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Is Bisquick Vegan (Potentially)

Bisquick helps everyday people to make simple baking recipes, with just a small helping of powder. Bisquick is made up of salt, flour, fat, and leavening, to create an all-in-one solution for all of your various baking needs.

Want to make some pancakes? Waffles? Maybe even muffins? But aren’t sure if you have just the right stuff? Bisquick is just what you need.

However, with how amazingly convenient Bisquick is, it can be difficult to know exactly what’s contained within it, and whether it is safe for people with specific dietary needs to consume it.

What is contained within a tablespoon of this magical stuff? How does it get to work? And, most crucially for us today, is it vegan? 

Can you make any vegan recipes with Bisquick? Or is it totally impossible? Let’s take a look together, to see what you can do with a box of Bisquick and whether it meets your dietary requirements. 

Is Bisquick Vegan

Is Bisquick Vegan?

Yes! You might be quite surprised to hear this, but Bisquick is very much a vegan product and contains no dairy whatsoever in its list of ingredients. This could be surprising, considering that Bisquick is used to make baked goods, which most commonly employ dairy in their recipes. 

Bisquick is just a very simple mixture of flour, salt, fat, and leavening. Leavening refers to products such as yeast which help to allow baked goods to rise during the baking process. Without the leavening, your Bisquick muffins or Pancakes would not be very tasty!

Bisquick itself is vegan, but not every recipe that uses it is. This is why Bisquick is often believed to not be vegan-friendly. Many recipes that make use of Bisquick also require additional things such as eggs, or milk to be made.

However, there are some vegan Bisquick recipes out there that you can follow to enjoy Bisquick even on a vegan diet. Many of these can be found online through a quick internet search!

Is Bisquick Bad for You?

Unfortunately, Bisquick is not massively healthy. It contains a lot of hydrogenated ingredients, such as soybeans. These are also commonly known as trans fats, and these have been closely linked to all manner of health problems.

Trans fats are most commonly linked to higher cholesterol, which can cause problems such as strokes or heart attacks. 

The hydrogenated ingredients in Bisquick have also been linked to heart disease, which means that prolonged usage of the product could lead to long-term damage. 

In order to enjoy Bisquick safely, you should make sure to enjoy it in moderation, and alongside a stable and balanced diet. This way, you can generally avoid many of the downsides of Bisquick, while still being able to enjoy it occasionally!

What Can I Use Instead of Bisquick?

If for whatever reason, you find that you don’t want to use Bisquick in your baking you do have other options that you can turn to. You could turn to specified mixes, such as pancake mix, which is designed for pancakes, or cake flour, which is, of course, designed for cakes.

This helps you to still bake easily, but without having to use Bisquick. However, instant pancake and cake mixes will also have plenty of trans fats and preservatives which can make them very unhealthy in large quantities. 

You can also create your own Bisquick. In order to make your own, you’ll likely have to use flour, baking powder, salt, and any sort of leavening that you can get ahold of. We recommend yeast, as it is easy to get your hands on, and easy to use. 

Does Bisquick Go Bad?

Yes. All foods eventually go bad, and some just take longer than others. Bisquick will last, in an opened package, for up to 3 months at room temperature. If a pack of Bisquick is yet unopened, then it will generally last for around a year. 

This is most likely due to the fact that Bisquick has natural ingredients, in the form of leavening, which helps to make cakes and waffles rise effectively. 

How Can You Tell If Bisquick Has Gone Bad?

This can be done quite easily by tasting a small amount of the Bisquick. Take a bit of it on the tip of your finger and then lightly taste it. Does it taste how you usually expect it to? Or does it have a slightly more rancid or sour taste?

If the Bisquick tastes unusual, then it has likely gone bad, and you should throw it, rather than attempting to use it.

making pancake

Let’s Finish This Up!

Bisquick makes baking easy for everyone, thanks to its mixture of basic ingredients, which only need to be combined with a few more extra ingredients to create sweet treats and baked goods. 

This simple list of ingredients also means that Bisquick can definitely be considered vegan. However, some Bisquick recipes require non-vegan ingredients, which is where the common misconception that Bisquick is not vegan comes from!

All you need to do to make use of Bisquick as a vegan is to search for some vegan-friendly recipes, and you’re golden!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Substitute For Eggs In Bisquick Pancakes?

If you find an irresistible Bisquick recipe that happens to use eggs, don’t worry! There are a few things you can use in replacement. Try using apple sauce, which can effectively bind together the ingredients in the baking process.

You can also use mashed banana, or mashed avocado as an egg replacement! (Yes, you heard that right!)

Is Aunt Jemima Vegan?

Yes! Aunt Jemima’s original pancake mix, much like Bisquick, is in fact vegan, thanks to its simple list of ingredients which doesn’t include any dairy products or eggs.

It is merely the recipes that use Aunt Jemima’s that prove to be non-vegan, as they tend to use eggs or milk.

Can You Use Oat Milk With Bisquick?

Yes! If you find that a recipe calls for milk, but you are on a vegan diet, then you can instead use other types of milk, such as oat or soya milk. They will still get the job done perfectly!

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