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Does Beer Cheese Dip Have Alcohol? (Can You Get Drunk Eating It?)

Beer cheese dip is great served on the side and leaves you hungry for more, however have you ever stopped to question whether this dip contains alcohol? Or is it just a name given?

Below we will be discussing what beer cheese dip is as well as identifying its alcohol content thoroughly.

What Is Beer Cheese?

Beer cheese can come in the form of a spread or a dip and is most commonly found in Kentucky. Although there are other similar beer cheeses circulating the United States, you will only really find the classic beer cheese in Kentucky alone.

You will often find beer cheese dip eaten with bread or pretzels. Some may choose to be healthy and smother their broccoli with the cheesy dip. However, you choose to consume the dip is entirely up to the individual.

Choose to have the dip cold or warm and it is easy to make meaning anyone is free to make it from the comfort of their home. Beer cheese dip is a great dip to share at a barbeque or as a side at dinner.

Is Their Alcohol In Beer Cheese Dip?

Yes, beer cheese dip does indeed contain alcohol.  To make this dip, the ingredients you need are flour, milk, butter, cheddar and, of course, beer.

Alongside this, add seasonings including cayenne pepper, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste, Worcester sauce and others.

It is the beer which makes up for the alcohol content and what gives it its moreish flavor, however with alcohol being included this leads people to being wary about allowing someone underaged to consume the dip.

Will Beer Cheese Dip Get You Drunk?

Although this dip does contain alcohol, this does not mean that anyone who consumes it will get drunk.

Many recipes use alcohol such as wine or gin (you will probably find many of your meals at restaurants containing some kind of alcohol) however this is used to enhance the flavor and generate a poignant taste.

During the cooking process, the alcohol used in the food gradually evaporates thus removing the intoxicating content (ethanol). Due to this, you will not get drunk.

Of course, if you are still not comfortable with the idea of allowing your child or teenager to have some of the beer cheese dip, this is completely fine.

There are parents who may feel uncomfortable with the idea even after being given the okay. If this is the case, feel free to supply your child with an alcohol-free option.

What Does Beer Cheese Dip Taste Like?

Unless you have visited Kentucky, you will have not experienced the true taste of beer cheese dip.

So, what does it taste like?

The flavor of beer cheese varies depending on recipes, commonly varying between hot and mild. For example, if you choose to include dry mustard in your beer cheese mix then you will find the flavor is zingy and on the hot side.

The taste also varies depending on what type of beer you use. It is known that some Kentucky beer cheese dips use a German lager due to its malt flavor – this gives the dip its signature taste.

As for texture, this can vary too. Some people prefer to use beer cheese as a spread (you can spread this on baguettes and bread) and in this case it will be a thick paste-like consistency.

For dip, however, you will find it to be creamy and cheesy. You can choose to make this thicker or thinner depending on preference.

What To Eat Beer Cheese Dip With

Beer cheese dip is traditionally served cold and this dip is used to compliment other foods. There are a variety of foods you can choose to serve up with this dip however there is no right or wrong.

But despite this, we have come up with a list of some finger foods you can enjoy with the Kentucky beer cheese dip.

Pretzels/Bread – this is a classic when it comes to pairing with beer cheese dip. The subtlety of the bread compliments the flavor of the dip perfectly, and the pretzels add that delicious salty taste.

Broccoli – broccoli is another food you can use with beer cheese dip. It transforms the plain green into a delicious concoction and makes eating your veg a little more bearable. The goes for any vegetable you want – carrot sticks, cauliflower, etc.

Fruit – try dipping your fruit in your beer cheese dip (we recommend apples!). This works great with warm beer cheese fondue.

Pickles – a side such as pickles works great if you are wanting to have an easy snack and is well complimented with the beer cheese dip.

Beer Recommendations

When making this dip, you have options with what beer you want to use. Beer can be varied and in turn alters the taste of the tip. You want to know that you are choosing a beer which will be beneficial for the end result.

Options include:

  • Lager
  • Stout
  • Wheat beer
  • Ales
  • Non-alcoholic beer (for those uncomfortable with alcohol content; this can be found in most grocery stores)

Our Personal Recommendation

Try using an IPA for your beer cheese dip. This is an ideal option as it works to enhance the flavor of the dip and bring depth to your side dish.

Final Thoughts

Beer cheese dip is a great side and works to compliment a variety of foods such as bread and vegetables.

Although this dip has “beer” in the name, this does not mean that you will get drunk after consumption. It is a misconception which leaves people feeling wary, however you can be reassured that there is nothing to fear.

For the people who are worried about the alcohol (perhaps for religious reasons or underage) there are plenty of options. Use an alcohol-free beer in your dip to give it flavor without the ethanol. Or just make this dip without the beer element.

This dip is a dip enjoyed by many and is made to be shared.

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Monday 9th of May 2022

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