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15 Amazing Chicken With Chile Cheese Rice Recipes

If you love spicy food that’s absolutely full of creamy and cheesy goodness, then you are going to absolutely adore this list of recipes! We’ve got 15 of the best recipes for making cheesy and spicy chicken dishes for you!

1. Chicken with Chile-Cheese Rice

For a deliciously spicy meal with fantastically cheesy rice, try this recipe for chicken with chili-cheese rice! You’ll use a cup of delicious grated Monterey Jack cheese to give it that deliciously creamy cheesy taste – as well as 2 jalapenos and a 7 ounce can of whole green chilis, to give this dish a lot of vim and vigor!

If you’re a fan of cilantro, then great news, as you’ll use a whole cup of cilantro for this recipe – but if you (or someone you’re cooking for) can’t eat it, then feel free to leave it out of course – as for some people, it unfortunately tastes like soap!

2. Kathy’s Easy Chile Chicken and Rice

This is such a simple recipe to make, as a good part of the work is already done for you, thanks to the inclusion of a can of condensed cream of chicken soup.

This saves you a lot of time and effort, and gives your dish a ready-made creaminess to the texture and flavor of this dish. You’ll add green chili peppers too, giving it a little bit of spice and life.

And if you want to make this a cheesy dish too, then add a cup of shredded Cheddar cheese!

3. Spicy Chicken and Rice

If you’re looking for a simple yet filling dish that you can leave to cook during the day while you go about other things, then you’re in luck – as this recipe for spicy chicken and rice is perfect for that!

You’ll need to spend around 20 minutes preparing this dish – it’s the mixture of different spices and flavors you add in this time that makes all the difference!

Once you’ve got all of your flavorings sitting with the chicken in your slow cooker, you’ll need to allow around 5 to 6 hours for it to be ready. Perfect if you have things to do, but want a delicious meal at the end of it all!

4. Chicken and Green Chile Rice

This is an absolutely fantastic chicken dish that is so full of delicious flavors – and a little bit of spice too! Of course, let’s not forget the cheesy tomato topping you’ll make too, with a cup and a half of shredded Pepper Jack cheese.

It’s really simple to make the rice for this, as the recipe calls for 2 pouches of microwavable brown rice. Of course, if that’s not for you, you can always cook the rice in a rice cooker, or just in a normal pan on a stove!

5. One Pan Chili Lime Chicken and Rice

For a really simple meal that’ll be ready with the minimum amount of cleaning up, try this fantastically simple and delicious recipe for chili lime chicken and rice! You only need one single pan to cook this meal – chicken thighs, flavorings, and rice all cooking together!

Not only is it easy to make and clean up after, but it’s absolutely beautiful too – both to look at and to taste! It has a subtle hint of spice too, thanks to the chili powder and cayenne pepper – adjust these amounts as to your own preference, of course.

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6. Coconut Cashew Curry Chicken and Rice with Mango

For a slightly different way to enjoy your chicken and rice, why not try out this recipe for coconut cashew curry chicken and rice with mango?

It’s absolutely delicious, for one thing – not too spicy, but just enough to give it a warming kick that complements the mango and chicken perfectly!

You’ll love just how fresh this tastes, and just how full of life it is – thanks to the fantastic mix of flavorings, including coconut milk, ginger, and curry powder.

7. Mexican Stuffed Chicken with Red Rice

Nice and spicy, and literally stuffed with flavor! You’ll start this one by preparing your stuffing for the chicken.

Take jalapenos, coriander, spinach, and cheese, and chop and mix them all together. Keep going until you’ve got a nice coarse paste, perfect for stuffing the inside of your chicken breast with!

You’ll only need 5 minutes to prepare this meal for cooking, and another 25 minutes in the oven – and while the chicken is in the oven, you’ll be making the delicious red rice, cooked in peppers and canned tomatoes!

8. Chicken and Rice Chile Verde

Just in case you don’t know, verde is Spanish for green. In this dish, the green is provided by the simple inclusion of a cup of frozen peas to the list of ingredients!

Aside from that great green color, of course, this recipe has fantastic flavor, thanks to the green chilis, oregano, onion, garlic, and (for the cheese lovers out there) a small but powerful amount of Monterey Jack cheese. You’ll have this one made in an hour at most too – so quick and easy!

9. Chili Cheese Rice

This laconic recipe doesn’t go into much detail – but when you’re making something this simple, why waste words? It’s a really easy recipe to make, but it’s also absolutely delicious and so much fun.

You’ll need cooked jasmine rice, 2 small cans of chopped green chilis, half a cup of sour cream, and 1 and a half cups of your favorite shredded jack cheese.

10 minutes of prep, half an hour at most of baking (just keep it in there until the cheese is nicely browned), and your meal is ready to eat – as of course, you will be!

10. Cheesy Chicken And Rice

Such a simple name – you know exactly what you’re getting with this one! It’s such a simple recipe too – you’ll be finished just 20 minutes after you start, and only need one pot to cook the entire thing!

So, not just a delicious meal, not just a simple one that’s quick to make, but also one that leaves you with the minimum amount of things to clean up! It’s great in so many ways – so definitely give this recipe a try!

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11. Red Chile Chicken with Rice and Black Beans

This is such a great tasting meal, and what’s more, you can cook the entire thing using just one pot! Perfect for if you’re just looking to save effort in any way that you can – and you’ll still end up with an absolutely amazing tasting meal!

TO make this a truly decadent dish, serve with sour cream and shredded cheese. The author might say it’s not necessary – but note that they also do it anyway!

12. Cheesy Green Chili Chicken and Rice Casserole

There aren’t any better words to describe this dish than those written by the author herself – as she says, “it’s a Tex-Mex inspired twist on a classic casserole recipe”.

You know that means a little bit of spice, of course – thanks to the canned green chilis – and you also know it’s going to mean delicious chicken, rice, and some of your favorite cheese!

The recipe calls for one and a half cups of pepper jack cheese – shredded or grated, of course. 35 minutes from start to finish – and it’ll serve between 4 and 6 people!

13. Green Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole

This recipe is so simple to make, takes only around an hour, and is so full of delicious flavor! Using premade enchilada sauce is one of the big helps in this recipe, but if you’ve got your own home made recipe, then nobody’s going to stop you using that instead!

It’s not too spicy (unless you decide to make it so!), but it’s pretty cheesy if you follow the recipe, which calls for 1 cup of shredded Mexican blend cheese, and more if you want – but not less, of course!

14. Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

If you love creamy chicken, then you’re of course going to love these creamy chicken enchiladas! They’ve got a nice bit of richness and spice, thanks to the chopped green chilis and ground cumin.

However, they’re also deliciously creamy and cheesy too, thanks to both the 8 ounces of cream cheese, and 2 cups of shredded Cheddar cheese that you’ll also use in this fantastic recipe!

15. Chicken Enchilada with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Creamy, spicy, and completely delicious – what’s not to love? You’ll definitely fall in love with this fantastic recipe for chicken enchiladas with Philadelphia cream cheese, that’s for sure!

This recipe is extra creamy and cheesy, in fact – as you’ll use 8 ounces of cream cheese, a cup of heavy cream, and 2 cups of shredded cheese! That’s a lot of creamy, cheesy goodness – delicious!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make The Dishes More Spicy?

Well, there are 2 ways!

Firstly, add more chilis and spices! Secondly – when you’re adding fresh chilis to the mix, keep the seeds in. They hold so much spiciness – so if you want hotter food, leave the seeds in!

How Can I Make The Dishes Less Spicy?

Conversely, if you want your meals to be less spicy, then use less chilis – and be sure to get rid of all of the seeds of the ones that you do use!

What Cheese Is The Best For These Recipes?

Well, you can really use any cheese you like, of course – but most of them call for a hard cheese that you can shred, like Cheddar or Monterey Jack.


With so many fantastically creamy and spicy meals to make, your kitchen is going to smell amazing!

15 Amazing Chicken With Chile Cheese Rice Recipes

Cheesy, creamy, spicy, and oh so delicious – if you love your chicken like this, then you are going to absolutely adore these recipes!


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