want to try them.

A lemon and garlic buttery sauce drooled over baked turkey meatballs. Just picture yourself eating that…

Sounds good, right?

Ground Turkey Quesadilla

Quesadilla can be made as simply or intricately as you like. These ground turkey quesadillas add another element to the classic Mexican meal, but without complicating things.

Onion, pepper, sweetcorn, tomato, and black beans complete the filling. And plenty of tangy cheese holds it all together inside a tortilla.

Ground Turkey Mac N Cheese

Mac n cheese with a twist. This Southwestern style recipe throws in some spice and taco seasoning that you might otherwise not have thought about, and makes a nice take on the classic dish.

Simple ingredients, little time to prepare, and big taste. What is not to love?

Ground Turkey Potato Bake

Tired of cheesy pasta bake, then say hello to cheesy potato bake. This chunky dish is loaded with carb-rich potatoes and zingy cheese, and has a healthy amount of ground turkey to finish it off.

It is sure to be loved by everyone at home, so make plenty for leftovers.

Ground Turkey Teriyaki Rice Bowl

Who knew that rice bowls could turn out so delicious, and with such simple ingredients. This ground turkey teriyaki rice bowl will save you a trip to the restaurant, and go down a treat.

Get it going in no time, and grab yourself a pair of chopsticks!

Turkey Tacos

Taquitos are finger licking good, and ground turkey only adds to this.

Fry it up with all the seasoning and spices, and throw in plenty of onion, tomato, pepper, and cilantro.

You can eat tons of these tacos, and just keep on going!

Ground Turkey Lasagne

Lasagne, a gift sent from the food gods for humans to enjoy time after time. This recipe is made with ground turkey, and gives it the meaty bite that you meat lovers are always after. Plenty of veggies and melted cheese, and enjoy this pasta encased ground turkey greatness.

Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Quite an unusual recipe, but this mix of ingredients works wonders. Tuck into a steamy slow cooker ground turkey pumpkin chili, and have your taste buds questioning this magic. 

 It is not the most difficult dish to make, and tastes great 

Linguine And Carrot-Turkey Ragu

We are fishing in style here. Just look at this absolute masterpiece of a ground turkey meal. Healthy, packed with yummy ingredients, and full of taste. Just follow the recipe, and watch it all come together! 

That is the end of the list, and you are now armed to the teeth with the 30 best ground turkey recipes. So now it is time to fire up the cooker, and get the pots and pans clanging.

Enjoy these recipes, and savor the flavor and nutritious qualities which ground turkey can bring to the table.

Final Thoughts

There you go guys, that concludes our list of the 30 best ground turkey recipes. There is plenty of inspiration here for some taste bud tantalizing dishes, and we hope you have fun whipping them together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ground Turkey Bad For You?

Ground turkey is generally lower in saturated fat than beef, but still provides protein, fat, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Because of this, it might be a better choice for heart health. For an even lower calorie option, there is also fat free ground turkey.

Can I Swap Ground Beef For Ground Turkey?

Because of their similar texture, ground chicken or ground turkey can be great substitutes for ground beef. Poultry is paler than beef, which can change how some dishes look, but they still taste just as good.

Is Ground Turkey Better Than Chicken?

Ground turkey is generally slightly leaner than ground chicken. It has fewer calories and less sodium, but more iron, as well as more protein. However, the differences are negligible.

The 30 Best Ground Turkey Recipes

Looking for some fresh ways to use ground turkey? Then look no further, because here are the 30 best ground turkey recipes.


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