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Does Wine Turn Bad?

Quick Answer: Does Wine Turn Bad? Yes, wine can go bad. This is a process known as oxidation. This process can drastically alter the wine, resulting in it losing its characteristically delicious flavor.

Most people love a refreshing bottle of wine from time to time. Whether you prefer red or white wine, this is a delicious alcoholic beverage that many adore.

But have you ever tried a wine that tastes like vinegar?

This could be an indication that the wine has gone bad. Continue reading to find out more.

Does Wine Turn Bad?

Can Wine Go Bad?

An open bottle of wine will go off quicker than one that has been unopened. Interestingly, an unopened bottle of wine that has been well stored can be kept for years.

In fact, many people keep bottles of wine unopened for years, believing that this maturity improves its flavor.

However, this attitude is generally reserved for expensive wines. Cheaper wines will not last for as long. Instead, they will go off after just a year or two.

In terms of a bottle of wine that has been opened, it should be stored in the fridge. Once opened, the wine will last for between three and five days.

This is merely an estimate and the time it takes for the wine to expire can differ between brands and different types of wines.

Ideally, you should attempt to return the cork to the bottle to preserve the wine for longer.

What Is Bad Wine Like?

Drinking gone-off wine is not a pleasant experience. Luckily, there are a few signs that you can use to identify bad wine before drinking it. Among the most noticeable features of bad wine are:

  • An acidic scent has occurred. Many bad wines are comparable to vinegar.
  • The wine has developed a cloudy appearance. This cloudiness should not happen to clear wines.
  • The red wine has adopted a sweeter taste. Red wine usually has a sweet flavor, which is a result of the berries and fruits that are used to make it. However, if the wine is as sweet as a dessert wine, then something is likely wrong.
  • Its color has become brownish. In this sense, wine is comparable to apples, because both turn brown when they are subjected to oxygen.
  • A film forms on the bottle. Bad wine develops this light covering.
  • Small bubbles have formed. This is caused by a second fermentation, which is not meant to occur.
  • The cork has been pushed out of the bottle. The wine overheats, causing it to expand. As a consequence, the cork can be pushed further out of the bottle.
  • It has a fizzy taste. Unfortunately, the only way to determine whether a wine is fizzy is by tasting it. Unless the wine is sparkling, it should never taste fizzy.

How Can You Prevent Wine From Going Bad?

If the above description of bad wine has made you reluctant to experience it, there are a few different ways that you can prevent wine from going off. To stop bad wine from occurring, all you need to do is:

Place In The Fridge

Place In The Fridge

The fridge will not only keep wine at a desirable temperature for drinking, but it can also slow the expiration process.

Ideally, you should opt for a wine fridge, as these fridges are designed for these bottles.

Store The Bottle Upright

Upright storage can prevent the wine from spilling. While some people claim that storing wine on the side is preferable, we maintain that this is not the case once the wine has been opened.

Recork The Bottle

Corks are brilliant for wine, as they protect the wine whilst also slowly enabling it to mature. As a result, you might want to ensure that the wine is safe by putting the cork back in place.

Whilst this might not be the most effective solution for covering the wine, it is nonetheless better than leaving the bottle uncovered.

Use A Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are incredible inventions for wine bottles. They are designed to seal the bottle of wine. This will prevent oxygen from entering the bottle, thus keeping the wine safe from oxidation.

These vacuum pumps are inexpensive and are perfect for wine lovers.

Utilize A Wine Stopper

Wine stoppers essentially perform the same function as a cork. These wine stoppers can be inserted into the bottleneck, keeping the wine covered.

These stoppers have lots of different decorative designs, so you can find ones that appeal to you. Wine stoppers can be purchased online or from specialist stores.

Move The Wine To An Airtight Container

Most people will want to keep the wine in its bottle since this is convenient. On the other hand, airtight containers will stop oxidation, meaning that the wine stays fresh.

All you need to do is carefully transfer the wine to an airtight glass container and place it in the fridge.

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