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13 Delicious Leftover Roast Beef Recipes

There are many ways to prepare and eat beef, and everyone has their own favorite, however, few things hit the spot quite like a beef roast. Furthermore, Delicious Leftover Roast Beef Recipes creates ultimate beverages to take your dish up a notch!

Whether you eat it as part of a traditional roast dinner or just like to roast your meat this way, it’s a great way to prepare a large piece of meat and has the added benefit of allowing a lot of leftovers most of the time.

While some people don’t like leftovers, and honestly with a lot of foods that are totally justified, leftover roast beef is one of the best types of leftovers, not only because it stays tasty for days after cooking, but because it’s so versatile.

Roast beef is almost always good, no matter how it’s eaten or what it’s paired with.

In the days after a roast dinner, whether it be thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, or any other roast dinner, you can make your life a lot easier by using your roast beef leftovers in some of these amazing recipes

The beauty of this is that not only do you get to enjoy a delicious meal without having to prepare more meat, but you also get to save some money and make your food go further.

We’re going to look at 15 of the most delicious ideas for leftover roast beef so that you can convince anyone just how good leftovers can be!

1. Roast Beef Pot Pie

Pot pie is one of the most warming and delicious comfort foods that exist, and it’s perfect for sleepy winter days when you need something hearty to get you through the chill.

While most pot pies are made using chicken, it can be just as delicious if you use roast beef instead, especially if your meat was cooked well, seasoned properly, and already delicious before being put into the pot.

Pairing your beef with plenty of vegetables and gravy all contained in a delicious buttery, crispy crust is enough to make anyone’s day a little better.

This dish is rich and comforting, and what’s more, you can make any size pie regardless of the amount of leftover beef you have, so it will give you maximum flexibility to use as many leftovers as possible.

You can even use leftover gravy or vegetables, but the dish will still come out delicious!

2. Beef Enchiladas

While the last thing you might think of when staring at a pile of leftover roast beef is an enchilada, you’d be surprised how effective this is.

If you’re tired of vegetables and gravy and want to enjoy a totally different kind of food after your roast dinner, beef enchiladas are a great option that will put all your leftover beef to good use. 

Spicey, delicious, and packed with onion, peppers, and cheese, the enchilada is an awesome way to totally transform your beef into something irresistible.

Enchiladas are also great as they can be used in packed lunches, or as a light snack depending on how big they are and how heavily filled, making them a versatile choice for any family.

3. Roast Beef Chilli

Chilli is another way to make a hearty, flavorful dish that can set you right and can easily use up a lot of leftovers, particularly beef.

Filled with beans, tomatoes, onions, spies, and seasonings, not to mention as much beef as you can pack into it, a beef chili can last days and provide delicious food that works both as a main dish for the whole family easily accessible snack food that can be eaten in smaller, more savory portions.

The beauty of this dish is that it really takes the meat and adds a lot of different flavors which makes the meat almost unrecognizable and will prevent anyone complaining about having beef twice in a row!

4. Roast Beef And Cheese Sandwich

If you’re someone who loves to snack, or that adores finger foods, a roast beef and cheese sandwich is the perfect way to reuse your roast beef and put it in something truly delicious.

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s so simple and is very quick and easy to make, especially since the beef is already cooked and ready to eat.

Proper roast beef is much more flavorful and has a way more appetizing texture than the deli counter and its cold cuts, and adding a good helping of cheese and some toasted bread makes this one of the most filling and delicious comfort foods around.

It’s almost like a Philly cheesesteak, which is one of the most beloved and delicious foods in America!

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5. Roast Beef Salad

For something on the slightly lighter and healthier side, a roast beef salad is a great way to get the best of both worlds, as you get the healthiness of a salad and the flavor and texture of lovely home-roasted beef.

A lot of people complain about how salads are too bland or have poor texture, so adding in some slices of roast beef can totally solve these complaints, and also add a healthy portion of protein to the dish for people who need a little extra protein or iron in their diet.

6. Beef Empanadas

If you’re interested in turning your roast beef into one of the most delicious snack foods, beef empanadas are the perfect choice for you.

Shredding up your beef and stuffing them into a delicious crusty pastry with some peppers and olives is a great way to bring some flavorsome feel-good food to school or the workplace, and all you need to do is fry them up to be able to take them anywhere you want to go.

7. Roast Beef Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a very popular comfort food and a warming choice for chilly winter evenings. They are also a great way to make use of leftover beef, and the combination of mashed potatoes, and beef simply never gets old.

A little gravy and some vegetables make this a delicious and simple meal to prepare after a roast, and is economical too, making your good go a long way.

8. Beef Rigatoni

If you’re looking for something full of comforting carbs and delicious textures, beef rigatoni is an underappreciated dish that offers a hearty meal for the whole family.

The mixture of roast beef, pasta, and cheese make this a decadent dish full of flavor and that can feed a large number of people very well.

In a sense, it’s similar to macaroni and cheese but with several tender lumps of delicious roast beef to bring even more deliciousness.

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9. Roast Beef Tortilla Roll-Ups

Another great way to make use of your roast beef is to use them as an ingredient in tortillas, which will allow you to throw together several different leftovers or mix with spinach, mayonnaise, or other sauces and vegetables to create an incredibly flavorful lunchtime snack of meal that can be eaten anywhere and enjoyed by everyone.

The beauty of this dish is that you can easily put your own spin on it and add or take away ingredients to suit your own preferences or what you have available.

10. Roast Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is an absolute classic, blending delicious gravy with tender chunks of meat to create a hearty dish to feed your family.

Noodles can be used to bulk up the dish and make it go further, meaning this meal provides amazing value for money and not only salvages the leftover beef. It’s a favorite of even the pickiest eaters and can turn leftover meat into a family favorite in no time at all.

11. Beef Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Is there anything out there simpler and more delicious than a baked potato with some cheese or caramelized onion on it? 

How about a baked potato with some hunks of delicious beef, and some cheese and caramelized sauce?

This dish is the perfect quick snack or comfort food and can be made very quickly and easily allowing you to enjoy a baked potato that is a little more elevated, and even more delicious than it has any right to be.

12. Roast Beef Sliders

If you have a few buns lying around and are at a loss for what to do, it’s time to get right back to basics and make a slider to end all sliders.

The softness of the bun, combined with the texture and flavor of the beef with a little melted cheese and some relish can make a slider to rival any sandwich or burger out there, and the beauty of this idea is that it can be tweaked and tailored to use whatever you have available or whatever you love in a sandwich-making it a deceptively delicious and simple solution to your leftover problems.

13. Cornish Pasties

Cornish pasties are the perfect lunch break snack, as they are like little self-contained meals that you can take almost anywhere!

Delicious pastry, surrounding chunks of delicious beef and vegetable make this a traditional favorite and something that works well both as a picnic food or snack, making it a very versatile option.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing worse than throwing away leftovers, and this can be particularly soul-destroying when it involves tossing away meat, due to both its expense and the fact that it’s so easily turned into something good!

Whether you want to save money or simply cut down on waste, these recipes offer something for everyone, from large families to hard-pressed workers and everyone in between.

13 Delicious Leftover Roast Beef Recipes

Tired of throwing out your leftover beef? In this guide, we’re looking at 15 of the most delicious leftover beef recipes to help you repurpose that rump into something awesome.


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