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How Does Smoky Paprika Taste? What Recipes Use Paprika?

No matter its origins, paprika is a worldwide success. However, those who make it are very competitive about the flavors they come up with.

How Is Smoky Paprika Used?

The essential blend of smoky paprika is made from sweet red peppers smoked over an oak fire.

After the peppers have dried, whether smoked or air dried, they are ground into a fine powder and sealed in a container to keep the paprika fresh.

The heat level in smoky paprika is related to the type of pepper it is made from. Most paprika is made from sweet red peppers, which some call tomato peppers.

These peppers look like chili peppers, not sweet bell peppers. Although sweet bell peppers are used to make paprika, as well.

Other peppers are used to get the intense, earthy flavor of paprika and their heat.

Sweet peppers make paprika sweet, while hotter peppers pass their heat into the ground smoked peppers. Take care when using spicier blends of smoky paprika, or it may overpower your food. That’s a good tip for anyone using herbs and spices.

We all have different tastes and flavors we prefer. We do that by experimenting with flavors to learn what we like.

Types Of Paprika

My earliest memory of paprika is seeing it sprinkled on top of deviled eggs, as ‘garnish,’ my grandmother would say. However, it has many more uses and flavors than dried sweet peppers.

The type of paprika most of us see and use is essential sweet paprika that comes from dried red sweet peppers. It may be sweet, bitter, or spicy, depending on who makes it.

The blend of peppers used in a batch of paprika may all be the same or a mix of two or more peppers. Paprika is not cheap; nothing is, and before purchasing an enormous container, try a few smaller tins or bottles of paprika to try in various recipes.

Basic Sweet Paprika

Sweet paprika is generally on the shelves in your local grocery store. Sweet paprika is made from sweet red peppers. However, essential paprika may be as red as blood or have the hue of fresh orange.

The color and flavor of paprika depend on the peppers used. However, it appears that the standards for measuring the sweetness and heat of the final product are rather broad.

Hot Paprika

Hot types of paprika get their heat from the pepper it is made from. Many paprikas, including hot paprika, can blend sweet and hot peppers.

Its origins are not in Spain but in Hungary, where they use it as a primary spice in many recipes. However, some would argue this point and claim Spain as the land where paprika came to be.

No matter its origins, once paprika was discovered, many people got on board and began making a house blend. These blends are a labor of trial and error and may vary in flavor from one batch to the next.  

Hungarian hot paprika is used in Paprikash, as well as Goulash. However, you can substitute plain paprika if the heat is too much.

Smoky Paprika

Paprika, made from peppers smoked over oak, has a different flavor than the other two. Smoking the peppers for paprika before they are ground adds another flavor to this spice.

The most apparent smoked paprika taste is how the sweet pepper and smokiness blend for a perfect flavor combination.

As a side note, mixing smoky, sweet, and hot paprika may not give you the desired result, and they may clash. So, make small batches of blends when you first start this venture. Or, buy paprika blends if you can find them.

Getting different flavors of paprika for your spice shelf allows you to experiment with smoky, Hungarian, and Spanish paprika. But, of course, you will find other flavors too, when you begin a focused search.

Even smoked paprika has different flavors and goes by ‘pimento’ or Spanish Paprika. Smoky paprika can be found mild, medium, or hot.

What Does Smoky Paprika Taste Like?

It tastes smoky and can have a mild flavor or be so intense that a little dab will do you. Therefore, deviled eggs are not doused in paprika but lightly sprinkled.

Well, that and the fact that paprika is a spice, and spices tend to be expensive. So neither of the recipes here uses over three tablespoons of paprika. Touch light when using paprika, and stick to the recipe until you get used to this beautiful spice.

Some recipes use spices as a compliment, while others use them as the star of the plate. For example, many recipes use a generous amount of paprika in them.

At the same time, others require only a light dusting, as with deviled eggs or a bowl of potato salad.

Don’t be afraid to be generous either, because until you have tried a recipe as it is written, it’s best not to deviate too much, especially if the recipe has a 4.9-star rating from 20,000 people who have made it.

So, don’t be afraid to follow along. However, if you find that the recipe you followed would suit you better with a lighter amount of paprika, reduce the amount you use next time.

Adjusting herbs and spices in recipes is as simple as that. Conversely, add a little if you want a smokier flavor to your food. Then, after you have tasted your dish, decide if you have enough smoky paprika in your recipe.

What Texture Does Smoky Paprika Have?

Smoky paprika is a fine powder that may be as red as blood, to the color of red bricks, and many hues in between.

There is no standard color. However, the brighter the paprika, the better it will be. Although stored in a sealed container, spices have a shelf life like every other spice and herb.

Herbs and spices do not go bad or spoil. However, they can get old, losing some of their flavors as they do.

Why Do Different Paprikas Have Different Colors?

Brighter in this vane means fresh paprika can have a vivid color, to more muted colors. This is because paprika’s color comes from the peppers and reflects their hues.

Peppers for paprika may be green, red, orange, and yellow. With this many colors, it is hard to get a product that is the same every time.

Where Does Smoky Paprika Come From?

Smoked paprika comes mainly from Spain, where smoking peppers came from before grinding into paprika. So, it stands to reason that Spanish Paprika is likely smoked, but don’t assume it is.

The only way to be sure is to open the bottle. However, that’s not possible with the lids and seals of today.

So, look for paprika that has a deep, bright color. The color and aroma of paprika will help you determine its freshness and quality. For this reason, it is best to buy paprika in glass jars instead of tin.

How Do You Eat Smoky Paprika?

Paprika can be used as a garnish that packs a flavor. However, it is used chiefly as an addition to a recipe. This is because, in large amounts, the paprika flavor will dominate the flavors it is paired with.

In some recipes, this dominant flavor is good; in others, let’s say, throwing food away is too expensive even to consider. So, touch light with herbs and spices until you learn to use them.

How To Choose Smoky Paprika At The Grocery Store

Most grocery stores have an area dedicated to herbs and spices. But, of course, you can always go with a brand name because one thing about brands is their consistency.

Many grocery stores have herbs and spices in more than one location. However, just because something costs less doesn’t mean it is a good deal.

Cheaper herbs and spices are often of lower quality; you will need more of them to get the same effect as a smaller amount of a higher quality spice.

How Can I store Smoky Paprika?

It is best to store it in the container it comes in that is in a cool, dark place. All herbs and spices do best in this environment, too.

Heat and sunshine can bleach the color of paprika and cause it to lose its flavor. Time also works against the taste of paprika, as well as other seasonings.

Remember, do not buy herbs and spices such as paprika in large one-pound containers. That is unless you are using that much. Or, you can always share your bounty with your family and friends by giving each one a little paprika.

Can You Freeze Smoky Paprika?

Refrigeration and freezing paprika help it maintain its freshness. The trick is to be sure it is in an air-tight container, just as you would if you leave it in a cabinet.

If you use a lot of paprika, you won’t need to freeze or refrigerate it. However, for those cooking for just one or two, keeping your paprika on ice may help you keep it for a long time.

How Can I Tell If Smoky Paprika Is Bad?

The only bad thing that can happen to paprika is that it loses its flavor. That is indeed bad and sad at the same time if you were planning on making a dish that uses paprika as the dominant flavor.

You can still use paprika that has lost some of its aromas, but don’t add extra to compensate for that loss.

Like many herbs and other spices, paprika is good on the shelf for up to a year. However, the sooner you use a jar of paprika, the sooner you can buy fresh. In addition, this practice will help you always keep fresh seasoning.

Smokey Paprika Vs. Plain Paprika

Smoky or plain paprika may be addressed in the recipe you are making. However, some dishes enhanced by paprika may not taste good with a smoky flavor.

Many recipes note using a specific product when making their creations, too. However, big grocery companies generally sell consistent products, so you know what you are getting.

That consistency enables the cook to turn out the same smoky paprika taste from one batch of Paprika chicken to the next.

Some people become accustomed to a particular flavor. Small producers of paprika may have beautiful products but sell in small amounts that are expensive. However, most mid-size to large grocery stores will stock at least one brand and flavor of paprika.

Nutritional Value Of Smoky Paprika

Smoky paprika and other herbs and spices have scant nutritional value or calories due to the small amount used for each recipe.

Paprika is almost calorie-free, but it does have a few nutrients that will be and is a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-bacterial.

Nutrition Facts:Smoked Paprika                                  
Serving Size:                                   1 tsp (2.3ggrams)
Amount Per Serving:
Calories (total)                                                        6.5
Calories from Fat                                                    2.7
                                                            % Daily Value* 
Total Fat 0.3g                                                    0%
Saturated Fat 0.1g                                             0%
Trans Fat 0g                                                      0%
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.2g
Monounsaturated Fat 0g 
Cholesterol 0mg                                                    0 %
Sodium 1.6mgmilligrams                                      0 %
Potassium 52mgmilligrams                                   1 %
Total Carbohydrates 1.1g                                      0 %
Dietary Fiber 0.8g                                                  3 %
Sugars 0.2g
Protein 0.3g
Vitamin A                                                             23 %
Vitamin C                                                               0 %
Calcium                                                                0.4%
Iron                                                                      2.7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

An excellent tool for finding the nutritional value of any food item can help you moderate your diet and learn the nutritional value of the foods you eat. 

As you see, paprika is rich in vitamin A and contains measurable amounts of iron and potassium. Smoky paprika also has a scant amount of calcium, essential nutrients in your diet.

Recipes That Use Smoky And Hungarian Paprika

Although a smoky paprika taste is used to flavor many foods, a few recipes use smoky paprika as a dominant taste in the dish.

Recipe Calories per ServingPreparation Time
Smokey Paprika Garlic chicken34040 min
Garlic Shrimp With Smoked Paprika And Honey23030 min 
Smoky Homemade Deviled Eggs14050 min 

Quick Table: Recipes For Smoky Paprika

1. Smokey Paprika Garlic Chicken

Smoky paprika garlic chicken can go from a thought to the table in over 30 minutes. But, of course, that is if you have all the ingredients.

This is comfort food, and the paprika and garlic take this recipe from a bland boneless chicken breast to something more memorable. Dinner doesn’t need to be boring, but it doesn’t need to be a significant production.

Calories Per Serving: 340

Preparation Time: 40 min

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2. Garlic Shrimp With Smoked Paprika And Honey

If an image is worth a thousand words, then garlic shrimp with smoked paprika and honey is beyond words due to your mouth watering.

Garlic shrimp and smoked paprika are quick and nutritious ways to combine subtle and bold flavors in one dish.

This dish can be served over rice, quinoa, farro, or roasted red potatoes. The combination of protein, a complex carb, a salad, or veggie will round up your meal.

Calories Per Serving: 230

Preparation Time: 30 min

3. Smoky Homemade Deviled Eggs

Homemade deviled eggs are an excellent appetizer for any gathering. These eggs are a favorite at any party, especially if they are served with bacon, cheddar cheese, and chives.

The smoky homemade deviled eggs recipes is a protein packed recipe with the smoky and savory taste of paprika.

The dish will hardly take half an hour to prepare but it will be loved by everyone in your family

Calories Per Serving: 140

Preparation Time: 50 min

Frequently Asked Questions

Is smoky And Hot Paprika More Expensive Than The Plain Variety?

Not always, but they can be. Grocery stores can only sell so many items at a time.

So, if you want to find a large, varied selection of paprika, try an international grocery store or bodega. Both will carry items you don’t find in the chain grocery stores.

Can I make Paprika Myself?

Of course, you can, but it takes work, and your first attempt may be a great success or a dismal failure.

Is paprika Good In Marinades?

Paprika is an excellent spice to add to marinades. Whether plain, hot, or smoky, it will add a little kick to your dishes.

Can I Make A Dry Rub With Smoked Paprika?

As with marinades, smoky paprika is a great addition to dry rub for game, pork, beef, or chicken.

How Does Smoky Paprika Taste? What Recipes Use Paprika?

Smoky paprika is a type of paprika that has been smoked. Find out what it is used for and how How does smoky paprika taste.


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