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Does Twisted Tea Contain Alcohol? How Much?

Twisted Tea manages to blend the amazing worlds of freshly brewed tea and alcohol to create a drink that is just as fun as it is refreshing.

They make for great summertime drinks to enjoy alone or with friends, and will have you refreshed in no time at all!

The only problem is that many people across the world are actually quite unclear on just how much alcohol there is in Twisted Tea, and are unsure of how much is safe to drink.

How quickly would you be able to get drunk from Twisted Tea?

Does Twisted Tea Contain Alcohol? How Much?

If you’ve ever wondered how much alcohol there is within an average Twisted Tea, then you should make sure to read on down below, because we are going to take an in-depth look to find out!

Does Twisted Tea Contain Alcohol? Quick Answer: The average alcohol content within one container of Twisted Tea is around 5 percent, as indicated by the small label on the container. Containers of Twisted Tea Light are actually much lower in alcohol content, at around 4 percent. This isn’t all there is to learn about Twisted Tea, however. Want to learn a little more about this popular drink? Then you should make sure to read on down below!

What Is Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea is a very modern innovation that blends the subtle and calming flavors of tea with alcohol. It is commonly referred to as hard ice tea.

Unlike many other alcoholic beverages, Twisted Tea is actually non-carbonated, which makes it perfect for those that don’t like carbonated drinks.

It also comes in a massive range of fruity flavors to help make it a very easy drink to consume. These flavors include strawberry, raspberry, mango, and peach.

How Much Alcohol Is There In Twisted Tea? 

As we mentioned before, a standard Twisted Tea will generally contain around 5 percent alcohol, which makes it incredibly similar to an average beer.

If you were to drink multiple containers of Twisted Tea, you would get drunk at the exact same rate that you would with beer!

Though it is only a small difference, Twisted Tea Light would take slightly longer to make you tipsy, as it contains only 4 percent alcohol, which partly helps it to significantly lower the number of calories within!

Is Twisted Tea Bad For You?

While Twisted Tea is not an incredibly healthy drink, if consumed in moderation it is perfectly safe. However, consuming too much Twisted Tea could cause trouble.

This is down to both the high acidic content, and the high level of caffeine that is naturally found within the tea.

Drinking too much Twisted Tea could cause problems because the acid level is quite high, thanks to being an alcoholic drink.

The average beer is already quite acidic, at around a 4 on the pH scale, and Twisted Tea measures very similarly. 

Drinking too much Twisted Tea therefore can very easily cause acid reflux and heartburn, however, you would have to drink a significant number of Twisted Teas in order for symptoms to be severe or too painful.

Is Twisted Tea Bad For You?

However, if you were to consume high amounts of Twisted tea regularly, then you would find symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn occurring much more often. 

You should also try to avoid drinking Twisted Tea too regularly because it contains high levels of caffeine, thanks to the tea.

While there are plenty of positive benefits to caffeine, such as increased energy levels, it can be very easy to have too much, which can cause damage to your nervous system, and cause your blood pressure to very quickly skyrocket!

Thus, if you were to drink Twisted Tea too regularly, then the high caffeine content would begin to slowly have a more increased negative impact, especially on your heart. 

What Does Twisted Tea Contain?

In order to give Twisted Tea its incredible combination of alcohol and fragrant tea flavors, a number of things are included in every can. 

The main alcoholic ingredient in Twisted Tea is actually vodka, and that is where the 5 percent alcohol content in an average can comes from.

Included alongside the vodka is lemon, tea leaves, and mint, all of which give it its unique and summery flavor that explains why it is so popular in the hotter periods of the year.

Malt liquor flavoring is also included within the mix, to give it its unique and strong alcoholic flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 3 Twisted Teas Get You Drunk?

Definitely. With each individual can of Twisted Tea having an alcohol content of around 5%, 3 cans of Twisted Tea can very easily and very quickly get you drunk. 

However, the rate at which Twisted Tea would get you drunk may depend on how well you can handle alcohol.

If you are well versed with alcohol, then it is likely that 3 Twisted Tea cans would not be enough to get you drunk, and that you may need to consume more.

Is 5% Alcohol A Lot Of Alcohol?

5% alcohol is actually a very average alcohol content. An average can of beer generally contains around 5% alcohol, which is enough to get many people drunk after a good number. 

This means that drinks like Twisted Tea and beer are fantastic for getting slightly drunk, without becoming too drunk.

How Long Does It Take To Get Drunk?

Getting drunk actually takes very little time at all.

It takes, at most, around 10 minutes for alcohol to enter the bloodstream, and thus it can take that same amount of time for most people to begin to feel the effects of alcohol. 

This is much faster than many assume, though many people note that they begin feeling drunk as soon as they take their first sip.

Is Twisted Tea The Same As Beer?

No. Though both Alcohol and Twisted Tea are alcoholic drinks with very similar alcohol contents, they are actually very different drinks entirely.

Twisted Tea is actually made with a mixture of tea and vodka, making it very different from your average beer. 

Jess Smith