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25 Simple And Best Cheesy Pasta Recipes

Pasta is comfort food that is very popular with kids and adults; it has excellent cheesy content and is also a good source of protein and calcium. 

It is a versatile dish, and you have a vast range of pasta recipes to choose from and combine with your favorite cheeses, veggies and seasoning.

The smooth and silky sauce works perfectly with spaghetti or linguine and clings beautifully to different types of pasta. 

You can use the water from the pasta to make the sauce, as it has a generous amount of starch that helps emulsify the sauce.  Thus, the ingredients stick together, transforming the sauce into a luxurious and silky liquid.

Quick Table: Cheesy Pasta Recipes  

Recipe NameCalories per ServingPreparation Time
Mac and Cheese82915 Min
Creamy Spinach Pasta54625 Min
Skillet Ravioli Lasagna66925 Min
Spinach & Artichoke Dip Pasta59645 Min
Chicken & bacon pasta115440 Min
Sausage Pasta68555 Min
Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts59120 Min
Cheesy ham & broccoli pasta31530 Min
Goat Cheese Pasta 36930 Min
Pea and Ham Pasta28930 Min
Fish Pie Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pasta50440 Min
Pesto Ravioli with Spinach & Tomatoes36115 Min
Creamy Mushroom Pasta49730 Min
Vegan Mac And Cheese51725 Min
Cheesy Broccoli Pasta50425 Min
Macaroni Cheese Lasagne 24335 Min
Chicken Spinach And Bacon Alfredo 89725 Min
Cheesy Sprout Pasta73445 Min
Three-Cheese Meatballs Lasagne7711 Hr 35 Min
Cauliflower Cheese46735 Min
One-pot four cheeses pasta48620 Min
Cacio E Pepe Gnocchi34640 Min
Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Pasta47630 Min
Cheesy Chicken Spinach And Artichoke Lasagna5551 Hr 40 Min
Crab Mac And Cheese67745 Min

1. Mac And Cheese

Children love this classic mac and cheese pasta with a buttered bread crumb topping. It is creamy and comforting, combining layers of cheeses melted into a rich and creamy cheese sauce for an ultimate cheesy deliciousness!

It is a universal food with many variations, perfect for a quick delicious dinner or as a holiday side dish!

Use breadcrumbs for topping. Serve this outrageously cheesy and ultra-creamy pasta with grilled meats, fried chicken, sloppy Joes, or alongside a salad.

Calories Per Serving: 829

Preparation Time: 15 Min

2. Creamy Spinach Pasta

This easy, healthy, and delicious pasta covered in creamy spinach is a favorite for kids and adults. It also makes an excellent option for gatherings as it needs just a few ingredients you likely have.

It is fast to make with a package of frozen spinach with any noodles. 

You can also add cooked shrimp or leftover chicken for a variation and make it a meal on its own. You can beef up the pasta with baked chicken breasts for a fine weeknight meal.

Calories Per Serving: 546

Preparation Time: 25 Min

3. Skillet Ravioli Lasagna

This cheesy and satisfying ravioli Lasagna is the ultimate weeknight comfort food that is easy, and you require no layering or mixing bowls.

You can relish the flavors of home-cooked lasagna with fresh and tempting four-cheese ravioli to bring this delicious meal together. 

It is a family favorite that lasts under thirty minutes, and you can swap vegetables or ground turkey for beef. Use fresh mozzarella balls to prepare an easy weeknight meal.

Calories Per Serving: 669

Preparation Time: 25 Min

4. Spinach & Artichoke Dip Pasta

Did you ever know a healthy dinner takes just a few minutes to prepare? This creamy pasta is easy and will be a staple of your pasta collection recipe if you are trying a meatless main dish.

You can add your personal touches by adding fresh mushrooms and green or red pepper. 

Your children will also gobble the healthy spinach up without a single complaint. Spinach & artichoke is the most popular spinach and artichoke dip recipe everyone loves.

Calories Per Serving: 596

Preparation Time: 45 Min

5. Chicken & Bacon Pasta

You will love this creamy and cheesy one-pot pasta with seasoned bites of chicken and crispy bacon that’s great for busy weeknights. It is indulgent and nutritious, loaded with cream, parmesan, chicken and bacon. 

If you want to make it crunchy, fry the bacon until crispy and leave a portion of the bacon fat to add flavor to the rest of the dish.

Along with chunks of chicken and mounds of long noodles, the mingling flavors of bacon make it a great meal. To taste it better, you can add garlic, pepper and Italian seasoning.

Calories Per Serving: 1154

Preparation Time: 40 Min

6. Sausage pasta

This sausage and pasta recipe has incredible flavors of delicious chunks of Italian sausages combined perfectly with red peppers, garlic sauce, onion, parmesan cheese and basil. You can make a lot of variations with different vegetables. 

The white wine makes it even more flavorful and a hint of tomato paste with soft cream cheese melted into the sauce makes it an incredible combination.

You can use any pasta and get creative with the ingredients. Use kale instead of spinach, dried tomatoes for roasted peppers and chicken broth instead of wine.

Calories Per Serving: 685

Preparation Time: 55 Min

7. Mac & Cheese With Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts

This recipe has the nutritious and creamy goodness of macaroni and cheese. You can pep up the cheese sauce with garlic to create an easy homemade mac and cheese with cauliflower & Brussels sprouts.

The recipe has fewer calories and fats, is healthy, full of flavor and easy to prepare. 

Add maple syrup to take out any bitterness of Brussels sprouts to get the fresh flavors of vegetables. Serve it over steamed vegetables for an easy side dish.

Calories Per Serving: 591

Preparation Time: 20 Min

8. Cheesy Ham & Broccoli Pasta

Homemade macaroni loaded with meat, veggies and cheese is an easy pasta dinner everyone loves. The luscious cheese sauce perfectly envelops rotini pasta, salty ham pieces and tender broccoli.

Adding nutritious broccoli is an excellent idea that nobody complains about as all focus is on cheese and ham. 

Extra ham makes it a complete meal, and it comes together in just thirty minutes for a perfect dinner for a busy weeknight.

Calories Per Serving: 315

Preparation Time: 30 Min

9. Goat Cheese Pasta 

This recipe is the version of mac and cheese pasta. Goat Cheese pasta comes with the delicious addition of deep goat cheese flavor and silky, creamy sauce.

The fresh basil and a tinge of lemon give a finishing touch. This one-pot creamy goat cheese pasta is ready to relish in thirty minutes. 

This recipe is the best option for combining creamy goat cheese, basil and parsley. The tangy flavor of the goat cheese deliciously complements the lemon and garlic notes. The fresh basil and spinach add to the color and texture of the dish.

Calories Per Serving: 369

Preparation Time: 30 Min

10. Pea And Ham Pasta

Pea and Ham pasta are like a traditional Italian Pasta, Alla Papalina with Ham and peas in a creamy sauce. You can also use pancetta, and it is also a great use of leftover Ham.

Even the kids love this pasta glossed with a light parmesan sauce. 

The Italian uses rich and not a creamy sauce but a touch of cream like Alfredo. You can also use Orecchiette and add Parmesan to the creamy sauce.

Calories Per Serving: 289

Preparation Time: 30 Min

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11. Fish Pie Mac ‘N’ Cheese Pasta

You can say goodbye and transport yourself to the seaside with this traditional mac ‘n’ cheese and fish pie hybrid. Fish Pie Mac ‘n’ cheese comes packed full of comforting flavors as a pasta back should and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

You can make it ahead if you like it for busy weeknights as it freezes so well. Remember to defrost the frozen fish thoroughly before adding it to the pie, but fresh fish is always best.

You can chill it and use it over three days; even frozen and reheated at a later date is also a perfect meal.

Calories Per Serving: 504

Preparation Time: 40 Min

12. Pesto Ravioli With Spinach & Tomatoes

This creamy pesto sauce transforms frozen cheddar ravioli into a beautiful and healthy dinner. It is loaded with the goodness of spinach and tomatoes, combines only five ingredients, and is stacked with mouthwatering new flavors.

You can reduce the preparation load by using prewashed spinach, grape tomatoes and arranged pesto for a delicious weeknight dinner.

To get out of the past rut of making old traditional recipes switch things up with this pesto Ravioli pasta, and you will love the flavor combination of creamy pesto, lemon zest, and ravioli filled with ricotta cheese.

Calories Per Serving: 361

Preparation Time: 15 Min

13. Creamy Mushroom Pasta

This one-pot creamy mushroom pasta bathed in a creamy parmesan sauce is loaded with buttery garlic mushrooms. This creamy delight features hot fettuccine pasta with a coating of aromatic sauce that is simple, quick and utterly luxurious! 

Use the pasta you like the best, which can be another pasta recipe to add to your arsenal. Do not forget to add a generous volume of garlicky, buttery mushrooms.

You can prepare it in one pot for a perfect comfortable meal at the end of a tiring day.

Calories Per Serving: 497

Preparation Time: 30 Min

14. Vegan Mac And Cheese

You can top this ultra-cheesy, saucy, creamy classic vegan cheese with breadcrumbs and bake until golden brown and crispy for a seriously satisfying meal.

Even if your guests are not vegan, they will love this delicious crunch pasta with breadcrumb topping. 

Vegan mac and cheese is easy to make and the best vegan Mac and cheese combination, which is irresistibly cheesy and creamy without any dairy.

The stovetop version comes very fast, or you can also bake it for a few minutes.

Calories Per Serving: 517

Preparation Time: 25 Min

15. Cheesy Broccoli Pasta

This yummy cheesy broccoli pasta is packed full of veg and topped with garlic breadcrumbs, which makes a delicious meal. It is creamy and addictive, and every bit is tasty that even the pickiest of eaters will relish as broccoli is not hidden. 

You can even load more servings of greens and coat them in cheese, and you will find everything is gone in minutes.

Just throw all the veggies together, and it comes together in under thirty minutes, mixing broccoli and cheese flavors.

Calories Per Serving: 504

Preparation Time: 25 Min

16. Macaroni Cheese Lasagne 

Macaroni cheese lasagne is a family favorite, and this recipe is quick and easy as it practically cooks itself!

The best thing about this versatile recipe is that it is super economical as it comes with a pound of ground beef that is enough for the whole family. 

It is easy and quick to make by whipping up a Bolognese sauce. You can make the mac ‘n’ cheese while the Bolognese simmers. Later, layer it in a casserole dish with grated cheese, and pop it in the oven.

If you have a big batch, you can freeze it as it freezes perfectly and savors it later.

Calories Per Serving: 243

Preparation Time: 35 Min

17. Chicken Spinach And Bacon Alfredo 

Chicken spinach and bacon Alfredo is a must try recipe for a delicious dinner that’s sure to satisfy. The fantastic recipe is full of flavor and spinach, which makes it an excellent cuddle when you are looking for pure comfort.

A delicious and filling dinner is a flavorful meal and perfect comfort food with a few ingredients and a couple of seasonings.

You can get them quickly at your grocery store to make this decadent pasta dish. It is an excellent choice for lunch or breakfast if you love tasty food.

Calories Per Serving: 897

Preparation Time: 25 Min

18. Cheesy Sprout Pasta

Once used to be eaten last, Brussels sprouts in cheesy pasta are truly shining when they combine with spaghetti sauce and pecorino Romano cheese and pepper.

The thinly sliced sprouts and pasta are reminiscent of traditional mac and cheese. 

You can alter milk with vegetable broth for sauce. The thin slice of sprouts sautés up nice and crispy. Use the starchy pasta cooking water to make a delicious silky sauce that sticks perfectly to the noodles.

Calories Per Serving: 734

Preparation Time: 45 Min

19. Three-Cheese Meatballs Lasagne

This 3-Cheese Meatball Lasagna is the best comfort food that features three different kinds of cheese and two kinds of meatballs.

The layers of cheesy pasta goodness and ground beef mixed with seasoning make the mini-meatballs crunchy and delicious. 

You can scatter the meat balls between the layers of cheese and pasta and enjoy this tasty recipe. The delicious tomato sauce with yummy flavors of chili flakes and fennel make this recipe a perfect party meal.

You can put the leftovers in the freezer to use them the other day.

Calories Per Serving: 771

Preparation Time: 1 Hr 35 Min

20. Cauliflower Cheese

This simple pasta meal is a garlicky roasted cauliflower dish with lots of Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, and pine nuts. Toss up the hot pasta and the cauliflower with garlic cloves to mix them and garnish with a handful of parsley leaves. 

The recipe is perfect for warming up in winter and easy to prepare for a hearty vegetarian dinner that kids and grown-ups love.

Calories Per Serving: 467

Preparation Time: 35 Min

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21. One-Pot Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

You cannot get a more accessible and more delicious dinner with just five ingredients than this roasted red pepper pasta.

This creamy roasted red pepper pasta is a family-friendly weeknight recipe with creamy roasted red pepper and tomato, taking just 20 minutes. 

The roasted peppers’ mouthwatering flavors combined with all the veggies make it a family favorite with proteins and pasta. It is a simple recipe where everything is tossed into a pot for a delicious meal in minutes.

Calories Per Serving: 486

Preparation Time: 20 Min

22. Cacio E Pepe Gnocchi

You only need four ingredients for an easy and filling weeknight pasta recipe. Cacio E Pepe Gnocchi combines classic Italian pasta with pillowy potato dumplings.

It is a simple recipe with potatoes of all favorite cacio e pepe flavors and preferred seasonings, flour, and an egg. 

The sauce combines butter with pasta water, black pepper and grated parmesan. You can toss the gnocchi in this creamy sauce and garnish it with black pepper and parmesan to serve.

Calories Per Serving: 346

Preparation Time: 40 Min

23. Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Pasta

Cheesy chicken with broccoli dish is a healthy, easy, and tasty meal packed with rich flavor and loaded with chicken and broccoli. Each bite of this creamy dish is tasty and easy to whip up quickly!

You need just one pot and only 30 minutes to make this incredibly delicious dish! 

The dish is also freezer-friendly, so you can cook even a bigger batch to enjoy later.

Calories Per Serving: 476

Preparation Time: 30 Min

24. Cheesy Chicken Spinach And Artichoke Lasagna

Cheesy Chicken Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna is a delicious and easy dinner that takes comfort food to the next level. If you relish classic spinach and artichoke dip, you will love this chicken lasagna with a twist. 

It has layers of noodles, cheese, chicken, spinach and artichokes.

The chicken with parmesan cheese, spinach, and artichokes make one layer, and lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, and shredded mozzarella cheese from the other layer for a vibrant and creamy bite.

You end up with lots of layers of noodles, ricotta cheese, chicken mixture, and mozzarella.

Calories Per Serving: 555

Preparation Time: 1 Hr 40 Min

25. Crab Mac And Cheese

This creamy crab macaroni and Cheese recipe is a special dish for a special occasion. This delicious and budget-friendly dish doubles as both a side dish and an entrée.

It is a friendly way to serve crab meat to a crowd with style. You can elevate this comforting dish with multiple kinds of cheese and delicious crab meat, and you will always want to enjoy it the same way.

Combine different cheeses to make this cheesy meal with bacon, onion, butter, flour, milk and crab meat. You can use it as a side dish or an entree for a perfect evening.

Calories Per Serving: 677

Preparation Time: 45 Min

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cheese Is Best For Cheese Pasta?

Parmesan, Pecorino, Grana Padano, and Aged Asiago are typical cheeses used to prepare pasta. Ricotta is an excellent option for fillings, whereas fresh mozzarella bakes well.

These cheeses have a long history and unique features due to which Italians and Italian-Americans pair them with pasta

What Cheese Melts Well On Pasta?

Mozzarella is the cheese of choice when you need one that melts remarkably well. It is also used for topping oven-baked dishes and melted into pasta sauces.

Which Cheese Is The Tastiest?

Gruyere is the tastiest cheese. It comes from the Bern city of Switzerland. Gruyere is acclaimed to be the best cheese in the world.

Can You Make Cheesy Pasta Without Milk?

Yes, it is possible to prepare cheesy pasta without milk or butter. You can substitute butter with ghee, mascarpone, margarine, roux, heavy cream, cream cheese, or margarine.

25 Simple And Best Cheesy Pasta Recipes

This creamy crab macaroni and Cheese recipe is a special dish for a special occasion. This delicious and budget-friendly dish doubles as both a side dish and an entrée.


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