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20 Most Delicious Matcha Desserts

Enthusiasts of green tea (Matcha Desserts), rejoice! 

If you’ve ever had a yearning for a sweet, matcha-flavored treat, go no further than the recipes on this page. We’ve selected a variety of dishes below that we are certain you will enjoy consuming, and they are all so simple to prepare at home.

20 Most Delicious Matcha Desserts

For those who are unfamiliar, matcha is a form of tea leaf powder with a stunning brilliant green hue.

Matcha green green tea tea leaves are cultivated and harvested differently than the normal green tea leaves that you find served with Japanese meals. Matcha has a milder, earthier flavour than regular green tea, and has significantly more caffeine.

If you add matcha to a dessert or any other meal, it will most likely turn a vivid green hue. This adds to the food’s appeal!

So, below, we have listed twenty delicious matcha desserts for you to create in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Go ahead!

Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes With Whipped Cream

Kicking this list off, we have a recipe to create your own wonderfully delicate, airy Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes, topped with sweet vanilla flavored whipped cream. 

These delicate cupcakes contain a subtle amount of matcha flavors without being overbearing or sour, and the frosting has delightful vanilla and cream notes.

These delectable green cakes taste exactly like your favorite coffee shop’s Matcha green tea Frappuccino!

Matcha Green Tea Cookies 抹茶クッキ

In the evenings, unwind with one of these flaky, chewy Matcha Green Tea Cookies and a hot cup of your favorite beverage.

The matcha in the cookies tastes rather delicious, and it gives them a great, vibrant green hue.

These cookies are great with or without the added white chocolate chips, but it is recommended since the sweetness of the chocolate will cancel out the mild bitterness of the matcha, making the overall taste even more delicious.

Green Tea Ice Cream

This Green Tea Ice Cream recipe is a simple summer dessert incorporating delightful Japanese flavors. It’s incredibly simple to make at home, using only four ingredients in total.

This icy delicacy can be made without an ice cream maker, making the whole process so much easier: simply combine together the matcha powder, whipped cream, condensed milk, and vanilla extract, transfer to a container, and freeze for six hours. It really is that simple!

Easy Green Tea Mochi

This traditional Japanese confection is chewy, gooey, and delicious, with delightful matcha flavors and a vibrant green color. Even better, Green Tea Mochi is incredibly simple to create at home!

When you bite into the mochi, the inside is formed of red bean paste, which gives it a reddish tint. These vegan matcha-flavored mochi balls take just under 15 minutes to create, and may be enjoyed as a dessert or snack at the end of an evening meal.

Matcha Pound Cake

Next in our list, we are looking at a simple and easy matcha flavored pound cake recipe that can be made without the use of baking soda or powder!

A wonderful, crumbly pound cake can be enjoyed at any time. With each bite, the buttery flavors and smooth texture produce a flavors explosion. Furthermore, the vibrant green color is so aesthetically appealing.

Consider serving with a dollop of gently sweetened whipped cream and some fresh berries for the ultimate experience.

Matcha Fudge

This green, chewy matcha fudge is incredibly simple to prepare, and tastes fantastic. You can either share it with friends. or simply eat it all by yourself… we’re not going to pass judgement!

Condensed milk, vanilla essence, white chocolate, salt, and, of course, matcha powder, are the only five ingredients needed for this recipe.

The milk’s creamy richness and vanilla’s sweet taste perfectly balance out the matcha’s bitterness, resulting in the ultimate flavored fudge!

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Matcha Mug Cake

Are you searching for a low-carb, gluten-free matcha dessert on this list? Well, look no further than this mouthwatering Matcha Mug Cake.

This mug cake is made with matcha green tea powder, coconut flour, and your favorite non-dairy milk, as well as a few other ingredients.

Anyone who has ever made a mug cake understands how simple it is to make, and how quickly it can be created in a microwave! This dessert is ideal for those who are in a hurry.

Matcha Baked Doughnuts

Here’s a bright green variation of one of our favorite hole-in-the-middle fluffy desserts: the basic donut, both baked and topped with matcha powder.

For decoration, you can either glaze these green donuts with sticky icing or dip them in matcha-infused powdered sugar, depending on your preference. In either case, the end result will be excellent! Why not try out both options to get the best of both worlds?

Brown Butter White Chocolate Matcha Cookies

Brown butter, white chocolate chips, and matcha powder combine to form a wickedly delicious dessert in this recipe for everybody’s favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Everyone likes a chewy chocolate chip cookie, but when it’s infused with matcha, the game changes totally. The bitterness of the green tea combines with the sweetness of the white chocolate to create a flavor that will surely overwhelm your tastebuds and engulf all of your senses.

Vegan Matcha Strawberry Tart

For our vegan followers, here’s another option for you to try out at home: we’ve got you covered! This week, we’re going to look at a recipe for a Vegan Matcha Strawberry Tart Cake.

The combination of green and red layers creates beautiful, earthy visuals that are ideal for a Spring-themed event. If desired, you could simply substitute raspberries for the strawberries. In any case, this dish is going to be incredible!

Matcha Mini Cheesecakes

When desserts are little, miniature replicas of the original, why are they so much cuter and nicer to look at? These mini matcha cheesecakes are absolutely no exception to the rule.

Spoon the green matcha cheesecake batter on top of an Oreo cookie crust and refrigerate for a little while, before topping these indulgent delights with the biggest, most delicious white chocolate-covered strawberry you can find, as well as a generous pour of chocolate ganache, once they’ve set.

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Matcha Panna Cotta

This smooth, creamy Panna Cotta made with matcha green tea is a show-stopping yet easy to create dessert.

If you’re unfamiliar with Panna Cotta, it is a custard-like, creamy dessert that’s not too overwhelmingly sweet, and so simple to create.

This matcha version is incredibly tasty! For a delicate yet crunchy balance, serve with homemade whipped cream along with some black sesame brittle.

Chocolate Matcha Coconut Butter Cups

These 5-ingredient Dark Chocolate Matcha Coconut Butter Cups are not only vegan-friendly due to the use of dairy-free chocolate, but they are fairly nutritious, and really tasty!

While most of us expect a bright orange, peanut butter-flavored filling when we bite into a chocolate cup, this treat has a green filling brimming with fresh green tea and coconut taste. They only take fifteen minutes to freeze, so you’ll be able to enjoy these small goodies in no time!

Honeymelon Matcha No-Bake Cheesecake

The tastes of sweet honey melon and bitter matcha tea are wonderfully matched in this recipe to make a delectable no-bake cheesecake.

Taste your honeydew melon first; if it’s very ripe and sweet, gradually add the sugar until the desired sweetness is achieved. Similarly, if it isn’t particularly ripe, you may need to add a little more!

This cheesecake will have a sweet yet tart flavor that you will enjoy once it is completed.

Matcha Cheesecake Brownies

These green brownie bars are truly amazing, laced with creamy and luscious vanilla and cream cheese throughout.

These brownies are rich and decadent, with a kaleidoscope of delightful tastes. The creamy and earthy tastes of the cream cheese filling and matcha powder give these brownies just the right level of sweetness. They look as delicious as they taste!

Matcha Green Tea Truffles

These matcha truffles are easy to create and totally gorgeous, with creamy, soft chocolate filling the center, and tart matcha green tea layering the exterior.

Every delightfully soft cube contains a sophisticated burst of earthiness and sweetness.

A scrumptious white chocolate and matcha ganache fills the truffles, while an exquisite green coating of matcha powder and dried raspberries adorns the outside. They look absolutely amazing, and taste even better!

Green Tea Cake Roll

You’ll be the talk of the event with this matcha-infused Green Tea Cake Roll! This colorful and tasty handmade dessert is easily prepared from scratch.

This recipe is simple to make and perfect for Spring-themed gatherings. The cake roll itself only requires a handful of ingredients, and the green tea whipped cream filling is ridiculously simple to create.

With this fantastic cake roll, you may make your own and serve the entire group at once.

Matcha Custard Pie

This Matcha Custard Pie dish is a custard pie that has been improved with the addition of bright, green matcha for gorgeous colors and flavors.

Nothing beats a silky, velvety cream pie, especially when it’s as beautiful as this one. It bakes to a dark green color, but when dusted with matcha green tea powder, it brightens up. Everyone will be clamouring for a piece of this gorgeous green dessert!

Matcha Macarons With Mango Buttercream

Next up on this list are some fresh green matcha infused macarons with a delightful, creamy mango buttercream filling.

The earthy matcha taste nicely matches the almond flour used in these French macarons, which have a crunchy exterior with a mushy middle. A tangy buttercream created with ground freeze-dried mangoes balances out the sweet, creamy filling. These adorable and exquisite snacks are a must-try!

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Matcha Green Tea Pancakes

Last but not least, we’ll round off this list with a recipe for thick, fluffy Japanese-style matcha pancakes that not only look great but taste even better.

These jiggly, green treats are truly out of this world. With its crunchy outside and exceptionally soft and fluffy interiors, the feel has been compared to that of a large cookie. To complete the experience, drizzle with maple syrup and fresh, luscious berries.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: there are our top twenty favorite matcha infused desserts. They all taste absolutely amazing, and look so pretty that you may feel guilty cutting into them. Why not give them a try yourself?

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Matcha Powder?

Tea producers in Japan began making a powdered green tea produced from the whole leaf that was recognized for its health advantages more than 1,000 years ago, and it was eventually officially named ‘matcha.’

It’s a finely powdered powder derived from specially grown and fermented green tea leaves that has been used in East Asian cuisine for centuries. 

Many people utilise matcha in a variety of teas and edible meals all over the world, not just for the enjoyment, but also for all of the wonderful effects it can have on a person’s mood, energy, and overall health: it has been shown to help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even aids weight loss.

Is Matcha Tea Naturally Sweet?

Matcha tea isn’t as bitter as some green teas, and it actually has a delightful sweet aftertaste, though added sugar may be necessary if a person has a strong sweet tooth.

Matcha  has a subtle natural sweetness to it that serves to mellow out the tea’s other intense flavor elements.

Due to the significant chlorophyll and amino acid content, matcha has been described as smelling like freshly cut grass by some.

Does Matcha Have Caffeine?

A solitary teaspoon of matcha can contain up to 70mg of caffeine on average: at least, this is how much caffeine an individual will consume if they consume the recommended amount, which is one teaspoon per half cup of water.

Most people, however, do not use this much matcha powder in their tea.

The amount of caffeine in matcha varies depending on which brand is used, however due to the fact that it is made from crushed entire leaves, matcha generally has a much greater caffeine concentration than most teas.

20 Most Delicious Matcha Desserts

Matcha is an ingredient that has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, and tastes amazing while infused in sweet desserts.


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