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15 Delicious Pretzel Bites Recipes

There is nothing better than a warm, pretzel fresh out of the oven. Unfortunately, making full sized pretzels can take a lot of time and effort due to the way the dough needs to be folded.

That’s why this article is here to show you some amazing recipes for making miniature pretzel bites. These little dough balls have the same texture and taste as a pretzel but are much easier to make and incredibly versatile.

You can make them salty, sweet, or eat them with a dipping sauce for a brilliant homemade snack.

1. Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzel Bites

Source – LMLD

If you are in the mood for something sweet, you will love these delectable cinnamon pretzel bites. With a soft, chewy center and a crispy outside dusted in sugar, you will struggle to keep your hands off these bite sized cinnamon flavored treats.

The recipe also teaches you how to make a cheese dip for enjoying your pretzels with, but they go equally well with hot fudge or salted caramel sauce.

2. Soft Pretzel Bites

To get that iconic chewy pretzel texture, the dough in this recipe is briefly dipped in an alkaline bath of boiling water and baking soda.

This also gives the bites a deep brown crust that looks exactly like the pretzels you can buy from the shops, with large grains of sea salt sprinkled on top.

With this recipe, you can make 60 pretzel bites in one hour, which is great for parties or other special occasions.

3. Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites

The longest part of this recipe is waiting for the dough to rise sufficiently before it can be shaped into balls. Once it is done, though, these delectable pretzel bites take only 18 minutes to cook in the oven.

They are topped with rough sea salt for a more authentic appearance and taste. At the end of the recipe, you can learn how to make your own cheese sauce for dipping your bites into.

4. Sweet Or Salty Pretzel Bites

Source – King Arthur Baking

You can make these bite size dough balls either sweet or salty, depending on your preference. If you want a really tantalizing treat, then you can mix your sugar with cinnamon before using it to dust your bites.

This recipe makes about 72 pretzel bites, which may be more than you can eat in one day. Not to worry though, these bites can be stored at room temperature wrapped in greaseproof paper and all you need to do is slightly heat them up before tucking in.

5. Easy Soft Pretzel Bites

Source – Just a Taste

Some people may find the concept of working with yeast quite difficult. This recipe takes you step by step through the process of making your own pretzel dough without killing your yeast.

You can make your bites extra shiny with a simple egg glaze that will really bring out the color of the dough. These mini pretzels taste great by themselves, but they are even nicer when dipped in hummus or cheese sauce.

6. Vegan Pretzel Bites With Spicy Mustard Dip

Source – Vegan Richa

With all this talk of cheese and egg glazes, some of our vegan readers may be feeling a bit left out. Not to worry, this recipe will teach you how to make delightfully soft and fluffy pretzel bites that are 100% vegan.

The wash is made from cornstarch instead of egg, so these bite sized salty delicacies are still very shiny and have the perfect color. This recipe also teaches you how to make a spicy mustard dipping sauce for enjoying alongside your bites.

7. Buttery Soft Pretzel Bites

Source – Gimme Some Oven

The dough for these bites uses milk instead of water to give them a slightly sweeter taste and a tender, chewy center. There is also two tablespoons of melted butter added to the mix, which gives these mini pretzels a beautiful golden coloring.

Dusted with coarse sea salt, these bites are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. They go great with a cheese dip, or if you want to mix things up, you could try a tahini or french onion dip instead.

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8. Savory Soft Pretzel Bites

Source – All Recipes

Salty pretzels are great, but there are lots of other amazing toppings you can add to your dough before baking. These soft, salty bites taste even better when dusted with a few mixed seeds.

Once the dough has risen, the longest part of this recipe is the 30-minute baking soda bath that you need to achieve the right coloring and texture. After that, you only need to cook your mini pretzels for 16 minutes before they are ready to be served.

9. Cheesy Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

For this recipe, the pretzel bites are dipped in butter after they are done cooking and then rolled in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. These sumptuous little treats are a perfect pick me up for when you are feeling low on energy.

The recipe also teaches you how to make a cream cheese icing to dip your bites in. This is made from whipped cream cheese, which is beaten with milk and vanilla extract to make the perfect dipping sauce for your mini pretzels.

10. Chewy Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

Source – Divas Can Cook

The cinnamon and sugar dusting in this recipe has a little vanilla extract thrown in to make them extra delicious. With two types of sugar in the dough, these sweet delicacies are almost more like mini doughnuts than pretzels.

For the best texture, it is recommended to use a mix of half all-purpose flour and half bread flour. These bites go great with chocolate or caramel sauce.

11. Dark Pretzel Bites

Source – Today

These Pretzel bites can be cooked with or without a baking soda bath. The version that doesn’t use any baking soda has a deep brown crust that looks very appetizing.

They are sprinkled with coarse sea salt and taste better than any pretzel you can buy in the shops. Try experimenting with both cooking methods and see which one works best for you.

12. Homemade Vegan Pretzel Bites

Source – Delish

This is another vegan recipe that uses vegan margarine for adding the glaze at the end. With a soft, chewy texture, you will struggle to believe that these bites are completely dairy free.

The way the dough is cut up makes these mini pretzels a bit larger than some of the other ones on this list. This makes them much better for dipping in Dijon mustard, hummus or any other sauce of your choice.

13. Puffy Soft Pretzel Bites

Source – Delish

If you are short on time, why not try this recipe that uses a store-bought croissant dough. Since you are using a dough traditionally made for puff pastry, these pretzel bites have an extra fluffy chewy center.

The recipe also teaches you how to make a spicy cheese dipping sauce with cayenne peppers mixed through it. Including the cheese sauce, this whole recipe takes only 45 minutes to prepare and cook.

14. Seedy Pretzel Bites

Source – Jo Cooks

If you want to make your pretzel bites a bit healthier, then this is the recipe for you. After being boiled in a solution of water and baking soda, the dough balls in this recipe are covered with a sprinkling of mixed seeds.

Not only does this make them more nutritious, but they are also much tastier. They go amazingly with a classic cheese sauce, but they can also be enjoyed with a small bowl of ranch dressing or marinara if you prefer.

15. Fluffy Vegan Pretzel Bites

Source – That Vegan Babe

These vegan pretzel bites are super fluffy and very easy to make with a few basic ingredients. They can be glazed with coconut oil for a delicious topping that goes well with the salt.

The best part about this recipe is that it produces 35 mini pretzels in under an hour. If you can’t eat them all at once, they can be saved in an airtight container at room temperature, but you will have to heat them up before serving again.


Pretzels are amazing, and go very well with a wide variety of dipping sauces and other dishes. Unfortunately, they do take a while to shape and prepare, which is what makes miniature, pretzel bites so tantalizingly irresistible.

Once you have the dough prepared, the rest of the cooking doesn’t take long at all, and these bites make an excellent snack for serving at parties or other special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Boil My Pretzels In A Baking Soda Bath?

Placing your pretzel dough in a solution of boiling water and baking soda isn’t essential, but if you don’t do it, then they may taste more like regular bread than pretzels. The baking soda bath is essential for getting the right coloring on your bites, as well as providing that soft, chewy texture that we all know and love.

How Long Do I Need To Let My Dough Sit?

Before you can start apportioning your dough into bite sized pieces, you will need to let it sit and rise. This is best done in a dry, warm environment, no more than 78 °F. You need to let your dough rise until it has roughly doubled in size.

What Is The Best Salt For Dusting Pretzels?

If you want your pretzels to look the part, then it is better to use a course salt made up of large crystals. You can use any course salt that you have to hand such as Kosher, bagel or sea salt.

15 Delicious Pretzel Bites Recipes

Enjoy delicious homemade pretzels without all the time and effort with these incredible recipes for making miniature pretzel bites.


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