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14 Amazing Green Chile Enchilada Recipes

If you are a fan of Mexican cooking, you may have tried enchiladas before. For those of you who have not tried this food, enchiladas are made of a tasty filling that is covered in a tortilla. Green chile enchilada recipes are some of the best dishes.

There are a wide variety of fillings you can try out. One of our favorite fillings is green chile which can also be mixed with meat for additional flavor. Green chile has a subtly spicy taste that works really well in an enchilada.

If you like a spicy kick to your enchilada, you may want to consider a chili sauce. However, if you prefer a milder taste with a bit of a tang, a cheese sauce may be right for you. If you are considering making enchiladas, here are 15 incredible green chile enchiladas that you can try out.

1. Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas from Budget Bytes

Source – Budget Bytes

Up first, this enchilada recipe combines green chiles with chicken. This scrumptious combination is amazing. These creamy enchiladas not only taste great but are also very simple to make. This results in them being ideal for a hearty dinner-time meal. Even this homemade version of green chile sauce is straightforward to cook. In fact, it should take only 10 minutes to make this sauce, which is incredibly effective.

Another great feature of this recipe is how customizable it is. For instance, it lists different ways of altering the spiciness of the dish. As a result, you can find the spice level that suits you best. Moreover, there are different types of chicken that can be featured in this recipe.

2. Creamy Spinach and Cheese Green Chile Enchiladas from Two Peas and Their Pod

If you are searching for a vegetarian take on the green chile enchilada, we recommend this recipe. In place of meat, this enchilada utilizes spinach. This creates a creamy enchilada recipe that is full of cheese, chile, and spinach.

For the days that you simply cannot be bothered to cook, you can make this recipe in advance. You can then freeze it and heat it whenever you want to eat it. Aside from their flavorsome taste, these enchiladas also look very appetizing.

3. Beef and Green Chile Enchiladas from Betty Crocker

Source – Betty Crocker

Even inexperienced bakers will be familiar with the Betty Crocker brand. This well-known company provides outstanding recipes. This enchilada recipe is the exact same. It mixes delectable ground beef with green chiles and cheese. If you are a lover of beef, this may be the recipe for you. This cheesy sauce perfectly complements the beef and has a hint of spice due to the inclusion of the green chiles.

These enchiladas also contain a good quantity of vegetables, meaning that you and your family will get nutritional value from the meal. It takes just over an hour to make, meaning that it will not be suitable for all people. However, if you have the time, it is worth putting in the effort to make this excellent recipe.

4. Pulled Pork Enchiladas with Creamy Green Chile Sauce from Let’s Dish

Source – Let’s Dish

Do you adore pulled pork? We certainly do! Though it may not be the most obvious meat to put in an enchilada, this pulled pork and green chile recipe is wonderfully effective. The combination of cheese and pulled pork is irresistible, particularly when it is coated in a heavenly green chile sauce. This recipe will serve between 6 and 8 people. Consequently, it will likely be more than enough to feed your family.

5. Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole from Real Housemoms

Source – Real Housemoms

Next, if you are looking for a quick and convenient enchilada recipe that will be a family favorite, look no further. Because this enchilada dish is also a casserole, the chicken will be extremely tender. This is partly achieved through the inclusion of chicken soup. This innovative idea is great since it adds to the flavor and richness of the dish. Not to mention, the ingredients are very easy to get hold of. Overall, this is perhaps one of the most convenient green chile enchilada recipes out there.

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6. Creamy Green Chile Breakfast Enchiladas from

Source – Salsas

Breakfast foods are extremely popular. They also make for a great enchilada recipe. For example, this creative recipe adds eggs and bacon to the enchiladas in order to make them into a breakfast classic. You can either start your day the right way with these mouthwatering enchiladas or you can have them at dinner time. Do you love breakfast foods? If yes, please consider this amazing variation.

7. Green Chile Enchiladas from Simply Recipes

Source – Simply Recipes

Do you desire a green chili enchilada recipe that is okay for vegetarians? If so, this recipe will be for you. This Mexican-inspired recipe uses tomatillos, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, and garlic to create a flavorsome sauce. This will go unbelievably well with the cheese and green chile filling.

8. Black Bean Green Chile Vegan Enchiladas from This Savory Vegan

Source – This Savory Vegan

Usually, enchiladas are not vegan. Not only can their fillings contain meat, but they are usually loaded with cheese. This can sometimes mean that vegans miss out on delicious foods. Luckily, this stunning black bean and green chile recipe is vegan.

Its filling contains plenty of vegetables, resulting in it being healthier than other enchiladas. Among the vegetables are garlic, red onion, green chilies, and black beans. Instead of traditional cream cheese, it features a vegan variety. Consequently, you do not need to miss out on flavorful foods when you are leading a vegan lifestyle.

9. Hatch Green Chile Enchiladas from Mexican Please

Source – Mexican Please

If you enjoy the taste of hatch green chiles, you may want to give this recipe a whirl. When matched with chicken, these enchiladas are bursting with passionate flavor. The taste of hatch green chiles is also somewhat spicy, meaning that they are ideal for people who love spice.

10. Shrimp Enchiladas with Green Sauce from Taste of Home

Source – Taste of Home

When you think of enchilada recipes, the first ingredients that may come into your mind are usually cheese, chicken, beef, or chiles. Most people will not immediately think of putting shrimps into their enchiladas. However, if you are willing to try something different, this delectable recipe will reward your bravery.

Do you adore seafood? This unique take on the humble enchilada will be perfect for you. The taste of the shrimp is well-matched with the spinach and mozzarella. Moreover, the recipe is not very time-consuming or difficult to create.

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11. Green Chile Pork Enchiladas from Lauren’s Latest

Source – Lauren’s Latest

If you are planning to make enchiladas for a large group of people, this recipe will be right up your alley. It makes an impressive 24 enchiladas, meaning that it will feed you and your family for quite some time. If you have plenty of pork, consider giving this recipe a shot.

It will be especially enticing for people who love cheese. After all, it does not feature just one type of cheese, but two. Among the other tasty ingredients are green chilies, green enchilada sauce, and sour cream. These ingredients will add spicy and sour flavors to your enchiladas.

12. Gluten-Free Green Chile Enchiladas Recipe from Flippin’ Delicious

Source – Flippin Delicious

Let’s face it, obeying a gluten-free diet can occasionally be very frustrating. Trying to find meals that are suitable for those with coeliac disease is tough. Fortunately, there are several gluten-free green chile enchiladas available.

This recipe utilizes gluten-free tortillas to ensure that it is suitable for sufferers of coeliac disease. Luckily, this product is quite readily available. It can be purchased online, such as from this supplier. Additionally, this enchilada recipe has loads of flavor, thanks to the addition of oregano, cumin, and green chilies.

13. Green Chile Beef Enchiladas with Cilantro Cream Sauce from Bites with Bri

Source – Bites With Bri

The penultimate enchilada recipe in this list is another beef variation. What sets this method apart from its competitors is the inclusion of a divine cilantro cream sauce. The sauce is made with cheese, sour cream, and lime, resulting in it being full of delicious flavors.

The beef filling is similarly luscious, with onions and seasoning added to highlight its taste. If you are in search of a wholesome and welcoming enchilada dish, you cannot go too wrong with this remarkable recipe.

14. Turkey and Green Chile Enchiladas from The Oregonian

Finally, if you prefer turkey to chicken or other meats, we urge you to give this recipe a try. Because of the inclusion of turkey, it is a particularly great recipe to make over the Christmas season. If you have leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, why not try The Oregonian’s recipe.

This meat has been given plenty of seasonings, such as garlic and chili powder. This chili powder will be especially desirable for people who like spicy enchiladas. Another reason why we love this recipe is that it includes useful information on the nutritional value of the dish. Consequently, you can adjust the recipe if you are on a strict diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Chile Enchilada Sauce Made From?

Green chile sauce is a common ingredient in cooking, used by lots of different cultures. It is primarily made from green chilies. Other ingredients, such as garlic, vinegar, oil, onion, and vegetable stock, may also be used in green chile sauce recipes.

How Healthy Are Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas?

Green chile chicken enchiladas are neither the healthiest nor unhealthiest recipe in the world. That is to say, there are some nutritional benefits to the dish. However, there are also some nutritional downsides.

A serving of green chile chicken enchiladas tends to have between 300 and 450 calories. Of course, the exact amount of calories will depend on the size of the serving and the ingredients that have been added. This is perfectly suitable for a large meal. Green chile chicken enchiladas are high in protein, mostly due to the chicken. This protein will be beneficial to your muscles and bones.

On the other hand, this email can also be quite high in fat and salt. To avoid this, do not put too much cheese on your enchiladas. Although it is delicious, it can make the enchiladas rather unhealthy. You can also try adding cheeses that are lower in fat, such as parmesan or feta. Furthermore, you can try versions of more traditional cheeses, such as cheddar, that have been designed to be low in fat.

What Are the Differences Between an Enchilada and a Chimichanga?

If you are not overly accustomed to Mexican cuisine, it can be easy to get enchiladas and chimichangas mixed up.

However, they are actually quite different. Essentially, chimichangas are burritos that have been deep-fried. When enchiladas are cooked, they are not traditionally deep-fried. Another difference between the two foods is their fillings. While both may contain meat, vegetables, and cheese, burritos also can be filled with beans and rice. These ingredients are not commonly present in enchiladas, particularly rice.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you have not made green chile enchiladas before, you should give them a try. This will be especially relevant for people who enjoy a touch of spice in their food. As demonstrated by our list, there are loads of different recipes out there for you to try out. They contain different fillings and sauces, allowing you to customize the recipe so that it is right for you.

14 Amazing Green Chile Enchilada Recipes

Do you love Mexican food? Are you a lover of spice? If so, here are 14 incredible green chile enchilada recipes for you to try out to liven up your cooking.


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