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The Ultimate Guide To Baking – Suggested Recipes, Advice, and Know-How to Get the Job Done!

The word “baking” is synonymous with fluffy banana bread, delicious cupcakes, and trays of indulgent chocolate brownies. And it’s safe to say that all of these mouth-watering treats are great to look at and even easier on the palate!

However, there is more to creating these delightful bakes than meets the eye.

To put it simply, baking isn’t just about knowing how to mix essential ingredients to create the perfect confection. While this is most definitely a great start, you also need to understand the different types of equipment and ingredients available, what they do, and how to use them properly.

Fortunately, we understand the desire to become a master in the baking world. Our guide contains everything you need — including unfamiliar ingredients and terms — to get you on the path to success.

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Key Baking Tools and Techniques

You’ve probably got a basic understanding of how to bake. And if you don’t, following a recipe isn’t the most difficult task in the world!

Feeling clueless about baking can be frustrating. To help you understand more about specific tools and ingredients commonly involved in baking, we’ve collated a list for you to browse through.

Parchment Paper vs Butcher Paper

Now comes the essential question — do you have to use some form of cooking paper when undertaking a new quest in the kitchen? Fortunately, there is a pretty simple answer: YES!

When you set off on your quest in the kitchen, you need to determine early on whether your recipe requires the use of parchment or butcher paper. This will help you to correctly handle all of your ingredients. 

This means you must understand the clear difference between butcher paper and parchment paper

Butcher Paper

In its simplest form, butcher paper is a special paper product that works best when it is wrapped around any type of raw fish or meat. It’s pretty thick which means it can protect against airborne contaminants and also retains the flavor of the meat. 

It also has dense construction which means it is resistant to extreme temperatures. As a result, it can be used on grills and in ovens.

Parchment Paper

When baking, it’s recommended that you line your cake tin with some type of baking parchment as it has a non-stick coating that is ideal for various baked goods. However, this is not an essential step. 

Yet if you want to stop your bake from burning around the edges or sticking to the cake tin, we’d strongly suggest doing so!

If your baking recipe features meat such as brisket, you can also use parchment paper to retain moisture and manage its temperature.

Dry Ingredients

Dry ingredients are a cornerstone of many baking dishes ranging from delicious pies to fluffy chocolate sponge cake. They each have a specific purpose that adds something special to a bake. 

Below, we’ll briefly discuss two of the most common dry ingredients in baking: corn starch and cocoa powder.

Corn Starch

Sometimes known as corn flour, corn starch is a carbohydrate that is derived from the endosperm of corn. Visually, it presents itself as a white, powdery substance. 

Corn starch is commonly used as a thickening agent for sauces, soups, pies, casseroles, and some desserts, but is also found in global cuisines. It’s also a great gluten-free alternative to flour!

However, too much corn starch in your bake can create a slimy texture that, admittedly, won’t taste too nice. Simply add more water to get your desired consistency and you’ll be set!

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is commonly used in the baking process to add an indulgent chocolate flavor. Yet it’s also great for providing a reddish or brownish color and a high water absorption rate to a bake. 

Delicious and practical? Sign us up!

Another great thing about cocoa powder that you may not know about is its longevity. Though it won’t spoil quickly, it may begin to lose its flavor over time. Make sure you check the date on your product to make sure it is the best possible quality. 

Cake Decoration

And now we come to another one of our favorite things: cake decorating. Decorating a cake is an art form that not everyone can master. We’re not afraid to admit that we fall into this category!

There are so many different methods of cake decoration out there. And with a recent uptick in the number of professional bakers and culinary enthusiasts posting photographs of their artful creations on social media, cake decorating can quickly become stressful.

If you’re an inexperienced baker or simply don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Our advice is to try both methods to see which one works best for your specific bake


In layman’s terms, shortening is a crucial part of the baking process. It provides goods with the texture and formation that oil can’t, and also works to trap more air bubbles.

Shortening in baking has a much higher melting point than butter and a higher fat content which adds moisture to baked goods, resulting in a fluffier texture. 

If you find shortening isn’t for you or doesn’t work with your recipe, there are plenty of shortening substitutes out there.

Understanding Four of the Baking Fundamentals 

Baking is an all-consuming process that can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you are trying something new. Regardless, there are four baking fundamentals that you must familiarize yourself with each time you don your apron.

We’ve chosen four baking fundamentals for you to take a look at below.

  1. The Role Of Food Preparation

Food preparation is a vast industry with many avenues. Two of the most important methods of food preparation are baking and cooking which, although both based in the kitchen, have different overall goals.

Though the basic premise is the same — taking some raw ingredients and turning them into something tasty and edible — cooking is far more forgiving than baking ever could be. 

If you make a mistake as a cook, you can adjust and still have a great-tasting dish. However, if you make a small mistake when following a baking recipe, it could result in a disaster!

  1. The Chef vs Cook Debate

That being said, it’s important to understand the differences between a chef and a cook and why this matters. We’ll discuss this below.


A chef is a skilled individual that has a huge degree of responsibility in the kitchen. They usually work in hotels or restaurants and are trained to understand cooking techniques, flavor combinations, and how to create a dish from scratch.

One of the techniques a chef will be well-versed in includes understanding how to lay out a plate of food and what to pair certain foods with. This includes anything from perogies to simple salads.


To put it simply, a cook is a job title. A cook is an individual that will closely follow already established recipes to prepare a meal instead of preparing them from scratch.

They are often considered to be lower-ranking than a chef as they lack the official training to prepare food. However, this is often because they are still at the learning level of their career and are working their way up to becoming a chef.

Why Does This Matter When You Bake?

As a baker, you have to rely on being able to pair ingredients together to create something exciting. This means you need to understand what the ingredients provide to a dish and how it impacts the flavor, much like a chef.

Examples of such dishes range from coffee cake to potato pie.

While you don’t need to have qualifications to bake for enjoyment, you must have obtained the necessary skills and qualifications to pursue this professionally.

  1. Preparing Ingredients

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur baker, it’s no secret that buying all of the ingredients for a specific recipe can be expensive! 

In addition to costs, you also need to learn how specific ingredients must be prepared. For example, you may need to harden fudge for some recipes — you must understand how to do so.

Safety is also a huge factor to consider when doing any sort of food preparation. In baking, you need to learn which ingredients are microwave safe to ensure everything is prepared correctly.

  1. The Importance Of Cooling Your Bakes

If you’ve licked your spoon and cleaned out your mixing bowl, yet your sugar craving is still not satisfied, you’re probably impatiently waiting for your bake to quickly cool down so you can devour it.

We’re here to tell you to stop and take a deep breath!

Whether you’ve created a brownie in a mug or baked a cake in the oven, allowing your bakes ample time to cool down is super important. Especially if you’re adding icing or other toppings to it!

Simple Quick Fixes

Now we’ve discussed a little bit more about the complexities of baking, we’re ready to move to something a little more relatable. If you’re wondering where we’re headed with this, we’ll give you three words: baking quick fixes. 

Even the most professional bakers will employ little quick fixes in their routine to not only make the job a little easier but to further develop a particular skill. 

Cool Whip Or Not Cool Whip?

One of our favorites is using a thickened cool whip to top pie and different varieties of cake. It’s a super versatile type of frosting that can be made with a mix or completely from scratch. 

Not only is it completely sweet and creamy but it also makes for an excellent method of decorating sheet cakes!

Remember: precision is key. By correctly calculating the required quantity of a specific ingredient such as a stick of butter, you can compare product prices and stretch your money!  


We’d also recommend learning how to remove a stuck cake from its pan. There’s nothing worse than finishing your bake only to find out you haven’t greased your parchment paper enough! 

Just imagine all of your hard work going to waste if you cannot remove the cake from the pan without it falling apart. We’d be devastated if it happened to us!

Not only do you need to ensure you’re using parchment paper, but you’ll also want to make sure you’re following a solid recipe. This will prevent your cake from crumbling as it bakes.

You can even improve a boxed cake mix with a few simple tips so you’re not baking from scratch!

Learning To Identify Mistakes

Despite the level of baking experience that you have, there are a couple of easy ways for you to ensure a grand bake each time. One of which is to learn how to spot mistakes before they can impact your recipe.

For instance, a case of crumbling cookie dough will occur if you over-mix or use too much of a single ingredient in your mix. As a result of this, making cookies can become extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve never done it before. 

By fixing your batter before you shape and bake it, you’ll avoid a lot of baking heartbreak!

Cake Toppings

There are also easy ways to thin candy melts. These are colorful and flavorful ingredient that is great for marbling, molding, pouring, or coating cake pops.

By heating them, you’ll achieve a much better consistency for your bake! It’ll also create a smooth coating without any lumps. Add in some thawed cool whip or another form of thickened cream on top of cooled cakes and you’ve got a true recipe for baking success!

3 Delicious Brownie Recipes To Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Did you know that you could substitute ingredients in a recipe? Depending on what you plan to bake, there are multiple ways of combating dietary restrictions or preferences via baking alternatives.

While it’s a little more difficult to substitute yeast in a recipe, there are plenty of substitutes for vegetable shortening

Now you know that substituting single ingredients is possible, let’s dive into some alternatives to your favorite sweet bake: the brownie!

Brownies With A Twist

There are plenty of ways to make brownies that don’t follow the more ‘traditional’ line. These recipes stand out from the crowd due to their amplification of flavors and delightfully chocolatey nature.

  1. Walnut Brownies

Walnut brownies are not only packed full of decadent chocolate but also have a couple of health benefits. The addition of walnuts to this classic bake means that the brownie features additional fats and antioxidants while also having a more interesting texture.

If the situation calls for it, feel free to use egg substitutes in your brownie recipe if necessary!

  1. Brownie Brittle

Unconventional, maybe, but delicious all the same! If you enjoy the taste of a chocolate brownie but don’t want to overindulge, brownie brittle is the perfect alternative bake for you to try!

They encapsulate the beauty of a traditional chocolate brownie but with the sharp and crispy nature of a biscuit. Overall, these crispy brownie bites are more than worth the effort. 

  1. Peanut Butter

On the other hand, if you do want to indulge in the perfect brownie bake, a peanut butter brownie might be right up your alley!

Each small bite of this peanut buttery goodness tastes like eating a homemade Reese’s peanut butter cup but packed into a gooey chocolate brownie crust.

Again, you can substitute particular ingredients in a peanut butter brownie recipe (or any type of brownie recipe) if you either want or need to.

Great-Tasting Treats To Sink Your Teeth Into

Many of us love the fluffy texture and sweetness that a slice of cake provides, whether that’s an ube cake or a simple red velvet cake. There are so many choices out there that choosing a favorite type of cake — or dessert in general — can quickly become overwhelming!

If you want to try something a bit different, we’ve got you covered. Below, we have listed some of our favorite cake-based desserts in multiple categories.

Cake Pops

If you’re watching what you eat or are simply looking for something a little bit smaller, cake pops are a great choice! 

Plus, there is so much variety for you to choose from which means finding your new favorite flavors (or sticking to those you’re familiar with) will yield delightful results. 

You can try something different such as blue velvet cake pops, or you can stick to the flavors you know with chocolate cake pops. The choice is completely yours!

Other Tasty Bakes

We’ve also selected some of our favorite tasty bakes that you may not expect. While we’re pretty sure you’ve tried a chocolate cheesecake a couple of times in your life, you likely haven’t taste-tested traditional Swedish or Danish desserts. 

If this is the case, then it’s about time you do! Not only do these two locations offer gorgeous natural scenery but their most popular baking recipes are pretty solid, too. 

However, if you’re after something a bit fruitier, the situation may call for a light and airy strawberry shortcake recipe.

Unique Cake Recipes For You To Try!

As mentioned above, cakes come in many shapes and sizes. You can find a recipe for just about any type of cake these days which is great news for your palate but terrible news for your bank balance!

We have many suggestions for this category. Because of this, we’ve separated some of the best recipes into subcategories below so that you can easily take a look and identify your favorites.

6 Bakes With A Unique Take

But if you want to take the idea of a cake and twist it completely on its head, you may want to consider trying out any of the following baking recipes! 

  1. Twinkie Cake

If you want a twinkie like you’ve never had before, a twinkie cake is the perfect solution! It has a soft, yellow sponge cake and a creamy cooked flour frosting that eliminates the typically artificial flavors you’d usually find in a store-bought twinkie. 

The recipes we’ve linked are also relatively straightforward which makes them even greater if you’re new to baking!

  1. Birthday Cake Shot

Festive, delicious, and oh so sweet, the birthday cake shot is the embodiment of fun. It’s essentially a small cake in a glass and is super easy to make if you’re in a time crunch. Plus, it’s a great way to use up that vodka that has been hiding away in your cupboard.

  1. Funnel Cake… With A Twist

If you weren’t aware, you can achieve a delicious funnel cake made from a pancake mix! This bake is deliciously crispy on the outside with a fluffy and light inside, and a coat of powdered sugar that adds something extra to the bake.

  1. Root Beer Cake

This may be the ideal bake for a Super Bowl Sunday! If you want a root beer float in cake form, this delightful recipe will show you how. It’s also not too difficult to make. You just have to try!

  1. Cassata Cake

Or, if you’d prefer to stick with something simpler but still slightly different from a traditional victoria sponge cake, you can taste test a cassata cake. This is a traditional Italian sponge cake that is layered with rum flavors and features custard and strawberries throughout.

Paired with rich frosting, every bite is truly a masterpiece!

  1. Pecan Pound Cake

Our last selection for your consideration is the oh-so-moist pecan pound cake. It’s the perfect blend of a traditional pound cake and the deliciousness of crunchy toasted pecans. What’s not to love?

Oh, did we mention it’s not too difficult to make? Just grab yourself a suitable recipe and you’ll create a delicious dish in no time!

If they are made correctly, all of these creations will be packed full of intense flavors that’ll leave your mouth watering after every bite!

3 Highly Addictive Cakes

We also have a couple of addictive cake recipes you simply won’t be able to get enough of! Read on to find out more.

  1. Crack Cake

If its name is anything to go by, you’ll quickly become addicted to the delightful taste of a crack cake! Though the recipe is relatively standard for a cake, it’s the white wine glaze that sets it apart from everything else and keeps people coming back for more.

  1. Cranberry Shortbread Cake

For the holiday season, a cranberry shortbread cake might fit the bill. It marries sweet and tart flavors to create a perfect table centerpiece.

  1. Thunder Cake

Addictive isn’t the word when it comes to a thunder cake. This balances the flavors of a light and moist chocolate cake with the spice of tomato purée. It’s perfect for the colder months when you’re craving something sweet but also something that will warm you up.

3 Outstandingly Simple Cakes

As great as it is to try baking something new, there is nothing wrong with sticking to the basics! Especially if you’re new to baking and want to gain some confidence first.

Chocolate Cake

Nothing quite beats the taste of a velvety chocolate cake or a cheesecake packed with lots of rich toppings. These classic flavors are beloved by bakers of different skill levels and cake enthusiasts all around the world and are also pretty simple to recreate.

Granny Cake

If the texture is your priority and you also enjoy the taste of pineapple, a granny cake recipe may be your next choice. This family-favorite recipe has been passed down for many generations and continues to be adored by people everywhere.

Coffee Crumble Cake

We can confidently say that homemade cake doesn’t get any better than coffee crumble cake! Cut yourself a slice and eat it alongside a steaming cup of your favorite tea or coffee.

One Simple Trick To Increase Your Baking Confidence

There are a couple of ways you can increase your confidence as you learn to bake. You may feel more comfortable working alongside someone with more experience, and you might also have far more luck with simpler or ‘no bake’ recipes including a simple vanilla cheesecake.

However, there’s nothing that will help your confidence in the kitchen like practice! After all, there are no secrets — only practice.

With lots of baking practice, you will see your confidence continue to grow. This will help you to make fewer mistakes when you’re following a recipe and will allow you to enjoy every second of the baking process!

What Can Baking Confidence Do For You?

More confidence means less worrying about the little things such as the color of red velvet cake, the longevity of cake pops, how to differentiate types of sugar, and how to fix pound cake if it has turned out badly.

Once you can bypass the stress of making a mistake, you’ll have no trouble working out the perfect cake size for a specific occasion. You’ll likely also have a greater instinct for when desserts like a cheesecake should be thrown out which leaves room for more baking!

If you don’t know what sort of bakes to practice, we’d strongly recommend looking at the simple cake and cheesecake recipes.

Our Top 4 Decadent Chocolate Confection Recipes

Hopefully, you’re feeling brave enough to face the greatest type of dessert of all: anything chocolate related! 

Though there truly is no chocolate bake that can compare to the sublime nature of an indulgent chocolate cake, there are a couple of incredible contenders that we adore.

We have included some of these below, each divided into subcategories for you to sample. We hope you enjoy it!

  1. Chocolate Bark

With its structurally messy appearance and a delicious blend of swirled milk, dark, and white chocolate as well as nuts or fruit, chocolate bark makes for the perfect holiday treat! Be warned: this tasty treat can become quite moreish if you make it just right.

  1. Chocolate Gravy

Whether you opt to use water or milk when creating your version, chocolate gravy is a must-try creation! It’s commonly paired with fresh biscuits in Southern U.S. states and tastes like warm chocolate pudding when served over biscuits.

  1. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

Continuing along the melted chocolate line, we’d recommend giving Godiva chocolate liqueur a shot (but only if you’re of legal drinking age!) It is a hearty and elegant spirit that lacks the typical alcohol taste, meaning it goes down quite smoothly. The perfect accompaniment to the holiday season!

  1. Chocolate Candy

Are you a big fan of chocolate candies? If so, this article highlights a couple of amazing recipes for you to tackle. Even if you don’t see your favorite chocolate candy on there, why not give it a try anyway? 

7 Classic Chocolate Goods You Must Try

We’re going to dive straight into some of the most glorious chocolate goods you just have to sample for yourself. None of these recipes are too difficult to conquer, either!

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are a classic treat that is adored all around the world. A lot of people enjoy making and eating chocolate chip cookies due to their relative simplicity and their warm, chewy, and rich texture. Why not try making a batch yourself?

Or, better yet, why don’t you make some chocolate fondue and then dip your chocolate chip cookies in it?

  1. Chocolate Frosting

While this isn’t a bake in itself, you cannot class yourself as a baker (professional or not) without a good chocolate frosting recipe behind you! The article we’ve linked here shows some of the greatest chocolate frosting recipes out there.

  1. Chocolate Muffin

Ah, yes, the chocolate muffin: yet another chocolate baking classic. This is the perfect accompaniment for just about any time of the year, but especially those cold winter nights when you’re curled up next to a fire with a book in one hand and a hot beverage in the other. 

We love the rich indulgence a chocolate muffin provides. As a baker, you must give these a chance! 

  1. Chocolate Pretzel

There may come a time when a cupcake is a little too sweet for your liking, yet you still want to satisfy your cravings. The simple solution? Follow a recipe to make a chocolate pretzel batch. This pairing may sound strange but the taste is worth the effort.

  1. Chocolate Beverages

For this one, we aren’t talking about your run-of-the-mill hot chocolate powder. Instead, we’re thinking along the lines of a hot chocolate bomb which is a chocolate sphere that is relatively simple to make and so fun to watch! 

Simply pour hot milk over the top and watch as your chocolate melts away and your hot chocolate forms!

For something a bit more unique and special, there are also many chocolate vodka recipes for you to replicate at home. The splash of vodka in any of these recipes will help to warm you up quickly and efficiently whatever the time of year.  

There are plenty of amazing chocolate milkshake recipes out there, too, for those who prefer a non-alcoholic chocolate beverage.

  1. Chocolate Spiced Cookie

A chocolate spiced cookie is another great recipe for bakers of all skill levels. It pairs a delicious blend of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves with chocolate (milk or dark, whatever your preference) making for a brilliant snack to have alongside your favorite hot beverage.

  1. Chocolate Tart

Tarts come in many different varieties and flavors ranging from light and fruity strawberry to a toe-curling lemon. But for a decadent and silky dessert suitable for any dinner party, the chocolate tart is a great option. 

These chocolate cream pies typically feature a unique and extremely rich chocolate flavor. Very few ingredients are required to make a chocolate tart and it is all about the technique.

Feeling Chocolatey: 7 Amazing Chocolate Desserts To Sample

You’re probably well aware of just how many variations of chocolate cake exist. Well, we’re here to expand your baking knowledge by introducing even more delightfully chocolatey desserts for you to make!

Many of these desserts are simple to make and are the perfect end to any sort of party at any time of the year. Feel free to read on to see our top picks.

  1. Eggless Chocolate Cake

Eggless chocolate cake is much lighter and far more gentle than your average chocolate cake. An eggless chocolate cake doesn’t rise as much and will not fill you up quite as much, but the overall cake will be incredibly moist! 

The removal of eggs does nothing to detract from the sublime taste of chocolate which is excellent if you are baking for yourself or someone else with an egg intolerance.

  1. Chocolate Mint Cookie

The chocolate mint cookie makes for a deep, rich, and extremely intense treat for any time of the day. This dessert may not be suited for everyone, but the flavors of one of these cookies are worth even the smallest bite! From a baking standpoint, they’re also not too difficult to make.

  1. Chocolate Dump Cake

This ooey gooey chocolate cake gets its name from the technique a baker uses to make it. With a chocolate dump cake, you “dump” the ingredients (including a sweet and fruity filling) into a cake pan without mixing it beforehand. 

We’re going to be honest, this one may get a little messy at times. But it’s sure worth the effort!

  1. Chocolate Mini Cheesecake

These individual cheesecakes are an ideal dessert for dinner parties as all guests get their little slice of chocolate heaven. Whether you opt to bake these chocolate mini cheesecakes or not, one thing is for sure: you’re in for a real treat with every mouthful!

  1. Chocolate Mousse Cake

Any type of chocolate mousse cake will make the perfect table centerpiece, especially if you garnish it well. Whether you add juicy raspberries on top or decorate with piped chocolate swirls and chocolate chips, you’re sure in for a real chocolatey surprise!

  1. Chocolate Truffle

Yet another delightful chocolate delicacy, the chocolate truffle is a tried and true favorite of millions of people all over the world. They’re so good, and quite small, that you may end up mindlessly munching your way through an entire batch before you realize it!

  1. White Chocolate

And, lastly, we couldn’t forget about white chocolate! Many chocolate desserts remain at the top of a baker’s list due to their easy preparation and delicious tasting payoff. Yet there is something extraordinary about white chocolate recipes.

White chocolate is a lot sweeter than dark or milk chocolate due to its being flavored with vanilla. As a result, it achieves a slightly floral and extremely delicate flavor that pairs well with anything from strawberries to coffee.

Melting Chocolate: A Quick Guide

Although we’ve discussed some of our top chocolate recipes, we also feel the need to highlight how to add chocolate to your recipes.

The simplest method is adding cocoa powder into a mix. But for those recipes that require more chocolatey goodness, melting chocolate is the only way to go.

When working with chocolate like Hershey’s, you must understand the best ways to melt it before you add it into your mixing bowl. 

What is The Best Way to Melt Chocolate?

Though this may sound a bit simple, you can melt chocolate chips and white chocolate chips in the microwave to save you some time instead of heating them over hot water on the stove. We’d recommend it.

Provided you understand when (or if) it’s appropriate to substitute white chocolate for almond bark, and you know how much chocolate you need per cup in the microwave, you should have no trouble following this step at any stage in your baking journey!

3 Great Must-Bake Cupcake Flavors 

We’ve discussed the different cake and chocolate dessert recipes that currently exist. But there’s one thing we haven’t centered our focus on — cupcakes!

Cupcakes are bite-sized bundles of gooey goodness that we simply cannot live without. They’re perfect for parties, celebrations, or those days when you need a quick sugar fix without a long baking session.

These delightful desserts are easy to make, even better to eat, and can also be themed to just about any occasion. Let’s get right to it!

  1. Bacon, Jalapeño, and Peach Cupcakes

We know, this combination sounds a bit strange in theory. But the sweet nature of the peach pairs perfectly with the smokey bacon and the spice of the jalapeños to form a perfectly balanced cupcake for you to enjoy.

In this recipe, make sure you use proper cupcake liners and then add frosting to your cupcakes to tie it all together. The same applies to any chocolate cupcakes that you make!

  1. Spider Cupcakes

If you’re looking for an easy way to celebrate the spooky season each Halloween, spider cupcakes are the way to go! You can use simple flavors such as vanilla or chocolate, or opt for more niche flavors like coconut or orange.

Feel free to embrace your inner child when you decorate your spider cupcakes! Remember: you don’t have to be an artist to do this. Just have fun!

  1. Lime Cupcakes

Imagine you’re on holiday sipping your favorite citrus cocktail… just without the liquid or the alcohol. Then visualize biting into a soft and fluffy cupcake that simply melts in your mouth. Enter the delightful lime cupcake!

From lemon-lime to key lime flavors, the addition of lime adds a real zing to just about any variation of this tangy cupcake. They’re also not too difficult to make at home, so bakers of all abilities can give it a go!

4 Fun Party Favorites!

Hosting a party can be such a fun experience. But finding the right kinds of foods and sweet things to offer up to guests isn’t always plain sailing. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out!

We’ve also created a list of our top cupcake flavors and cupcake confections for just about any type of party. If you’re interested, read on to find out more!

  1. Oreo Cupcakes

Oreo cupcakes are a real hit with people of all ages! This makes them perfect for get-togethers, parties, or even as a simple self-indulgent treat for those tough days. 

Regardless of how it is decorated, the Oreo cupcake coupled with its rich frosting should simply melt in your mouth. 

Whether you opt to add peanut butter or stick to a classic cupcake to embrace the tried and true flavors of the well-loved cookie, you’ll surely adore baking (and eating) an oreo cupcake!

  1. Cupcake Pebbles

Cupcakes are the cornerstone of the party food world, and there are so many cupcake varieties to choose from! 

But if it’s a kid-friendly baking experience you want, cupcakes topped with cupcake pebbles are an excellent choice! 

The best part is that you can choose the cupcake flavor you use, whether you stick with something traditional like vanilla or chocolate, or opt for a citrus-based flavor.

You can also add them to your cupcake batter for a colorful and edible confetti surprise. Plus, the added flavors will bring something special to your bake!

You can even serve these cupcakes with ice cream for an instant sugar hit.

  1. Arnold Palmer Cupcakes

At this point in our guide, we’re going to assume you know the difference between muffins and cupcakes. And while you may not yet be at the point where you’re comfortable with more technical bakes like macarons, there are many fun party-appropriate treats you need to try.

Enter Arnold Palmer desserts.

An Arnold Palmer is a non-alcoholic and refreshing drink consisting of tea and lemonade. Granted, it won’t be the first flavor profile that you’ll think of. Yet because of their simplicity, these flavors work well in cupcakes, cookies, and ice pops! 

  1. Linzer Heart Cookies

If you want something a little lighter, we’d recommend trying out a recipe for one of these cookies. 

The Linzer heart cookie is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Unlike common cookies, Linzer heart cookies are made with almond flour which gives its signature sandy and delicate crumb. Packed full of a delightful jam, every bite is a flavor sensation!

It requires more technical skills than a cupcake would, for example, but the payoff is worth the effort you will need to put in!

Desserts That Can Easily Feed A Crowd

Baking is an art form, as you’ve probably realized by this point, where accuracy is the key to a successful bake. Sometimes, it can feel extremely regimented, especially if you’re baking one large item according to a strict recipe instead of having a bit of fun.

However, baking doesn’t always need to be this way!

If you are still trying to figure out which sweet desserts you want to bake, stop right there! We’ve got some more amazing selections for you to take a look at. So, what are you waiting for?

Mini Desserts

Great things do come in small packages!

From trifles to truffles, mini desserts are the go-to food for any occasion. Though they can be labor-intensive, many mini desserts are ideal for bigger production-style preparation. 

Not only do mini desserts allow you have a bite-size amount of your favorite sweet treats, but they can also fill the table and enhance the overall experience at buffets, restaurants, and even catered events!

Custard Bakes

Almost everyone loves custard desserts. They are elegant, fun, and silky to a fault. There are also hundreds of these desserts out there for you to try which means endless hours of fun exploration! 

Ranging from a melt-in-your-mouth creme brulee to a custard pie, there’s a custard-based bake out there for every baker.

Potluck Treats

Or, if you want to experiment with a little bit of everything, potluck desserts may be your next big goal! These showstoppers can step up your baking game without you needing to put too much additional effort into your baking skills.

The ideas linked above are a great place to look if you’re headed to a potluck party. Hopefully, you’ll be the only one with your specific bake!

Fun and Colorful Desserts

Are you looking for something to take with you to a themed party? Or do you simply want to make foods in your favorite colors? 

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, we welcome you to try making some colorful desserts.

Whether you prefer pink or orange, there are so many amazing bakes out there for you to attempt. Granted, you may stain your hands with food coloring, but the deliciousness of your dessert will be worth it!

Baking Facts You Simply Must Know

As you develop your confidence and gain more skills in the baking world, you’ll likely begin to experiment with more complicated recipes to test your knowledge.

Though we’ve provided you with some delicious desserts to try out the next time you put your baking apron on, there are a couple of important things you must know.

It’s Okay To Use Baking Substitutes

Baking can often be a complicated field to navigate, and you likely have a lot of questions about what you’re doing.

For instance, you may wonder whether gingerbread houses are as edible as they seem, or whether common dessert-based ingredients such as thickeners and syrup truly can be substituted. 

If you are planning to try setting a coconut milk panna cotta and don’t get on with agar agar (a vegetarian substitute for gelatin) there are plenty of amazing substitutes for you to try. This will allow you to achieve the desired consistency without much difficulty.

If you enjoy making pancakes, for example, there are also plenty of substitutes for agave nectar and barley malt syrup out there.

Correctly Storing Ingredients Is Crucial

We have touched on this briefly already, but we figured it was relevant to re-iterate this point. 

The way that you go about storing your ingredients is almost as important to your baking process as the recipe itself. It can often be more important! Having correctly prepared ingredients stored in the right place is the key to a successful baking session.

For instance, some ingredients may only be suitable for storage in a cupboard whereas others must remain in the refrigerator or the freezer before baking. This includes anything from fresh macarons to cream. 

You can even freeze ingredients like meringue and peanut butter to ensure they last a long time, provided they remain in an airtight container.

Desserts Don’t Need to Be Perfect

Maybe you’re a perfectionist, maybe you aren’t. We aren’t afraid to admit that we can get a bit frustrated when things don’t go as planned, and that is perfectly okay! And in the world of baking, let’s just say that this is bound to happen from time to time.

Of course, it’s a great idea to follow your chosen dessert recipe to a T if you can. This includes using the same quantity and type of ingredients to stick as close to the recipe as possible.

But sometimes things happen, and your baking experience may not pan out as you want it to. Our advice is to go with the flow and try to keep your wits about you.

And remember: desserts don’t need to look perfect to taste good!

8 Amazing Pies for A Sweet Holiday Season

Imagine a holiday spread and all of the delicious bakes that may be laid out in front of you. We’re thinking along the lines of steamed puddings, delicious eggnog, and a chocolate yule log laden with your favorite toppings.

But there’s one key thing missing from this picture: a delicious pie (or three, we won’t judge!)

Pies are a relatively tricky bake. Not only do you have to create the perfect pie crust using tools like pie weights and by correctly mixing ingredients, but you also have to perfect the filling.

Yet they are one of the most popular and most beloved crowning achievements in the baking world.

If you want to make a pie but don’t know where to start, check out any of the recipes below for a bake that will truly take center stage.

  1. Chocolate Pie

To put it simply, you can never go wrong with making a chocolate pie!

A chocolate pie is an absolute classic during every holiday season. Everyone loves the decadent taste of the chocolate, and it’s super easy to make which is a complete bonus if you’re not quite up to scratch with your baking skills.

Featuring a basic crust and an extremely sweet chocolate filling, these pies truly hit the spot.

  1. Water Pie

This sort of pie stems back to the depression era. During this time, ingredients were in short supply. As a result, its primary ingredient is water and it has a simple sweet taste that will have you coming back for more.

A water pie contains very few ingredients which results in a flavor and texture that is nowhere near overbearing, nor is it too much. This makes it a perfect fit for everyone — regardless of whether you have a sweet tooth or not!

  1. Sprite Pie

For a modern-day version of the water pie, you can try making a sprite pie. This simple pie gained traction in 2020 on the popular social media platform TikTok and continues to be a popular choice all-year long.

It features the same ingredients and process as a water pie but with an added ingredient, sprite soda, that emphasizes the buttery goodness of a water pie.

  1. Peanut Butter Pie

Rich and creamy, peanut butter pie is the ultimate showstopping feast! Any peanut butter pie recipe combines the creaminess of peanut butter and blends it with the sweetness of chocolate for a delightful taste in every bite.

Not only does it taste amazing, but it’s also relatively good for you thanks to high levels of protein and magnesium! Whatever recipe you choose to follow, feel free to add a dollop of cream on the top for added sweetness.

  1. Blueberry Cardamom Pie

By this point, you’re probably aware that you can fit just about any ingredient into a steaming slice of pie. Many flavorful, unique pairings work seamlessly with one another.

One of these is blueberry cardamom pie which is perfect for the fall season and also works well during the holidays. 

Cardamom offers a complex flavor consisting of spicy, floral, herbal, and citrus flavors all at once. Coupled with a soft pie crust and the sweetness of the blueberries, it’s the perfect recipe for a flavor sensation!

  1. Mincemeat Pie

If you don’t want to opt for the creative or overtly sweet pies mentioned above, feel free to find a suitable recipe to create your version of a mincemeat pie. This pie is a classic Christmas staple and has remained as such for many years.

It features rich and fruity flavors that, coupled with a suitable pie crust, work to tantalize your taste buds at any given opportunity.

You can also customize this pie by adding in flavors such as apple or orange. Again, it depends on the difficulty of the recipe you are following.

  1. Black Bottom Pie

This pie originates in the U.S. and features a layer of chocolate pudding or pastry cream (the “black bottom) and is topped with either meringue or cream. You’ll commonly find a black bottom pie with a graham cracker crust.

  1. Cranberry Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin and cranberry are both acquired tastes. They are very strong and may often overpower other ingredients that they are paired with. 

But in the case of a delectable holiday dessert, you cannot go wrong by making a cranberry pumpkin pie!

You may find this one a bit more difficult than a chocolate pie, for example, as you are dealing with relatively unfamiliar ingredients. Depending on the exact recipe that you follow, it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. 

Other Holiday Desserts

You may even want to create corn bread pudding or lemon pudding cake! These classic flavors are truly irresistible — and entirely scrumptious — so you can guarantee that people will keep coming back for more.


After reading through this guide, we hope you now know a little more about baking, have more confidence in your abilities, and also have a better idea of the types of recipes that you would prefer to try.

In summary, we’d encourage you to bake whatever you feel like it, whenever you get the urge or the opportunity to do so. If you want to bake one of the holiday pies above during the springtime — nothing is stopping you from doing so!

Most importantly, however, is the fact that you don’t need to bake more complex recipes to be considered a good baker. Even the simplest cookie, pie, or cupcake recipe may be just what you need for the situation!

Have confidence in your baking abilities and don’t expect perfection every time, and you’ll be surprised at how successful you become.