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Pizza Hut Holidays Hours And Menu: A Complete Guide

Pizza Hut is an American international restaurant that serves Pizza and other Italian-American meals. It includes side meals, pasta, and desserts.

Pizza Hut serves all shops during all significant holidays because clients have leisure time to spend on holidays.

Craving to taste the world-class pizza at Pizza Hut? It’s important to know the details about their hours of operation, holiday hours, and menu with prices.

Don’t Worry, and this complete guide will provide you with detailed information related to Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut Regular Hours

When does the Pizza Hut open? What time does the Pizza Hut close? Business hours may differ by location, but we provide you with a common schedule time that most restaurants across the United States follow. 

However, on working days, their hours of operation are 14 hours a day. Check out the below table to familiarize yourself with their opening and closing timings at Pizza Hut.

Hours Of Operation At Pizza Hut

DaysOpening TimingsClosing Timings
Monday10:00-10:30 AM11:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday10:00-10:30 AM11:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday10:00-10:30 AM11:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Thursday10:00-10:30 AM11:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Friday10:00-10:30 AM12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Saturday10:00-10:30 AM12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Sunday10:00-10:30 AM11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Pizza Hut Holidays Hours

Cheese, Sandwiches, pasta, drinks, and desserts are all offered at Pizza hut. Pizza Hut provides a limited food menu with numerous items you won’t find in a typical Pizza Hut.

But they provide quick serve speed food services while maintaining the food’s quality and taste

The majority of holidays see Pizza Hut open for business. However, you should know that Pizza Hut is open on that day if you want to visit. For your convenience, we have a list of all the holidays on which they are closed.

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Holidays Hours At Pizza Hut

New Year’s DayWorking Hours
Martin Luther King Jr. DayWorking Hours
Valentine’s DayWorking Hours
St. Patrick’s DayWorking Hours
Good FridayWorking Hours
Easter SundayClosed
Easter MondayWorking Hours
Memorial DayWorking Hours
Independence DayWorking Hours
Labor DayWorking Hours
Columbus DayWorking Hours
HalloweenWorking Hours
Veterans DayWorking Hours
Day before ThanksgivingWorking Hours
Thanksgiving DayWorking Hours
Black FridayWorking Hours
Christmas EveWorking Hours
Christmas DayClosed
Day after ChristmasWorking Hours
New Year’s EveWorking Hours

When Does Pizza Hut Start On New Year’s Day?

They conduct all of their business as usual on New Year’s Day. Open till 10:00 AM and shut off at midnight.

When Does Pizza Hut Start On Mother’s Day?

They conduct all of their business as usual on Mother’s Day. Open till 10:00 AM and shut off at midnight.

What Does Pizza Hut Start On Good Friday?  

They conduct all of their business as usual on Good Friday. Open till 10:00 AM and shut off at midnight.

Pizza Hut Menu With Prices 

A delicious pizza can make your worst days happier. A properly baked pizza with a variety of your favorite vegetables, chicken, or bacon goodies, along with enough cheese spilling out to make you happier.

Discover the most up-to-date Pizza Hut menu with price range details for different kinds of pizza, wings, pasta, side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Have a look at the menu and price to learn about their extensive menu that they always manage to impress.

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Cheese Pizza Menu With Prices

Food NameSizePrice
Hand-TossedMedium          $11.99
Pan PizzaPersonal         $4.79
Pan PizzaMedium          $11.99
Pan PizzaLarge$14.99
Thin N CrispyMedium          $11.99
Thin N CrispyLarge$14.99
Stuffed CrustLarge$16.99
Skinny SliceLarge$14.99

Pasta Menu With Prices

Food NamePrice
Tuscani Chicken Alfredo with Breadsticks$7.99
Tuscani Chicken Alfredo with Cheesesticks     $8.99
Tuscani Meaty Marinara with Breadsticks        $7.99
Tuscani Meaty Marinara with Cheesesticks$8.99

Wings Menu With Prices

Food NameSizePrice
Breaded Bone-Out (Naked, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Sweet Chili, Spicy BBQ, Honey Sriracha or Buffalo – Mild, Medium or Burnin’ Hot)6 Pc$6.99

The price varies according to the size of the wings.

Side Dishes Menu With Prices

Food NameSizePrice
Breadsticks    5 Pc.$5.99
Cheese Sticks5 Pc.$5.29
Fries $3.49
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $4.49
Jalapeños $1.50

Desserts Menu With Prices

Food NameSizePrice
HERSHEY’S Toasted S’mores Cookie $6.99
HERSHEY’S Triple Chocolate Brownie9 Pc.$5.99
Cinnamon Sticks          5 Pc.$4.49
Apple Pies $4.99

Drinks Menu With Prices

Diet Pepsi2 Liter$2.99
Mountain DewBottle$1.79
Aquafina2 Liter$1.49
Dr. PepperBottle$2.99

Find Pizza Hut Near Me

Check out the step-by-step principle to find the location of Pizza Hut near you-

Step 1:

Go to their official website, where they have provided all their locations in the United States.

Official website –

Step 2: 

Choose your state from the location list. Then their site shows you all the locations near your state where Pizza Hut opens.

They will give you two options, that is delivery or carryout.

Step 3:

Select the address of the restaurant you like to visit. Many shop names will be shown to you.

Step 4:

In the end, click on the eatery you desire to learn about. Info like operating hours, food menu, address, directions, services, map, and discounts are shown.

Can Pizza Hut Deliver My Food?

You may order delivery from the Pizza Hut location closest to you. It is important to note that this function is only accessible in participating locations. You may discover the outlet’s number through the shop finder option on their website.

How Can Pizza Hut Deliver My Food?

They do not provide their delivery services. However, they have linked with their food service partners to deliver food to customers’ doorstep. Their delivery providers are Uber Eats, Delveroo and Just Eat.

Once you locate your shop using the store locator, you can begin ordering from there by yourself, then select your delivery provider when you finalize your order.

Alternatively, you can access the delivery partner website or applications to obtain your ordered food. 

How To Avail Discounts On Your Food At Pizza Hut? 

When you select your desired outlet using the shop finder tool, it gives an option to display all the discounts in that exact area.

You can register for its loyalty program through its app or the website. In that, every dollar you spend earns you points.

You get to redeem them as you acquire them. In this show, they also let you know about their most recent specials and bargains.

To receive savings, you may also utilize promo codes accessible on their website or through companies they work with.

On their respective platforms, their delivery partners may also have deals.

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We provide you with complete information about Pizza hut, hours of operations with opening and closing timings, holiday hours, menu with prices, how to locate near my location, delivery service, and how you can avail of deals offered by Pizza Hut.

If you are a big pizza lover, you must try delicious pizzas at Pizza hut!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Get Contactless Delivery Service At Pizza Hut? 

You can avail yourself by opting for a contactless delivery service while placing your online order through the website or app.

Does Pizza Hut Accept Cash On Delivery?

No, you cannot select cash on delivery as they try to make the whole process contactless, so cash on delivery is impossible in this case.

Do You Pay More For Contactless Delivery Service At Pizza Hut?

You do not have to pay more to get the contactless delivery service.

Where Can I Get The Contactless Delivery Service?

You can use a contactless delivery service if you order your food through their official website or app. if you order your meal by phone, you can’t avail of this delivery service.

How Will I Come To Know That The Eatery Has to Get My Order Online?

Once you send your order, the tracking display will show a mark against the ‘Order Confirmation’ position. You will also get a confirmation message.

Does Pizza Hut Offer Coupon Code?

Yes, they issued a coupon code that assists in finding the deal you like to redeem. The code is very simple to locate because it is clearly labeled as a coupon code.

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