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15 Outstanding Honey Baked Ham Recipes

Honey, maple syrup, cherries, pineapples – no matter what you use, there are few things better that you can do with a ham than to coat it in a deliciously sweet homemade glaze! It’s the perfect way to top off any joint of ham.

We’ve collected 15 of the absolute best recipes for making so many deliciously sweet and sumptuous hams, covered in so many sticky glazes!

1. Honey Glazed Ham

As the description says, this is a variant on honey glazed ham that’s less expensive!

ALl you’ll need is 5 pounds of ready-to-eat ham, a quarter cup of whole cloves, a quarter cup of dark corn syrup, 2 cups of honey, and two thirds of a cup of butter.

Score the ham with your knife, and fill the score lines with cloves. Bake the ham, while heating corn syrup, honey, and butter together. Once this has melted together nicely, use it as a delicious glaze for the ham.

Continue baking the ham for an hour and 15 minutes, making sure to baste the ham in the mixture every 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Pineapple Honey Baked Ham

This is definitely one of the fruitier and sweeter recipes for honey baked ham that you’ll be able to find anywhere!

This is, unsurprisingly, due to the pineapple – but you might not be expecting just how much pineapple there is in this delicious dish!

You’ll be using a whole can of pineapple rings for this recipe – as well as half a cup of pineapple juice, a quarter cup of orange juice, and half a cup of honey!

No wonder it’s such a sweet ham – and you can even add some maraschino cherries!

3. Gluten Free Ham

This isn’t just any recipe for a gluten free ham – this is a deliciously succulent gluten free spiral ham that’s lovingly glazed with a sweet mixture of orange marmalade and honey!

It’s absolutely delicious, quick to make, and completely gluten free.

And one more great thing – you can easily tweak this recipe to get different flavors by using different jams to make your glaze.

4. Pineapple Maple Glazed Ham

For a delicious alternative to honey for your ham, why not try maple syrup? You might know that it goes well on pancakes, but if you’ve never tried it with ham then you’re in for a sumptuous surprise!

It’s going to taste so fruity too – not just because of the glaze, but because you’re going to cook the gammon joint in three quarts of pineapple juice before you roast it with the delicious glaze!

Roast the joint for 40 minutes, making sure to re-glaze again at least once during this time.

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5. Baked Ham with Cherry Ham Glaze

For some people, when it comes to fruit glazes – the richer, the better!

For those, this cherry glaze is going to be absolutely amazing. You’ll notice a hint of lemony tartness and sourness too – but of course, the bulk of the flavor of this delicious glaze comes from the cherry preserve.

Make sure to blend the cherry preserve beforehand if it’s a little chunky – you want this to be as smooth as possible. Add some cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ground mustard too – absolutely delicious!

6. Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham

Rich, sticky, and absolutely delicious, this recipe for brown sugar mustard glazed ham is so beautiful!

So much of the great flavor comes from the 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, of course – but you’ll also absolutely love how sticky and sweet the glaze is too, thanks to the cup of brown sugar and half a cup of honey that you’ll use to make it.

As this is such a sugar-rich glaze, take extra care when making it – if you simmer it for too long, it can end up hardening too much, making more of a caramel than a glaze.

7. Pineapple Coconut Sugar Glazed Ham

If you’ve got a slow cooker, then you’ll absolutely love this recipe you can make using it – a delicious ham that’s covered in a pineapple coconut sugar glaze! You’ll use a pre-cut boneless ham for this recipe – spiral cut for preference.

The only other ingredients that you’ll need are a cup of either coconut sugar or brown sugar, and a can of pineapple chunks or crushed pineapple! It’s so simple to make because of this.

You’ll only need around 5 minutes to prepare this for cooking. However, it’s going to need around 3 hours in the oven!

Another great thing about this recipe – it’s completely gluten free!

8. Spiced Rum and Cherry Glazed Ham

This is obviously going to be a very rich and decadent way to cook a ham! You’ll use a large splash of rum alone in this recipe – three quarters of a cup, in fact.

Not that the rum is the only thing on offer here, of course – the centerpiece of this glaze is of course the mixture of both a cup and a quarter of cherry jam, and a whole load of delicious cherries!

You’ll need nearly an hour alone to make the glaze for this recipe – but it’s so worth it!

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9. Baked Ham with Balsamic Brown Sugar Glaze (Gluten Free)

Here’s a fantastic recipe for a slightly different glaze – one that’s got a richer character, while still being nice and sweet! You can use either balsamic or cider vinegar to make this recipe – the choice is yours.

Another great option – one heartily recommended – is to include orange slices and maraschino cherries to garnish. They might seem superfluous, but it’s always the small details that really make the difference!

10. Honey Baked Ham

If this is your first time cooking honey baked ham, then why not start off with this delicious – and surprisingly fruity – recipe?

Make sure to adjust the recipe to your requirements using the up and down arrows in the “serves” box – the default is set for 25 servings, so you may well need to make a change here.

For a smaller amount of ham, for instance, that will serve four people, you’ll need a ham that’s somewhere in the region of a pound and a half. You’ll need some honey, brown sugar, unsalted butter, and cloves too.

11. Strawberry Glazed Ham

Strawberries might well not be the first fruit that you think of for adding to a ham glaze, but you might well fall in love with this recipe anyway!

It calls for 1 and a half cups of Smucker’s brand strawberry preserve, but you can of course substitute whichever brand you prefer.

The 1/3 cup of prepared mustard and 1/4 cup of lemon juice combine with the strawberry preserve to make a delicious glaze that’s both sweet, and yet has a certain robustness to it.

12. Apple Baked and Glazed Gammon

This recipe calls for 54 cloves – 48 of them used to decorate the finished product!

This should give you some idea of how richly flavored and delicious this recipe is – and just how much attention to detail has been paid to both taste and final appearance!

You’ll need a fair bit of apple juice for this – just enough to cover your entire cut of gammon in the pot! Glaze with a mixture of apricot jam and demerara sugar, and serve with cranberries – delicious!

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13. Baked Ham Recipe with Honey Mustard & Apples

You’ll absolutely need a spiral-cut ham to make this recipe, as you’ll be thinly slicing three deliciously tart Granny Smith apples to place between each slice of ham.

Mix two types of mustard (dijon and whole-grain), some honey, and some ground cardamom together in a bowl, and use this to glaze the ham and apple slices.

SO simple, and yet such a great way to make sure your ham is completely packed with the delicious flavor of baked apples!

14. Brown Sugar Ham Glaze

If you’re looking for a great recipe to emulate the famous Honey Baked Ham – well, there are plenty out there, and this is one of the absolute best!

The brown sugar ham glaze that you’ll make is simple – just a collection of well chosen herbs, spices, and sugars that make the most delicious combination of flavors!

If you’re feeling brave then – as the recipe suggests – you can use a culinary blow torch to caramelize the sugary glaze on the ham. It’ll need a bit of skill, and some practice – but you’ll love the extra richness this optional step can add!

15. Paleo Friendly Honey, Mustard & Orange Glazed Ham

This recipe for a paleo-friendly ham that’s covered in a deliciously sweet honey, mustard, and orange glaze isn’t just great for those on a paleo diet – it’ll taste absolutely amazing for everyone who eats it!

What’s more, it’s easy and quick to make too, only needing 6 ingredients including the ham itself – and only taking approximately 55 minutes to prepare and cook to perfection!

You’ll need a generous amount of cloves for this recipe, though – around 30. One for each diamond that you score into the surface of the ham!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Use Honey?

No – there are in fact quite a few different ways to make a glaze for your ham. Some use maple syrup, some just sugar – and most use a combination of different ingredients.

Can I Make Any of These Recipes If I Need to Avoid Gluten?

Not all of them – but there are definitely still some great recipes on this list that are entirely gluten-free!

How Can I Prevent My Glaze From Going Too Hard?

The more moisture evaporates from the glaze, the harder it will get – so make sure you don’t overcook your glazes when you’re making them, as they’ll only lose more moisture when in the oven.

Final Thoughts

So many mouth watering and delicious options to try! No matter your preference for glazes, you’ll definitely find something you love here.

15 Outstanding Honey Baked Ham Recipes

Honey, maple syrup, sugar, even fruit juice – so many delicious ways to coat and glaze your ham! We’ve got 15 of the best recipes, right here!


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