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The 25 Best Popcorn Recipes

Popcorn is one of those treats that is universally loved, and makes a great accompaniment for all sorts of activities – it’s a traditional cinema snack, but the fact that it’s so lightweight makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

You can have sweet popcorn, savory popcorn, or a mix of the two, and these days it really does come in any flavor you can imagine.

The 25 Best Popcorn Recipes

It’s also really simple to make your own, in case you can’t find the flavor you’re looking for in a store, or you just really crave the warmth of freshly popped corn. Here are 25 of our favorite popcorn recipes that you can try at home.

Sweet Popcorn Recipes

1. Cinnamon Toast Popcorn

Cinnamon is such a delicious flavor that conjures up festive memories to delight your taste buds. The warm syrup blends with the cinnamon powder to create an irresistible caramelized topping that packs a perfect crunch.

The whole recipe takes around 15 minutes from start to finish, and then you are advised to let your popcorn cool for around 10 minutes before it’s ready to eat.

2. Peanut Butter Popcorn

If you’re nutty about nuts, this peanut butter popcorn is the perfect snack for you. It is a gourmet recipe, but the simple flavor means it is still hugely  popular with kids as well as adults.

You can use any nut butter if you want, but we find that the original peanut butter works brilliantly without having to change up the recipe at all.

3. The Best Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is a classic – the rich, buttery flavor can satisfy even the sweetest tooth. One of the best things about making caramel sauce for any reason is that you only need a few ingredients to achieve a delicious result.

You can add salt if you want to get that luxurious salted caramel flavor, or you can leave it plain and enjoy the uncensored sweetness this popcorn offers.

4. Gluten Free Caramel Popcorn

This recipe is pretty similar to the one above, only it caters specifically to the gluten-free market. Of course, you can enjoy it just as much if you don’t need to eat gluten-free, but it gives peace of mind to those who do.

It also tastes unbelievably great, with a combination of flavors that hits just the right spot to satisfy your caramel cravings.

5. Pink Popcorn

‘What kind of flavor is pink?!’ we hear you cry. In fact, the pink doesn’t contribute to the flavor at all and is merely there for aesthetic purposes, but we think it works really well anyway.

The recipe uses vanilla extract for a sweet, marshmallowy taste, but you can switch this out for a different extract if you prefer. Equally, you can make it whatever color you like, but pink definitely seems like a good bet for general consumption.

6. Cherry Popcorn Crunch

Before you begin, you should be aware that this recipe isn’t suitable for vegetarians because it contains gelatin. Cherry-flavored gelatin mix, to be precise, such as Jell-O mix or a similar brand. You can easily find this on Amazon or at most grocery stores. The zingy cherry taste balances out the lightness of the popcorn to create the perfect fruity treat for any special occasion.

7. KitKat Pretzel Gourmet Popcorn

KitKats and Pretzels aren’t two items you’d immediately put together, especially paired with popcorn. However, we’re pleased to tell you that the combination works and you get a delightful mix of sweet and salty tastes.

Although it is a gourmet recipe, the instructions are simple and you’ll want to make this popcorn again and again – it is a must have for any chocolate lover.

8. Maple Crunch Popcorn

Maple Syrup is a flavor that defines the fall period – drinks, pancakes and many other things are popular to have with the syrup at this time of year.

Not only is it deliciously sweet, it also has numerous health benefits, because it contains antioxidants that may help to ward off diseases.

It sweetens foods naturally so you don’t have to use refined sugars, and you can indulge in treats without feeling guilty.

9. Candy Cane Popcorn

Here is a delightfully festive popcorn recipe that you can enjoy while watching your favorite Christmas movies. This popcorn only uses 3 ingredients, making it super easy to make when the mood strikes you.

It is both minty and chocolatey, packing a tantalizing crunch that leaves you wanting more. You can make up individual bags of the popcorn and hand them out to relatives for a holiday treat.

10. Christmas Crunch Popcorn

Another festive offering, this chocolate and pretzel popcorn will delight all the family. The M&Ms and pretzels bring sweet and salty flavors – the key is to crush them to reasonable sized chunks so that each piece of popcorn gets sprinkled with both. You can customize the recipe with different candy if you prefer, or leave the M&Ms intact for a different balance. 

11. Peanut Butter And Jelly Popcorn

The classic PB&J gets a party makeover with this devilishly tasty popcorn that is more of a dessert than a light meal. It will bring back happy memories of your childhood, munching on sandwiches in your backyard as you played with your friends.

This popcorn is great for kids who love peanut butter and jelly together, or why not introduce someone new to the fun combination?

12. Snickers Popcorn

There is something about putting peanuts and popcorn together that just seems to work really well. Maybe it’s the alliteration of the two food items that emphasizes the great crunch they provide.

This peanut recipe goes one step further by adding the other components of a Snickers bar, resulting in a tempting snack full of nutty, chocolatey goodness. You need to leave the mixture to set for 45 minutes before tucking in, so be patient!

13. Party Popcorn

It’s a safe bet that anything with ‘party’ in the name will be suitable for serving at a party. This colorful popcorn brings a fun vibe to any special occasion, and will be loved by kids and adults alike.

As with several of the other recipes showcased here, this one uses white candy melts for the topping, which also works to bind the multicolored sprinkles to each popcorn piece.

14. Grandma’s Candy Popcorn

Everyone knows grandmas love to feed people, and make it their business to ensure nobody in the family leaves their house hungry. It won’t surprise you to find out that this recipe was invented by one such eager grandma, and passed down to be enjoyed by future generations.

Now we are sharing it with you, and the colorful popcorn pieces are sure to be a hit in your family too.

15. Sticky And Sweet Popcorn

This wonderfully sticky popcorn has an air of luxury about it, with the combined flavors of sharp cranberries and earthy walnuts. These are interesting ingredients for putting with popcorn, but they work really nicely together and will leave you reaching for more.

You’ll need to wash your hands thoroughly after shovelling fistfuls of these into your mouth, because they will get sticky!

Savory Popcorn Recipes

1. Rosemary And Sea Salt Popcorn

Add a touch of class to your popcorn with this sophisticated flavor. Rosemary is an aromatic herb that we often associate with seasoning meat, but you might not know that it also goes really well with popcorn.

The sea salt and black pepper finish off the recipe nicely, and you can adjust the quantities of these ingredients to suit your tastes. This is a relatively healthy option compared to many popcorn recipes, so you can still snack when you’re watching your weight.

2. Chicken Dinner-Flavored Popcorn Recipe

You know how we said you can get popcorn with any flavor? We really weren’t kidding – you can even make popcorn that tastes like a whole chicken dinner!

There is no actual chicken involved in the recipe, so it is still suitable for vegetarians, but the seasoning combination is what brings out that chicken-like flavor.

You’ll feel like you’re eating a whole meal when you’re just snacking, so make sure you leave enough room for your actual dinner! 

3. BBQ Popcorn

BBQ flavored anything is always a favorite, and it’s sure to be a hit with all your friends and family. You’ll probably have all the ingredients lying around at home anyway, as they are mainly staples of every pantry.

This recipe uses coconut oil for cooking the popcorn in, because it enhances the spice flavors and gives your popcorn a slightly nutty taste.

4. Garlic-Parmesan Popcorn

This popcorn is reminiscent of cheesy garlic bread that melts in your mouth and delights your senses. It’s not nearly as stodgy as the real thing, though, and is quite a lot better for you as well.

With only 73 calories and 2g saturated fat per serving, you can enjoy a generous helping of this delicious popcorn while relaxing in front of your favorite movie.

5. Sriracha Popcorn

Here’s one for the spice lovers among you. Sriracha is a hot chili sauce that is often used as a condiment, but turns up in all sorts of recipes, from jellies to cocktails.

It just so happens that it also tastes great as a popcorn flavoring, and it requires only minimal other ingredients to create a delicious snack that you can fix up super quickly whenever you want it.

6. Cheese Popcorn

Cheese is a staple flavor in all kinds of savory snacks, because its creamy, tangy taste seems to go well with just about anything you can think of.

You will need cheddar powder, similar to the kind you get in things like Cheetos and boxed macaroni – it is easy to find in grocery stores or online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Once you’ve sourced your cheese powder, the only other ingredients you need are butter and the popcorn itself.

7. Ranch-Chive Popcorn

The oils in this recipe – canola and safflower – are healthier for coating popcorn than butter is, meaning they’ll help to keep your body happy as well as your mouth.

If you really like this popcorn and will be making it a lot, you can save time by mixing the seasoning in batches so you always have some to hand. Enjoy your popcorn drizzled in the taste of traditional ranch dressing.

8. Salt And Vinegar Popcorn

Classic and simple, salt and vinegar is a popular potato chip flavor that has remained unchanged for decades – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The good news is, it tastes just as good on popcorn.

The trick is to balance the flavors by putting in just the right amount of each ingredient. The recipe suggests white balsamic vinegar, but you could use regular instead if you prefer, as it would give you the same great taste.

9. Cheesy Barbeque Popcorn

Though they are individually great flavors, you might be surprised to know that they actually taste great together as well.

The tanginess and subtle heat combine to bring you the ultimate popcorn experience that is like all your favorite snacks rolled into one.

The recipe is slightly more involved than other popcorn recipes and it requires a good few ingredients, but it’s worth it once you tuck in.

10. Spiced Popcorn

Truthfully, spiced popcorn could fall into either the sweet or the savory popcorn category, since you can use whatever spice combination you want – a cinnamon blend would be considered sweet, for example.

However, this recipe presents various options for savory spice mixes to season your popcorn, depending mainly on the heat level you require. Use these or have fun experimenting with other combos to suit your tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Popcorn Good For You?

The actual popcorn, i.e. the maize itself, is packed full of nutrients for a healthy body. It is a wholegrain, so it is high in fiber and helps keep your digestive processes flowing along nicely.

Of course, most commercial popcorn gets cooked in oil and smothered in sugary/fatty flavorings, which often overshadow the health benefits. If you want to keep your popcorn as healthy as possible, air-pop it and season with a light sprinkling of salt. 

Where Can I Buy Popcorn Kernels?

For these recipes, you will need to buy popcorn kernels that you pop yourself, rather than pre-popped corn. If you’re unfamiliar with kernels, they are very hard, small seeds that look like dry pieces of sweetcorn.

You can find these in most grocery stores, or there’s a large range on Amazon if you’d rather purchase online.

How Long Can You Store Homemade Popcorn?

This really depends on what you have added to it for the flavoring. If your popcorn has lashings of butter, this won’t keep for as long as other popcorn that uses non-refrigerated ingredients.

As a general rule, your homemade popcorn should be good for at least a week after it has popped, provided that you use proper storage methods.

Make sure it has fully cooled first, then place it in an airtight container of your choice and store it at room temperature.

The 25 Best Popcorn Recipes

We all love popcorn, and there are so many recipes out there to give you inspiration when you’re whipping up a batch. We show you some of the best ones that have been tried and tested to provide maximum enjoyment.


  • Pick a recipe from the list above
  • Click the recipe name and visit the website
  • Collect the ingredients and cook the food
  • Enjoy – don’t forget to leave a review

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